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288 Black Cat Names for Female(With Meanings)2022- List-Zippy Pet

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So, you have become a proud parent of a gorgeous black female cat and now it’s the time to give her a beautiful cat name. But is it right to give her a ‘great sounding name’ without giving a damn about the meaning?

Mmmm. Not really. In fact, a great name for a pet is one that has three common features: 

  1. It should have an attractive pronunciation
  2. It should have a good meaning
  3. It should reflect at least one of the important characteristics of her personality

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, I’ve prepared a list of 288 Cat Names for Females to help you find the best name for your new black friend.

What Should I Call My Black Cat?

Well, it depends. No matter whatever I’d tell you, your final selection of the cat name will be based on your personal inclination to the type of name. 

If you are the kinda person who wanna call her fluffy with the latest and ‘not so common’ cat name then go straight to the section of unique cat names for female black cats. 

On the other hand, if uniqueness does not matter to you a lot. And all you want is to reflect her cuteness, then my friend, cute cat names is the section where you will find this. 

Some people want to name theirs after the famous personalities who had made great contributions to the world. And I’ve made the list of those names too.

Similarly, if you want to name a cat in a foreign language then in this post you’ll find Black Female Cat Names in Arabic, Japanese and Spanish.

Apart from these lists, there are some other lists each based on a particular theme to end your quest right away. 

With that said let’s directly jump to the first list, which is actually the shortlist of the top ten girls’ black cat names from other lists. 

Top 10 Girls’ Black Cat Names

Top 10 Black Cat Names for Female Black Cats
Top 10 Black Cat Names for Female Black Cats

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22 Cute Female Black Cat Names

ApocalypseThe total destruction of the universe
BlackberryA sweet and sour fruit similar to grapes is grown in wild bushes
BinxAn invented name that is suitable for pets who are cheerful and full of energy
CatastropheA sudden disaster. The name fits moody black female cats
CharcoalThe black leftover substance that forms when wood burns
CocaA shrub that is used to make cocaine
CokeA black substance obtained from coal and used as a fuel.
ColaA dark brown, sweet and sour drink free from alcohol. The name is also used for a genus of nuts called ‘cola’ from which ‘cola’(drink) is made
DarknessNo or very low light. 
DarleneThe contemporary form of the old English word ‘Darling’
EbonyA hardwood tree has black wood found in the evergreen forests 
EnigmaAnything that is difficult to understand. This name is best suited for cats that have a strange personality
EclipseAn occasion when the sun’s rays get blocked from falling on the earth or the moon because one of them blocks the sun rays from falling on the other for a short time
FloofA long-haired or furry animal. The name is best suited for long-haired black cats
LokiThe name is of Norse origin. It means mischievous and trickster.
Midnight00:00 hours or 12 o’clock at night. Here, it refers to the darkness of black cats which is metaphorically similar to the darkness of the midnight 
NocturnalAn organism that becomes active at night
ObsidianA dark natural glass forms by cooling lava
OnyxA black gemstone
OwlA nocturnal bird of prey
SootBlack powder that forms when something burns
SpotMark or patch
This table shows cute cat names for black female cats

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23 Unique Female Black Cat Names

Unique Names for BLACK Female Cats
Unique Names for BLACK Female Cats
Black RoseA rose of black colour
DarkyHere, it refers to the black coat of cats
Gigi French name that means “the earth worker’’ Another meaning of the name is ‘God is gracious’
Hansi Pure soul and innocent
JudeA name of Hebrew origin means grace.
KiraMultiple origins. This name has different meanings in different languages. Some of the popular meanings are ruler, a beam of light and shine.
MeekoThis name originated in Ireland. It means strength, wise, great and enchanted
MiloThe name has its origin Slavic language. Its meaning is beloved. 
MishiIt means sugarcane. This name is suitable for black cats that have sweet personalities
MochaCafe Mocca, a chocolate flavoured coffee. Here, it refers to the dark coat of the black cat’s
MoonlightThe light that is reflected from the moon
MunchieSomeone eats in small bites by making noises. A great name for a spoilt female black cat.
NyxMeans night in Greek 
PantheressFemale panther
PrimroseThe name is from Middle English. It means ‘first rose’. It is also a name of a flower.
PumiceA soft, black, low-density igneous rock with a lot of air pockets used for cleaning and polishing
RaylaThis name is of German and/or Hebrew origin meaning wise guardian
ShadowA dark shape forms on the surface when something comes between the light and the surface. Here, the name refers to the dark coat of black cats.
TitubaThe area that is beyond the reach of the direct sunlight.
TwilightThe time between the sunset and the fall of night.
XenaIs of Greek origin which means a guest or stranger and hospitable. It is also spelt as ‘Zena’
This table shows unique cat names for black female cats

Note* TBD stands for To Be Defined.

10 Female Black Cat Names Inspired by Famous Women Personalities

Adainspired by Ada Lovelace the first computer programmer in the world
DianaInspired by Princess Diana of Wales
Florence Inspired by Florence Nightingale AKA) ‘the Lady with the Lamp’  she made pioneer efforts in establishing a permanent military nursing service and implementing improvements to the army medical services.
Ida Inspired by Ida B.Wells who was a social activist and the founder of NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
KalpanaInspired by Kalpana Chawla the first Indian woman to reach the space
Neerja Inspired by Neerja Bhanot who lost her life, trying to save the passengers and crew during an attempt to hijack a flight.
Rosa Inspired by Rosa Park
OprahInspired by Oprah Winfrey
Mum Bett It is the nickname for Elizabeth Freeman who was the first African-American woman to break the chains of slavery in America in 1781
Marie Inspired by Marie Curie the scientist who conducted pioneer research in radioactivity
This table shows female black cat names inspired by influential women

19 Famous Female Black Cat Names

FAMOUS names for BLACK Female Cats
BrieA name of French or Latin origin meaning ‘marshland’. Also used as an abbreviation for ‘Brianna’
Black KnightA knight wearing a black costume
BuioBlack in Italian
CharmaineName of the Greek origin, meaning delight, joy, and happiness
CuddleTo hug. A great name for black cats who love to cuddle
GraphiteA rock soft black rock made of carbon
LunaMoon in  Latin
MistClouds of tiny water vapours that form close to the ground and decrease the visibility
QuinnA name of Garlic origin which means chief, wise and counsel
ShadyHere it refers to the black coat of a cat resembling a shadow
SkellyIt’s a Gaelic name, meaning a ‘storyteller
Smoke A black or grey gas that forms when anything burns
SmokySimilar to smoke
SpookyStrange, nervous, skittish or unpredictably excitable
StainA surname of Stain family found in USA, UK and Canada
StormyThe one who is violent as a storm
ThelmaA name of Greek origin which means ‘will’ or ‘ambition’
VikingA member of Seafaring pirates from Scandinavia
WednesdayThe fourth day of the week
This table shows famous cat names for black female cats

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23 Witchy Female Black Cat Names

AnnabelleThe name means ‘favoured grace’. It’s a combination of two names— Anna of Hebrew and Bella of French. Here, it refers to a Haunted Doll ‘Annabella’ of the movie with the same name
BeatrixOriginated in Latin, this name means a voyager or traveller 
CraterThe hole from which a volcano erupts
Elenor‘God is my light’ means the one who is guided by God or sunray. It was also the name of a queen in France during the 12th century
FaeThe name has different meanings, some of them are belief, trust, confidence and fairy.
LydiaA Greek name, meaning beautiful and noblewoman
MysteryUnclear, difficult to understand, vague
NibblerOne who nibbles his/her food
NightmareA frightening dream. It also refers to a person or thing that generated the feeling of anxiety or phobia
OrianaA Latin name which means sunrise
PhoebeThe feminine version of a male name Phoebus, meaning bright or shiny
PhoenixDictionary meaning ‘Phoenix’ is ‘dark red’. However, in normal usage, people use it to refer to a mythological creature of birth and rebirth
SabineIt has its origin in Latin. It used to refer to women of the Sabine tribe of Italy
SageIt means purifying or cleansing
ScarlettThe one who has courage, passion, and joy.
Vague Unclear. A good name for a cat whose true personality is difficult to understand
WillowWillow tree
WinnieThe name is of Welsh origin. It means smooth, soft, pure happiness and some other meanings
WitchA woman with magical(black magic) power
WitchcraftThe use of black magic
Zora Dawn
This table shows Witchy cat names for black female cats

24 Black Cat Names for  Badass Females

Names for Badass BLACK Female Cats
AromaThe enticing smell of food
DavinaA Scottish and Hebrew name that means beloved or affectionate
DonnaMeans ‘women’ in Italian
EvodiaA girl who wishes others
HeidiA girl who is noble by birth
Ilta A Scandinavian name which means evening
Kurnaz Means ‘shrewd’ in Turkish
KianaIt means ancient. Quiana and Qiana are some other variations of the name.
Lula Was a famous girl warrior
Lumia It means ‘light of my life’ in Arabic. The name has some other meanings in other languages such as snow and lemon(in Italian)
MatildaA name from the German language, meaning mighty and strong. Mathilda and Mathilde are the other variations of the same name
Mishka The name has different meanings in different languages. Here it refers to ‘gift of love which is its meaning in Hindi
Nadia Hope and delicateness in Slavic languages. In Arabic, it means a girl who calls others toward the right path
NikkoMeans ‘the people of victory’ in Greek
NoitaMeans witch in Finnish
OdoremMeans pleasant smell in Latin
RebelThe one who is disobedient to the authority. 
Rhondais a name of Welsh origin which means a noisy girl. This is a fascinating name for talkative orange cats.
SaharMeans magic in Arabic 
SparkLively, active, happy and restless. 
Youmie Means graceful in Chinese
Zaireis someone who is destructive and impetuous. Stormy is an excellent name to reflect the personality of naughty cats
Zarif Means elegant in Turkish.
This table shows badass cat names for black female cats

27 Female Black Cat Names Based on Animals

AntelopeAny of the animals of the Bovidae family have horns, hoofs, and thin necks and they chew the cud. 
BadgerShort name for Honeybadger. The name ks suitable for calico and black and white cats
BobolinkA black songbird of North America which looks similar to a finch
BonoboA chimpanzee found in Congo who has black hair and faces
CowbirdA small black songbird looks similar to a crow but a lot smaller than it
CuckooA black songbird who put its eggs in the best of other birds
DolphinAn incredibly cute and one of the most intelligent animals along with apes and chimpanzees(except humans) who lives in water and belongs to the mammalian kingdom
Eelis a nutritious, plump and orange fruit eaten as a vegetable
Grackleis a  red and small fruit which has a seeds-stubbed outer surface
Hedgehogis a Moroccan a citrus fruit similar to orange
KoalaAn arboreal(who lives on trees) animal found in Australia looks similar to a bear
Kiteit’s a red or orange fruit which is eaten as a vegetable
Kiwiis a large wrinkled dry fruit with a very hard outer coat
KoelCuckoo in Hindi
LemurAn animal found in Madagascar with a long striped and fluffy tail, large eyes and limbs like a monkey. It looks like a combination between a monkey and a squirrel
MagpieAn attractive black and white bird with a long tail and loud cry. A common beloved is that this bird steals things. So crook. LOL,
MoneilemaA flightless black beetle
MouseA small black rodent
OtterA river animal with brown or dark brown fur looks similar to a mongoose
PandaA cute black and white bear that is known for its fun personality. This name is great for names black and white bicolour cat
PangolinAn African mammal with a scaly body of dark brown or muddy colour
PenguinAn adorable flightless black and white bird that lives in the Antarctic 
RavenA large black bird with an unpleasant voice looks similar to a crow
SkunkAn animal of the size of a cat and looks like a large squirrel with stripes on the back
StarlingA beautiful small songbird with lustrous plumage with black as a dominant colour
YakA long-haired herbivore of cow family with a dark coat and longhorns. This is a great name for long-haired black cats
ZebraAn animal that looks like a horse or donkey with stripes on its entire body
This table shows female black cat names based on animals

18 Female Orange Cat Names Based on Disney and Other Cartoon Characters

Alex (Alex Casoy) from Totally Spies
Black Widow from Avengers
Bumblebee from DC cartoons
Esmeraldafrom the cartoon The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Garnet Steven Universe
Jasmine (Princess Jasmine)From Aladdin
Jodie(Jodie London)from Daria
Korra from an animated T.V. series the Legend of Korra
Miranda from As Told By Ginger
Moana from Moana 
Monique from the cartoon Kim Possible
Penny(Penny Pound) from the Cartoon the Proud Family
Shuri from Avengers
Storm from X-Men
Susie from Rugrats
Trixie from American Dragon
Tiana (Princess Tiana) from the Princess and the Frog
Valerie (Valeria Brown) from Josie and the Pussycat
This table shows female black cat names based on Disney and other cartoon characters

19 Female Black Kitten Names 

ApriliaA Latin name, meaning youthful 
DiorA French name which means golden
DotA point
FedeA name of Latin origin, meaning faith
FoufiA cute sounding invented name with no clear meaning
KaylaA name from the Yiddish language, meaning fair and slim
KitkatA chocolate brand 
LuluA name of Swahili, Hawaiian, and Tanzanian origin. It means pearl, precious and protected.
MiaIt is a name of Australian origin however its meaning is not clear. Some possible meanings of the word a moon, queen and month. The name is also used as a short form for Maria
MilneA feminine version of the name Miller, which means someone who lives in a mill
MoniA name of Greek origin which means silence
OmniaThe one who can communicate in all directions
OrvaThe name has both French and English origins. It means a special friend or brave friend
RinniShort form for Irene. The name’s origin is debated. It means ‘the Queen of peace and happiness
SosoNo clear meaning 
TimaThe one who honours god
This table shows the names of black kittens

19 Black Cat Names Unisex 

AngelA creation of God(the creator) who lives in the heaven
BlakeBlack bright or shiny
BrookeA small flowing water body. A good name for active cats
DarylOriginated in English it means beloved, and dear
EdwardsA family name which means fortune and prosperity
FinnThe anglicised version of the Irish family name Fionn was an Irish mythical hero. 
GlenThis is a habitational name from the Gaelic language used for someone who has lived in a valley 
JamesA Hebrew name, meaning supplanter, substitute or replacer
JordanThe name of a country in the Middle East as well as of a river in Palestine. The name is used both as a given name and surname
KayiThe name of a Turkish Tribe later grew into the great Ottoman Caliphate which ruled over three continents(Europe, Asia and Africa). The word means a ‘chosen tribe’.
KnightA status name for a high-ranked soldier who fought on a horseback and used to serve the king
MeteorA piece of rock in space which is a lot smaller than planets and natural satellites. It makes a long bright line when it enters the earth’s atmosphere
MoonThe natural satellite of the earth
PorscheMeans offerings in German
SandyShort form of boys’ name Alexander and girls’ name Sandra. The literary meaning of the word is a defender of the man
SimpsonA patronymic surname of England and Scotland 
SpringfieldA habitational surname for the people from Essex(a county in England) 
SqueakShort noise that is not loud. Also the name for the voice of a mouse. The name is suitable for cats who meow in low volume
TuxA short form for tuxedo cats
This table shows Unisex names for female black cats

24 Female Orange Cat Names Arabic 

Ahlam احلامDream
Amal املHopeful
Amona اموناءThe name has no meaning. It is derived from the word Amina, meaning faithful, honest and protected.
Baraa براءa graceful, innocent
Duma دميA doll 
Fadwa فدويSelf-sacrifice, heroism 
Faza فزاWin
Foufi فوفيTBD
Hajar حجرRock
Hanaine حنن/حنينTenderness/loving
Huda هديThe guided or  guidance
Inah اناهPatience
Jood جودLiberality, quality
Laila ليليNight
Manara منارا/مBeacon/illuminated
Maryam مريمname of the mother Jesus (Isa A.H.)
Maham مهمRemarkable, paramount, important
Memo/Mimo/Momo ميمو/مومو/مموCutely sounding nicknames of girls that have no meanings 
Nada/Nida نداءHope
Nihad نهادyoung mother
Nuraina نورينEnlightened/Illuminated
Saboora سبورVery Pleasant, patient
Soukaina سوكيناTBD
Wafa وفاءKind and soft-hearted
This table shows Arabic names for female black cats

21 Female Black Cat Names Japanese 

KaoriScent or perfume
KarabiA flower
Kirito kuro A name of an anime cartoon character in the show Oriku. The name means fire or fog perfume
KuranooA Japanese surname means strength, independence reliability and more
RaizaThe Japanese version of the name ‘Liza’ is a diminutive form of Eliza, meaning God’s promise
MadokaBoth the given name and surname are in Japanese. It means incense, smell, perfume and has some other meanings depending on the context of the sentence
Mao MaoA Japanese pet name for small pets
MizukiBeautiful moon and hope
NanamiSea, seven
OrinBeautiful, lovely. In Irish, it means light, pale and pine tree
Rei Kuru NekoThe black cat
SaayaSand, ocean or colour paint
ShihonoWoven, poetry, sail and other meanings depending upon the kanji choices
ShizuokaQuiet, fragrance, calm, summer and others
YuiSupportive, alone and other meanings
This table shows Japanese names for female black cats

18 Spanish Female Black Cat Names

AlvarezA surname in Spanish
GarcíaA Spanish surname, meaning a descendant of Garcia
JoquinoA Spanish surname
MacarenaRefer to the Vergin of Hope(Mary/Maryam A.H.)
MaiteLove, lovable
MaribelIn Spain is used as a nickname for Maria Isabel. Also, it means ‘star of the sea’ in Latin and ‘Belle(beautiful) in French
MuñozA surname in Spanish, meaning a descendant of Muño
NúriaA valley in Spain
OlgaA Slavic name, famous in Northern Europe. Does it mean blessed and successful
RosanaRose or gracious rose
WalerkaStrong and healthy
This table shows Spanish names for female black cats

What Would You Call Her Now?

This is the last section and I hope that by now you have already created the shortlist of the names either on your cellphone, on paper or in your mind. Right? Great!

Now the final step is to take a small break and return to your list afterwards. This will allow you to avoid confusion and look at the list with a fresh mind. Whatever, you call her, make sure that it has the 3 main characteristics that I’ve mentioned in the beginning. Those features are essential to making a great name. 

Also, know that this article is not something like stagnant water. I promise that I’ll keep updating the list every few months. If you have some adorable names in your mind then please don’t hesitate to share them with us and other readers in the comment section. 

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