The Black Persian Cat- Zippy Pet

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The Black Persian cat is no doubt among the most demanding Persian cat colours. Especially when you want a completely black cat with no marks, smokes, shading or patches.  His astonishing luxurious black coat jutted with sparkling copper eyes has the power of blowing one’s mind.  A purebred solid black Persian cat is so dark … Read more

White Cats With Blue Eyes| Facts & Breeds(With Pictures) 

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Out of 370 million pet cats in the world, merely 5% are white cats. When we consider only those cats that have blue eyes this percentage further declines to just 1-2%. Irrespective of this tiny population the popularity of such cats is astonishing.  Although cats look gorgeous in every colour and pattern yet cats with … Read more

Domestic Short-haired Cat- Facts, Personality and Care- Zippy Pet

Posted on March 8, 2022 The ‘Domestic Short-haired Cat’ is also known as ‘moggy’ and ‘mutt of the cat world’.  Domestic Cats (both short-haired and longhaired) are the most common cats in the entire cat population. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA, about 80 million Domestic shorthairs live … Read more

White Maine Coon: All You Need to Know- Zippy Pet

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Written by Amir Ali| March 2, 2022 Only 5% of all cats that walk on the planet can be white. Thankfully, Maine Coon is one of them. White Maine Coon is a glittering cat known for its beauty and size.  Maine Coons are already one of the most popular breeds and when they are white … Read more

11 Longhaired Cat Breeds- Characterstics, Facts and Prices

Written By- Amir Ali| Posted on- November 30, 2021 Cats are unstoppable. Having a pet cat in your house means affection, fun and entertainment. NON-STOP! These playful and cuddly creatures are made to make your day.  Well, every cat has its own personality, traits, and unique characteristics that make her different from the rest. You … Read more