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Female Orange Cat Names 2022-  Girl Names for Orange Cats- Zippy Pet

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I promise you that here you’ll find some unique 235 Female Orange Cat Names that will make your life a lot easier when it comes to naming your cat. Yes, I assure you that here you’ll find a name that will not only suit her gorgeous coat but also reflect her tangy personality. 

A good thing is I don’t transfer the pain of researching for the meaning of 100 or 200 names on your shoulders the makes mission of choosing the right name for your fluffy even tougher. 

In this blog post, you’ll get the list of 235 cat names for orange female cats (with meanings). To make your life easier. Plus, in each section, you’ll get my favourite name on the list. Is it cool?

How To Name a Cat?

Know that while naming a cat people take different approaches. Some may want to give a unique name to their extraordinary cat/kitten while the others want to give a famous name that has a nice meaning. Some want to give a name based on fruits, foods, or drinks, while the other group of cat parents give a name of a cute animal or bird. 

And if you are a nostalgic person who wants to relive his/her childhood I’ve assembled the names of some of the famous Disney & other cartoon characters, storybooks and novels to make you remember your golden days every time your eyes fall on your puss.

Here I also want to tell you that my personal favourites are Arabic names. So, if your taste is similar to mine then do check out the list of the Arabic Female Cat Names.

With all that said, let’s begin. 

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20 Unique Female Orange Cat Names

Unique names for Orange Female Cats
Alamopoplar tree
Alan it is the Hawaiian name for orange
Alania Hawaiian name for girls with different meanings such as an orange tree, fragrant, precious and more.
Beanya Gaelic name for girls derived from Beathen meaning life.
Beetle a kind of insect (here it refers to the orange/red colour of the cat resembling a beetle).
Gingerball a cookie
Sparkleglitter. This name is suitable for lively and athletic orange cats.
Shimmergleaming light. Suitable to name a cat who is calm yet active.
Sunshinedirect sunlight over a large area. This name is best suited for orange cats with shiny coats.
Myrnameans beloved in Gaelic, high spirited in Irish, and sweet oil in Arabic.
Orangilinais a unique name for an orange cat inspired by the name Angelina.
Roxyis a girl name of Persian origin name that means a star, dawn and bright. Also, it has some other meanings such as responsible, outgoing and young.
Samarasomeone who is protected by God.
Super catas it is clear from the name itself it is an admiring name for any cat.
Stellais a name of Latin origin that means a celestial star.
Terrait is a Latin name for the earth.
Velorais a strong and healthy girl(here it refers to a cat).
This table shows the list of unique orange cat names

Note* TBD stands for ‘To Be Defined’.

My favourite on this list : Mryna

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10 Famous Female Orange Cat Names

Amberan orangish-brown gemstone.
Brieis a French or Latin name for girls meaning ‘marshland’. It also means cheesy or creamy and can be used as an abbreviation for ‘Brianna’
Lunais A name of Latin origin that means the moon.
Leandrameans a lioness in Greek
Maurastar of the sea
Monalisaa famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci
Sandalwoodaromatic wood from trees of the genus Santalum
Lie(pronounced as Lay)it’s a Hawaiian name which means a child or flower
This table shows the list of famous cat names for female orange cats

My favourite on this list : Brie

20 Good Female Orange Cat Names

good names for Orange Female Cats
Aureliaa Latin name that means golden.
Carriethe female version of the German name ‘Karl’ means ‘ a free man.
Clancyan Irish name which means red hair soldier.
Dixiean informal name for a southern state of the United States. 
Dunehere it refers to the similarities between the colour of the sands and orange cats
Frizzleis Suitable for orange cats with long and shaggy coats.
Fawnaa girl with beige or light brown hair.
Golda shiny bright orangish-yellow metal. This name is suitable to name a rich orange-coloured cat.
Hennaa reddish-brown dye. This name is based on the orange or red coat of cats
Miakait is a perfect name for any pet with a bright orange or red coat
Orkiis An abbreviation for ‘orange kitty’.
Queenthe wife of a king.
Raya yellow and bright ray of the sun
Ruffinathe origin of this name is not known. It means ‘red-haired’ person or animal.
Rustyis similar in appearance to rust. Here it refers to the orange coat of cats.
Sunrisethe sun’s first appearance in the morning
Sandyis similar in appearance to sand. It is best suited for cats with light orange coats
Sunehrian Indian name meaning golden
ZippyLively and energetic
This table shows the list of good cat names for female orange cats

My favourite on the list: Orki

9 Light Orange Female Cat Names

Agatemeans ‘good’ in Greek and ‘kind’ in Irish.
BeigeFawn or very light brown. The name is best suited for beige colour cats
Cheetoa cheesy snack(chips). For cats, the name refers to their cheesy coloured cream or light orange coat.
Citrineis a pale yellow, orange or brownish-orange gemstone
Creamyis anything that has colour, texture or tastes like cream. Here, it refers to the cream colour of cats.
Duskis the time after the sunset and just before the night
Dustyresembles dust. Best suited for dusty coat coloured cats.
Muffina light brown or light orange cup-cake
Pyritea light orange gemstone

My favourite on the list: Pyrite

18 Orange Cat Names for  Badass Females

Adeleit is a German name. It means a noble
AdolaEnglish version of the Nigerian name Adeola, which means ‘the crown brings honour’
Baghinit is the name of Indian origin which means a tigress
Elektra: a name of Greek origin it has different meanings
Fireis the process of combustion. The name is suitable for hyperactive cats.
FridaEnglish version of the Arabic name Frida, meaning unique
Heidiis a short form of the German name Adelheid. The meaning of Heidi is unique being noble by birth
Jettaruler of the home
Kianaoriginally a Latin name. It means ‘light’. Some other meanings for Kiana are intelligent, admirable and natural.
Lula is a girl who is a warrior
Rebelsomeone who refuses to obey authority. This is a perfect name for your spilt orange kitty who never listens to you
Rhondais a name of Welsh origin which means a noisy girl. This is a fascinating name for talkative orange cats.
Shaheenthe Arabic name for Eagle
SparkLively, happy and agile. It’s an astounding name for active and happy cats.
StingyAnyone who does not like to share his belonging. Name your cat stingy if she never lets other cats touch her belongings
Stormyis someone who is destructive and impetuous. Stormy is an excellent name to reflect the personality of naughty cats
This table shows the list of badass cat names for orange female cats

My favourite on the list: Elektra

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17 Female Orange Kitten Names 

kitten Names for Orange Female Cats
BeeAn insect related to wasps and ants. The honey bee is the most famous species of bee
CaramelA dark or brown coloured sugar syrup used in foods and drinks
CaterpillarThe larva of a moth, work or butterfly
ChickA baby of chicken
ChirpyOne that chirps like birds. Also used to name pets that are cheerful and lively
CocoAn abbreviation for coconut.Cocoon: A silky cover spun by insects for protection and transformation.
Foxyresembling a fox
Kissyaffectionate and sweetheart
Minga Chinese dynasty
Oreganoan aromatic plant used as a flavouring agent in foods
Pupaa life stage of insects between larva and adult
Pussshort form for pussy cat
Squeakyone that squeaks. This name is suitable for talkative kittens.
Toffeea hard sweet that can be chewed or licked
This table shows the list of kitten names for orange female kittens

My favourite on the list: Ming

15 Orange Cat Names Unisex 

Armania warrior
AvatarOriginally a Sanskrit name which means a human form of God
Bowiethis is a Scottish surname that is originally derived from the Gaelic name ‘buidhe’ which means fair-haired
Charliea nickname for Charlotte or Charles
Coast land near the sea
Elfa small delicate superstitious creature in human form
Genesisthe beginning
Jodya pet form of Judy or Judith
Surfera person who rides on waves using a streamlined board
Tot a very young child
Zuluthe heaven
This table shows the unisex cat names for orange cats

My favourite on the list: Tot

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20 Female Orange Cat Names Based on Foods and Drinks

Buttermilk is a tangy and creamy drink made of curd
Carrot is an orange or red vegetable
Cioppino(coh-pea-no)is an American stewed fish with an Italian flair
Croissantsa crescent-shaped orange-coloured flaky buttery pastry
Falafelis a middle-eastern deep-fried ball made of chickpeas or beans
FantaIs a tangy and sweet orange soft drink
Fattousha zesty middle-eastern salad
Pieis a baked dish made of fruits/meat and vegetables
Twinkyis an orange cake filled with cream popular in the U.S.A
Steakis a famous food by splitting meat from the muscle fibre and then grilling it
Gingerbreadis a range of orange or brown bread flavoured with ginger, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar
Honeyis a yellowish-brown edible sweet fluid made by bees
Knafeh is a delicious sweet cheesecake from the Middle east
Lemonadeis a sour and sweet mocktail prepared with lemon, sugar and mint
Marmaladeis a  Portuguese quince jam
Milk Shakeis a drink prepared with milk, fruits and sometimes with chocolates
Melon is a fruit of the guard family which is pale orange from the outside and rich orange pulp inside
Mocktail is a non-alcoholic drink made of different juices
Pumpkin pie is a pie made from pumpkin
Risotto is an Italian dish cooked with cheese, rice and saffron
This table shows the list of orange female cat names based on foods and drinks

My favourite on the list: Cioppino

9 Spicy Female Orange Cat Names

Cinnamonis an orangish-brown bark used as a spice
Fenugreekpepper like yellow coloured herb seeds
Gingeris a pale yellow or light brown roots of the Zingiber plant.
Mace is a yellowish-brown dried and lacy spice derived from nutmeg
Mustard is a seed of the mustard plant that may have a black, brown, yellow or pale yellow colour.
Nutmega spice made of the seed of several species of Myristica fragrans trees.
Saffronis a dark reddish-orange spice made from the stigmas of Crocus sativus, (saffron crocus’ trees) trees. 
Turmericis a rich orange-coloured spice which is derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant which is a member of the ginger family.
is a  sour fruit obtained from the Tamarind tree which is native to Africa but also grows in India and Pakistan
This table shows the list of cat names for orange female cats based on spices

My favourite on the list: Tamarind

22 Female Orange Cat Names Arabic 

Amonaa nickname for the name Aamna which means a peaceful girl
Aneeqa graceful girl
Asmathe sky
Hannonsomeone who is affectionate and soft-hearted
Hudathe righteous or the righteousness
Imen or Imanbelief
Jihane/Jehanthe world
Joodgenerous, and soft-hearted
Marwaone of the sacred hills of the holy city of Mecca
Maryamname of the mother Jesus (Isa A.H.)
Memo/Mimo/Momocutely sounding nicknames of girls that have no meanings 
Oumaimayoung mother
Rehmakind and soft-hearted
Safa one of the sacred hills in the holy city of Mecca
Zainan Arabic name that means grace
This table shows the Arabic cat names for female orange cats

My favourite on the list: Manara

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13 Female Orange Cat Names Based on Fruits

Apricot is a round yellow peach-like fruit with a sweet and tart flavour.
Cherry it is a small, red, sweet and sour stone fruit
Chestnut is an edible fruit of deciduous trees
Guavais a tropical pulpy fruit.
Lime is an orange-like citrus fruit found in the tropical zone
Orange it’s an amber-coloured citrus tropical fruit
Peach is a red and yellowish fleshy fruit with a stone
Plumis a  fruit of the family of Prunus subg. Cerasus
Pumpkinis a nutritious, plump and orange fruit eaten as a vegetable
Strawberryis a  red and small fruit which has a seeds-stubbed outer surface
Tangerine is a Moroccan a citrus fruit similar to orange
Tomato it’s  a red or orange fruit which is eaten as a vegetable
Walnutis a large wrinkled dry fruit with a very hard outer coat
This table shows the list of cat names for orange females cats based on fruits and vegetables

8 Female Orange Cat Names Based on Flowers

Lantanais a perennial flower found in America, Africa, the Pacific and India
Marigoldis a golden, yellow or orange flower commonly used for making garlands and for decoration
Mimosaare delicate yellow flowers similar to ferns found in Australia
Pansyis a large hybrid garden flower found in different colour combinations
Poppyhere it refers to a yellow perennial garden flower with dissected leaves and milky sap
Souciis a yellow or orange flower also known as ‘Pot Marigold’ however, it looks more like a sunflower
Tulipis a flower of the Lily family found in different colours. It is commonly seen as a symbol of love
Zinniais a beautiful dual colour flower of the sunflower family
This table shows the list of can names for orange female cats based on flowers

15 Female Orange Cat Names Inspired by Other Animals 

Bongois an animal of the antelope family with a large body, striking orange fur, spiralled horns and white stripes on the coat
Bramblingis a small bird of the finch family with black, orange and white feathers
Dik-dikis an extremely cute little animal of the antelope family with short horns and ticked brown fur
Doefemale deer
Dodo was a flightless bird (now extinct) with a stout body, heavily hooked bill, large head and stumpy wings
Finchis a small bird that looks adorable
GazelleIt is an antelope of the genus. Gazelle have long sabre-like horns and a brown, orange or dusty upper coat that appears glossy. They have white coats on their stomachs and at the back of their limbs.  Also, have some white patches on their faces
Hoopoeis a spectacular colourful bird with a pale orange front, black and white stripes on wings and a white lower body. Its distinctive feature is the crown on its head
Kuduare two species of antelope with a large body, very long and spiral horns, dark brown short fur and white stripes at the back
Mongooseis a small carnivore found in Asia and Africa that has a long body, banded or grizzled coat of beige, brown or dark brown colour
Ocelotit is a beautiful medium-sized wild cat with an orange or yellow coat and spotted or striped pattern
Orioleis a bright yellow and black plumage bird
Oryxit’s a large antelope native to Asia and Africa with black markings on the face and horns
Phoebeis a small and cute bird native to America with grey-brown or black plumage.
Vixenfeminine fox
This table shows the list of cat names for orange female cats based on animals

20 Female Orange Cat Names Based on Disney and Other Cartoon Characters

Adorafrom (She-Ra) the twin sister of He-man
Alicefrom Alice in Wonderland
Aurorafrom the Sleeping Beauty
Belleshe was the lead character of Beauty and the Beast
Caterpieshe was the green and yellow Pokémon in the cartoon Pokémon
Cinderellawas the lead character in the story with the same name
Eeveeshe was a Pokémon in the cartoon Pokémon
Esmeraldafrom the novel and cartoon The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Hermionefrom Harry Potter
JasminePrincess Jasmine from Aladdin
Korrafrom the legend of Korra
Leiashe was Princess in Star Wars
Meraone of the main characters of Aquaman
Meridashe was the lead character in the children’s storybook Brave
Moanafrom a children’s storybook titled ‘Moana’.
Nalawas an important character in the Lion King
Peppafrom Peppa pig cartoon
Rapunzelfrom Tangled
Sandy Cheeka character in the Sponge Bob Square Pants
Wendyfrom Wendy Testaburger of South Park
This table shows the list of cat names for orange female cats based on Disney and Cartoon characters

9 Female Orange Tabby Names Inspired by Light Orange Colour

Beacha sandy seashore
Cheddara type of cheese
Garlica pungent tasting bulb used as a flavour and herbal medicine
Lasagnasheets of pasta
Noodlea very thin strip of pasta either straight or spiral-shaped eaten in soup or with soup
Timberwood is used to make furniture and is used in construction. Best suited for light orange/cream cats
Sulphura chemical
Wafera thin and crispy chip, cracker or candy
Woodysomething that resembles or is made of wood. This name is suitable to name a light orange coloured cat
This table shows the list of cat names for light orange female cats

10 Female Orange Cats Names Based on Their Fur

Spongehere it refers to the soft coat
Honeycombhere it refers to the orange tabby pattern
Tigressfemale tiger. Here it refers to the tabby pattern of orange cats
Silkya smooth and glossy coat like silk
Velvetthis name is a good one for cats that have a soft and smooth coat like velvet
Gleamfor cats with a shiny coat
Feathera cute name for short-haired cats with feather-soft coats
Semaloriginally a Hindi name for bombax tree(here refers to the soft orangish-red flowers of the tree)
This table shows the list of orange cat names based on their fur

Have You Made the Shortlist?

First of all, I wanna congratulate you that you have read all the 235 Female Orange Cat Names mentioned in this blog post. I hope that at this point you have a shortlist of All the names that have fascinated you. 

Now the time is for the second reading of the shortlist to make it even shorter.  The last step is to discuss those 4-to-5 hand-picked names with your spouse to choose the one that best suits your unique cat. 

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