Cats will again roam freely on the streets of Walldorf, Germany after 3 months.

They have been living in a special lockdown since May 2022.

Cat owners were only allowed to take cats out on a leash not more than 2m (6 ft) long.

The lockdown was so strict that if a cat would have escaped during the lockdown then the owner had to call a hotline, to find and detain his/her cat.

Moreover, the owner whose cat either killed or injured any endangered bird had to pay up to €50000( $51,500) as a fine

Whose just three breeding pairs of crested larks remaining in the Walldorf when the lockdown was put down.

But because of the opposition by the activists, the authorities have decided to uplift the lockdown.

So now the cats can go out again on the streets of the town after three months..

The mayor of Walldorf said that the lockdown may return in the next spring and during the birds' breeding season.