It is also known as Siberian Forest Cat, Moscow Cat and Neva Masquerade.

other Names

Siberian cat is a medium to the long-haired, medium-sized cat.


As the name suggests this breed originated in the Siberia region of Russia


They can grow as long as 15” to 18”, can weigh around 15 to 24 pounds and their height can be anywhere between 9” to 11”


This is a really, playful, intelligent, and affectionate cat breed. Good to go with children and other pets.

Because of this, they are also known as gentle Giants along with Maine coons


It can have a wide range of colours including but not limited to white, black, blue/grey, red/orange, cream/beige, brown/sable and lilac.


A Siberian cat takes about 5 years to be fully grown.

Purebred Siberians are very rare outside Russia. So, you may hardly see them in the U.S.

This is an expensive breed which can take costs between $1,200 and $4,000.

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