A man poisoned two of his neighbour's cats by Feeding them with poisoned tuna in Wales, UK.

Image credire: South Wales Argus

A 44 years old man named Tristian Paul Pearson fed them with tuna cans, by mixing a highly poisonous chemical compound to cats 'ethylene glycol'.

The names of the cats were Luna and Bailey, both of them fell to sleep after eating tuna, and suffered from kidney failure, later.

The owners of these cats were a father and daughters who are the neighbours of Tristian Paul and were living in two separate apartments.

Image credire: South Wales Argus

Image credire: South Wales Argus

Bailey, the male Persian cat died first before meeting the vet on his fixed appointment.

Image credire: South Wales Argus

Some days later, Luna, the female domestic shorthair also died showing the same symptoms.

After the death of the cats, their owners investigated the case independently and found two spotted pots; one had a food mix and the other had a blue liquid, on their neighbour’s property.

Image credire: Wikipedia commons

The cat owners picked up the pots and sent them to RCPA. After the test, it was confirmed that one of the pots contained ethyl glycol.

The Cardiff Crown Court found Pearson guilty of poisoning the poor cats deliberately.

Pearson then sent to prison for 8 months. Moreover, the court ordered him to do 150 hours of unpaid work and pay 20000 pounds as a fine.