Wild fire in California is Burning 4,243 Acres Area.

The fire was erupted around 2:15 p.m. in North of State Route 94 near Lake Baret.

The probable cause of the fire are the heat waves

Know that Calforina has been burning in heat waver due to Climate change.

The smoke coming out of the fire can be seen miles away from the actual site

The Wildlife and Human communities of Barrett, Potrero and Tecate are under threat..

About 600 have been given the order  to evacuate while another 800 were given warnings for evacuation.

According to SanDiago Union Tribune,” the fire has destroyed at leat 4 structures.

Two people have been injured due to the extrrme heat so far.

SanDiago’s Sheriff has aappealed the people to stay away from the site on his twitter account.