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Whiskas Cat Foods Reviews (Unbiased) 2022- Wet, Dry, Kitten Food and Tasty Mix

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The first name that pops up in mind when you think of cat food is ‘Whiskas’.

The brand is a child company of Mars Petcare. The same company that makes ‘Pedigree’ food for dogs. Mars Petcare is itself a branch of Mars, a one hundred eleven-year-old family-owned American multinational confectionery. 

Whiskas are among the top-selling cat food around the globe. In India, it is the largest selling cat food brand which occupies about 48% of the market share. It is far ahead of Royal Canin and Nestle Purina Friskies which are the toughest competitions for Whiskas globally. 

However, in the recent past, due to the arrival of some premium brands in the cat food market the share of Whiskas has decreased by 5.4% in 5 years from 2013 to 2017. 

So the question is, “Is Whiskas good for cats?”, “Should you continue feeding your cat ‘Whiskas’ or is it wiser to switch over to a different brand?”

Today, you are gonna find out the answers to all these questions as I’m going to review the 5 products of Whiskas namely— Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food, Whiskas Adult Wet Cat Food, Whiskas Kitten Dry Food Ocean Fish, Whiskas Kitten Wet Cat Food, and Whiskas Tasty Mix.

I give the overall 18.2-star rating to Whiskas out of 25. Let’s now read the detailed reviews written below.

The reveiews here are not sponsored by Whiskas

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Find more statistics at Statista

1. Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food Detailed Review

Overall Rating: 3.3 Stars Out of 5

Ingredients2 Out of 5
Acceptance by Cats3.5 Out of 5
Consumer Reviews 4 Out of 5
Budget4 Out of 5 


Wholegrain Cereals (Corn, Rice, Wheat) | Corn Gluten Meal | Poultry & Poultry By-products | SoyBean  Products (Full-fat SoyBean, Soybean Meal) | Palm Stearin | Ocean Fish | Wheat Flour | Minerals | Iodised Salt | Vitamins | Taurine | Soy Oil | Methionine | Food Colouring |Preservatives | Flavour

Good IngredientsNot Good, Not BadBad Ingredients
PoultryCorn GlutenArtificial colours
Ocean FishSoyBean Artificial Flavours
TaurineSoy OilBHA as a Preservative
Vitamins & MineralsPalm StearinToo Many Grains
Guaranteed Analysis of Whiskas Dry Cat Food

Protein: 30%, Fat: 10%, Moisture: 12%, Fibre: 5%, Others: 43%


Whiskas Dry Cat Food is the popular choice of cat parents who can’t afford premium brands such as Royal Canin and Farmina N & D or wet cat foods.

Because of its affordable price and immense popularity Whiskas Dry Cat Food is among the top-selling foods almost at every pet shop. 

When we look at its Guaranteed Analysis the first thing that catches your attention is the 30% protein content. This comes mainly from poultry, poultry by-products and ocean fish. In dry foods, 30% of proteins are less than what is required by adult cats. 


It includes a range of cat-friendly nutrients such as Taurine, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin-A. It’s likely to improve the health of the skin, coat and vision of your furry friend.

The majority of cat parents who have bought this food witness that their cats have accepted the food in the first attempt. And like it so much that they often refuse to eat anything else. This indicates that its taste is good for cats. The flip side is, that some cats may get addicted to it. So you may face some problems if you wish to change the food brand in the future. 

I really liked to see that Whiskas Dry Food has 5% fibres which make the process of digestion easier as well as prevent excessive hairball formation.

The biggest drawback of Whiskas Dry Cat Food is the presence of grains in volumes. So, many grains just fill the stomach with carbs which are the most difficult nutrient for cats to digest. 

The second villain on the list is an additive called BHA.  According to California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, BHA is a carcinogenic chemical. Cats can bear BHA only up to 150/1000g but there’s no information either on the pack or the company’s website about the quantity BHA used.

Along with BHA it also contains artificial colours and flavours which is again something that no veterinarian or animal nutritionist on the planet wants to see in cat foods.

Thirdly, being a dry cat food it lacks moisture which is required to carry out a lot of internal processes effectively. So

Lastly, Palm stearin is nothing but a solid fraction of palm oil. Palm oil can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy in some cases. 

To conclude, Whiskas Dry food is poorer than wet cat foods but when you compare it with other dry cat foods it looks much better than most of them.

Includes TaurineArtificial Colours, Flavours and Preservatives
Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty AcidsLow Moisture
Plenty of FibreExcess of Grains
Chicken, Poultry and Poultry By-products
Good Customer Reviews
This table shows the pros and cons of Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food

Why Buy This Product?

If you can’t afford wet cat food then Whiskas Dry Cat Food is one of the best choices to go home with. 

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#2. Whiskas Wet Cat Food Detailed Review

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars Out of 5

Ingredients3.5 Out of 5
Acceptance by Cats3.5 Out of 5
Consumer Reviews 3.5 Out of 5
Budget3.5 Out of 5 


Wholegrain cereals (corn, rice, wheat), corn gluten meal, poultry and poultry by-products, soybean products, (full-fat soybean, soybean meal) palm stearin, chicken, wheat flour, minerals, iodised salt, vitamins, taurine, soy oil, methionine, food colouring, preservatives, flavours

Good IngredientsNot Good, Not BadBad Ingredients
PoultryCorn GlutenArtificial Colours
MoistureSoyBean Artificial Flavours
TaurineSoy OilPreservatives
Meat and Fish DerivativesPalm Stearin
Vitamins & Minerals
this pe chart shows Guaranteed Analysis of Whiskas Adult Wet Cat Food
(This guaranteed analysis is taken directly from the manufacturer)

Crude Protein: 7.0% min, Crude Fat: 5.0% min, Crude Fibre: 0.3% max, Moisture: 84.5% max, Others: 2.7%


It’s painful to see a lot of grains in food for cats, who are obligate carnivores and require a protein-rich diet. That’s the reason why I advocate cat parents to feed their cats with wet cat food all the time. 

Whiskas Adult Wet Cat Food was made to alleviate the limitations of its dry cat food. 

Poultry, poultry by-products, meat and fish derivatives are the main ingredients that supply animal proteins to Whiskas Wet Cat Food. 

Know that cats need animal proteins for growth and development. So, your princess would be going to have a protein-rich diet if you choose this product.

However, earlier this product had chicken in chunks now their size has been reduced to flakes. This appears as a cheap cost practice by the manufacturer to cut the cost.

Moreover, the brand has also changed the viscosity, colour and aroma of the food. 

Earlier, it used to come in thick, jelly-like, honey-coloured gravy. Now its gravy is pretty thin, runny, muddy and smells a lot different from the one that used to come earlier. As a result, many cats who used to devour this food earlier have now become reluctant to accept the so-called new and improved Whiskas.

Obviously, since it’s wet; it’ll cost more than the majority of dry cat foods on the market. But when you compare its price with its competitors such as Royal Canin, Sheba and Farmina Prime, you find that it is the cheapest of all.

Whiskas Wet Cat Food has 84% moisture which is a lifesaver for cats who derive most of their moisture from their diet. Unfortunately, in the new packing, the brand has reduced the moisture content from 86% in the past to 84.5% in the current product.

A good move by the brand is that it has increased the percentage of fats by 2% without disturbing the protein content. Fats are essential for cats to get energy, transfer nutrients across the membrane and in nerve transmission

Thanks to the AAFCO certification that strengthens Whiskas’s claim of providing balanced nutrition to cats. 

What I hate about food is that it contains a lot of undesirable ingredients such as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. These ingredients can be a deal-breaker for you.

Sufficient MoistureNegative Changes in the New Variant
Good Protein ContentUse of Artificial Colours, Flavours and Preservatives
Fits in BudgetUse of Cereals
Taurine, Omega-3 and Omega-6High Price
AAFCO Certification
This table shows the pros and cons of Whiskas Adult Wet Cat Food

Why Buy This Product?

Whiskas is wet cat food for those who can’t afford premium wet cat foods but remember its quality has been reduced in the new packaging. 

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#3. Whiskas Kitten Dry Cat Food Review

Overall Rating: 3.7 Stars Out of 5

Features Rating
Ingredients3 Out of 5
Acceptance by Kittens4.5 Out of 5
Consumer Reviews 4 Out of 5
Budget3.5 Out of 5 


Wholegrain cereals (Corn, Rice), Animal protein (Poultry and Poultry by-product, Ocean fish), Plant protein (Corn gluten meal, Brewers dried, Soybean meal), Fat & oil (Palm stearin, Soy oil), Minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium), Vitamins (A, E, B1, B6, B2, B12, Choline, Niacin, Folic acid), Flavours, Preservatives (Antioxidants Natural Liquid R30, Termox II Antiox., Potassium Sorbate), Food additive: (Iodised salt, Wheat flour, Taurine).

Good IngredientsNot Good, Not BadPoor Ingredients
PoultryCorn GlutenArtificial Colours
Ocean FishSoybean Artificial Flavours
TaurineSoy OilPreservatives
Lots of Vitamins & MineralsWheat Flour
this pie-chart shows Guaranteed Analysis of Whiskas Kitten Dry Food

Crude Protein: 30%, Crude Fat: 12%, Crude Fibre: 5%, Moisture: 12%, Others: 42.5%


If you are assuming that there exists no major difference between Whiskas Dry Cat Food for adult cats and Whiskas Kitten Dry Food. And you can feed either of the two foods to your junior then let me tell you, you are wrong. 

Kitten foods(both wet and dry) are formulated by keeping in mind the specific needs of kittens. So is the case with Whiskas Kitten Dry Food.

This food contains 30% protein essential for kittens. Although there are some dry kitten foods that have as much as 32% protein which is more than Whiskas. 

Like the other dry foods, this food includes piles of grains which are more bad than good for kittens’ health. However, unlike Whiskas Adult Cat Foods, its kitten food does not have wheat as whole grains which are more difficult to get digested by the delicate stomach of junior cats.

A 12% of moisture more than most dry kitten foods gives Whiskas Kitten an edge over its substitutes. But it is still less than what is needed. So, you must encourage your kitten to drink water after every meal if you feed her dry food.

I really like that it has a range of nutrients including vitamins, phosphorus, zinc and calcium to work intensively on the bones, joints, and muscles of your baby to make her stronger.

Among the nutrients, my attention went to ‘vitamin E’ which is an antioxidant and helps to boost immunity. 

Also, the percentage of crude fibre(5%) looks sufficient to save your kitten from a hairball. Especially if she is among the long-haired cats. Plus, more fibres would make the food easier for her to digest.  

As per the majority of the reviews of consumers, their kittens accept this food without any drama and devour it happily. So, we can give 4 stars to the test confidently.

A common problem with all Whiskas products is they use artificial preservatives, colours and flavours and this food is not an exception. 

Reasonable PriceArtificial Colours, Flavours and Preservatives
No UseGrains as Fillers
Lots MineralsInsufficient Moisture
Sufficient Fibre to Prevent Hairballs
Great Taste
Vitamin-E to Boost Immunity
This table shows the pros and cons of Whiskas Kitten Dry Cat Food

Why Buy This Product?

If you want dry kitten food to supplement the wet food or if you want to feed many stray kittens. 

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#4. Whiskas Kitten Wet Food Detailed Review

Overall Rating: 4.1 Stars Out of 5

Features Rating
Ingredients4 Out of 5
Acceptance by Kittens4.5 Out of 5
Consumer Reviews 4 Out of 5
Budget4 Out of 5 


Meat and animal derivatives (42% including 4% Chicken),  oils and fats, cereals, minerals, vegetable extracts, vitamins, various sugars, natural fats, vitamins: B, C, D and E, taurine, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, colourants, additives, thickeners and preservatives.

Good IngredientsNot Good, Not BadPoor Ingredients
50% Chunks (approx.)sugarsArtificial colours
MeatArtificial Flavours
Vitamins & MineralsCereals
this pie-chart shows Guaranteed Analysis of Whiskas Kitten Wet Food

Protein: 8%, Fat: 6%, Fibre: 0.20%, Moisture: 83.5%, Others: 2.3%


Whiskas Kitten Wet Cat Food Chicken in Gravy flavour was my top pick in the list of Best Kitten Foods in India in 2022. 

The overall profile of this food is such that it provides the maximum satisfaction to cat parents when we consider its nutritional profile, price and consumer reviews.

Like the other products of Whiskas, this food is certified by AAFCO too. So you can be assured that it’ll provide balanced nutrition to your kittens.

The gravy format is such that it contains 50% to serve your tiny tiger a delicious diet. Plus, 83.5% moisture is sufficient to keep your kitten hydrated. Moisturised food(like this) not only helps in digestion but also promotes the health of the urinary tract.

No words are needed to write about the taste of Whiskas Kitten Wet Food. Just, watch your kitten going insane for galloping her favourite diet and decide for yourself whether it tastes good or not.

Also, this food provides your kitten with enough fats required for the transmission of nutrients to and fro the cell membrane and for neural transmission.

In addition to this, it contains various vitamins and minerals to keep your little princess healthy and improve her immunity.

As you are getting this food at a lot cheaper price than premium brands it establishes its strong claim of being the best kitten food wet in India.

Now let’s throw some light on what’s bad. The food has artificial preservatives, colours and flavours to begin with. All three of them can have a negative effect on kittens’ health.

The cereals included in the composition of this food are ingredients that you would never want to see in cats’ and kittens’ foods. 

And the last drawback is some users have reported that their kittens got addicted to this food and never refused anything else except this. 

Pros Cons
Plenty of MoistureArtificial Preservatives, Colours and Flavours
Rich in Protein(50% of Products in Chunks)Has Cereals Even if it is a Wet Food
Excellent Customer ReviewsSome Kittens May Develop Addiction
AAFCO CertificationExpensive
Promotes Urinary Health
This table shows the pros and cons of Whiskas Kitten Wet Cat Food

Why Buy This Product?

This food is for those kitten parents who are on the hunt for affordable wet kitten food without compromising much on the quality they would receive in return. 

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#5. Whiskas Tasty Mix Wet Cat Food Detailed Review

Overall Rating: 3.6 Stars Out of 5

Features Rating
Ingredients4.5 Out of 5
Acceptance by Kittens4.5 Out of 5
Consumer Reviews 3 Out of 5
Budget2.5 Out of 5 


Water, chicken by-products, chicken meal, tuna, wheat gluten, carrot, thickening agents, tuna by-products, flavour, minerals, soybean oil, vitamin, amino acid, citric acid, EDTA, colourant, sodium nitrite, and antioxidants. 

Good IngredientsNot Good, Not BadPoor Ingredients
ChickenSugarsArtificial Colours
CarrotEDTAArtificial Flavours
TunaWheat Gluten
Vitamins & Minerals
this pie-chart shows Guaranteed Analysis of Whiskas Tasty Mix Wet Food

Protein: 8%, Fat 1%, Fiber: 0.5%, Moisture: 87%, Others: 3.5%  

Overview of This New Food From Whiskas 

If you are a loyal customer of Whiskas yet to give a new twist of flavour to your fluffy then Whiskas Tasty Mix is for you.

Whiskas launched its new range of cat foods in India in June 2021

This food is available in four different flavours:

Ganesh Ramani, the general manager of Mars Petcare India said that the brand has launched these four new wet cat food variants to meet nutritional requirements as well as to attract fussy eaters. 

Let’s pass this product through our review.


The first thing that fascinates you as soon as you read its ingredients is water as its first ingredient. When you check the guaranteed analysis, get quickly impressed by seeing 87% moisture. 

This means that this food will help in keeping cats hydrated, makes digestion easier, and in promoting the health of the skin and coat of your beautiful feline friend.

The next winning feature of this food is 8% protein which is 1% more than regular Wet Foods of the same brands.

However, I’m not happy to see the percentage of fats and fibres which seems less than what is needed by cats.

Another important ingredient that drives your attention is EDTA (Calcium Disodium). EDTA is an antioxidant and is used as an artificial preservative

Though it’s a synthetic antioxidant, it is safer than BHA and BHT which are carcinogenic. EDTA saves pet foods from discolouration, rancidity, and textural breakdown.

 Moreover, Whiskas Tasty Mix contains not 1 not 2 but 41 essential nutrients to boost health and improve the immunity of cats.

Unfortunately, each packet of Whiskas Tasty Mix has 15g less food than Whiskas Wet Cat Food. This means that on a pack of 12 sachets you’ll get 150g less food than Whiskas Wet Cat Food. That’s too bad! 

Furthermore, the food is not free from artificial colours and flavours which are bad for cats’ health. 

Taste FocusedLess Quantity
AAFCO CertifiedVery Expensive
High Protein Content for Faster GrowthArtificial Flavours, Colours and Preservatives
High Moisture for Easy Digestion and Better HydrationLow Fibres
41 Essential Nutrients
This table shows the pros and cons of Whiskas Tasty Mix Adult Wet Cat Food

Why Buy This Product?

If you wish to test some new flavours but don’t want to switch the brand.

Check Price on Amazon

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So this is the end of Whiskas Cat Foods Reviews. Here, I tried to organise the information in the simplest way possible. Also, the reviews here are not sponsored by Whiskas. These are based on my independent research. 

While writing this blog post my goal was to make this review 100% unbiased and transparent without attempting to hide the drawbacks of the products reviewed above. 

I hope that you’ll find this blog post helpful and after reading this much volume of information you’ll make a wise decision. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.

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