1. All purebred Ragdoll cats have blue eyes. However, their shades may vary.

2. Ragdolls are among the large cat breeds of the pet cats.

3. Ragdoll was first bred in the years 1960s by Ann Baker.

4. They are the cross breds between Persian or Turkish Angora and Siamese or Birman Cats.

5. Ragdoll is the most docile cat who just sticks with her owner like a puppy.

6. Ragdoll is a great breed to keep with children because of its calm nature.

7. Ragdoll kitten are born white. They develop point coloration once they become 2 to 3 weeks old.

8. Most Ragdoll cats love to cuddle their owners

9. All Ragdolls are not deaf. Since they are not pure white cats.

10. Ragdolls are very quite and less demanding cats