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202 Cat Names for Ragdoll Cats and Kittens in 2021- Zippy Pet

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Facing a hard time in choosing a name for your Ragdoll kitten? Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a newly born Ragdoll kitten or adopted one. Today, I’ll give you 202 Cat Names for Ragdoll Cats and Kittens that are based on at least one aspect of her personality and/or appearance.

Naming a cat seems easy, but isn’t a left-hand game at all! After all, you can’t give any name to your fluffy. 

You want to choose a name that perfectly matches her characteristics, sweet personality and puffy physique. 

There are a whole lot of things that one must consider before naming your sweetie. And, trust me, we’ll highlight each of’em. 

So, in this article, first, we’re gonna discuss briefly the basis of naming a cat. And, then I will disclose the plethora of names that will touch one aspect of the personality of you Raggie or the other.

In short, it will be fun. That said, let’s begin the hunt to find the perfect name for your choco pie.

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Choosing a Name for a Ragdoll Cat

There are different approaches to finding a great name for a cat. And this is one-hundred-percent valid because cats have multi-facet personalities with some features dominant over the others. 

When it comes to Ragdolls, they are medium-sized to large cats. Ragdoll is the most famous long-haired cat breed. With soft, fluffy and shiny fur, colour points, pointed ears and blue eyes(which is the common characteristic of all ragdolls).

If you talk about them, they are one of the most affectionate, friendly and easy-to-manage cat breeds. She likes to get regular petting sessions from her owner. They love to cuddle and often curl the owner’s arms. 

Major Approaches That Cat Parents Follow to Name a Cat

#1 Approach: Naming a Ragdoll on the Basis of Her Coat Colour

The first and one of the most common approaches among the cat parents is naming a cat based on her coat’s colour. The same goes for ragdolls. As you know there are different colour ragdoll cats so we have a range of wonderful cat names for her. 

#2 Approach: Naming a Ragdoll Cat Based on her Soft and Fluffy Coat

The second approach is like the first. The difference is, here instead of focussing on the coat’s colour cat parents take her soft, shiny and fluffy cost into consideration and name their cat accordingly. Here also we have a long list that you can choose a name for your ragdoll. 

#3 Approach: Naming a Ragdoll on the Basis of Her Adorable and Calm Personality

Quite often cat parents name their cat on the basis of her personality. Ragdolls are cute, loving, always around their owners and like to cuddle. 

All these qualities open the door for several cat names that compliment her personality. 

#4 Approach: Naming a Ragdoll Cat on the Basis of Her Blue Eyes

This approach is my favourite. I really love those blue eyes and I’m pretty sure you can also die for them. Many people don’t know this and even if you knew it’s always better to remember that all purebred ragdolls have blue eyes.

So, a lot of people get obsessed with their blue eyes that prefer to name her on its basis ignoring the other features. 

#5 Approach: Giving a Cute Name to Ragdoll 

The final approach is, naming a ragdoll on the basis of cuteness. It’s a different and one of the most famous approaches. Here, pet owners don’t care about the meaning of the name, all they care about is how that sounds. 

If the pronunciation of the name seems cute and reflects affection then it is well accepted by the cat’s parents. Without giving a damn to its meaning. 

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Ragdoll Names Based on Her Coat Colour

Ragdoll names based on her coat colour
  1. Anemone: A flowering plant with white, red, purple flowers.
  1. Apollo: A large European butterfly with white feathers and black and red spots.
  1. Alba: A species of rose plant with pinkish-white flowers and grey-green leaves.
  1. Buttermilk: A drink made of milk. 
  1. Chroma: Purity of colours
  1. Cascade: A waterfall
  1. Creamy: Anything which has a colour and consistency like cream. 
  1. Cloud: A mass of water vapour that comes together and to form irregular shapes and float in the sky.
  1. Coco: Made of Coconut
  1. Daisy: a white flower
  1. Daffodil: A white flower with green leaves and stems.
  1. Fiona: A Latin version of Gaelic name ‘fionn’ meaning white or fair. 
  1. Foggy: Full of fog or resembling fog.
  1. Fog: the thick white cloud that forms close to the surface of the land in winter.
  1. Freesia: A flower. 
  1. Hail: frozen droplets that fall from the sky along with rain or separately. 
  1. Ice: frozen water. 
  1. Jennifer: White Wave
  1. Jasmine: A white fragrant flower.
  1. Kiwi: A flightless white bird
  1. Misty: covered with mist or similar to mist in appearance and colour.
  1. Luna: A Latin word meaning the ‘moon’.
  1. Snowbird: A person from a cold region who migrates to warmer regions in winter. 
  1. Snowball: A ball of snow. Also, refer to anything that looks like a snowball in appearance. 
  1. Snow White: A bright white colour like snow.
  1. Snow Boot: Here, boots made of snow.
  1. Snowpaws: Paws made of or look like snow.
  1. Snow Queen: The Queen of Snow
  1. Smoky: Smoke like in appearance or colour. 
  1. Sora: A Japanese word meaning Sky. 
  1. Snowy: made of or belonged to snow.
  1. Stork: A large white bird with a long neck, legs and beak.
  1. Tulip: a white flower 
  1. Vanilla: A flavour of Food and Ice-cream. 
  1. Winter: The coldest season of the year.
  1. Yuki: Snow, snow flower, and snow princess.

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Ragdoll Names Based on Her Points 

ragdoll names based on her points
  1. Abra: An Arabic name used for a wooden boat.
  1. Butterscotch: A brownish sweet made from butter and brown sugar.
  1. Blaze: A Large Fire
  1. Cinnamon: A yellowish-brown bark of a tropical tree used as a spice
  1. Chobi: A Persian word meaning wood or woody
  1. Cookie: A small sweet food made from flour, sugar and often with butter.
  1. Croissant: A rolled curved-shaped bread filled with different stuffing
  1. Caramel: a thick sugar syrup used to add colour and flavour to food. 
  1. Mango: A juicy yellow fruit
  1. Milo: A German variant of Miles meaning soldier. Milo also refers to cereal in the U.S.A
  1. Muffin: Cupcake.
  1. Marigold: A yellow flower.
  1. Panko: A type of sweet breadcrumb used as a coating or fried and wet food.
  1. Penny: A small brown copper coin one-hundredth of a pound.
  1. Patty: A chopped, chocolate covered and flat cake. 

Ragdoll Names Based on Her Soft, Fluffy, and Shiny Fur

  1. Bob: A German name meaning ‘shining’ or bright. In its verb form, it means moving up and down.
  1. Butterball: A fat bird or A ball of butter. 
  1. Chantilly: Delicate silk or linen.
  1. Clara: A feminine of the English version of the Latin name ‘Clarus’ meaning clear/bright/famous.
  1. Cyrus: A Persian word for the Sun.
  1. Curly Puff: Cloud-like smoke, air or wind.
  1. Duffle: thick and coarse woollen cloth
  1. Diamond: A shiny and precious stone.
  1. Elaine: Shining Light.
  1. Fluff: a piece of cotton or wool or soft new feathers of birds.
  1. Foam: White air bubbles on the surface of a solid or liquid.
  1. Feather: A light and soft thing grows on the body of birds.
  1. Foxy: fox-like.
  1. Gloria: soft silk, cotton or wool fabric. 
  1. Ginger: a medicinal root used as a spice and medicine.
  1. Maggie: A short form of ‘Margaret’ meaning pearl. 
  1. Mishka: A feminine version of the word Michael. The Arabic word Mishtkat(pronounced as Mishkah) means light.
  1. Momo: A steamed dumpling stuffed with meat or vegetables.
  1. Moonlight: Light reflected from the moon.
  1. Nori: A name derived from the Arabic word ‘Noori’ which is a feminine version of the word ‘Noor’ meaning light.
  1. Puffy: Anything that looks soft and swollen.
  1. Phoebe: A female variant of the word Phoebus that means bright and shiny. 
  1. Quartz: A shiny transparent or colourful mineral that is used to make watches. 
  1. Rigel: One of the brightest known stars in the sky.
  1. Rosslyn: Rose, Soft Horse.
  1. Silky: Silk-Like is texture, appearance or colour. Anything that is made of silk.
  1. Todd: A northern English or Scottish name meaning a fox
  1. Tufty: An elongated growth of hairs, fur, or grass. 

Ragdoll Names Based on Her Beauty, Elegance and Grace

  1. Anna: A word derived from the Hebrew name ‘Hanna’ meaning grace.
  1. Alexa: A female name for ‘Alex’ which is a short form of the name Alexander.
  1. Brandon: A variation of the Irish name ‘Breándan’ meaning a Prince or King.
  1. Bruce: A Scottish surname came to light from king Robert the Bruce.
  1. Chloe: An English version of a Greek name ‘Chaloë’ meaning to bloom or blooming.
  1. Dan: A title of Honour like Sir.
  1. Donna: A title used to address an Italian woman.
  1. Eugene: Wellborn or Prince.
  1. Ellyn: Light or the most beautiful woman
  1. Esme: Derived from an old French word ‘Esmé’ meaning beloved or esteemed. 
  1. Everest: The highest mountain peak in the world.
  1. Freya: a noblewoman, princess
  1. Fancy: decorative and beautiful.
  1. Femina: characteristics of a mature woman.
  1. Gem: one of the several precious stones.
  1. Kenny: Handsome, dashing, good-looking. 
  1. Lagertha: A Viking ruler from Norway. It is also the name of the Wife of the most famous Viking ruler Ragnar Lodbrok.
  1. Leilani: The name has primarily two meanings: a ‘royal child’ or ‘heavenly flower’.
  1. Lolo: Used to address an elderly person. In India, the name is used as a nickname to show affection.
  1. Lora: Lovely, Citadel, Seagull.
  1. Millie:  a lower-class woman who dresses in casual or sports clothes. 
  1. Murphy: An Irish name meaning sea-warrior.
  1. Matilda: A German name meaning a girl with a strong heart or mighty warrior.
  1. Mermaid: A mythological sea woman with the lower part of the body of fish.
  1. Minnie: Modest, independent, natural, neat and exclusive.
  1. Nancy: A Hebrew word meaning grace.
  1. Portia: A wealthy, beautiful and brilliant woman.
  1. Peggy: Pearl
  1. Pixie: A small person with magical power and pointed ears.
  1. Ragnar: A Viking King.
  1. Roselle: A species of Hibiscus plant with red flowers native to Africa. Also used as another word for rose.
  1. Rose: A shrub that has different colours and sweet-smelling flowers. 
  1. Sebastian: Honourable.
  1. Susie: A short form of the Hebrew word Susanna meaning lily.
  1. Sterling: Excellent, Marvellous, of the highest quality.
  1. Sumi: clear, elegant, refined.
  1. Sunlight: Light of the Sun.
  1. Theo: Short form of Theodor meaning a gift of God.
  1. Tarzan: A heroic person in strength and power who was raised in the jungle. 

Ragdoll Names Based on Her Blue Eyes

Ragdoll names based on her blue eyes
  1. Aqua: Water
  1. Aquamarina: An aqua colour gemstone.
  1. Blue: A colour
  1. Crystal: A regular shape formed by some minerals on becoming solid.
  1. Iris: coloured part of eyes. 
  1. Paraiba: A sky-blue gemstone.
  1. Turquoise: A light blue gemstone.
  1. Sapphire: A royal-blue gemstone.
  1. Topaz: A precious stone with yellow colour and clarity. 

Ragdoll Names Based on Her Calm, Sweet and Friendly Personality

  1. Cuddler: the one who cuddles.
  1. Ezra: A Hebrew name meaning ‘the helper’
  1. Frisky: Full of life, agility and playful.(although ragdoll is not the one LOL)
  1. Goofy: Crazy.
  1. Humpty: a fat person with short height.
  1. Hopper: anything that hops. Especially insects.
  1. Jolly: happy, merry, glad.
  1. Josh: to joke or tease
  1. Kitkat: An abbreviation for ‘Kiss in Time, Kis Any Time’.
  1. Mercy: Pity or the one who shows pity on others.
  1. Mandy: A Latin word meaning modest or lovable.
  1. Messy: the one who causes a mess. 
  1. Sammy: Modest and Sympathetic or short for any name that begins from a syllable ‘sam’ used to show affection to the person.
  1. Twinkletoes: One with twinkling toes.
  1. Zippy: lively, fresh, very fast.
  1. Zinger: Anything that causes surprise, shock or interest.

Cute Sounding Names for Ragdoll

  1. Aussie: A person or thing from Australia.
  1. Augustine: To increase. The word is derived from the Latin word ‘Augustus’ which is again a good name for a male ragdoll. 
  1. Autumn: A season that comes before winter
  1. Bill: Nickname for ‘William’ meaning ‘determined’ or resolute protector. 
  1. Bilbo: An elastic sword used in ancient times.
  1. Banjo: A musical instrument
  1. Bagheera: A Hindi word meaning a panther or leopard. The name was given to a character in a famous book by Rudyard Kipling ‘The Jungle Book’. 
  1. Breeze: A slow falling rain.
  1. Brook: A river
  1. Chino: A person of Chinese descent. Another meaning is Khaki colour. 
  1. Ceres: A dwarf planet
  1. Creek: a tributary of a river
  1. Dawn: the first appearance of the light to end the night, break out of the day from the night.
  1. Dodo: An extinct bird.
  1. Delta: A triangular landform that a river makes at the mouth of a sea.
  1. Deo: short form for deodorant 
  1. Eddie: to move in a round, whirling or rotary motion
  1. Emma: derived from a German word ‘Ermen’ meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.
  1. Eris: A dwarf planet like Pluto.  
  1. Gazelle: a species of antelope.
  1. Glady: related to glade which means an open space surrounded by woods. 
  1. Gulliver: a character from a novel who travels to a strange land of tiny people called Liliput.
  1. Hurricane: a storm
  1. Jaguar: A big cat found in the Amazon forests of South America
  1. Jojo: It is a short form of female names Joanna, Joanne etc.
  1. Kindle: To start burning something.
  1. Kendra: activity centre
  1. Laila: An Arabic word meaning ‘night’. 
  1. Molly: Bright-coloured American  Freshwater Fish.
  1. Mario: A masculine version of Mary. In Latin, the word means ‘hammer’.
  1. Meowstro: A cat version of the word ‘maestro’ meaning a master.
  1. Moon: A natural satellite of the earth.
  1. Makemake: A dwarf planet 
  1. Melody: Tune or the main tune of a song.
  1. Nick: A short-form of the word ‘Nicolas’ that means victory of the people. 
  1. Nona: A name used to show affection. The Dictionary meaning of the word is ‘nine’.
  1. Nile: A great river of Africa
  1. Ozzy: An alternate name for ‘Oscar’ and ‘Oswald’. Ozzy also means the power of God.
  1. Ocean: A large water body.
  1. Octavia: The one who was born in the eighth month. 
  1. Percy: A man or woman who serves in an army.
  1. Poco: A little
  1. Pikachu: The noise of a sparkling mouse. One of the most famous characters of the comics/cartoon series Pokemon.
  1. Pixel: A small dot or square that makes an image.
  1. Pluto: A dwarf planet.
  1. Rillet: A river
  1. Samba: A dance form native to Africa. 
  1. Simba: A male lion.
  1. Spencer: An English surname meaning provisioner or provider. The name is also used to refer to a small woollen jacket worn by women in the 19th century.
  1. Spats: A short cloth with hooks or buttons to cover the ankle excluding the shoe.
  1. Spartan: Anyone who belongs to an ancient state of Sparta.
  1. Soso: a name used to show affection to a girl. 
  1. Storm: A violent wind accompanied by rainfall. 
  1. Skylark: A small bird similar to sparrow belongs to Eurasia and North Africa
  1. Spout: A thermal spring
  1. Torrey: Victory or the one who attains victory(victor). 
  1. Torque: A rotatory force. 
  1. Thar: A desert in India and Pakistan. Also means a wild goat found in the Himalayas. 
  1. Uranus: The seventh planet of the Solar System which is Turquoise blue in colour. 
  1. Ziggy: A German name that means Victorious Protector. 

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So What Would You Call Your Baby Now? 

This has brought us to the final step of this article. To wrap up the things, I’d like to recall the criteria of choosing a name for your new member of the family. 

First of all, you need to decide which particular characteristic of your princess you want to highlight in her name.

Once you have decided, the next step is to go through each name suggested in the concerned category and think deeply by keeping your cat in front of your eyes. This way you’ll get a better idea about which names fit the best to her personality. 

The third step is to choose 3-4 names and write them either on paper or on a notepad. 

Take a break and then come back to the shortlisted names.

Finally, select the name which you like the most. 

I hope that after reading this article you’ll be able to decide the best name for your fluffy. 

Please, let me know whether you liked the article or not. 

“Best Of Luck” 

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