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Hellooo Zippies! Cats are fun. You love them. So do we. 

Cats are sophisticated pets who deserve special care and attention. But, caring for cats is no less than caring for a baby. It’s a long, tedious, and critical job.  

Amir Ali, Founder Zippy Pet

Naturally, if you are reading this. It’s clear that you are sincere. And, obviously dedicated to providing the best possible care to your furry friend. But the problem is not every piece of information available on the internet is authentic. Unbiased. And, unsponsored. And you are well aware of it. Isn’t it?

Let us ask you a question…

Have you ever been the VICTIM of fake reviews, sponsored posts and misleading information which did more damage than good to your delicate cat? 

If your answer is ‘Yes you are at the right place. 

Sadly, there are lots of people and websites out there that sponsor cheap products. Spread myths, unresearched, and wrong information in return for benefits. Without considering its disastrous consequences on the health of innocent pets.

-Kashaf Fatima



That’s not acceptable! At all!

So we came up with Zippy Pet.

ZIPPY PET is all about Cats. Cats. And Cats! I and my partner are on a mission to make this website the best resource on the internet to get information about cats.

Yes, we are not vets. But we know cats. Whatever we write and you read on this website comes to you after multiple checks and verification. The whole purpose of creating this website is to bring authentic information from trusted sources to you.

We are committed to helping you in making the best buying decisions and choosing the best of the best products available in the market for your Fluff Queen.

What Do We Talk About?

Cat Breeds

We have in-depth knowledge of cat breeds, and their peculiar characteristics and needs. So, here you will get to know everything you need to know about the particular cat breed to give them the best possible care.

Solutions to Behavioural Issues

We give you “Tips” to fix some common behavioural problems of cats that would help you to understand your cat better and satisfy her/his needs.

Cat Names

We have a huge database base of “Cat Names” in different categories based on colours, languages, personalities and breeds. So time to time, we either publish new content or update the existing one to help you choose unique, cute and latest names for your cats.

Product Reviews

Choosing the right food or essential for your feline friend is always confusing. As said, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Therefore we help our readers in analysing the Pros and Cons of all the popular products, do their In-depth analysis and research the experience of real users with the products. Finally, we recommend the best products to you based on our experience, research and surveys. 

Why Should You Trust Us?

While writing each article we:

  • Conduct in-depth research to dig out each topic to its roots.
  • Gather authentic information from trusted sources.
  • Discover the scientific reasons behind the factors that should affect the buying decisions
  • Carry out thorough research about the products. 
  • Read hundreds of reviews of the customers to find the actual performance of the products with the end-users.
  •  Explain the information in the simplest way so that you can understand that better. 

We hope that our efforts may make the life of your cat easier, healthier and happier.

An Important Announcement: The advice, tips, and recommendations that we give on our website is based on our independent research about the topic, products, brands, and customer reviews. We try our best to provide you with the best recommendations and honest advice. However, if you don’t like our content or do not agree with the information shared on this website, feel free to Contact Us. We will look into the issue and respond to you ASAP.

And if you like it, do let us know in the comments.

Thanks for taking out the time to visit our website.


We hope that our efforts can make your cat happy, healthy and better!

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