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Abyssinian Cat- Profile, Personality and Price

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The Abyssinian cat breed is known for its richly coloured, ticked tabby shorthaired coats with subtle radiance. Also known as ‘Abyss’, this cat is so agile, muscular and active that it seems as if you have brought a little Puma into your home. 

She’s a super friendly cat breed who loves to be friends with others (even with strangers) and takes the responsibility of entertaining everyone on her shoulders. It’s not the kind of cat who cuddles and curls up in her owner’s arms, rather it’s a fun-loving adventurous kitty who loves to challenge her limits and explore the garden. 

So this post will cover everything which you must know before welcoming the true athlete into your home. 

What is an Abyssinian Cat? 

An Abyssinian cat with black background
An Abyssinian cat with black background

Basically, the Abyssinian is a breed of domestic short-haired cat with a typical “ticked” tabby coat in the individual hair is banded with different colours. This breed is pretty similar to wild cats in terms of agility, energy as well as looks. In the cat world, they are affectionately known as “Aby-silly-an” or simply  ‘Abyss’.

Abyssinian Cat Origin 

The true origin of the Abyssinian cat breed is unknown. While it is generally accepted that this breed originated in Ethiopia(once known as Abyssinia), there’s no evidence to prove this. On the other hand, some people claim the breed probably originated along the Indian Ocean coast in regions of Southeast Asia. Then, “How did the breed get the name ‘Abyssinian?”

Well, this breed was brought to the cat shows in England from Abyssinia by English colonists so the folks started calling them ‘Abyssinia’.


A ruddy abyssiniian kitten is sitting on her mother's back
A ruddy Abyssinian kitten sitting on her mother’s back

“Let’s talk about the physical characteristics that make Abyssinians stand out from the crowd. 

With their short, ticked coats in warm, earthy colours, almond-shaped eyes, and slender yet muscular bodies, Abyssinians exude an air of elegance. 

Abyssinian is a medium-sized muscular cat breed that exhibits a unique ticked tabby coat with sheen, which occurs in four colours: ruddy, cinnamon, fawn and blue. Thanks to its lean muscular body, expressive eyes and long tail. All these startling features set the Abyss apart in the feline world as a beautiful feline fashion model. Here’s the table that quickly describes the physical characteristics of Abyssinian cats. 

Abyssinian Cat Colours

This image shows the four colours found in an Abyssinian cat breed
This image shows the four colours found in an Abyssinian cat breed

The Abyssinian breed occurs in four distinct colours these are- Ruddy, Cinnamon, Fawn and Blue. 

Ruddy/Red Abyssinian Cat 

Ruddy refers to the original or wild colouring. In this variant, the lighter bands are a bright orange while the darker bands are a dark sepia to black. 

Cinnamon Abyssinian Cat

The next colour is Cinnamon. The coat is rich warm glowing red ticked with streaks of chocolate brown and the extreme outer tip is the darkest. 

Blue Abyssinian Cat 

The blue Abyssinian appears to have a coat of warm beige with streaks of slate blue and beige undercoat.

Fawn Abyssinian Cat

The last colour that occurs in Abyssinian is Fawn. It’s a warm rose-beige coat with bands of light cocoa brown.

The Lifespan of an Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinia is a healthy cat. Their average lifespan is between 9-15 years. Some of the common diseases that may develop in these cats are gingivitis, kidney disorder and blindness caused by hereditary retinal degeneration. But overall this is a pretty healthy breed that lives and normal life.


As said, the Abyssinian is a medium-sized cat breed. The average Abyssinian cat is 12 to 16 inches (30 to 41 cm) in length and 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm) tall overall. It typically weighs between 8 to 12 pounds (3.6 to 5.4 kg)..

Personality Traits and Behaviour

An abyssinian cat in the palm of a woman
An abyssinian cat in the palm of a woman

The Abyssinian is a confident, extrovert and friendly cat breed. They love going outdoors and exploring the surroundings. On the contrary, they become sad if left alone for long hours.

They have a playful nature and flexible temperament. So, they adjust well with other pets. This breed has a deep love for toys and enjoys playing alone as well as with their owner.  She’s not the kind of cat who sticks with his owner nor she’s a cuddly-lappy cat. 

She likes to challenge her limits and enjoy the adventure. A casual stroll in the evening on a leash is always welcome. 

You can invite any guest to your home without a second thought and your cat will always be the first being to say hello to them. 

Taking Care of Abyss

Owning an Abyssinian cat comes with certain responsibilities to ensure its health and happiness. In this segment, we’ll discuss the essential aspects of Abyssinian cat care from grooming requirements to exercise and mental stimulation, we’ll provide you with valuable tips and advice on how to create a nurturing environment for your Abyssinian companion.


Since Abyssinian cats have short hair they do not require daily brushing and don’t shed much as well. So, brushing them once a week would be sufficient. 


Bathing a cat is not necessary in general due to their habit of grooming themselves. So, you may only want to bathe your Aby-silly-ian if she spends a lot of time exploring outdoors and she ends up covering her coat with the dirt during her excursions. In my opinion, giving them a shower once a month or two will be sufficient. 

Play and Exercise 

This is the most crucial aspect of taking care of an Abyssinian cat. This is an extroverted and enthusiastic breed that needs a lot of attention, regular exercise and play therefore make sure to dedicate at least a 30-minute slot in your schedule exclusively to play with your cat. 

You also have to provide her with interactive toys, cat trees, and catio(if possible), walk her on a leash (if she likes it), and if you have space then the best option is to build a cat-fenced garden if you have the space and resources available. 

Abyssinian Cat Price

First of all, we do not promote buying cats rather we insist on adopting them. Secondly, it’s hard to find a purebred Abyssinian cat in India. Even if you do then you must crosscheck that it’s a real Abyssinian and not a mixed-bred cat. Also, if you still want to buy it then buy it from a certified breeder. 

The price of an Abyssinian cat in Indina is between 5000 to 15000 rupees depending upon the life stage, colour, health and coat’s condition.  In the US, you can get an Abyssinian cat for anywhere between $500 to $1200. 

Suitable Family Type

Let me tell you frankly, “Don’t own an Abyssinian cat if you can’t give them time!”. I repeat, “Don’t own an Abyssinian cat if you can’t give them time!” Because this breed needs both the attention and affection of its owner. She’s not a cuddly breed or a lap cat. You must have to play with her every day. Ignoring an Abyssinian cat may lead to mental problems. She may get depressed, sad or develop separation anxiety. So, families with children or those people who stay out of the house for work for the most part of the day are not the suitable family type for this breed.

On the other hand, it’s a great breed if you can manage to give her time to play and exercise. It’s also very friendly with everyone and adjusts well with other breeds. 

Why Are Abyssinian Cats Special?

two abyssinian kittens are lying in a foam roll
two abyssinian kittens are lying in a foam roll

An Abyssinian is a super entertaining cat breed and has several qualities that make them a special cat breed.  Let’s talk about what have they got which makes them so special. 

First, their physical characteristics make them stand out from the queue. Their shorthaired ticked coats which occur in warm earthy colours, almond-shaped sparkling eyes, and slender yet muscular bodies exude an air of elegance to their appearance. 

They are super energetic, love to play with their owner and entertain everyone with their funny acts. You may find often find them chattering with other cats and even with lifeless objects such as walls and doors. All these characteristics and traits make them special. 

Are Abyssinian Cats Friendly?  

Of course, Abyssinian is known in the cat world for her friendly nature and extroverted personality.  They love to welcome guests into the home(with some exceptions). You may catch her trying hard to win everyone’s attention by performing funny acts or being mischievous. Playing with their mom or dad is their favourite pass time. They also love to get along with other pets too. Some cats enjoy watching the T.V. or chilling at the window when their mom/dad is busy in thier work. 

Quick Recap: Abyssinian Cat’s Infographic

Abyssinian Cat Infographic
Abyssinian Cat Infographic

So, folk, this was all about the magnificent Abyssinian cat breed. Undoubtedly, the breed has so many qualities which compel every cat lover to love them. Here, I’ve tried to cover the topic succinctly without skipping the crucial information. If you still want to ask me specific questions, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me on our official Instagram account (of course! Follow that too). I hope that you liked this blog post. Thanks for landing on our website.

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