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Cat Names That Start With D- 2023

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First of all, congratulations on having a new family member in your home. But now you are on the quest to find a purrfect cat name that starts with D. Well, you are certainly at the right place! This is the fourth article of our series wherein we are suggesting to our readers some of the best cat names starting with a particular letter of the alphabet. And, today you’ll find the Best 91 Cat Names That Start with D along with their meanings. 

Before you proceed, I’d suggest you pen a notepad or have a pen and paper in your hands. So, by the end of this post, you’ll have a short list of names in your hand. 

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Girls’ Cat Names That Start with D

A tabby kitten sitting on the floor and looking into the camera
  1. Deborah: A Hebrew name which means a bee.
  1. Dinky: The name is of Punjabi origin which means very cute.
  1. Dixie: It refers to a region in the US called the Old South. The name has its roots in England and France.
  1. Diva: It means a powerful woman, beloved, and has some other meanings too.
  1. Davina: A girl name of Hebrew or Scottish origin, meaning beloved.
  1. Dora: A Greek name that means a gift or ‘God’s gift’.
  1. Dorky: It’s a cute name for badass cats. Generally, it refers to a weird person.
  1. Duchess: Feminine version of a duke. 
  1. Ditsa- The one who desires to give charity and do good for others.
  1. Delfín: Dolphin.
  1. Daffodil: Daffodils are beautiful flowers with white or yellow petals.
  1. Daisy: A beautiful flower that can have different colours.
  1. Dakota: Dakota is a unisex name of American origin which means a friend or alley.
  1. Damini: Another Indian name that can be given to cats it means “lightning”.
  1. Demi: Small or half.
  1. Desire: Want, aspiration, willingness, dream, and some other meanings.
  1. Destiny: Fortune or fate.
  1. Dima: It’s an Arabic name which means rain or downpour.
  1. Doll: When used for a girl, it refers to a girl who looks as cute as a doll.
  1. Donna: The name of Italian origin, meaning a lady or woman.
  1. Dora: It’s a Greek name which means a gift or the gift of God.
  1. Dodo: A duck-like flightless extinct bird.
  1. Dyna: It has two meanings— spear and ruler. The most popular girl with this name was Princess Dyna of England.
  1. Dahlia: A beautiful flower that looks similar to a marigold.
  1. Diamond: A shiny and precious substance used in making jewellery.
  1. Dolice: A popular girl name of Italian origin which means “sweat”. 
  1. Doja Cat: Inspired by ‘Doja Cat’ the pop singer of America. 
  1. Ding-Dong: It is used to signify the sound of a classic doorbell. This name highlights the vocal nature of cats. 
  1. Duck/Ducky: You already know what a duck is. So, you may name your cat duck or ducky if you wish to signify her cuteness. 
  1. Drizzle: A slowly falling rain. We recommend this name if your tiny feline makes you feel special with her drizzling love.
  1. Delicacy: The fineness of shape, structure, appearance, or taste. 
  1. Dippy: An absurd name for a spoiled cat. It means ‘foolish’. LOL 
  1. Dimple: A small depression in the cheeks. 
  1. Ducati: A world-famous Italian motorcycle brand. Its literal meaning is ‘title’ or ‘jurisdiction of a duke’.
  1. Desire: This word has several beautiful meanings such as want, hope, aspirations, and wish. Moreover, it sounds good too. 
  1. Dilly: A Nickname for a Welsh name ‘Dylan’, meaning ‘great’, ‘sea’ or ‘flood’. 
  1. Dilbara: It’s an Urdu name meaning beloved.
  1. Darky: The one who has dark colour or complexion. It’s a very popular name to name a black or grey cat. 
  1. Dawn: The time of the day when the sun rises. 
  1. Dusk: The time of the day when the sun sets.
  1. Dessert: A sweet course or food usually eaten after the main course. Here, it refers to the sweetness of your dessert like a feline friend. 
  1. Desert: A large area of sand. This name is suggested for orange, light brown, and tanned cats. 
  1. Danuta: It’s a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is the judge”.
  1. Dream Cat: As the name suggests it means the cat of dreams. So, if you are fortunate enough that you have found your soulmate then consider naming her Dream Cat. 
  1. Dida or Didda: This is a name of Punjabi origin(A regional language of both India and Pakistan). It means ‘grandmother’.
  1. Dua: A prayer or wish. 
An Infographic showing  the list of 10 Cat Names Starting with D for male and female cats

Now Let’s have a Look at Boy Cat Names that start with D

Orange and white kitten
  1. Daffy: Means beloved in Hebrew.
  1. Dai: This name means great in Japanese.
  1. Dagger: A knife that is used as a weapon.
  1. Dandelion: A bright yellow flower. Give this name to orange cats.
  1. Dan: The diminutive for Daniel, which means beautiful.
  1. Delta: A triangular landmass that a river forms before it enters the sea.
  1. Dobby: The name of an elf in the movie Harry Potter.
  1. Discoverer: The one who discovers something. This name is suitable for inquisitive cats.
  1. Dix: Diminutive for Dixon which means a strong leader.
  1. Duncan: The anglicized version of the Scottish and Irish name Donnchadh, meaning chieftain and the brown-haired man.
  1. Dusty: Anything which looks like dust in appearance.
  1. Dude: A slang for man. It’s an affectionate name. 
  1. Duke: a name of English origin that was a title of nobility. Its other meaning is ‘the leader’.
  1. Django: From the movie Django.
  1. Darsh– means vision.
  1. Dexter: This name originated in English and means “Fortunate” or “dyer”. 
  1. Doughnut: A sweet pastry/cake stuffed with cream at the centre.
  1. Drax: This name has its roots in English. It means “a thinker”.
  1. Dummler: A noisy person. 
  1. Drone: This is a name for male honey bees. It also means to make a continuous buzz.
  1. Daredevil: Someone who likes to do dangerous things. What can be a better name for your daredevil cat than this one?
  1. Disaster: Here, it refers to the destructive nature of your tom.
  1. Duke: It means a nobleman.
  1. Dumbledore: A famous character from the movie ‘Harry Potter’.
  1. Dumbo: Dumb or stupid. It’s an affectionate name for male cats. 
  1. Draco: Dragon. A strong and badass name for male cats. 
  1. Dravid: A regional surname of South India means the one who is from the south. Rahul Dravid, a former Indian cricketer had this surname. 
  1. Dedo: An affectionate name that has no meaning. 
  1. Dog: Haha, it’s a great idea to name your cat dog.
  1. Dragon: A Mesopotamian and Chinese mythological monster that spits out fire and flies. Do you see a dragon in your cat? Let me know in the comments. 
  1. Diago: This is a name of Spanish origin which is derived from the Greek word ‘Didakh’, meaning a teacher.
  1. Die-hard: Strongly determined, loyal, and devoted to someone or something. 
  1. Duman: It means smoke in Turkish. This name is recommended for white, grey, and chinchilla male cats.
  1. Denver: It’s an Old English name meaning ‘a green valley’. 
  1. Dalton: An English name meaning ‘from the valley town’. 
  1. Dorian: A Greek name which has multiple meanings such as ‘son of Doros’, ‘of Doros’, and ‘gift’. 
  1. Dominique: A name of French origin that is derived from Latin. Its literal meaning is ‘of the Lord’. 
  1. Deewana: This is an Indian or Hindi name meaning ‘man in love’ or ‘psycho’.
  1. Doon: It’s a wonderful name for brown cats. It means ‘dark’ or ‘brown’. 
  1. Dunki: Wrong pronunciation and spelling of ‘Donkey’ as pronounced in some parts of India. 
  1. Denzel: It means ‘from the high stronghold’. 
  1. Doctor: The person who treats the sick and injured. You may call your cat doctor to show affection. 
  1. Diesel: A product obtained from petroleum. Here, it signifies the dark coat of black, brown, and grey cats.
  1. Daddy: Father. If your Tom is the bandit dictator of the house then you may name him ‘Daddy’. 
  1. Disney: Want to get nostalgic by remembering your childhood? Why not name your cat Disney as this was your childhood partner who you’ve spent the most time with? 

Okay, that was all about cat names that start with D as of now. We will again update this list by adding some more names to it. I hope that you liked the article. Please share this article on social media to help other cat parents like you. If you have missed our previous posts then you may read them by following the links given below. 

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