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71 Cat Names Starting with E- With Meanings- 2023

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Esmeralda, Enzo and Elenor are our favourites. What are yours? Hello, welcome to Zippy Pet. This is the fifth blog post of our cat names series in alphabetical order. And, today we’ll be telling you 71 Cat Names That Start with E along with their meanings.

The whole purpose of starting this series is to give our readers a resource where they can come and pick a name starting with their favourite letter for we want to save your precious time and energy. 

Here we have included the names from languages other than English too. So if you want to give a unique name that starts with E to your cat, you may choose a name from a foreign language. 

If you like to watch the video then you can watch it below. 

Names For Girls 

  1. Ebony: A type of hardwood or hardwood tree whose wood is so dark that it almost looks black. This is one of the famous female black cat names.
  1. Eden: The place of pleasures.
  1. Effy: It’s a name of Greek Origin, meaning “well-spoken”. 
  1. Eloise: The Anglicised version of the French name  Éloïse, meaning healthy or wide.
  1. Elena: A Greek name which means a ‘shining light’. 
  1. Elora: A name of Greek origin which means ‘a sun ray’.
  1. Eris: Another dwarf planet.
  1. Elsa: From the movie Frozen.
  1. Esmeralda: This is a Spanish version of the English name Emerald. 
  1. Ekta: It’s a  name of Indian origin which means unity.
  1. Elenor: Elanor sounds classical and pleasing. It means “God is my light”.
  1. Ellen: This name is suitable for orange and white cats. It means “a sunray or sunlight”.
  1. Ellie: Alley is a cute name suitable for white cats, meaning “light”.
  1. Eline: This name is derived from the Hebrew name “Eliana”. It means noble kind. Some other meanings of the same name are beautiful, shining, and bright.
  1. Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a Hebrew name for the phrase God is my oath.
  1. Elmhurst: It’s a surname or family name that belongs to Yorkshire and refers to a person who belongs to “the-elm-wood-hill”.
  1. Emma: It means “whole” or “universal”
  1. Empress: A woman ruler. Indeed, your fluffy is the ruler of your little kingdom that you call home.
  1. Elora: Like Ellen, Elora is also a Greek name and has the same meaning, ‘a sun ray’.
  1. Emerald: A beautiful green gemstone.
  1. Enchante: It’s a French name which means delighted, overjoyed, bewitched and some other meanings. 
  1. Eva: This name originated in Hebrew. It means life or living one.
  1. Evangeline: Good news.
  1. Eveline: The word has different meanings so it can be used for cats with different characteristics and personalities. Its common meanings are life, little bird and strength.
  1. El Gato: It means ‘the cat’ in Spanish.
  1. Emcee: The master of ceremony. 
  1. Egypt: A country in north Africa. This name gives a classical feeling.
  1. Ebba: This name originated in German. It means a ‘warrior girl’
  1. Enna: An Irish name meaning ‘sunshine’.
  1. Edith: It means rich and happy. 
  1. Esme: It’s a nickname or shortened form of ‘Esmeralda’, meaning, ’emerald’.
  1. Electra: The name of Greek origin, meaning shining, bright and incandescent.
  1. Exotic: Someone or something from a Farland.
  1. Eel: A fish that looks like a snake. 
  1. Elite: A member of the high class. 
  1. Ezra: This is an Arabic name. It’s another and correct spelling in Azra. It means helpful.
Infographic showing  the list of 10 Cat Names Starting with E

Names For Boys  

a black and white cat looking into the camera
  1. Earl: it’s a boys’ name of North American origin which means a warrior.
  1. Edgar: it is a name in Middle English that means fortunate and powerful. Also, it is the name of a king in the past.
  1. Elf: a mythological dwarf creature which is similar to humans in appearance but has longer ears and nose. 
  1. Elmer: the name is of German origin it has multiple meanings such as famous, weapon, and noble. 
  1. Envoy: ambassador.
  1. Enzo: a possible variant of Heinz, meaning powerful ruler or ruler of the house.
  1. Ethan: strong, firm and safe.
  1. Eugene: French form of the name Eugenius in Latin and Greek from Eugenios. It means well-born or noble.
  1. Eddie: to move in a round, whirling or rotary motion.
  1. Ergraut: It means grey in Luxembourgish.
  1. Elian: Derived probably from either of the two Hebrew names “Eliyahu” or “Elijah which means ‘God is my Lord”.
  1. Emanuel: Longer version of ‘Manuel’.
  1. Emiliano: The name has two meanings— Eager or rival.
  1. Emilio: A shortened version of  “Emiliano’ which has the meaning.
  1. Ezal: Spiritual, the helper, walk, intuitive and has some other meanings in American English and Arabic.
  1. Ekant: Solitaire.
  1. Echo: Repeating the sound. A great name to give your talkative feline friend.
  1. Edsel: This is the name of Old English. It means a man who is rich. Another meaning is a “hall”.
  1. Ester: It’s a name of Slavic and Persian origin and means “a star” and myrtle leaf. 
  1. Elon: It means an oak tree, spirit and God’s love. 
  1. Ezeki: It’s a shortened form of the name “Ezekiel”, meaning, “God’s strength”.
  1. Ernesto: The one who is sincere and earnest. It’s a great name for calm and disciplined male cats. 
  1. Ezio: It’s a name of Italian origin, meaning an eagle. 
  1. Ekkard: This name has various spellings and meanings. Some prominent meanings are hardy, brave heart, edge, sword and blade. 
  1. Epic: Here, it means ‘heroic’. 
  1. Earthworm: A worm that lives below the ground. 
  1. Ego: Pride in oneself or self-esteem.
  1. Egon: This name has its roots in Old German. It means ‘the edge of a sword’.
  1. Elvin: It has multiple meanings such as elf, magical or noble friend.  
  1. Elvis: It’s a name of Norse origin, meaning ‘all wise’. 
  1. Edo: Rich, wealthy,  guard, or guardian. 
  1. Eagle: A large bird of prey.
  1. Eon: A very time duration. Uh
  1. Eiko: It’s a name of Japanese origin which means prosperous.
  1. Edge: The end of a surface also known as the border. 

Are you still here? Yes, that’s like a good cat parent. So that was all about the Cat Names Starting with ‘E’. We have made this list by selecting the names which are popular among cat parents or suggested by them on social media. Because we didn’t want to recommend what we like, but the real cat parents. We hope that you liked the article. Please share this post in your groups to help more cat parents like you. 

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