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Give Your Kitty a Japanese Cat Name in 2022- Zippy Pet

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Presenting to you Top Japanese Cat Names with meanings to help you give your fluffy a unique identity.

Kon’nichiwa to Yokoso (hello and welcome) to Zippy Pet. What brought you here is loved equally by us. Yep, I’m talking about the Japanese cat names. 

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Japan is not only famous for electronics, anime, sushi and cherry blossoms but also for names. 

Japanese names sound damn cute, and unique, and some of them just fit the cat’s personality as if they were originally invented with cats in mind. 

And, that’s why you are almost forced by their charm to pick a Japanese name for at least one of your feline friends. 

No matter whether you have a boy or girl cat; black, white, tuxedo, brown, or grey cat. This blog post has names for everyone. 

If you, on the other hand, are someone who can’t be separated from anime even in adulthood then give your cat a name inspired by your favourite anime character.Sounds good. Okay, here are the lists of Japanese Cat names ideas.  

What is a Good Japanese Cat’s Name? 

It depends on your preference, the colour of the coat of your cat, and her very nature or personality. For some cats parents’ coat colour is the most dominating characteristic to they name their cats based on the colour of their coats. While for other parents the personality is more important and they name their cats according to their nature. Below are the lists of some Japanese cat names based on gender, and colour.

Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Cat Names

Popular Japanese cat names Infographic
Popular Japanese cat names Infographic

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30 Japanese Cat Names for Boys

So, let’s first list down the Japanese cat names for your tom cat. Each of these names highlights at least one characteristic of a male cat or the other. 

  1. Akio: bright.
  1. Benjiro: the one who enjoys and loves peace.
  1. Dai: this name means great in Japanese.
  1. Eito: prosperous.
  1. Fuji: means a mountain in Japanese.
  1. Fumio: a scholarly hero or literature.
  1. Giichi: the righteous ruler.
  1. Gin: it means silver.
  1. Haru: it stands for spring.
  1. Hibiki: sound or echo.
  1. Hiroshi: someone who is benevolent and generous.
  1. Jian: basically it’s a Chinese name, meaning strong, healthy, simple and more.
  1. Jun: obedient and younger.
  1. Kaito: it means a sea or an ocean.
  1. Ken: handsome.
  1. Kin: it has different meanings depending upon the context. Some of the common meanings are gold, pleasure average, close and member of the family.
  1. Matsu: means a pine tree in Japanese.
  1. Miyavi: rock the hell out of you.
  1. Naga: some meanings of this name are long, lengthy, and eternity. You may love to give this name to a large cat.
  1. Nao: it means an honest man.
  1. Nobita: to grow, improve or stretch.
  1. Raiden: it stands for thunder.
  1. Ren: lotus.
  1. Ryo: cool and refreshing.
  1. Sana: someone who is calm.
  1. Saijo: a fruit tree that produces yellowish-orange sweet fruit.
  1. Sato: it means sugar.
  1. Shinpei: someone who is calm and wholehearted.
  1. Takeshi: shine or radiance.
  1. Xiao: it has multiple meanings such as morning, dawn, respectful as well as reverent.

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28 Japanese Cat Names for Girls

This is a header image for Japanese cat names for girls that shows a tortoiseshell cat

This section is all about beautiful girls and cats. Some names in the given list are based on the elegance of female cats while the others throw light on the different aspects of their personality. Let’s see what it has got for you…

  1. Aiko: it means to love, to show affection or child
  1. Akira: bright 
  1. Ayumi: it’s a kind of sweet fish
  1. Beni: it means crimson or deep red in Japanese
  1. Cho: a butterfly
  1. Emi: it’s a girl name which means a girl who is blessed and beautiful
  1. Erika: it has two meanings— pear and scent or fragrance.
  1. Hana: a Japanese word for a flower.
  1. Hitomi: the name can have different meanings depending on the kanji used. The two prominent meanings are wisdom and intellect.
  1. Hiroko: someone who is generous, tolerant and prosperous.
  1. Izumi: means spring or fountain.
  1. Kei: it means intelligent or a gemstone.
  1. Keiko: this name means a blessed child.
  1. Koyuki: a great name for munchkin cats, meaning small or little. 
  1. Michi: beauty or poetry.
  1. Mihiro: it means deep water.
  1. Miho: truth, care and ear of rice/grain.
  1. Mizuhara: meadow, water plain. It also means a primitive field and wilderness.
  1. Momoka: flower, perfume, smell, scent, peach tree and some other meanings.
  1. Moriko: forest child.
  1. Otsuka: it means a large bundle or mound. It’s the name of a popular Japanese pop singer.
  1. Sakura: it means cherry blossom.
  1. Seiko: truth, child or accomplished. Also, it’s the name of a premium brand of watch.
  1. Suzuka: it means a beetle.
  1. Yui: sole and supportive.
  1. Yuki: it means snow in Japanese
  1. Yuko: there can be two meanings for Yuko. These are gentle or child
  1. Yuna: means kindness in Japanese

17 Japanese Cat Names for White Cats

These Japanese Cat names are specially selected by keeping in mind the fluffy site coat of your marvellous friend so that you can give her a name as beautiful as her looks. 

  1. Ahiru: duck 
  1. Gekko: moonlight
  1. Hato: pigeon
  1. Jasumin: Jasmin
  1. Kessho: crystal
  1. Kurimo: cream
  1. Mabushi: means bright
  1. Miruki: milky 
  1. Nikko: sunlight
  1. Paru: pearl
  1. Raito: light
  1. Ro: dew
  1. Shimo: frost
  1. Shiroi: white
  1. Shirokuma: polar bear
  1. Suisen: daffodil
  1. Yuki: snow

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20 Black Cat Names Japanese

Header image for Japanese cat names for black cats that shows a black cat sitting on the ground

If your cat is a black beauty then it’s simply unjust to give her an ordinary cat name. Truly, she deserved something more. Something different and attractive. So, here are some names for black cats that I have handpicked for your black furball. 

  1. Burakkuberī: blackberry
  1. In’ei: shadow
  1. Karasu: crow
  1. Kobaruto: cobalt
  1. Kōhī: coffee
  1. Kokutan: ebony
  1. Kokuen: graphite
  1. Kurai: dark
  2. Kukki: cookies
  1. Nezumi: mouse
  1. Nisshoko
  1. Onikisu: onyx(a gemstone of black colour)
  1. Pansa: panther
  1. Pengin: penguin
  1. Sekitan: coal
  1. Susu: Soot
  1. Yogan: lava
  1. Yonaka: midnight
  1. Yoru: night
  1. Yuyami: twilight, dusk

10 Japanese Names for Brown Cat

  1. Shinamon: cinnamon
  1. Kohi: coffee
  1. Moka: mocha
  1. Kasei: Mars
  1. Yama: mountain
  1. Okami: wolf
  1. Kurumi: chestnut
  1. Saru: monkey
  1. Do: copper
  1. Ishi: it means a rock

10 Japanese Names for Calico Cats

  1. Happi: it means happy
  1. Jushi: Japanese word for ‘juicy’.
  1. Kaori: fragrance or odour
  1. Karafuru: anything that is colourful
  1. Kyariko: it means ‘calico’ in Japanese 
  1. Mozaiku: mosaic
  1. Niji: Japanese word for rainbow
  1. Pisutachio: pistachio
  1. Popi: poppy flower
  1. Ume: means plum

10 Japanese Names for Grey Cats 

  1. Gin: it means silver
  1. Hai: ash
  1. Kokuen: means graphite
  1. Kuraudu: it stands for a cloud
  1. Kemuri: the word means smoke in Japanese
  1. Moya: it means mist
  1. Shado: shadow
  1. Shirogane: platinum
  1. Sumoki: anything which is smoky
  1. Susu: means soot

20 Japanese Cat Names Anime

header image for Japanese cat names inspired by anime that shows a anime character holding a book
  1. Aya: from Kiniro Mosaic and Tenjou Tenge.
  1. Chika: from kaguya Sama(love is war)
  1. Emilia: from Re-zero
  1. Eren: from Attack On Titan
  1. Goku: from Dragon Ball
  1. Guts: from Berserk
  1. Hiroshi: it means be generous
  2. Izuku: from My Hero Academia 
  1. Kirito: from Fandom
  1. Kurapika: from Hunter X Hunter
  1. Megumin: from KonoSuba
  1. Mikasa: from Attack On Titan
  1. Mishiko: 
  1. Naruto: from Fandom
  1. Rem: from Re:zero
  1. Roronoa: from Fandom
  1. Saber: from Fate
  1. To: from Haikiyuu
  1. Violet: from Violet Evergarden
  1. Yato: from Noragami

Is Mochi a Good Cat Name?

Yes, it is. Mochi is a dough like a rice cake or an uncooked/unbaked pastry.  So if either you or your cat is foody then go ahead and give her/him this name. Also, it’s a unisex name so you can give it to male and female cats both.

What Are Anime Cat Names? 

Anime are Japanese-style animated films and cartoons for adults but they are liked by children equally. So, anime names are the names of popular anime characters. 

What does Kai mean in Japanese?

The word ‘Kai’ has multiple meanings in Japanese depending upon the context and kanji used. Some meanings of the word ‘kai’ are— open (開), shell (貝), Ocean (海), recovery, outside (外), and other place. 

So What Would You Call Your Neko(cat) Now?

Alright friends, this was all about Japanese Cat Names. Today’s list was a bit short but it has some unique names that you may not have heard or read anywhere else. If you agree with me then tab on the share icon and help me reach your friends who are in love with cats just like you. I hope you liked the article. In the next update I’ll include some more names and if you have some name ideas don’t forget to shoot me an email or direct message on Instagram or Facebook. With that said I take a leave now. Thanks for reading.

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