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Unique Cat Names 2023- With Meanings

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Searching for a unique name for your cat seems pretty easy at first. But when you are actually on the hunt actually; you discover that most people out there are just telling the general cat names which lack the “unique” element in them. Don’t worry! We hear you and we are with you in your endeavour. So we have fetched out the list of 300+ Unique Cat Names along with their meanings. 

So, now just go through the below-mentioned list and shortlist all the names that seem interesting to you. So that you can think about it the second time. 

Alright, let’s not beat around the bush and jump right into it. Here we go…

Alternatively, if you are in a hurry then you can learn about the Top 100 Unique Cat Names for male and female cats in just 4 minutes.

How to Choose a Unique Name for Your Cat?

Well, even when you are certain that you want some unique name for your new family member. You still have a lot of approaches to achieve that. The truth is people choose the names of their cats from the things they are already inclined to. Therefore may also like to choose the name for your cat from those things that interest you the most. Here’s how people choose their cats’ names: 

1. Customised Names

Customised pet names are those which do not have literal meanings instead they are pet versions of either human names or compound words formed by combining two different words that reflect some characteristic or personality trait of a pet. In this list, WonderPaw, Pawsley and some other names fall under this category. 

2. Names Based on Nature

People who love aesthetics by nature prefer to name their cats from nature. These names fulfil two primary objectives. First, they sound very different. And secondly, they the beauty of nature. So if you see yourself in this group then go ahead and choose a name for your cat from the list “Unique Cat Names Inspired by Nature”.

3. Names of Other Animals and Birds

This is one of the most common approaches to name not only cats but all pets in general. Calling your cat by the name of other animals seems cool and indicates the particular characteristic of the personality which is common in both. For example, if you see your cat as strong and brave you may name her a tiger or lion. Similarly, if she’s soft or delicate then you may call her bunny or pigeon. And if you want to add uniqueness to her name then you can name her/him after an animal which common people are not aware of like an ocelot or wombat.

4. Food and Drink Inspired Names

Let’s face it! If you are foody, then you may prefer to name yourself after your favourite cuisines that taste delicious and their names sound cute too. In this read, you’ll find a section “Unique Cat Names Inspired by Food and Drinks” which we have specifically cooked for foodies. LOL

5. Cat Names Inspired by Superheroes 

If you want to stay in your childhood forever and see your favourite superhero in your cat then we have something for you too. Go straight to the list “Unique Cat Names Inspired by Superheroes” and bring back your childhood nostalgia.

6. Geography-Inspired Names

The next approach to naming a pet is after your favourite town or city. So, people often give a name to their pets such as Adelaide, Alaska, Berlin, and Damascus to express their love for their cat as well as for the geographical area.

7. Names Based on Sports

Another approach is to name a cat after your favourite sport. Some of the popular names which fall under this category are Cricket, Rugby and Ping-Pong.

8. Names Inspired by Apps 

This is a quite recent trend. Nowadays, pet parents often prefer to name their cats after the apps or websites on which they pass most of their time on. Tik-Tok, Twitter and Reddit are the ones that sound pretty cute and unique in this category.

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Unique Cat Names Male

Header image Unique Cat Names for male cats
Unique Cat Names for Male Cats

Let’s begin our expedition with the unique names for boys. These names are tailored to the zealous, strong and tangy personalities of male kittens.

  1. Albus
  1. Aqua
  1. Artemis
  1. Boomer
  1. Crouton
  1. Cupid
  1. Daze
  1. Dipper
  1. Eldon
  1. Eliminator
  1. Enticer
  1. Haboora
  1. Felton
  1. Frido
  1. Hermes
  1. Hunk
  1. Jiddo
  1. Junky
  1. Impulse
  1. Klaus
  1. Lau
  1. Mishmisha
  1. Mufasa
  1. Narzo
  1. Nox
  1. Perky
  1. Poe
  1. Popeye 
  1. Pungy
  1. Pip
  1. Quibble
  1. Quimby
  1. Roblox
  1. Ryker
  1. Sadeeque
  1. Smug
  1. Snert
  1. Teta
  1. Vondu
  1. Zealous 

Unique Cat Names Girl 

Unique cat names for girls header image
Unique Cat Names Female

Now it’s time to pick a name for your baby doll. She is beautiful, cute and naughty so she deserves a name that reflects at least one of her traits or the other. The below-mentioned list features names that are loved equally by you (as hooman) and your kitty.

  1. Abby
  1. Adira
  1. Aquafina 
  1. Aquamarina 
  1. Beat
  1. Bliss
  1. Bush
  1. Breeze
  1. Catnip
  1. Creta
  1. Crisp
  1. Dima
  1. Drizzle
  1. Dylan
  1. Ertiga
  1. Fable
  1. Fascino
  1. Fiero
  1. Freya
  1. Izzy
  1. Kima
  1. Levantine
  1. Letizia
  1. Linguine
  1. Malore
  1. Mishi
  1. Noise
  1. Nefertiti
  1. Persephone
  1. Petunia
  1. Pringle
  1. Quinn
  1. Reem
  1. Riverine
  1. Rufina
  1. Sadeequi
  1. Shela
  1. Sim-sim
  1. Thisbe
  1. Timbit
  1. Tink
  1. Twist
  1. Tinkerbell
  1. Twyla 
  1. Tysa 
  1. Xenia
  1. Zelda 
  1. Zenobia

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Unique Cat Names Unisex 

Unique cat names unisex header image
Unique Cat Names Unisex

If you don’t wanna either left or right but want a name that is suitable for both male and female cats then unisex cat names are the ones that can end your quest. No matter whether you have a boy or a girl cat these names are equally fit sot both and sound damn unique. Check them out.


  1. Apache
  1. Babble
  1. Boo
  1. Bootsy
  1. Chewy
  1. Cuddler
  1. Disco
  1. Hayati
  1. Hobo
  1. Hobbes
  1. Nermal
  1. Nexon
  1. Noodle
  1. Olson
  1. Parasite
  1. Purrky(think of Perky)
  1. Rogue
  1. Rumpleteazer
  1. Serenity
  1. Skipper
  1. Squeaky
  1. Tapas
  1. Thunderbird
  1. Whisker
  1. WonderMeow
  1. WonderPaw

Unique Cat Names Inspired by Animals and Birds 

Unique Cat Names Inspired by Animals and Birds Header Image
Unique Cat Names inspired by animals and birds.

Giving a name to your cat after other magnificent animals because you see some kinda analogy between the two is an evergreen trend. So how can we not include the names inspired by animals and birds in our list? After all. All we do here is to serve what our beloved readers (like you) desire. Okay, that’s enough sugar for today. LOL. Alright, go through the list of unique cat names based on animals and birds to choose one for your fluffy.

  1. Antelope 
  1. Badger
  1. Beetle
  1. Dolphin
  1. Genet
  1. Harpy
  1. Hoopoe
  1. Hornbill
  1. Hummingbird 
  1. Kingfisher
  1. Liger
  1. Macaw
  1. Macaque
  1. Ocelot
  1. Okapi
  1. Orca
  1. Pangolin 
  1. Pheasant 
  1. Proccupine
  1. Puffin
  1. Puma
  1. Quetzal
  1. Savannah 
  1. Showbill
  1. Shrimp
  1. Skunk 
  1. Sugar glider 
  1. Sunbear
  1. Tapir 
  1. Wombat

Colour-Inspired Unique Cat Names

Every colour indicates something but the majority of people including me know just a few of them. So, it’s a good idea to give your cat a name inspired by a colour or its specific shade. 

  1. Amber
  1. Beige
  1. Blacky
  1. Brownie
  1. Bronze
  1. Cream
  1. Cyber
  1. Ebony
  1. Ferrari
  1. Indigo
  1. Laurel
  1. Magenta
  1. Maroon
  1. Mellow
  1. Mint
  1. Ochre
  1. Orchid
  1. Peach
  1. Pinky
  1. Royal
  1. Rusty
  1. Sepia
  1. Tangerine
  1. Lavender
  1. Creamy
  1. Sky
  1. Violet
  1. Yellow

Unique Cat Names Inspired by Nature

Unique Cat Names inspired by nature header image
Unique Cat Names inspired by nature

For those cat parents who love nature as much as they love their cats, we have collected a list of great-sounding names of natural objects, landforms and geological terms. Believe me, this list deserves to be read at least once.

  1. Amazon
  1. Aphelion
  1. Avalanche
  1. Bay
  1. Canyon 
  1. Cape
  1. Comet
  1. Constellation
  1. Delta
  1. Desert
  1. Eclipse
  1. Equinox
  1. Estuary
  1. Galaxy
  1. Gulf  
  1. Horizon
  1. Island
  1. Isthmus
  1. Lagoon
  1. Meander
  1. Mesa
  1. Mirage
  1. Nebula
  1. Nile
  1. Ocean
  1. Orbit
  1. Pampas 
  1. Peak
  1. Peninsula 
  1. Plateau
  1. Prairie
  1. Rapid 
  1. Waterfall
  1. Valley 
  1. Volcano 

Superhero-Inspired Unique Cat Names 

Time to get nostalgic. Here’s a list of the names of famous superheroes which you can give to your furry friend so that he/she can save the world from aliens. LOL.

  1. Hulk
  1. Thor
  1. Phantom
  1. Mr America
  1. Black Widow
  1. Wolverine
  1. Zorro
  1. Hawkeye
  1. Flash
  1. Robin
  1. Aquaman
  1. He-man
  1. Storm
  1. Tornado
  1. Bonfire
  1. Onyx
  1. Apex
  1. Marco
  1. Coral 
  1. Velvet
  1. Poppy
  1. Orchid
  1. Starlight
  1. Nebula

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Unique Cat Names Inspired by Food and Drinks

Unique cat names insoried by food header image
Unique Cat Names inspired by food

If you are a foody parent of a foody cat then you may love to name your silly cat after a food, fruit or drink. In this list, we have assembled the names of world-famous foods, drinks and fruits which are loved by all in general.

  1. Aflatoon
  1. Almond
  1. Apple
  1. Blackberry
  1. Cheddar
  1. Cheetos
  1. Cider
  1. Capsicum
  1. Cappuccino
  1. Cherry
  1. Coco
  1. Eel
  1. Falafel
  1. Fennel
  1. Laban
  1. Lasagna
  1. Macaroni
  1. Mango
  1. Milky
  1. Momo
  1. Mozzarella
  1. Noodle
  1. Nut
  1. Nutmeg
  1. Orange
  1. Oregano
  1. Peanut
  1. Taco
  1. Tea
  1. Walnut

Geography-Inspired Unique Cat Names

These are the names of the famous places in the world which can be given to a cat without a pang of guilt.

  1. Athens
  1. Sham
  1. Damascus
  1. Berlin
  1. Maine
  1. Ta’if
  1. Moscow
  1. Dilli
  1. Calico
  1. Gilgit
  1. Tehran
  1. Syria
  1. Tehran
  1. Shanghai
  1. Decca
  1. Colombia
  1. Sahara
  1. Alaska
  1. Siberia
  1. Gobi
  1. Cheen (China)
  1. Tokyo
  1. Sydney 
  1. Canberra
  1. Senegal

Apps Inspired Unique Cat Names 

For those cat parents who are social butterflies, nothing can be better than the name of the app or website they spend most of their time on. So, here’s a list of the names of the social platforms and apps which you can give to your cat too.

  1. Twitter
  1. Flicker
  1. Tinder
  1. Tik-Tok
  1. Musically
  1. Canva
  1. Reddit
  1. Zilli
  1. Kindle
  1. Netflix 

Sports-Inspired Unique Names for Cats

Finally, you may name your cat after your favourite sport you play or watch. 

  1. Rugby
  1. Pinball
  1. Cricket
  1. Kabaddi
  1. Golfy(derived from golf)
  1. Bowling
  1. Surfing
  1. Polo
  1. Archery
  1. Ping-pong
  1. Tennis 

100 Unique Cat Names List/Infographic

100 Unique Cat Names List
List of 100 Unique Cat Names for Male and Female Cats

Have You Picked The Name?

Possibly, after going through the aforementioned lists you must have picked out some names to give a second thought. I hope that you liked these Unique Cat Names and would come to this article in the future too whenever you welcome a new kitten into the house. A good idea is to bookmark this page so that you can arrive here instantly. If you want to get notified as soon as we update the new content then you may subscribe to our email list. Also, please share this article in your social groups if it helped you.