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100+Brown Cat Names 2023- Zippy Pet

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Want to choose the best name for a brown cat? Certainly, it’s the first task that you have to do after bringing in a new cat. 

But, here’s a problem…selecting the perfect name that reflects their unique personality and beautiful coat colour…is challenging. 

And, it becomes even more difficult when your cat has a brown coat. Since brown cats are less common than their white and black counterparts. So, it’s time for me to intervene. 

Whether you’re searching for a name that highlights their rich brown colour, their quirky nature, or their royal presence, I’ve got you covered. 

So, this is going to be the end of your search as today you’re gonna find 101 Brown Cat Names in Funny interpretations keeping in mind the quirky nature of cats. 

Brown Cat Names Male

Chonky and Brown British Shorthair Cat
Chonky and Brown British Shorthair Cat

Abyss: The Abyssinian cat breed has a copyright on this name. Be ready to meet the Abyss association in the courtroom if you dare to give this name to a non-Abyssinian cat. Lol

Bailey: This cat is known for being the centre of attention during the house party with his unprecedented dance moves. 

Bear: A cat, he’s a boy with a large chubby body, long brown hair. All his physical characteristics make him look more like a bear than a cat. 

Brownie: A cat with either a solid brown coat or in combination with another colour can have this name.

Bruno: This cat snacking has a knack for reaching to the highest point in the cat garden and only comes to the ground for having his meals. 

Charlie: A casanova cat of the neighbourhood. Often caught red-handed meeting with these female feline friends of the neighbourhood. 

Chocos: The elegant cat who spends his days demanding his catnip sprinkled water in a fancy porcelain saucer.

Cinchona: The intellectual cat with a penchant for science, constantly conducting experiments with catnip and inventing new ways to elicit purrs and laughter.

Cocoa: Brown beans of Theobroma cacao are used for making chocolate. 

Copper: The cat with an astounding tan coat with extraordinary radiance mesmerises everyone at first sight. 

Darky: The brown coat of this marvellous furball is so dark that it almost looks black.

Dark Knight: He’s the knight of the house who attentively and sincerely performs his duty of guarding the house against demons each night. 

Hershey: He’s a chocolaty cat who is constantly in search of chocolate bars even though he knows that they aren’t good for him.

Humphrey: Peaceful and calm companion who always tries to be a good boy if served meals on time. 

Grumpy: This looks as if he’s in anger 24×7. But, he makes the grumpiest face when he sleeps.

Jasper: He’s a cat who has the uncanny ability to find the hidden money which is kept secretly by his dad. So, he’s a four-legged treasurer of his mom.

Marbles: The notorious and curious cat with a slightly wobbly walk, it looks like he’s always in a perpetual game of “marbles rolling around.”

Milo: This cat is synonymous with energy and enthusiasm.  He is the undisputed champion of every game played with companion pets. 

Murphy: He’s a charming cat with the ability to hypnotise everyone with his curly brown coat. 

Nutella: This dark brown cat has a unique blend of sweet and bitter personalities. His company gives you pleasure which is analogously related to what you get when eating Nutella spread. 

Nutmeg: A little brown creature who adds flavour to the kitty parties of his mom by performing special acts to impress everyone with his intelligence.

Oliver: This cat is fond of going on picnics in the woods and enjoys his favourite food sitting on his outdoor bed.

Onyx: He’s a cat with a dark brown shiny coat very close to Black. 

Owl: This cat is the owl of the house who never sleeps at night and always starts practising for the marathon in the middle of the night.

Peat: Brown coal. 

Pebbles: The dapper cat with a very neat, soft and brown coat. 

Plum: He’s a cat with a tan coat and naughty nature which seems as if he’s an animal version of plum. 

Potato: A sneaky cat who’s always busy making new plans to rob the chips because he loves them but his mom says that they aren’t good for his health. 

Remy: The culinary connoisseur who always dreams of being a world-class chef, often caught sneaking into the kitchen to inspect the newly bought grocery. 

Rock: A cat with strong character and high morale. He takes a firm stand for having an extra meal because he thinks that it’s his birthright to have it. 

Rocky: A tough cat who’s known for his stubbornness to appear as the winner in crazy cat fights. 

Russet: The furball with a passion for gardening, who spends his days digging up flower beds and rolling around in freshly tilled soil, proudly sporting a russet-coloured coat.

Rusty: The mischievous and adventurous who can’t resist exploring every rusty nook and cranny, often emerging with bits of treasure or questionable objects.

Simba: This cat has watched his favourite movie ‘The Lion King’ innumerable times and thinks that he’s the ‘Simba of the house’.

Teddy: He’s a chubby companion with overloaded cuteness. He loves spending his afternoon rolling on the floor. 

Toby: The curious instigator who always manages to stick himself into hilarious situations, earning him the nickname “Toby the Troublemaker.”

Topaz: The cat with a diva personality who believes he’s the star of his own reality show, demanding only the finest treats and luxury accommodations.

Walnut: A cat with a strong physical appearance but a soft heart. He receives appreciation for his cool personality from every guest. 

Winston: This sophisticated gentleman insists on being addressed as “Sir Winston” and spends his time learning royal protocols. 

Brown Cat Names Female

A brown kitten with amber eyes
A brown kitten with amber eyes

Amber: The mystic cat who possesses sensational amber eyes, capable of hypnotising anyone with her magical eyes.

Apricot: A cat whose tangy yet sweet personality makes you love and hate her at the same time.

Autumn: She’s an adventurous kitty who anxiously waits for winter to play in the snow and mark her footsteps on the way. 

Bella: The beautiful diva who steals the night with her elegance and charm. But her mom is jealous of her because nobody notices her luxurious accessories if Bella is with her. 

Brisket: The food-obsessed cat who dreams of becoming the number one chef, is often found supervising meal preparations and sampling various cuts of brisket.

Butterfly: She’s a social butterfly. She needs no permission to enter any house in the neighbourhood. Everyone accepts her supremacy and serves her with the finest service. 

Cadbury: She’s a cat with a dark brown smooth coat that looks so enticing and delicious that mom sometimes thinks of eating her right away. 

Cherry: This is a little kitten with a white coat and a little brown spot on the nose that looks like a cherry on top of the ice cream. 

Cleo: A cat with a lot of attitudes because everybody praises her for her mind-blowing moves and enchanting aura.

Cinnamon: A cat with a spicy and sassy personality. She has the ability to irritate the coolest human on the earth. 

Cougar: This cat has a light brown coat and aggressive nature. She pounces on the toys in a way that it seems like you are living with a miniature cougar in the house. 

Dusk: She loves walking on the leash with her dad and bringing groceries from the nearby store. 

Hazel: This cat’s fame comes from his enchanting hazel blue eyes and not from his brown coat.

Havana: It’s a cigar made in Cuba. You may give this name to a brown cat of any breed but it is best suited for the Havana Brown cat. 

Inky: She’s a cat who has a white coat with brown patches, which seems like some artist had painted her white coat with a splash of brown ink. 

Kite: This cat walks so gracefully and smoothly that it seems as if a kite is gliding in the sky. 

Maddy: She’s a young and beautiful cat whose elegance attracts every male cat in the neighbourhood. 

Maple: The sweet and nature-loving cat who can’t resist climbing trees and exploring the great outdoors, often getting her fur tangled in branches and wearing it as a badge of honour.

Nala: She’s a miniature lioness, who always wants to hunt the bird flying outside to feed his hooman.

Noir: The mystic cat who seems to have a secret double life as a detective, always lurking in the shadows and solving feline mysteries.

Poppy: She is a very enthusiastic and bubbly cat who can’t stop herself from bouncing around the house.

Puma: The furious feline who pounces on everything and thinks that it’s her prey.

Savannah: This cat has all the abilities of a wild cat and does not need a human to feed her. She’s just living with them to teach them how to hunt.

Shadow: The cat who stays with her mom/dad all the time like a shadow. And remember, closing doors is illegal in her house. 

Sophie: The regal and sophisticated feline who loves dressing up, donning elaborate costumes and posing for the big brands. 

Tortie: It’s a shortened form of Tortoiseshell cat. 

Twilight: Her favourite time of the day is Twilight because she loves sitting by the window and watching birds going back to their nests at this time. 

Cute Names for Brown Cats

A cute brown kitten with blue eyes
A cute brown kitten with blue eyes

Apricot: The adorably quirky kitty who’s convinced he’s a fruit ninja, attempting acrobatic jumps and mid-air spins to catch imaginary apricots falling from the sky.

Rosie: She is a garden cat. She loves spending her day chasing the butterflies and resting beside the rose plant.

Toffee: A brown cat with a very sweet and heart-melting personality. Who likes to greet everyone passing by the window.

Ewok: The adventurous and playful kitty who believes she’s an intergalactic warrior from a galaxy far, far away, constantly battling imaginary enemies with grace and agility.

Braxton: He’s a cat with a hidden badger inside. He sleeps through the night and lets his parents sleep. 

Midnight: She’s an ultimate troublemaker who wakes up from her sleep at midnight and spends the whole night convincing her mom to play with her.

Reddit: This cat likes to pose like a model and get hundreds of comments of appreciation in subreddits. 

Sooty: This name is for the cat with a dusty brown coat. 

Funny Names for Brown Cats

Bee: This cat stays busy like a bee throughout the day in supervising her mom’s household chores.

Cappuccino: He’s a cat with a bicolour pointed or van coat.

Honey: This cat is the love and life of her mom and dad. So, they call her honey. 

Muffin: The fluffy food enthusiast who takes “carb-loading” to a whole new level, finding comfort and joy in curling up on freshly baked muffins and asserting herself as the “Muffin Queen.”

Mr Brown: He’s a warrior cat who’s a big fan of the Men in Black series so he wants to save the world from the extraterrestrial interactions. 

Penny: The mischievous cat who hoards shiny objects, without having an idea about the chaos she creates by strategically placing pennies in unexpected places for humans to find.

Poof: A very intelligent cat who knows how to manipulate humans emotionally. So she takes advantage of her skills by convincing her mom/dad to give her an extra meal. 

Smoochie: This begins and ends her day in the lap of her owner. She likes to clean her owner’s body with her tongue and give him smooches.

Snoot: The brown cat with an unusually long and cute nose.

Tawny: she’s the unofficial therapist of the neighbourhood. People come to seek sage advice and comforting purrs to her.

Fawn Brown Cat Names

Beige: This is a cat with light brown, soft and velvety coat.

Desert: A cat with a sandy coat. She loves playing in the sand too. 

Ginger: The fiery and fiercely independent cat who refuses to be tamed, often pulling pranks and ruling the neighbourhood with her orange fur and feisty attitude.

Marzipan: This cat’s very light fawn coat looks very similar to Marzipan, which is a sweet made of sugar, almond and honey.

Sandalwood: Fragrant wood obtained from a sandal tree. 

Sand: The beach-loving cat who dreams of being a professional sand sculptor, spending hours perfecting intricate sandcastle designs with her expert paw skills.

Sandy: A cat with a light brown or fawn coat similar to the colour of sand.

Sal: A cat with a brown coat similar to the colour of wood obtained from the sal tree. 

Tobacco: The smooth-talking, cigar-chomping cat who thinks he’s the Godfather of the cat world. 

Brown and White Cat Names

A brown and white kitten
A brown and white kitten

Butterscotch: A cat who is madly in love with eating ice creams. Butterscotch is her favourite flavour so she insisted her parents address her with this name.

Coco: A unisex name for a brown and white cat that has a two-shaded nature. 

Chestnut: A cat with a smooth, radiant and ticked chestnut coat who loves chilling in the sunlight in winter mornings. 

Kestrel: She’s a small breed cat but has the mind-blowing fighting skills to beat even a much larger opponent just like a kestrel. 

Latte: The noble and cultured cat who insists on having her daily latte fixed, complete with foam art in the shape of a tiny paw print.

Mocha: He’s a cat that exudes her white and brown coat to make every other feline jealous of his charm. 

Mountain: A large brown and white cat with a tough personality.

Pancake: He’s a spoiled cat who intentionally troubles his dad/mom by stealing and eating their pancakes kept for lunch. 

Peanut: He’s a small breed Short-haired cat with a light brown matte coat.

Truffle: A cat who is blessed with a white and brown fluffy long-haired, soft and lustrous coat and has all the qualities to win any cat show. 

A list of 11 Brown Cats  Names Infographic
A List of 11 Brown Cats Names Infographic

Choosing the right name for your brown cat is a special and personal decision. We hope that our curated list of brown cat names has sparked your imagination and provided you with a range of options to consider. Remember, the perfect name should resonate with both you and your feline companion, reflecting their unique characteristics and bringing joy to your daily interactions. Embrace the adventure of naming your brown cat and celebrate the wonderful bond you’ll create with them through the power of a well-chosen name. Happy naming!

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