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60 Cat Names That Start with “I”-2023

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Finding the right name for a new kitten(or cat) is easier said than done. While hundreds of names can pop up in your mind on normal days but when you actually have to name your cat; nothing nice comes to your mind, I bet. Worry not. I have a HUGE database that has thousands of cat names with every letter. So, I’ve started a series, wherein I’ve been suggesting cat names in alphabetical order to all of my loyal readers. And, today I’m going to show you the list of 60 Cat Names That Start With “I”.

I can say from my personal experience that it’s really hard to find a decent cat name starting with ‘I’. Don’t believe me! Try yourself to get the idea. So, after investing hours in searching for good names and finding their meanings(huff…), I’ve finally prepared this list of 60 names for my valuable readers. I hope you’d enjoy reading it.

Let’s get started…

A video showing 40 cat names starting with I

Female Cat Names That Start with “I”

  1. Ira: A Sanskrit name which means ‘the earth’. It has different meanings in some other languages. 
  1. Iris: It has multiple meanings such as a flower, a bird, a rainbow and a small region inside the eye.
  1. Isha: Means night in Arabic.
  1. Ishara: An Arabic name that means a sign, identity or instruction.
  1. Ishu: It is a unisex name of Indian origin, meaning beautiful.
  1. Isle: A small island.
  1. Isthmus: A narrow piece of land surrounded by water and joins two large pieces of land.
  1. Ivory: The white tusks of an elephant or pale white.
  1. Izzy: It’s a gender-neutral name.of Hebrew origin meaning “God’s promise”.
  1. Inky: This name is suggested for black and grey cats. It means anything which is either black or dark blue.
  1. Iris: Iris has two primary meanings— the coloured part of an eye and a flower.
  1. Imogen: Derived from the Celtic name “Innogen”, meaning “maiden”.
  1. Itzel: It means “A star of the sea”.
  1. Ilta: This is a Finnish name that means “hardworking”. 
  1. Indie: Indian or anyone or anything that belongs to the region drained by the river Indus.
  1. Indica: It also means India in classical Greek and Latin.
  1. Ilma: It’s an Arabic name which means “a knowledgeable girl”.
  1. Isabella: It’s the Spanish variant of the name “Isabelle”, meaning “God is my oath”.

And the Last name for girls is.

  1. Ivana: Feminine form of the male name “Ivan” meaning “God is gracious”.
  1. Impulse: A desire for something or someone that evokes suddenly without thinking about the consequences. 
  1. Intellect: The power of the mind to understand, think, learn, analyse and evaluate.
  1. Indane: A chemical compound. 
  1. Innova: This is derived from the English word ‘innovate’. It’s a name of a car of Toyota.
  1. Imperial: Someone or something belonging to a royal class. 
  1. Iceland: A nordic country in the Atlantic ocean. 
  1. Ibiza: It’s an island in Spain, meaning “island of Bes’.
  1. Indiana: As the name suggests it means ‘Indian Land’. It is also a state in the United States of America. 
  1. Inuit: The name of the indigenous people of Canada, Alaska and Greenland. 
  1. Isley: It’s an occupational name derived from German. 
  1. Idina: This name is from English. It means a ‘rich and prosperous friend’.
This infographic shows the 10 cat names starting with 'I'
This infographic shows the 10 cat names starting with ‘I’

Male Cat Names That Start with “I”

  1. Ice: frozen water.
  1. Iceman: a man skilled in moving on ice or who stays calm under pressure.
  1. Island: a small piece of land surrounded by water from all sides.
  1. Iron: A hard metal. It’s a beautiful name for strong and large male cats.
  1. Iceberg: Large pieces of glaciers floating in the sea. This name would be great to name white cats.
  1. Ignacio: The name of Spanish origin, meaning “the fiery one”.
  1. Impala: A sub-specie of antelope. This name signifies the naughtiness and agility of cats.
  1. Illinois: Many people say this name is derived from India and means man or men but that’s not true. The true meaning of Illinois is still unknown. 
  1. Ian: It also means “God is gracious”. 
  1. Ivan: It’s a Hebrew name which means “God is gracious”.
  1. Ironman: The name of a popular superhero.
  1. Illusion: Something that appears true but it’s not.
  1. Italian: Anyone or anything from Italy.
  1. Ion: It’s a name of Russian origin, meaning “God is good”.
  1. Ibo: The name of African origin l, meaning “my people”.
  1. Imo: It’s a German name which means “knowledge or maiden”. 
  1. Impervious: A badass name for cats. It means not being affected by something. 
  1. Irvin: It means “freshwater” or “greens”.
  1. Igor: A Russian name which means “a warrior”.
  1. Inferno: It’s an Italian name, meaning ” a big fire”.
  1. Insidious: A badass name for male cats from Latin. It means ‘to ambush or trick’.
  1. Irvine: It’s a name of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘green or freshwater’. 
  1. Inventor: The one who invests anything. This can be a great name for your funny cat who invents new postures to chill out every day. 
  1. Invictus: This name has its roots in Latin too. It means ‘unconquered’. 
  1. Invisible: Anything that can’t be seen. It’s the best name for your cat who thinks that he becomes invisible when he closes his eyes. LOL.
  1. Iliano: A boy named Italian that does not have a clear meaning. 
  1. Ilbert: It’s a name from English meaning a ‘distinguished fighter’.
  1. Integer: A set of numbers that start from one and go up to infinity.
  1. Intruder: The one who enters into a place suddenly without permission mostly with a wrong intention.
  1. Iggy: It’s an African name that means ‘only son’.

So, super moms and awesome cat dads. This was all about cat names that start with ‘I’. In this post, I tried to include all those cat names that really have cute pronunciations and look suitable for cats in some way or another. I am sure that you must have some names in your mind too. I’ll highly appreciate it if you share them with us. I will include them in the main body the next time I’ll update this article. Don’t forget to share this article on Reddit, Facebook or wherever you hang out online. Thanks for visiting my website.

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