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239 Persian Cat Names 2023- Male, Female

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Published on March 27, 2022, | Updated on November 28, 2022

Persian cats must deserve a name that does justice to their charm and reflects their personality. So cat parents turn towards social media to get help from their friends and connections. But unfortunately, this method of finding a name on social media has some problems. 

First, it’s hard to tell a good name in a snap. As a matter of fact, most people ignore such posts. Secondly, those who take out time to suggest some names rarely tell you the meanings. And once again you find yourself in trouble, “What exactly does this word mean?”. 

Wouldn’t it be better for you to find a long list of different types of names along with their meaning in one place? So you can have a huge collection to choose from without waiting for people to respond to your posts. And, then investing time in Google,

Of course, it will be much better. So, In this blog post, we’ll suggest 227 Persian Cat Names so that you have a plethora of names to choose from according to your preference.

What is a Good Name for Persian Cats? 

Well, it depends on your approach. Cat parents around the world. Some choose a name on the basis of their physical characteristics while others prefer to give preference to their personality or nature. Similarly, there are cat lovers who try unique, funny, cute or strong names. Below are some adorable names for Persian cats.

Cute Names Persian Cat Names From A to Z

Graphics of two orange cats playing on the letters A and Z and a bug crawling on the snow
The above image shows Persian Cat names from A to Z

If you are among those who prefer to name their cats after a particular letter. Then, we assembled some really cute names that would be approved by your Persian princess instantly. 


  1. Autumn- It is a girl’s name which means a season that comes before winter.
  1. Aster- Aster is a unisex name of Greek origin it means a flower and a star.
  1. Azalea- This is a name for girls. It is a flower that may have pink and white colours with different shades. 


  1. Black- A unisex name. The name is suitable for the Black Persian Cat.
  1. Bean- This name is especially suitable for small cats. It means seeds or pods. A cute name for Persian kittens. 
  1. Beetle- A gender-neutral name. A beetle is a type of insect.
  1. Bergenia- Small flowers that grow in a bunch which have either white or pink colour or a combination of both. You may give this name to female cats.
  1. Bim- It’s a name of Swedish origin, meaning “a mighty woman of sea”. 
  1. Blue- A colour. You can give this name to both male and female cats.
  1. Bubble- A ball of air floating in a liquid or air. It’s a gender-neutral name.
  1. Bud- Bud is a unisex name that signifies the tiny body of the one to whom this name is given. Literally, it means a small part of a plant that opens up to become a flower or leaf.
  1. Bug- It’s a unisex name which means “an insect” The name is suitable for cute and sweet kittens.
  1. Butters- Inspired by “butter” which is a milk product eaten with bread or used as an ingredient in several foods. This name is suitable for both male and female Persian cats with light shade coats such as white, cream, and light brown. dilute calico etc. 
  1. Butterfly- A beautiful insect with vibrant wings. This name is suitable for female cats.
  1. Buzz- make a sound like a bee. The name is suitable for vocal cats.


  1. Candy- A kind of sweet. Give this name to girls.
  1. Caramel- It’s a concentrated sugar syrup used to make sweets or sweet dishes. This name can be given to both male and female cats.
  1. Catchy- Someone or something attractive. It’s a gender-neutral name.
  1. Catnip-  As you know, it’s a mint family herb that grows in Asia and Eurasia that attracts cats. 
  1. Ceres- Another unisex name. It is the name of a dwarf planet like Pluto.
  1. Chestnut- A nut or dry fruit.
  1. Cinchona- A kind of tree.
  1. Clem- Hunger or hungry. This name can be given to male cats who demand food all the time.
  1. Cluster- A group of things or people. 
  1. Cream- A milk product. This name is suggested for creme or white cats. 
  1. Crunchy: Any food that makes a cracking sound of biting and chewing.
  1. Crux- It means vital, crucial, very important and some other meanings.


  1. Dew- Tiny drops of water that form on leaves and flowers during the night in winter.
  1. Dill- A flower of an Aromatic herb which is also known by the same name.
  1. Doris- It’s a boy’s name of Greek origin, meaning, “Bountiful”.
  1. Dot- A point. 
  1. Dropwort- This is a white Eurasian flower with divided Green leaves.
  1. Duckling- A baby of a duck. This name can be given to any gender.
  1. Dusty- Filled with dust or resembling dust. The name is suitable for cats that have coats similar to dust’s colour.


  1. Edina- A rich female friend.
  1. Edna- It’s a Hebrew word that means rebirth.
  2. Emerald- This name is suggested for female cats. It’s the name of a green gemstone.


  1. Fig- A short and sweet name. It is a kind of fruit with pulp and many tiny seeds inside.
  1. Fritz- It means a German soldier. Clearly, this name is suitable for boys.
  1. Flynn- Flynn is an Irish surname. Nowadays, it’s a popular name for male cats and dogs.
  1. Frost- Layers of ice that form on the ground during winter.
  1. Flower- It’s the reproductive part of plants. You may give this name to female kittens.


  1. Gazelle- A unixex name. It is a sub-specie of antelope with curved horns. This name is suitable for cats with beautiful eyes like gazelle.
  1. Geum- A flower that has different colours.
  1. Glitter- Shinning or sparkling or radiant.


  1. Hank- It means a Coil or loop of wool.
  1. Herbs- Herbs are small plants often used as medicines. 
  1. Hurricane- A violent storm with circulating wind. This name can be given to male cats if you want to give them a strong name.
  1. Iris- The coloured part of the eyes as well as the name of a flower. Generally, this name suits female cats.
  1. Isle- This is the name for a small island.
  1. Ivory- The substance obtained from the tusks of an elephant which is either white or pale white in colour. 


  1. Jasper- A reddish brown semi-precious stone. 
  1. Judi- It means praise. 


  1. Kiba- A protected girl.
  1. Keith- It’s a name of Indian origin which means a forest. We are suggesting this name for male cats.
  1. Kira- A female ruler in Russia.
  1. Kite- A large bird which looks similar to an eagle.
  1. Kitkat- A famous chocolate from Nestle. The name suits the cats with brown coats either solid brown or in combination with other colours.
  1. Kiwi- The name for a fruit and a white bird. 
  1. Kinsta- TBD.


  1. Lilac- A white flower. It’s a gender-neutral name.
  1. Luna- The Moon in Latin. It is one of the most popular names in the world for female cats.
  1. Leo- It means a Lion. This name highlights the bravery and strength of your little lion.


  1. Marble- A beautiful rock used as a building material. This name can be given to any cat irrespective of its gender.
  1. Mario- This name has two meanings— a hammer and Mars. It was also the player’s character in a very popular video game called Super Mario during the late 80s and 90s.
  1. Meezer- Some pitched sound. This name is suitable for vocal cats.
  1. Mog- An unremarkable cat. Basically, it’s a funny name which can be intentionally given to cats to signify their craziness. Lol.
  1. Mowgli- A fictional lead character in the book named Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling.
  1. Mona- Feminine short form for (Simonne) in Greek and Italian. In Arabic, it is the singular form of ‘Muna’ which means unreachable wishes.
  1. Moth- A butterfly-like insect that usually flies at night and eats clothes. We suggest this name for boy cats.
  1. Missy- It means an affectionate young girl.
  1. Misty- Like mist.
  1. Musk- A substance obtained from a special kind of deer used to make perfumes and attar.
  1. Mustang- A small wild horse native to North America. This name sounds unique and attractive.
  1. Musetto- Used to refer to young and beautiful girls in Italian. 
  1. Mocha- A high-quality coffee. It’s a wonderful name for brown Persian cats.


  1. Odie- A dog in a fictional comic.
  1. Opal- White and partially transparent stone. 
  1. Orchid- A rare and beautiful flower with different colours.
  1. Oreo- TBD. Today it’s a popular cookie suitable for brown and chocolaty cats. Cat parents love to give this name to their dark brown, grey and black cats.
  1. Otter- An animal that lives around water and consumes fish. This name is suggested for Black Persian Cats.


  1. Pawsley- The name has no literary meaning but is used to express affection towards cats and dogs
  1. Peach- A fruit. This name will look good on creme cats.
  1. Pebble- This means small, smooth and rounded stone. Generally, this name is given to male cats.
  1. Percy- It means a girl who is a powerful, young, easygoing girl.
  1. Perk- Here, it refers to a chocolate brand.
  1. Phoebe- Bright or shining.
  1. Pickles- A sauce-like food made by preserving fruits or vegetables. This name is suitable for a boy cat who is very naughty and energetic.
  1. Pixie- A dwarf character with pointed ears and magical power in children’s stories.
  1. Pokémon- It’s an abbreviation for ‘Pocket Monsters”  fictitious characters of a Japanese gaming magazine.
  1. Pumpkin- A big fruit eaten as a vegetable. This is a great name for orange cats.


  1. Riva- The one who regains her strength. It is a feminine name.
  1. Roar- One of the sounds that a lion makes. This name signifies strength. 
  1. Runa- Moon, the name may be Scandinavian of Japanese origin.


  1. Setzer- It’s an occupational name for a German market inspector. 
  1. Sherlock- A popular fictional detective. 
  1. Small- Tiny. 
  1. Smoothie- A soft and sweet drink made of milk, fruits and yoghurt.
  1. Snowball- A ball of snow or anything that resembles that. You may love to give this name to white Persian cats.
  1. Solace- Anyone or anything that makes you feel happy when you are depressed.
  1. Sox- An informal or non-standard plural of the sock. Give this name to cats that have socks-like patterns on their legs. 
  1. Spot- A mark. This name is suitable for Persian cats with patterned coats such as calico, tuxedo, bicolour and the like.
  1. Squeaky- The one who makes a sound like a mouse.
  1. Sunshine- A large area under sunlight.
  1. Spring- A season of the blooming season that comes between winter and summer.
  1. Starling- A brightly coloured songbird. It’s a great name for vocal cats. It’s a unisex name.
  1. Sylvia- Means a forest.


  1. Tango- A South American dance form.
  1. Tiny- Small. 
  1. Toronado- a violent storm circulating wind.
  1. Trixie- It’s a German name which means “the one who brings happiness”. This will be an excellent name for female Persian cats.
  1. Truffle- It’s a kind of chocolatey underground fungus that can be eaten. However, chocolate truffles do not contain truffles. The name ‘truffle’ is given to them because they resemble truffles.
  1. Tux- An informal abbreviation for the Tuxedo pattern. You may give this name to both male and female cats.
  1. Tyger- It means a tiger. This is the spelling of tiger in old spelling English.


  1. Unique- Someone or something which is different from all the other members of the group.


  1. Wheezy- Someone who breathes making a noise.
  1. Whisker- Hair grows on the mouth of animals.


  1. Vanilla- A flavour of ice creams, cold drinks and sweet dishes.


Ziggy- A German name meaning Victorious.

Short Video Showing Top 10 Persian Cat Names

Persian Cat Names in Arabic

Persian cat names in Arabic
Persian Cat Names in Arabic
  1. Abeer- Scent
  1. Azer- mountain
  1. Baibar- brave
  1. Fahd- cheetah
  1. Hariq- blaze
  1. Hilal- the crescent Moon
  1. Fawz- victory
  1. Fa’iq- fabulous
  1. Fa’iz- successful or victorious
  1. Jazeera- peninsula, island
  1. Jubail- A name of a city in the Arabian peninsula
  1. Lam’aan- luminosity
  1. Manaam- dream 
  1. Mulham- helpful
  1. Nayef- Nobel
  1. Namir- Tiger
  1. Rumman- pomegranate
  1. Rehan- basil
  1. Ray’aan- brilliant
  1. Sabeeh- morning


  1. Amaira- very beautiful
  1. Ahood- loyal
  1. Alqama- a kind of sword
  1. Ameera- a princess
  1. Anaya/Enaya- care or beautiful
  1. Anoud- brave girl
  1. Areej- scent, fragrance
  1. Barq- lightning
  1. Dima- thunder or lightning
  1. Faten- tempting
  1. Hanaine- happiness
  1. Hulm- dream
  1. Ishraq– sunshine
  1. Ibtisam-  smile
  1. Layan- a prosperous life
  1. Leen- soft and gentle
  1. Lina- light, beautiful girl
  1. Maha- a girl with beautiful eyes
  1. Nabila- noblewomen
  1. Namal- an ant

Read the full list of 150+ Arabic Cat Names in this blog post.

  1. Uswah- a girl who is an example for others 
  1. Warda- rose
  1. Yara- butterfly

Indian Names for Persian Cat for Boy

An image shows black outlines of the monuments of India an a cat wearing a goggle
  1. Aarav- Peaceful.
  1. Advik- Unique.
  1. Adwitya or Aditya- Remarkable.
  1. Arnav- Sea.
  1. Ayush- Long-lived.
  1. Daiwik- Divine.
  1. Darsh– Vision.
  1. Hredhan- Generous.
  1. Ivaan- The sun.
  1. Kavyansh- Born with poetry.
  1. Kuleen- A gentleman.
  1. Mrig- A deer.
  1. Neel- Treasure.
  1. Nishan- A spot.
  1. Reyansh- A light ray.
  1. Sarvin- The one who attains victory.
  1. Saumay- Soft.
  1. Shail- Determined.
  1. Teg- Sword.
  1. Urr- Heart.
  1. Vidvan- A scholar.
  1. Vyagr- Excited.
  1. Vyaghra- A lion.
  1. Vyom- Sky.

Indian/Hindi Names for Persian Cats for Female 

  1. Aabha- Image.
  1. Ahana- Elegant.
  1. Ditsa- The one who desires to give charity.
  1. Erisha- Speech.
  1. Hrithika- Kindhearted.
  1. Jyotsna- Moonlight.
  1. Kshpa- Night.
  1. Kanika- Feminine version of gold.
  1. Lipsa- A desire.
  1. Mahishi- A queen
  1. Mahi- The earth.
  1. Meen- Fish.
  1. Meh- Rain.
  1. Mihika- A dew drop.
  1. Myra- Sweetness.
  1. Roopsi- Astoundingly beautiful.
  1. Saachi- The truth.
  1. Saanjh- Evening.
  1. Shuchi- Clean.
  1. Suwas- Fragrance.
  1. Talika- Nightingale.
  1. Tami- Night.
  1. Tiya- Parrot.
  1. Vaani- Speech or voice.
  1. Yamini- Night.

Unique Names 

  1. Azura- A fascinating Spanish name, meaning “Clear blue sky”.
  1. Bliss- This name means joy, intense happiness or cheer.
  1. Creta- Creta is a Latin name. It means white powdered chalk. It’s also a name of a car. 
  1. Crouton- It’s a boy anime but its meaning is not yet defined.
  1. Felton- This name stands for the settlement on a field.
  1. Junkie- It’s slang for someone who is overly passionate and obsessive about something.
  1. Nuvem- It means dust, smoke or cloud. This name is suitable for grey and white cats.
  1. Roblox- This name is a combination of two words ‘robots’ and ‘blocks’. This name means avatars that users create in a video game.
  1. Drizzle- Slowly falling rain.
  1. Zélie– It means noble.

So What Do You Call Your Fluffy Now?

Bravo! You read it all! I hope that by reaching this point you already have shortlisted 4-5 names in your mind. I also hope that my efforts would help you in choosing a nice, cute and unique name for your kitten and you will remember me and this blog. 

If you want to appreciate my efforts a nice way to do this is to share this blog post in your social groups and also let me know in the comment section. 

If you want more articles like this then do tell me in the comments or by directly sending me an email. So, those were 239 Persian Cat Names for you. But the good thing is you can use most of these names for other cat breeds too. So what do you call your baby now? 

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