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Cat Collar With a Bell: Buy HASTHIP Adjustable Bell Buckle Velvet Neck Strap for Cats

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HASTHIP Adjustable Bell Buckle Velvet Neck Strap for Cats


  • Size- Small to Large 

  • Colour- Red

  • Brand- HASHTHIP

  • Neck Circumference-13.8 inches or 35.05 cm

  • Material-  Velvet

  • Manufactured In- China 

Product Description

HASHTHIP velvet breakaway cat collar with bell and sliding bow for small, medium and large cats. This collar comes with an adjuster at the back that can be adjusted to pet the length of the neck of the cat. The soft velvet material is washable and durable. A bell is given at the centre for the safety of birds and small creatures. 

What We Like

HASHTHIP adjustable cat collar is for those feline fairies who are reluctant to go outdoors yet love to flaunt their beauty on TikTok and Instagram. This cat collar is a perfect fit for small, medium and large-sized cats. 

However, if your little mater is less than 3 weeks old, even the smallest size would be loose on its neck. 

The red colour of the collar, the cute bow at the centre and the bell catch the attention of everyone in a snap. In addition, the bell is truly a lifesaver for small creatures outside by alarming that about the arrival of your cat. 

The soft velvety material not only looks beautiful but is also comfortable and durable. Since you cat wash it easily by hand or in the washing machine. 

The collar comes with a breakaway buckle which releases itself quickly against the force thus ensuring the safety of your cat if she accidentally stuck the collar in anything. 

What We Don’t Like 

As said this collar might be loose on the neck of kittens who are less than 3 weeks old. Note that, it’s just a cat collar so it does not come with a harness and leash which means that it is not safe and you have to buy the harness and leash separately if you want to take your cat on walks. Moreover, the sound of the bell can be annoying for some cats which can make them uncomfortable. 

Pros & Cons

Adjustable Buckle and BowToo Large for Kittens
Attractive The Bell Can be Too Annoying for Some Cats
Soft and Comfortable No Harness and Leash 
Breakaway Buckle 

Who Should Buy This Product? 

If your kitten is more than 3 weeks old, she’s habitual of wearing cat collars and she doesn’t like to go on walking trips. 

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