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White Maine Coon: All You Need to Know- Zippy Pet

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Written by Amir Ali| March 2, 2022

Only 5% of all cats that walk on the planet can be white. Thankfully, Maine Coon is one of them. White Maine Coon is a glittering cat known for its beauty and size. 

Maine Coons are already one of the most popular breeds and when they are white the popularity graph goes up like a hockey stick. 

And why shouldn’t they be so popular? After all, ‘Maine Coon + White Coat’ is the majestic combination that can almost force you to love them.

Title Image for blog post White Maine Coon

Watching a glorious White Maine Coon in sitting sunlight is a sight that you can never forget for your entire life(however it’s not advisable to let white cats in the sun for too long due to the higher risk of sunburn and developing skin cancer). 

Move on.

You already know, Maine Coon are the longest feline. If you don’t it’s better to know that Barivel from Italy was declared as the longest cat breed in the world by the Guinness World Records on 22 May 2018. 

What I want to point out here is that the glittering White Maine Coons with snowy white fur, long bodies and tall heights are a true symbol of grace.

Also known as ‘Non-colour’ White Maine Coons have everything to make you wish for them. And as you are already here, it means at least you wish to know more about them if you don’t wanna own them. 

But remember, beauty comes with a price and to have such a gorgeous cat you have to invest more money and time. What’s your say? 

White Maine Coon Infographic

An Infographic on White Maine Coon cat
An Infographic on White Maine Coon cat

Can Maine Coons Be White? | Genetics

Of course, Maine Coons can be white and that’s what this article is about. In fact White Maine Coons have already become social media sensations and are as popular as White Persians or Ragdoll cats. But do you know, white coat in cats is not a colour? Yes, you read it right. It is the result either of masking or albinism which we’ll discuss in the next section.

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How Do Maine Coons Get White Coats?

In reality, even the Maine Coons that have white coats are not white. They have coloured coats but because of an extra gene called the ‘pleiotropic’ or ‘W’ (white) gene on their chromosome their coat’s colour gets masked by the dominant ‘W’ gene.  

In simple words, the dominant ‘White gene basically prevents the other cell from producing pigments that give colour to cats. As a result, a cat with WW or Ww gene will be white irrespective of the colour of the other gene. While a homozygous cat (WW) can have any colour pigmentation. 

Note that it’s necessary for a kitten to have at least one of the parents who has a full white, to have white coat.

But this is not the only effect that pleiotropic genes produce. “Interestingly, the pleiotropic genes have more than one effect. It not only  makes the coat white but it’s also responsible for blue eyes and deafness in white cats.”

Moreover, White Cats of all breeds are more prone to skin cancer because of the same reason.

A Typical Case of Albino Cat

Don’t make a mistake by thinking of White Cats and Albino Cats as the same. As said above ‘Dominant White’ and ‘Albino Coat’ are the result of two different genetic makeups.

Whitecoat is the result of masking of one gene over the other while albinism is caused due to non-production of a colour pigment called melanin. We shall talk about albinism in detail in some other posts. For now, it’s better to stick to the topic.

Are White Maine Coon Deaf? 

An image showing white Maine Coon sitting outside on dry grass
An image showing white Maine Coon sitting outside on dry grass

Let’s first burst the myth before starting the explanation. 


However, White Maine Coons have a higher probability of being deaf than their coloured counterparts is a valid hypothesis. 

This number increases when a White Maine Coon Has one Blue Eye.

And, the White Maine Coon that has both eyes of her/his eyes blue have the highest probability of conventional deafness(being deaf from birth).

So it’s right to say that deafness in cats is strongly linked to white colour and blue eyes. On the other hand, it’s not a thumb rule that all white cats with blue eyes are deaf.

White Coat and Eyes Colour Combination Probability of Being Deaf
White Coat Cats with Non-Blue Eyes 17-22%
White Coat Cats with One Blue Eye30-40%
White Cat with Both Eyes Blue65-85%
Source: Cornell Feline Health Centre

White Maine Coon Size

The size of a White Maine Coon is not different from the one that is coloured.  Maine Coon are the largest non-hybrid domestic cats with a large muscular and rectangular body with a long bushy tail that can grow up to as much as 14″ (31 cm) in length. 

Their strong build is necessary to support their large body and weight. If you wonder why Maine coon is so large unlike other domestic cat breeds which are a lot smaller than Maine Coons. Then you should know that most domestic grows only up to two years of age. Maine Coons, on the other hand, continue to grow up to 4-5 years which make their size almost double that of the other domestic cat breeds. 

Male White Maine Coon Size

Male White Coons are generally heavier than females. Males can grow up to 38″(97cm) in length including the tail and can reach a height of more or less 16″( 41cm). A normal weight White Maine Coon Male can weigh anywhere between 6 to 8 kg(13 to 18lbs). 

Female White Maine Coon Size

Female White Maine Coon Cats are a bit lighter than their male counterparts. The length of a female the White Coon Cat can be as long as males. So, they can grow as long as 31″ (97cm) in length and about 16″ (41 cm) in height. But they are not as heavier as Male Coon Cats. The weight of the female White Maine Coon falls in the range of 4-6kg (8-12 lbs). 

White Maine Coon Traits and Temperament

Maine Coons are known as ‘Gentle Giants’ and ‘Docile Cats’ and both names are truly justified

Thanks to their calm, relaxed and cautious nature which makes them one of the best breeds to keep with children. Plus, they are also really good to keep in a busy family because they are independent and not clingy. 

They like to chill on the floor or sit on the window to watch the aesthetic of nature outside. However, they do not lap cats. But this won’t bother you after all who wants to break his legs by keeping an 8 kg cat in the lap for hours? 

However, they do like petting and spending time around their owners. Also, they are intelligent and it is easy to train them. 

Another important trait about Maine Coon is they can give you all the love that a dog can give you. Their docile nature is one of the things that cat parents like the most.

Apart from that, Maine Coon is a pretty good breed to keep with other pets because of their large size and muscular body; nobody dares to mess with them easily(not even dogs).


Maine Coons are vocal cats, so does a White Maine Coon. They give out a  variety of frequent sounds such as yowling, trilling, chirping, meowing and often high pitched loud vocalisations. 

Do White Maine Coons Shed a Lot? 

Though White Maine Coon are long-haired cats, they do not shed as much as other long-haired cats. However, shedding in Maine Coons is highly individualistic and it varies from cat to cat.

In general, Maine Coons shed in two ways: 

  1. Normal Shedding continues throughout the year and it’s not something that you should worry about. 
  1. Seasonal shedding in spring and autumn which they do to prepare the body to face the changing climates. In spring and autumn, Maine Coons shed more than the rest of the year in general.

Remember, shedding is not bad if it is within the limit. It is necessary to free up an animal’s body from loose hair and dead cells. As well as equipping their bodies with new hair to adjust to climate change.

Excessive shedding on the other hand is something that you should care about. Often, it is due to disease, poor nutrition, stress, hormonal imbalance and infections. 

So if you find that your Maine Coon cat is shedding more than expected then you should see a vet. You may read the article ‘How to Stop a Cat from Shedding’ to understand the issue from its roots.

Are White Maine Coons Rare?

Yes, White Maine Coons are rare. As aforementioned white cats hold just 5% of the overall cat population and White Maine Coon is a fraction of this 5%. So, you can understand how scarce they can be. Unfortunately, because of their scarcity, it’s hard to find one and to afford them is even harder. 

So, if you have made up your mind to bring this gorgeous cat home, be prepared to shed some extra dollars.  

How Much Does a White Maine Coon Cost?

The price of White Maine Coons(like other cats) varies on the basis of their age and the region where you reside. 

Generally speaking, a White Maine Coon can cost anywhere between $1000 to $2000. If you are purchasing it from a certified breeder then it would cost you more. While if you are buying from anywhere else then you can get them at a much lower price.

Are White Maine Coons Hypoallergenic? 

It’s true that domestic cats are the largest source of indoor allergens to humans among all pets and overall second largest transmitter of indoor inhalant allergens after house dust mites. Unfortunately, about 17% of the people who live in the company of cats have the possibility of catching an infection. Yet not all breeds transfer infections equally. 

You have all the right to ask why different breeds have different probabilities of spreading infection. And, it’s my duty to tell you the reason. 


Basically, the main villain behind spreading the infection from cats to humans is a protein complex called Fel d1. It’s a kind of protein that is produced in the saliva of cats. What Fel d1 does in cats’ body function is still unknown but it’s the very culprit that produces allergic reactions in humans such as IgG or IgE

Now the question is, “Are White Maine Coons Hyper Allergic or Hypoallergenic?” 

So my dear friend listen…

First of all, researchers say that  NO CAT IS 100% HYPOALLERGENIC. As far as White Maine Coon Cats are concerned, they are neither completely hyper allergic nor hypoallergenic. This means that they produce a normal amount of Fel d1 so they may or may not transmit infections. 

White Maine Coon Colour Mixes

White Maine coon come in different colour combinations. Here’s the list of the 8 most common Maine Coons colours in combination with white.

A collage showing white maine coon colour mixes
The above collage is showing White Maine coon colour mixes
  1. All White Maine Coon
  1.  Silver and White Maine Coon
  1. Black and White Maine Coon
  1. Ginger and White Maine Coon
  1. Orange and White Maine Coon
  1. Tortoiseshell and White  Maine Coon
  1. Calico Maine Coon
  1. Dilute Calico Maine Coon

Can White Maine Coon Get Sunburn?

I wish I could say no, but unfortunately, the answer is yes. Keeping and caring for a white cat (not only White Maine Coon) is a tough row to hoe. White cats need extra time, effort and care. Note that! Ignorance and aloofness on the part of wonder can be fatal to white cats.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) white cats is a matter of life and death. Lack of proper care can result in serious sunburns and even skin cancer. 

So, white cats (including Maine Coons) are more likely to get sunburn and skin cancer. Especially, in areas surrounding the ears, eyelid, nose and those that have a thin layer of hair or no hair. 

Danger of Developing Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), A Skin Cancer in White Cats

In simple words, Squamous Cell Carcinoma is skin cancer.  Whit cats and dogs are at a higher risk of developing it around the areas of their bodies that have thin hair or no hair at all. As per the experts and cancer specialists of VCA animal hospitals this cancer develops in animals because of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


“White and light-coloured cats are more likely to get these tumours.”

Debbie Stoewen DVM, MSW, RSW, PhD And Christopher Pinard, DVM VCA Animal Hospitals

How To Care for a White Maine Coon

Remember I said above caring for a White Cat is a tough row to hoe? Now, you have well understood why I did say that. Since, White Maine  Coons are vulnerable to diseases, need to take some extra care of her. Here are some tips that you can follow to provide proper care to your sweetie.

  1. Frist thing first. Make sure to take your Coonie to vet once in every six month to make sure she’s doing well both from inside and outside and diagnose any health problem at the earliest. I also recommend you to visit a vet if you notice sudden changes in hr behaviour.
  1. Maine Coon are different from other cats. They have large bodies, long hair and muscular build so they need a lot of animal protein, essential vitamins, minerals and lots of water. Therefore instead of going for a general food, feed them with a breed and age specific diet preferably canned food to ensure their proper growth and development.
  1. Brushing her daily is a must. Cat brush are really helpful in removing the dead cells, fallen hairs and dust and dirt and help to keep the skin and cat health. 
  1. Again, water is essential for a healthy skin and hair. Keep an eye on her whether she’s drinking enough water or not. If she doesn’t then try to encourage her by using a water fountains or automatic water dispensers for that.
  1. As you have read above that direct sunrays are harmful to cats in general and to White Cats in particular. Therefore, you must protect her skin by applying sunscreen on he body of cats whenever they go outside in the sun. Especially around their ears, eyelids, belly, nose, and groyne.
  1. But it’s not possible to keep a cat indoor her entire life therefore when it’s necessary to take her outside then provide her with an extra layer pf protection by making her wear animal hats when they go outdoors. 
  1. Don’t let them stay in the sun for long time. 

Where to Adopt a White Maine Coon From?

Finding a White Maine Coon for buying in itself is a hard task, when it comes to adoption it’s even harder. However, you can give it a try. Here are the steps that you can take to try your luck in finding a White Maine Coon for adoption.

Step 1: Find the Cat Shelter and Animal Organisations

The first step is to ‘Google’ whether the city or town which you are living in has cat shelter or animal organisations and whether they allow the general public to adopt animals or not, 

Here are some organisations that I found: 

Cat Shelters and NGOs in India 

  1. Stray Animal Foundation India  visit
  1. Blue Cross of India visit

Cat Shelters and NGOs in the U.S.

  1. Maine Coon Rescue visit
  1. Best Friends Organisation visit
  1. Million Cat Challenge visit
  1. Only Maine Coon Rescue visit

If you are lucky you’ll find your princess sitting right in the shelter for you. But if you couldn’t find her then it’s time to take the next. 

Step 2: Talk to You Relatives and Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed! So true! The same proverb applies to relatives too. You are desperate about having a White Maine Coon in your home so why not inform your friends and relatives about your love? 

Maybe they are a White Maine Coon who is just about to become a mama cat. It is also possible that even if they don’t have but someone in their acquaintances has and he/she is willing to give that for adoption too. It won’t cost you a penny in moving your lips. Right? 

Step 3: Post in Your Social Media Groups

If you are living in 2022, and have a love for cats then possible you must be a member of some social circles who love cats as much as you do. So, it’s better to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit that you are looking to adopt a White Maine Coon and if anybody is willing to give theirs then you are all set to welcome her.

Step 4: Contact Cat Breeders

Sometimes breeders have cats that pet owners surrender back to because they find it difficult to take care of them o due to old age. So it’s worth reaching out to breeders for once if you are really passionate about having a White Maine Coon.

15 Cute Names for White Maine Coon

  1. Crystal 
  1. Orion
  1. Galaxy
  1. Milky
  1. Pearl
  1. Glare
  1. Fluorescent
  1. Cloud
  1. Daze
  1. Frost
  1. Marble
  1. Ice
  1. Winnie
  1. Venus
  1. Cockatoo

Final Words

Did you see that? We have again reached the point where I have to take my finger off the keyboard. I hate this, but I have to. I hope that today you have found some important piece of information and became aware of lots of things about White Maine Coon cats that you didn’t know earlier. 

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I have tried my best to put forward authentic information from trusted sources. However, if you find anything controversial objectionable or untrue kindly let me know I’ll look into it at the earliest. 

What’s your view on the article let me know in the comments.