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Korean Cat Names 2023- With Meanings – Zippy Pet

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Korean Cat Names for the BTS lovers…LOL…No matter whether you are a fan of the BTS band or Kim Jong, either way, you are someone who loves 한국인 (Koreans). 

Now, as you are in deep love with Korea or the Korean language, you want to receive love in return. But the problem is you don’t know anyone from Korea to love you back. Sad.

So, the clever you have decided to name your new cat in Korean. Alright, no issues. 

Jokes apart, this blog post will really suggest the best of the best Korean names for cats. 

Here you’ll find Korean Cat Names for Males and Females. In addition, you’d also love to read the Korean Cat Names based on colours and patterns, animals, flowers, foods and beverages. 

Wait! You deserve more. I’ve also interpreted several names for cats and given the actual meanings of the rest. So now, I’ve set the plot for you. Keep reading.

Korean Cat Names Female

A close up shot of calico cat

Ae-Cha: A name suggested for the one who showers her love and affection to her parents, it means a ‘loving daughter’.

Balg-eun: This name is best suited for white and creme cats. It means bright.

Binna: This name means ‘shine or to shine’. She’s a cat with a shiny coat. 

Dan-Bi: It’s a name that highlights the cool temperament and calm nature of someone. It means ‘sweet rain’.

Da-Eun: It translates to ‘more mercy’ in English.

Emelaldeu: It means ‘Emerald’ in Korean. Give this name to a cat with beautiful emerald eyes.

Eun-Bi: This is made of two Hangul (Korean Alphabet), ‘Eun’ means ‘Kindness’ and ‘Bi’ means ‘Beauty’. So, the name means the one who is kind and beautiful. 

Eun-Ji: The first Hangul in this name is ‘Eun’ meaning ‘Kindness’ and the second hangul is ‘Ji’ meaning ‘wisdom’. This is a cat who is both kind and wise. 

Hye-Jin: ‘Hye’ in Korean means ‘wise’ and ‘Jin’ means ‘precious’; combining the two the name translates to “bright and precious”. You may give this name to cats with radiant coats. 

Hye-Rin: She’s a cat who is gentle in nature and has a beautiful bright coat.

Hae-Won: This name is for the cat who likes to spend the majority of her day in the cat garden and it means a ‘beautiful garden’.

Ji-Ah: She’s a cat that fascinates you with her wisdom and melts your love with her loving gestures. The name means “wisdom and love”. 

Ji-Hae/ Ji-Hye: She’s a cat with extraordinary intelligence and mesmerising beauty. The meaning of Ji-Hae in English is “wisdom and grace”. 

Ji-Min: This name is made of two hangul ‘Ji’(wisdom) and ‘Min’(Quick). It means a wise and enthusiastic girl( in your case, a cat). 

Ji-Soo: A name for the cat whose white soft, clean white coat is the symbol of purity. 

Ji-Woo: This name means  “wisdom and charm”. This cat takes away the heart of everyone with her charming nature and wisdom. 

Ji-Yoo: She’s a cat who stays happy and makes people around her happy too. 

Min-Jim: This cat knows how to trick her mom to get extra food. The name translates to ‘clever and beautiful”

Mi-Sun: It means “beauty and goodness”. She’s a good girl who never troubles her mom and dad. 

Soo-Ah:  The cat who has a bright and beautiful coat and makes every cat in the neighbourhood jealous of her elegance.

Soo-Jin: She’s a gentle cat who likes to spend time rolling on the floor and helping her mom in the kitchen. 

Soo-Kyung:  ‘Soo’ in Korean means clear or bright while ‘Kyung’ means ‘respectful’ so the name translates to someone who is both ‘bright and respectful’.

Soo-Min:  This cat is very clever and knows how to win every game. She has bright fur too. 

Ye-Jin:  Someone who is precious and genuine. 

Yuna: She’s a cat who is known for her kindness and elegance in the entire neighbourhood. 

Yu-Ri: The cat who just looks like a crystal. This name means glass-like beauty’.

Yo-Jeong: It means a ‘Fairy’.

Korean Cat Names Male

A tuxedo male cat sitting on a dining table

Cha-Eun: This name means a ‘shining star’. This name is suggested for male cats with sparkling eyes. 

Daehab: This cat has a calm and cool nature and he prefers to mind his own business.

Hae-Joon: He’s a handsome male cat with aqua-blue eyes.

Hyun-Jae: The one is made of (wise) and talented. 

Hyun-Su: The name is made by combining ‘Hyun'(Wise) and ‘Jae’ ( defend). It means a wise defendant in English. 

Hyun-Woo: It means “wise and courageous”. The name symbolises the bravery and courage of male cats. 

Gong-Yoo: It’s a combination of two family names— ‘Gong’ means ‘showing respect to elders’ and ‘Yoo’ means rich or affluent. 

Gwijog: Means a Nobleman. He’s a cat who demands royal meals and accommodation.

Jae-Won/Ji-Wo: These are two different spellings of the same name. It means someone who is respectful and brilliant.

Ji-Ho: This name signifies calmness. Its meaning is “wisdom and lake”

Ji-Hoon/Ji-Hyun: ‘Ji’ in Korean stands for ‘wisdom’ while ‘Hyun’ means glory and virtue. So, this cat is wise and virtuous and insists her owner give respect.

Ji-Sung: The one who is wise and successful.

Lee-Seung: Some common meanings of this name are victory, success and prosperity. 

Min-Ho: He is a “clever and brave” cat who inspires others to be like him.

Min-Jun: It can be used for a cat who is clever, kind, talented and handsome.  or someone who embodies excellence and truth.

Min-Ki: This cat is clever and has a radiant coat. 

Min-Hyun: The exact meaning of this name is difficult to tell. However, some common meanings are clever and prosperous. 

Ki-Hoon: For cats, this name can be interpreted as a male cat who is blessed with an amazing radiant coat. 

Kim-Su: This name can be interpreted as ‘golden water’ or ‘precious essence’. This name is suitable for ginger or brown cats. 

Kyung-Ho: The exact meaning of this name is dependent on the Hangul used. Some common meanings of this name are heroic, honourable and respectful. 

Lee-Min: A cat who is precious, clever and intelligent. 

Min-Jae: He is a quick and talented cat. He knows exactly how to open the closed door, open the tap and how to keep his things in place. 

Mosjoen: He is a naughty cat and he’s proud of it. LOL

Park-Seo: The admirable and auspicious cat who insists on talking with him with respect or facing the consequences for being rude.

Song-Joong: The name can have different meanings such as evergreen, faithful, and loyal. For cats, it can be interpreted as a faithful and loyal cat. 

Seo-Jin: A worthy and valuable cat who loves practising royal etiquette.

Seung-Ho: This name can be interpreted for cats who are heroic, victorious and brave. 

Sudosa: This cat is strictly against violence and believes in dialogue if the controversy about the actual owner of the cardboard box arises. The meaning of this name is ‘monk’. 

Som-Mungchi: This name is for a long-haired cat with a fluffy coat. It means ‘cotton ball’. 

So-Ji: A handsome and intelligent cat. 

Wangja: This name is for a cat who considers himself “The Prince of the World”. 

Woo-Jin: He’s a helpful cat who always supervises his dad’s work to teach him perfection.

Yamanjeog-in: A name for an aggressive and mischievous cat. It means ‘savage’. 

Yeong-Gwang: Honoured: Honourable and respectful.

Based on Cats’ Colours and Patterns 

Funny image of a grey and white cat  sitting on a stool

Often cat parents prefer to name their cats after the colour of their coats. You may add the word ‘Goyang-I'(which means cat) after each name or simply keep it short. So, here are the names of different patterns of cats in Korean. 

Geom-Eun: It means ‘Black’ in Korean. You may give this name to solid black, smoked, bicolour, tuxedo and tortoiseshell cats. 

Hayan: White. This name is suggested for cats with solid white or any amount of white in their coats such as bicolour, van, calico, chinchilla and tuxedo cats.

Galsaeg: If your cat’s coat is brown, cream, tan or coffee then you may call him/her ‘Galsaeg’ which means ‘brown’ in Korean.

Keulim:  Means cream. Clearly, it’s a name suitable for cats with cream or fawn coats.

Juwangsan: It means Orange colour. So, now you can call your Ginger cat ‘Juwanfsan’.

Og-Yang-Mog: It’s the word Calico pattern in Korean. So, this name is specifically suitable for Calico cats.

Teogsido: It means Tuxedo suit. But you can give this name to any cat black and white coat.

Daemogab: Means tortoiseshell pattern.  

Eollug: It’s a name for Tabby cats.

Hoes Aeg: This word is grey. So, a cat with any shade of Grey would love having this name.

Korean Names for Cats Based on Nature

Natural landscape

If you see yourself standing in a group of people who are in deep love with nature. Those who spend their time praising its aesthetics and want to name their pets after natural things and processes then consider the names below. 

Guleum: Cloud

Nun: Snow

Iseul: dew

Meosjin: Handsome, great, splendid.

San: Mountain

Gang: River

Pokpung: Tornado

Beongae: Lightening

Uloe: Thunder

Bi: Rain 

Seom: Island 

Hae: Sun

Dal: Moon

Wolgwang: Moonlight

Haesbich: Sunshine

Nunsong-i: Snowflake

Korean Cat Names Based on Food and Beverages

For all my beloved cats’ mums and dads; who are also foodies. And I can’t name any unless it’s based on a food or beverage. I’ve hand-picked the names of some popular foods and drinks which can work as cat names.

Banilla: Vanilla

Hunchu: Black Pepper(I love this one, it sounds damn cute). 

Keopi: Coffee

Kolla: Cola 

Chokollis: Chocolate

Cinnamon: Sinamon

Juwangsan: Orange

Mang-go: Mango

Sagwa: Apple

Ollibeu: Olive

Korean Names for Cats Based on Flowers 

Some cats, especially females, actually look like a walking flower.  If you are blessed with any such cat then do consider naming her after the name of a flower.

Deiji: Daisy

Jang-Mi: Rose

Lotosu: Lotus

Hae-Balgi: Sunflower

Su-Seon-Hwa: Daffodil

Tullib: Tulip

Yeo-Ja ileum: Jasmin

Geum -Jan-Hwa: Marigold

Ailiseu: Iris 

Na-Ri: Lily

Korean Names for Cats After Other Animals 

Finally, for those who are still a caveman and have a keen interest in all animals (not only cats); here’s the list of the names of other animals (in Korean) that you can give to your cat.

Gom: Bear

Saja: Lion

Holang-i: Tiger

Mae: Falcon

Bidulgi: Dove or pigeon

Nabi: Butterfly

Chamsae: Sparrow

Neugdae: Wolf

Pyuma: Puma

Eollugmal: Zebra

List of 11 Korean Names for Cats- Infographic

A list of 11 Korean  Names for Cats  Infographic
A List of 11 Korean Names for Cats Infographic

This is it, smarty pants! Now there are more than 100 Korean Cat Names in your brain. Use this data to name your feline friend. You may also bookmark this blog post so you can land directly on this post in the future. If you appreciate the efforts of this little blogger then use the share button to share this post on social media. If you want to know more cat names in other languages then I’m linking some related blog posts below. You may read them now or later.

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