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Your hunt for finding a Cat Name That Starts with C may end here. This is the third blog post of our series where we are bringing to you the best names for cats from our databases in alphabetical order. 

No one would disagree with the fact that on normal days we have hundreds of names in our minds. But at the very time when we want to give a name to our new family member, this just disappears from our minds. Worry not! This is why we are here. 

We have a huge collection of Cat Names and today you’re gonna find some pretty cool names for cats which start with C and have beautiful meanings. 

Girl Cat Names Which Start with C

A domestic Indian street cat sitting on a cat bed
  1. Caramel: Sticky and viscous boiled sugar, used as a flavouring agent. 
  1. Clara: This name is of Latin origin and means famous, clear and bright. A perfect name to name a white cat.
  1. Charisma: The quality to fascinate or influence people.
  1. Chloe: A great name to name a kitten, as this name is used to refer to young shoots of foliage that grow in springs.
  1. Cinnamon: An orangish-brown spice known for its medicinal properties and unique fragrance. 
  1. Çilek: This means strawberries in Turkish.
  1. Cyra: This name has multiple origins(English, Greek, Persian) and multiple meanings. The sun, a throne and being born in the light are some commonly known meanings.
  1. Cadbury: A famous chocolate brand. Give this name to your chocolate or dark brown cats.
  1. Calla: A group of flowering plants.
  1. Casper: A treasurer.
  1. Cheeku: It’s a popular fruit in the Indian subcontinent.
  1. Chameli: It’s a Hindi name which means Jasmine.
  1. Charming: Someone who is attractive and influential.
  1. Chloe: A great name to name a kitten as this name is used to refer to young shoots of foliage that grow in springs.
  1. Chocopie: A pastry coated with chocolate. 
  1. Cinderella: The lead character of the children’s Cinderella.
  1. Coco:  Shortened form for coconut. The name is suitable for solid white cats and white & brown or white & orange bicolour cats.
  1. Coffee: It’s a popular name for cats with brown or dark brown coats. Coffee is a world-famous beverage. 
  1. Chestnut: A nut eaten as a dry fruit.
  1. Cinder: Here it refers to the colour of hot coal without flame. This name is suggested for rare orange female cats. 
  1. Cupid: Passionate desire.

And the last name for girls is.

  1. Clyde: It’s a Scottish name which means warm and friendly.
  1. Creamsicle: A kind of creamy ice cream bar coated with a flavoured popsicle.
  1. Cutlet: It’s a food prepared with chopped chicken, fish or meat by covering it with breadcrumbs. Here, it refers to the cuteness of cats. 
  1. Custard: A dessert made of milk and fruits. This name is suggested for cream, light brown cats. 
  1. Catloaf: ‘Loaf’ is a fluffy one-piece bread, so ‘Catloaf’ stands for a cat who looks like a loaf of bread or entices you to eat her. LOL
  1. Claudia: It’s a name of Latin and Roman origins. It means ‘ an eclosure’ or ‘lame’.
  1. Cinchona: A Latin American tree with fragrant flowers which is cultivated for its bark. This name is suitable to name brown cats. 
  1. Cottonwood: It’s a tree whose seeds are covered with hair-like structures that look like cotton. These seeds also look like cats’ tails. So, ‘Cottonwood’ is a great idea to name a white cat.
  1. Chatty: Chatty is used to refer to a person who chats or talks a lot. So, if you are a not so not fortunate mom or dad of a talkative cat who wants to chat with you at 3 a.m. then this is the name for you. LOL
  1. Cantaloupe: It’s an Italian word that stands for the phrase “howling wolves’. This is again an excellent name for vocal cats. 
  1. Cheesy: Something that is made of or looks like cheese. We recommend this name for white, cream, and chinchilla cats.
  1. Cliff: It means a stiff rock or hill.
  1. Chi Chi: It’s an affectionate pet name which does not have a meaning.
  1. Carlotta: This name is of Italian origin, meaning a ‘free woman’.
  1. Chantilly: Another great anime for white and cream cats. It’s a  creamy dessert topping. 
  1. Cordelia: The name for Welsh origin which means a ‘heart’ or ‘Jewel of the sea. Indeed, your fluffy is the jewel of your sweet home.
An infographic showing  the list of 10 Cat Names Starting with C for male and female cats
An infographic showing the list of 10 Cat Names Starting with C for male and female cats

Boy Cat Names Which Start with C

A grey cat sitting in a carrier
  1. Caesar: A Roman emperor Julius Caesar.
  1. Ceres: A dwarf planet (like Pluto).
  1. Champ: This is a diminutive form of a champion.
  1. Chester: An Old English name meaning, ‘the camp of soldiers.
  1. Conqueror: The one who conquers. Choose this name if your handsome conquers the heart of whoever sees him.
  1. Cosmo: The world or universe.
  1. Cujo: Anglicised version of the West African name ‘Kudjo’ which means the one who was born on Monday.
  1. Cyclone: Extremely violent wind that moves in a circle often accompanied by heavy rainfall. A perfect name for your mischievous tom. 
  1. Cloud: A mass of gas suspended in the atmosphere often filled with tiny water droplets.
  1. Charlie: A name of German origin, meaning freeman.
  1. Cricket: An insect that makes a loud noise, especially at night. 
  1. Carrillo: This is a nickname in Spanish for someone with peculiar cheeks.
  1. Clumsy: Ungraceful or chaotic. This can be an affectionate name for your spoiled tom.
  1. Callidus: This name means clever in Latin.
  1. Chatur: It’s a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning clever.
  1. Citrus: Tangy or sour. This name denotes the naughty nature of your cat.
  1. Carbon: A black non-metal mineral.
  1. Charcoal: The substance obtained after burning wood.
  1. Coal: A black non-metallic mineral.
  1. Cobra: A black venomous snake.
  1. Crow: A black bird with an irritating voice.
  1. Cupcake: A kind of cake aka muffin. 
  1. Cola: A dark brown coloured drink made of cola nuts. This name is suggested for brown and dark brown cats. 
  1. Chonky: Fat or obese. As the name suggests, it’s a pretty cute name to give to fat cats. 
  1. Chunkenstein: It’s an affectionate name inspired by Frankenstein but it has no meaning of its own. 
  1. Cracker: Crunchy snacks. 
  1. Craig: It’s a name of Gaelic, Scottish and Welsh origin. It means ‘rock’ or ‘rocky land’. 
  1. Cosmo: It’s a surname of British and Italian origin which has primarily three meaning these are— order, beauty and decency.
  1. Constantinople: An old city of the Roman Empire, presently it is known as Islambol(Istanbul). 
  1. Cassata: A kind of ice cream that contains nuts and dry fruits. It’s a good name if you want to name your cat after food. 
  1. Cassanova: A perfect name for your handsome Tom. This name is used to refer to a man who is romantic and passionately gives attention to women. 
  1. Clinton: This name means a bright stream.
  1. Corax: A scientific name for a raven. Give a black cat. 
  1. Crowford: This is a name in Old English, meaning ‘ford of the crows’. 
  1. Chickpea: A round grain used as a pulse. It is a wonderful name for small-breed cats.

To conclude naming a  pet can be a fun experience this is what is the beauty of being a pet parent. Today, we have suggested the best of the Best Cat Names That Start With C. If you have missed the previous two articles of this series then you may read them from the links given below. We hope that you liked this post. Please help us to reach out to other cat parents like you by sharing this post on social media. 

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