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Top 10 Cat Names 

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Wodering about what are Top 10 Cat Names that are loved by the most number of cats and their lovely mums and dads. Your wait is over, as we are back with list of the Top 10 Names for Cats.

Although the selection of just 10 names from the plethora of favourites was hard and it became harder when there was no official survey conducted by a reputable agency so far.

Hence, we relied only on our experience and handpicked the Top 10 Cat Names for Boys that we read and hear most often on social media. Let’s begin.

Top 10 Cat Names| For Male and Female Cats

Top 10 Cat Names for Boys

A Brown and White Tabby Cat Playing in the Snow
A Brown and White Tabby Cat Playing in the Snow

At number 10 is Bailey: This name originated in English means ‘bailiff’ (a local incharge of a town in Britain or the chief magistrate is some towns). It’s another meaning in ‘fortification’. Bailey is the feline guard of the house who stays awake all night to protect it from the demons. 

9. Cooper: Another English name that means a ‘barrel maker’. Although it’s an occupational name and has no connection with cats, it is quite popular among the folks for a mysterious reason. I guess the name appeals to cat parents because it sounds pretty disciplined and well-mannered. 

8. Bruno: Needs no explanation, you can give this name to your brown Cat without a second thought. This evergreen pet name is famous for all kinds of Cats and farm animals from robust and muscular horses to cute and furry Cats.

7. Tiger/Tigger: Tiger is one of the oldest Cat names that is equally loved by the blessed Cat owners of every age group and every generation. When you are calling your Cat tiger, you wanna tell the world about the bravery, courage and strength of your beloved Cat. Tigger is the variation of tiger that adds the element of cuteness to your Cat’s personality. Tigger is mostly adopted by kids. This name is best suitable for Cats with orange colour. 

6. Oliver: This name takes the listener back to his/her childhood days of reading the ‘Oliver Twist’ . Maybe this is the reason behind its fame in the Cat world. Its literal meaning is an ‘Olive Tree’. The name signifies beauty, dignity and peacefulness. 

5. Max: Whether you want to call him ‘Max’ or ‘Maxi’ both are acceptable. This name has never gone out of the craze. It is used to name both humans and Cats. It’s a great choice to highlight the aggressive, naughty and carefree nature of your furball. It’s a shortened form of the Latin name ‘Maxmillian’ that means the greatest. 

4. Milo: Milo is yet another classic name that is still popular to date. The name originated in German. It means a ‘soldier’. The other meaning of this name is ‘merciful’. You may give this name to male Cats with sweet, calm and peaceful personalities. 

3. Oscar: The next name in the countdown is Oscar. This name carries  an innate royalty within it due to the fact that it has been given to prices of royal families. The most popular person with this name was ‘Oscar I’ the king of Sweden as well as the grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte. Cats who self acclaimed themselves as the undisputed emperor of the house deserve this name. It means ‘deer-loving friend’. 

2. Leo: The second most popular name for male Cats is Leo. You don’t trust my words? Alright. 

Go in any Cat group of your choice and count how many profiles you see with this name. I’ll be surprised, I bet.

According to me, the two major factors that drive its fame are its meaning and the short and sweet pronunciation. As we have already included this name in others lists you know that it has Latin origin and means a ‘lion’. Afterall, every Cat parent has a hidden desire of having a little lion in their house who is both sweet and brave at the same time so what name would be better than ‘Leo’?

1. Simba: And the most popular name for male Cats is none other than Simba. Although, it’s really hard to say whether ‘Leo’ or ‘Simba’ is the most popular Cat name, we are placing Simba at the first posting because of its skyrocketing popularity in recent years. Especially after the movie ‘The Lion King’. This is not just a name. The name is of Swahili origin and just like ‘Leo’ it means a ‘lion’. 

But it’s not just a name. It’s a story. It’s the story of victory of ‘good’ over ‘evil’ and that’s why people love this name so much. It symbolises charm, courage, goodness and strength. 

Top 10 Cat Names for Girls

Orange and white Persian Cat
Orange and White Female Persian Cat

While naming a girl cat you search for names that signify beauty, charm, love and cuteness. Picking a name from a plethora of names is undoubtedly tiring. So, we have shortlisted Top 10 Female Cat Names to make your job easier. 

10. Amber: This name has its roots in French and Latin and means Amber colour or amber gemstone. It doesn’t matter whether your Cat has a solid amber (orange) colour, orange patches(like calico) or stripes of orange in combination with black or white it’s relatable to all. Because of its wide possibilities it suits all kinds of pets from hamsters to cats, and from fishes to birds. 

9. Mia: Mia has multiple origins such as Egyptian, Italian and Slavic. Likewise, it has several meanings such as beloved, mine and darling. Best suited for Cats with soft and affectionate nature. It resembles love and attachment. 

8. Sofi: At number 8 is ‘Sofi’. Basically, it’s a form of ‘Sophia’ a Greek name, meaning ‘wise’ or ‘’wisdom’. Another meaning is ‘beauty’. It’s one of the most popular cat names. Sofi is a great choice to name a female Cat with high intelligence.   

7. Stella: Next in the list is ‘Stella’. Originated in Latin this name means a ‘star’. The name has its roots in the Middle-ages so it’s a vintage name that is still popular in the modern era. This name symbolises brilliance, beauty and starry eyes. So, it’s a great pick for female Cats with white coats and big bright eyes.

6. Nala: Like Simba, Nala also comes from ‘The Lion King’. In the book and movie she was the childhood friend and the partner of Simba yet they belonged to the same tribe. Imagine having two Cats with the names Simba and Nala in your house spreading love everywhere, LOL. The name has multiple meanings such as successful, queen, lion and honeybee. This name is best suited for large breeds, short-haired Cats with cream or light brown colour.

5. Daisy: The short and simple pronunciation and being a name of flower ‘Daisy’ has been the favourite of everyone. Technically, it’s an English variation of the Greek name Margaret meaning innocence and purity. Recently the name has gained immense popularity as a Cat name so has made it to our list. 

Number 4. Lucy. Lucy is the feminine form of the male name ‘Lucius’ meaning ‘light’ or ‘bringer of light’. Yet, the feminine form is far more popular than the male variant. Although the name originated in Latin language it’s in vogue in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Give this name to the white Cat who has brought the light of happiness in your life.  

3. Bella: From Bella Swan of Twilight to Bella Thorne of reality, ‘Bella’ has been one of the most loved names for females. It’s a shortened form of ‘Isabella’ that sounds a bit old. Bella sounds modern and attractive. It’s a Spanish name that means ‘beautiful’. So if you have an adorable female Cat who steals the heart of everyone who sees her then this is the name for you.

2: Luna: The second most loved name for female Cats is ‘Luna’. This name is gaining popularity year by year. According to the Social Security Administration, ‘Luna’ is the tenth most popular girl name in the United States in 2022. It is an Italian name and means the ‘moon’. But is it a good name to name a Cat? 

Of course, that’s why it has secured the second position in this list. If you have white Cat with glossy fur and you want to give a fashionable name to her then ‘Luna’ is the best pick for you.  

1. Jasper: Yes, you read it right. Jasper is the most popular name for female Cats. Go in any Cat group on Reddit, Facebook or X(formerly known as Twitter) and you will see hundreds of accounts with this name. 

It originated in Persia but it’s more famous in America and Europe than Asia. Its literal meaning is Jasper is ‘treasurer’ but it signifies wisdom, strength and knowledge.’

Why people love to call their Cats ‘Jasper’ is still a mystery. Maybe it’s short, sweet and cool sound gives a pleasing experience to ears that they find themselves unable to ignore it. Whatever could be the reason, we found the most female Cats profile with this name so we kept it at number one.

Top 10 Cat Names Unisex

A lot of Cat parents simply want to give a unisex name to their Cats that is relatable to their Cat’s personality or characteristics. If you are one the among those then below is the list of Top 10 Unisex Names for Cat.

10. Blake: If you are a mom/dad of a black Cat and you want to give him/her a name that compliments its colour then you must consider ‘Blake’ which is a unisex name of British origin and has several meanings, like— dark, black, pale, and fair-haired. Due to its  association with ‘black’ it symbolises power and strength. 

9. Ashley: This name comes from Old English and stands for a meadow of Ash tree. It celebrates the beauty of nature so it’s for those Cats who prefer to stay outdoors. They spend their day in the garden watching birds, chilling in the sun and accompanying you during walks. 

8. Charlie: This is a name of German origin and means ‘a free-man’. It’s also a nickname for masculine Charles and feminine ‘Charlotte’. It’s a name for spoiled Cats with rebellious nature who want to live their lives on their own rules and just love to break the rules set by you, LOL.

7. Smokey: As the name suggests, this name is best for cute ghosts and witches who become super enthusiastic after midnight, LOL. What’s even better is you can give it to both male and female Cats. Smokey or Smoke both are acceptable but Smokey has an extra element of affection in it, so it’s better than smoke, and hence is more popular. 

6. Alfie: Inspired from ‘elf’ this is another name for those weird Cats who receive magical energy from somewhere every night. And remember, their only job is to keep you awake throughout the night, so that you can serve the breakfast on time. This name originated in English; it means sage or wise. It is also used as a nickname. for Alfred.

5. Bug: It’s a funny yet popular name for pets that are usually smaller than their other breeds. Although he’s tiny, he can outrun any large-sized pet when it comes to creating a mess or showing smartness. 

4. Mowgli: Naming a Cat after the favourite cartoon character of the childhood never goes out of the trend. If you were born in the late 80s or early 90s then no doubt ‘Mowgli’ was your hero and you still love him. This character from ‘The Jungle Book’.

3. Ginger: I’m assuming that you already know that only male orange tabby is called a ginger cat because of its ginger-like pattern. If you don’t then I suggest you must read/watch this article. So, many of the cat parents feel that calling a ginger cat ‘Ginger’ is the best idea. This is the reason why we see so many cats named Ginger everywhere. 

2. Coco: The second most famous gender neutral cat name is ‘Coco’. This name is the shortened form of coconut and has two primary qualities that attract so many cat parents to pick for their cat. First, it sounds super sweet and affectionate. Secondly, the name lands perfect for white, chinchilla and white and brown bicolour cats. 

1. Willow: And the champion of this list is ‘Willow’. Willow is a word of old English a and means a ‘willow’ tree. The secondary meaning of this name is ‘freedom’. Why? Folks believe that the free-swinging branches of a willow tree symbolise freedom. 

The popularity of willow has been increasing since 1990 and especially after the movie ‘Harry Potter’ wherein the tree has been shown as ‘The Whomping Willow’ in the Hogwarts School’s ground. It is among the top 10 girls’ names born in New Zealand in 2000. 

Okay, that’s all for the day. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. I will soon come up with some other interesting articles on cat names. Till then bye and take care.

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