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71 Cat Names That Start With “K”- 2023- With Meanings

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Looking for Cat Names That Start With “K”? Finally, the wait is over! This is the eleventh post of our cat names series in alphabetical order and today I’m gonna unravel the most wonderful Cat Names Starting With K for male and female cats (along with their meanings). So, that you wouldn’t have to waste your precious time googling for the meanings.

Whether you have become a dad or mom for the first time or a pro cat parent who wants to widen his personal database of cat names, you’ll find something new from this read for sure. 

If you are a traditional type of person, you may want to give a classic name to your furball such as Kally, Kristel, or Karolina. On the other hand, unique names like Kaleidoscope, K2 and KitKat sound fresh, and attractive and highlight the quirky nature of your spoiled cat.

Okay, let’s not beat around the bush and get started.

Cat Names That Start With “K” for Girls

  1. Kate: It means ‘pure’. 
  1. Kanishka: The name of Indian origin, meaning ‘made of gold’.
  1. Kim: This name is a shortened form of ‘Kimberly’ which means ‘Cyneburg’s field. It also means ‘gold’ in Korean. 
  1. Kristal: Crystal.
  1. Kindle: To make anything start burning. This is the name of a famous online book store and reader by Amazon.  
  1. Kite: A large predatory bird.
  1. Kitkat: It’s a famous chocolate by Nestlé. 
  1. Kelcy: This name has its roots in Old English. It means a ‘victorious ship’. 
  1. Kiana: It’s an American name, meaning ancient. 
  1. Kissy: An affectionate name for the one who kisses or is worthy of kissing. 
  1. Kamelia: A beautiful flower. 
  1. Kamana:  It’s an Indian (Sanskrit) name meaning ‘desire’ or ‘hope’. 
  1. Karima: The one who is kind and generous. 
  1. Karolina: Another spelling for ‘Carolina’. It has three meanings, viz; freeman, freewoman or freeholder.
  1. Kara: It’s an Italian name which means ‘dear or beloved’.
  1. Kaya: This name comes from Sanskrit and means skin.
  1. Kaynat: It’s an Arabic name for the ‘universe’. 
  1. Kelly: The name has three origins- Irish, Scottish and British. And has two meanings— a “warrior girl” or “bright-headed”.
  1. Keiko: It’s of Japanese origin, meaning a happy or blessed child.
  1. Kelcie: The name comes from an Irish name and means brave.
  1. Keisha: A Hebrew name meaning the bark of a Cassia tree.
  1. Kendall: It’s a unisex name of British origin, meaning a ‘royal valley’. 
  1. Kimi: This name is of Japanese origin. It means ‘righteous’ or ‘upright’. 
  1. Kendra: It’s an English name. It means “knowledge”.
  1. Kira: This name has multiple meanings such as black, a beam of light and a female ruler.
  1. Kitty: It’s an affectionate name for female cats. 
  1. Knowledge: It stands for the ‘state of knowing anything’. So, if you want to give your kitty a wise name starting with K then nothing can be better than ‘knowledge’.
  1. Krinkle: This is an affectionate name with no clear meaning.
  1. Korea: A country in Asia. 
  1. Koel: It’s a Hindi name for the cuckoo. This name is suitable for excessively vocal cats. 
  1. Kashmira: A girl from Kashmir. 
  1. Kazuni: It’s a girl name of Japanese origin which means ‘peace’ or ‘beauty’.
  1. Kimo: A Hawaiian name meaning ‘supplanter’.
  1. Kiki: It’s an affectionate name for girls with no meaning. 
  1. Karizma: It means to charm or the ability to influence and attract others.
  1. Karishma: It’s a Hindi name, meaning a ‘miracle’
Most Popular Cat Names Starting with 'K' Infographic
This infographic shows Cat Names Starting with ‘K’.

Cat Names That Start With “K” for Boys

  1. Kevin: This name means handsome.
  1. Killer: A badass name for a male cat, meaning the ‘one who kills. However, here it refers to the fascinating appearance of your cat. 
  1. Kook: A Welsh surname used for a person with red hair or a rosy complexion.
  1. Knight: It was a title of honour given to a high-ranked soldier. The honoured soldier could use the title Sir/Dame in front of his name.
  1. Kai: This name has different origins and meanings. Some of the common meanings are a shell, warrior, keeper of the keys, and sea. 
  1. Kenshiro: It’s a Japanese name meaning, the man with seven scars. The Japanese fiction “Fist of the North Star” had a warrior with this name. 
  1. Kekoa: This name means “the warrior” too. Another meaning is ‘brave one’.
  1. KipCat: An affectionate name with no meaning.
  1. Kashikoi: It means smart in Japanese. 
  1. Kaito: This means a sea or an ocean. It is also from Japan. 
  1. Kei: The name has two meanings these are— an intelligent person or a gemstone.
  1. Klaus: This name comes from German and it means ‘victory of the people’. 
  1. Kane: A Hawaiian name, meaning ‘little battler’. Try this name if you want a strong name for your Tomcat.
  1. Knigg: It’s a gender-neutral name which means a warrior. 
  1. Knook: It is again a name that doesn’t have a clear meaning yet it sounds cute. 
  1. Kito: A Swahili name which means a ‘precious jewel. 
  1. Kafil: It’s an Arabic name meaning the ‘master, guardian or sponsor’.
  1. King Kong: A large fictional Gorilla.
  1. Kale: A green leafy vegetable. 
  1. Katsu: It’s a Japanese name which means ‘victory’.
  1. Kip: It’s a name from Old English meaning a ‘pointed hill’.
  1. Kippy: A longer and affectionate form of Kip. 
  1. Koka: This name does not have a clear meaning like Knook.
  1. Kestrel: A small predatory bird.
  1. Kiwi: A very cute flightless bird. Give this name to small breeds. 
  1. Kulfi: It’s an Indian dessert made of condensed milk, sugar and ice. Especially, eaten in the afternoon in summer when it gets extremely hot in India. It’s an affectionate and cool name for white or cream cats.  
  1. Karim: This name has its roots in Arabic. It means a man who is kind, polite and generous. 
  1. Kohinoor: The largest diamond in the world. Presently, embedded in the crown of the Queen of England. 
  1. Knoxx: This name means a ’round top hill’. 
  1. Kenneth: This name is of Irish origin and means ‘handsome’. It’s a great name for handsome male cats.
  1. King: The ruler of a particular region. Of course, you boy is the real king of the house. So, why not call him ‘king’? 
  1. Kennedy: Armoured.
  1. Karma: This name originated in Sanskrit. It means deeds or actions.
  1. K2: The second-highest mountain peak in the world. Also known as the Mount. Godwin Austin.
  1. Karl: This name originated in German. It means a ‘freeman’. 
  1. Kaleidoscope: A toy or device consisting of several mirrors or glasses. On looking into it from one of the tubes you will see beautiful changing patterns.

Finally, you have successfully added 71 Cat Names Starting With K in your database. I hope that you have noted down a bunch of names that you’d like to give your cat either now or in the future. Don’t forget that I always like to hear from y readers. So if you want to recommend some more names then you can use that ugly comment box given below to do this, for commenting. I also appreciate it if you help me in reaching out to more cat parents like you. You can do this simply by sharing this blog post on your social groups. If you want to get regular updates about our new content then you may follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to get regular updates. 

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