Best Interactive Toys for Cats in India in 2022- Enrich Her Indoor Experience- Zippy Pet

Best Interactive Toys for cats in India

Written by Amir Ali| February 3, 2022 Key Takeaways The Best Interactive Toys for Cats are those that satisfy the predatory instincts of cats. When choosing a toy for your cats consider the purpose, kind, durability, and price.  Pets Empire Cat Wand is my top pick for the Best Interactive Cat Toy.  Hunt! Catch! Kill! … Read more

Top 10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders in India in 2022- Reviews- Zippy Pet

Written By- Kashaf Fatima| September 24, 2021, | Updated on December 19, 2022 Automatic cat feeders are… “…REAL! LIFE-SAVERS!’ Yes, you have read it right. They are actually a life-saver for the pet parents who do full-time jobs, and scooping and refilling seems a tiring task to them. Automatic feeders, like cat water fountains, will … Read more