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Cat Names That Start With S- Rare and Unique Ideas for 2023

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Looking for creative cat name ideas that Start with S to name your furry friend? 

Well, finding a name for a pet is undoubtedly a fun but as well as tiresome task. 

There can be different approaches to finding a perfect name for your cat. Some give preference to their coats’ colour while others want to highlight their particular characteristics or traits. 

Then, there’s another group that wants to find a name that starts with a particular letter of the alphabet. So if you see yourself standing in the third group then this post is for you. 

In this post, I’ll give my top picks for Cat Names That Start With “S” for male and female cats.  

Furthermore, I’ve also included a brief meaning and funny interpretation of most of the names to make things easier for you. 

So here’s the list of  90 Cute and Creative cat names that start with “S” with meanings. 

Cat Names That Start With S- For Girls

  1. Sana: A Japanese name which means someone who is calm. This cat is a good girl and stays cool all the time.
  1. Saijo: It’s a Japanese surname as well as the name of a city in Japan. 
  1. Sophia: This name originated in Greek, meaning ‘wisdom’. A cat who surprises you every day by her intelligent gestures. 
  1. Sassy: This lively, playful and cheerful kitty is full of enthusiasm. She never gets tired of commuting crimes.
  1. Shadow: A dark shape produced by an opaque or translucent object. In the world of cats, this name is given to black cats whose sparkling eyes shine like diamonds in the dark. 
  1. Shinpei: Originated in Japanese, this name is used to refer to someone who is calm and wholehearted. No matter how bad the situation is, this cat never loses her patience.
  1. Stahma: This name does not have a clear meaning.
  1. Saanjh: Originated in Sanskrit this name means evening. She loves accompanying you during evening walks to protect your weird chained dogs.
  1. Sapphire: It’s a  blue gemstone. Nobody can save you from drowning in those aqua-blue eyes. Keep this cat at your own risk. 
  1. Seiko: It’s a Japanese name which means ‘truth’, ‘child’ or ‘accomplished’. She is a super affectionate cat who has the innocence of a child. 
  1. Sabrina: It’s a name of British origin, meaning  “Legendary Princess”. She is the princess of the cat world. 
  1. Sandhya: This name means evening in Hindi and Sanskrit. A unique name for cats with unique looks. 
  1. Sasha: A name originated in Eastern or Southern European countries and translates to ‘the defender or helper of mankind’. No matter how bad the situation is, this brave cat is always at its job to save you from enemies. 
  1. Scarlette: It’s a name of English origin meaning Red. Give this name to your beautiful feline friend If you want to pick a name that highlights her beauty. 
  1. Sato: It means sugar in Japanese. Your calm, cool and sweet furball deserves this name. 
  1. Selena: A Greek name which means the moon. This kitty is an internet sensation. Everyone adores her for her beautiful coat that shines like a moon. 
  1. Serenity:  As the name suggests, she is a very affectionate, calm and well-mannered being who never troubles her owner. Yes, she broke that bowl yesterday but that was just to catch the dirty cockroach who was trying to enter into it. LOL
  1. Shimo: Japanese for frost. This cat has a deep love for winter and loves to play outdoors in winter mornings. 
  1. Sesame: Seeds which are used as a food ingredient as well as to extract oil. She is a small breed cat with an attitude of a lioness. 
  1. Simone: It is a feminised version of the male “Simon”, meaning ‘God had heard.
  1. Suzuka: It’s a name for beetles in Japanese. Never underestimate this tiny kitty, for she can bite you harder than a beetle. 
  1. Solace: Anything that makes you feel better. This cat makes you forget your pain when she is around. 
  1. Spring: A season. A name best suited for a calico and bicolour cat who is the gust of wind in your quiet home. 
  1. Snowdrop: As the name suggests, a Snowdrop is a drop of snow. Moreover, it’s the name of a flower too.
  1. Snowflake: Because she is as delicate as a snowflake and known for shedding her white fur all over the house. 
  1. Snow White: A name for gorgeous long-haired white cats because they are unique and have heart-melting innocence. 
  1. Stella: This name has its roots in Latin meaning a star. Of course,  she’s a star in your eyes and always gives you a feeling that you have something special. 
  1. Sue: It means lily in Japanese. A cat who surprisingly has a deep love for water and likes to swim with you. 
  1. Summer: She’s the Queen of summer. She loves lounging on warm and sunny afternoons lounging in the sun and ignoring you. The only time she can recognise you is when she’s hungry. 
  1. Suraiyya: It’s an Arabic name which may have different meanings depending upon the context. Some prominent ones are polite, constellation or summit. Pick this name if you want to have a classical name from a foreign language. 
  1. Safinaz: A name of Arabic origin meaning who she rules. 
  1. Sassy: This cat is bold and unfortunately disobedient. A simple flick of the tail or turning back to you is a clear sign that your request has been rejected. 
  1. Smudge: A dark sooty blemish, spot or smear. This name refers to the tiny nose that looks like a smudge on the face. 
  1. Snowy: Not only does she look like a clump of snow but also likes to play in it. And sometimes she loves to taste it too. 
  1. Sweetie: She’s the sweetest and most affectionate cat beggar walking under the sun.  She makes the cutest face when begging for food.
  1. Shine: This cat loves you more than anything else in the world except her own litter. So, she has become the shining star of your life.
  1. Serena: Derived from the Latin name Serenius, Serena means clear and tranquil. This name is suggested for white cats. 
  1. Suisen: This name means daffodil in Japanese. A cat with mesmerising beauty and elegance that takes away your heart in seconds.   
  1. Sage: A priest. She’s a wise, soft-sounding and peaceful cat who is no less than a sage.
  1. Sugar: This cat has such a sweet personality that sometimes you feel that she’s actually manipulating you by s her sweetness.  Whatever the case is she is always successful in convincing you to fulfil her demands. 
  1. Sierra: A name of Spanish origin meaning saw or mountain range. She is as mighty as a mountain and her claws are as sharp as a saw. No enemy can touch you when she’s with you.  
  1. Sunflower: A bright yellow flower that turns itself following the movement of the sun. Similarly, this cat follows you everywhere because you are the sun of her life.
An Infographic showing the list of 11 Cat Names Starting with S
This Infographic shows the list of 11 Cat Names Starting with S.

Cat Names That Start With S- For Boys 

  1. Schrodinger: A hypothetical cat who is both alive and dead. The name perfectly describes the weird sleeping positions of your cat which raise the same question in your mind “Is he alive or dead?” 
  1. Simpson: A name of England and Scottish origin, meaning “the son/daughter of Simme”. 
  1. Spooky: The cat whose only goal is to scare you by hiding in the dark corners and jumping on you from nowhere.
  1. Squeezy: Someone who is soft and fluffy like foam. Her fluffy body entices everyone to squeeze her. 
  1. Simba: The lead character of the famous children’s storybook and animated movie ‘The Lion King’. Similarly, your Tom is the lion King of the house. 
  1. Scruffy:  A pet who is “shaggy”. This cat always looks slightly shaggy and unkempt no matter how many times you groom him. 
  1. Scribble: He’s a little spoiled cat. Whose job is to scratch the couch, walls, cushions and even your hand.
  1. Skitter: It means someone who is always in a hurry. Skitter: A name for the cat who needlessly moves faster than a cheetah throughout the day. 
  1. Sox: A name refers to the socky pattern on the legs of cats also known as mittens.  
  1. Spunky: This name has multiple meanings such as— courageous, brave and determined. This name suits your cat because he is brave and has a lot of attitudes. 
  1. Slim: A name of Dutch origin. It means smart. This name is for a cat who is famous in the entire neighbourhood for her smartness. 
  1. Spark: It means a flash of light.  He’s always ready to play one more round of the game. 
  1. Storm: A violent and destructive wind. This cat is moody and has unpredictable destructive behaviour. 
  1. Stormy: An affectionate pet name inspired by a storm.
  1. Stunner: This name literally means beautiful or attractive person. So, your beautiful princess deserves this name. 
  1. Shaddy: Anything which is dark like a shadow. Give this name to your black knight rider. 
  1. Smoke:  Because he has a smoky coat with a mix of black white and grey hair. 
  1. Smoky: Like smoke, this name is suggested for black, grey and chinchilla cats. You would often find him lounging near the hearth (aka fireplace). 
  1. Siberian: A cat who anxiously waits for the snowfall because he loves playing in the snow. 
  1. Seagull:  A black & white bird water bird. He’s a cat with a black and white coat and he’s proud of it. 
  1. Shimauma: A name of Japanese origin which means a zebra. Give this name to your little zebra who is born as a cat. 
  1. Skunk: A small aggressive mammal similar to a honey badger. He’s an aggressive and mischievous cat who is never afraid of anything.
  1. Sunny: Bright and warm like the sun. He’s a cat with a vibrant coat. His hair shines like pearls when he sits in the sun.  
  1. Silver: A precious metal of light grey colour. It’s an excellent name for white, light grey and chinchilla cats. 
  1. Smog: This name symbolises the fascinating grey coat that this cat is blessed with. 
  1. Snowball: A ball of snow. He’s a cat who’s white, has long hair and looks like a ball of freshly fallen snow.
  1. Samson: Literally, it means a strong man. Give this name to your pet giants like the Maine coon, Savannah and Norwegian forest cats.
  1. Sebastian: This name has its roots in Greek. It means the one who is venerable or revered.
  1. Sylvester: A classical name for brown cats. It means ‘wooden’ or ‘wild’. This cat is the Sylvester Stallone of the cat world. 
  1. Sirius: A name of Greek origin meaning glowing or burning. This cat is the rockstar of the house. 
  1. Scout: He’s a busy cat who’s always looking to discover something new in the home. 
  1. Scrappy: A feisty cat who is first and determined to get four meals a day. No matter whether you can afford it or not.
  1. Sam: A short form for different names such as Samuel, Sammy, and Samson. He’s an affectionate cat who prefers himself around his dad/mom.
  1. Sinatra: It’s an Italian name which means an elderly man. He’s a senior cat who must be loved, praised and taken care of. 
  1. Stanley: This name originated in Britain and means Stoney meadow. It’s a name for a wanderer cat who loves hiking and exploring new places. 
  1. Slinky: He’s a supermodel male cat with a sleek body and killer attitude. 
  1. Spock: This name originated in Scandinavian and means the maker of spokes or wheels. 
  1. Sterling: Extraordinarily classy and stylish cat, with a radiant coat that shines like a sterling. 
  1. Spike: This cat is a bit rebellious and disobedient. It’s not easy to convince him for less. 
  1. Sherlock: He’s a detective by nature. This cat loves spending his time investigating the unsolved mysteries around the house.

Cat Names That Start With S- Unisex

young black and white kitten
  1. Sable: A Slavic name meaning ‘black’. Clearly, your blacky would love this name. 
  1. Skye: Originated in Scottish this name means “an island of clouds ‘. A winged nature and an enthusiastic cat who only stops playing when she’s sleeping. 
  1. Saffron: Because this cat has an extremely beautiful dark orange or tan coat to make every other cat owner jealous of him except you.
  1. Sooty: A black or grey residual form after burning many substances.  The name is for a cat who likes to play or chill out near the fireplace and make himself dirty every day. 
  1. Sushi: It is an expert thief. Nobody can stop her from stealing fish, for they are delicious.
  1. Sprite: It means an elf or fairy. Here it refers to the sparky and energetic personality of naughty cats. 
  1. Sparky: If you want to add an element of affection to Spark, then you may modify it a bit to Sparky.
  1. Sandy: A name which has two different meanings. First— the defender of man. Second— similar in appearance to sand. 
  1. Sloan: It means a warrior.
  1. Sammy: Sammy is a diminutive form of “Samantha” (for girls) and “Samuel” (for boys). It means “God has heard”.

So those were my suggestions for cat names that start with S. I hope that by now, you have already noted down the names that have interested you. 

From here, the next step is to rethink all the shortlisted names so you can cancel out all those names which are somewhat unsuitable. 

Repeat the process again and again until you find the best name for your cat. If you want to help us, hit the share button to help us reach other cat parents on social media. 

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