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11 Best Cat Carriers in India 2022 | Unbiased Reviews

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Posted On Aug 17, 2021, | Updated on January 22, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • A cat carrier is an essential accessory which every cat owner needs to take cats outside safely such as on a trip to a veterinarian.
  • While buying a cat carrier consider its size, ventilation, material, purpose, design, price and whether it is airline approved or not.
  • In general, soft cat carriers are better than hard carriers.

And, that’s why you need a cat carrier if you want to get along with your cat. And why shouldn’t you carry her? After all, cats are sooooooooo cute and lovable that only aliens don’t like to spend time with them. Normal humans (like you and I) want to be with them all the time. I bet. 

Video on Best 5 Cat Carriers in India

Now, your decision of buying your feline friend a nice, sweet and comfortable carrier or backpack has brought us to the next question- Which is the Best Cat Basket Carrier in  India? And, as always I’ll walk you through the entire process of choosing the Best Basket Carrier for Your Cat by holding your hands. I’ll also review the Top 11 Best Cat Carriers in 2023 which you can buy on Amazon. 

Plus, there will be some other exciting sections that give answers to some of the most asked questions related to cat carriers.

However, if you are in a hurry the following table will help you to choose the best cat carrier in a fraction of a minute.

Quick Products Comparison Table

1. Best Overall

Vceoa Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier for Cats


  • Anti-Scratch Breathable Mesh

  • Soft and Cosy

  • Fits the Under the Seat of Most Airlines

4.5 Out of 5

2. Best Carrier with Wheels

Emily Pets Pet Rolling Carrier with Wheel


  • Super Easy to Travel 

  • Airline Approved

  • Highly Durable

4.3 Out of 5

3.Best Hard Cat Carrier

Amazon Basics Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel


  • Top and Front-loading

  • Large Size

  • Excellent Airflow

4 Out of 5

4. Best Soft Cat Carrier

Petlicious & More Store Portable Foldable Carrier


  • Soft and Beautiful

  • Can be Used as an Airline Carrier

  • Affordable 

3.5 Out of 5

5. Best Large Cat Carrier

Kraptick Large Pet Travel Carrier


  • Suitable for Large Breeds 

  • Foldable

  • Approved by Most Domestic Airlines 

3.5 out of 5

6. Best Cheap Carrier

KIKA Pet Carrier


  • Inexpensive

  • Keeps Both Hands Free

  • Can be Used as an Airline Carrier

3.5 Out of 5

7. Best Cat Carrier for Plane

MASKEYON TSA Airline Approved Large Pet Travel Carrier


  • TSA Airline Approved

  • Expandable Size

  • Excellent Ventillation

3.5 Out of 5

8. Best Cat Carrier for Cars

Pet Gear Cat Carrier


  • Trendy Design

  • Exceptioal Quality

  • Made for Cars

3.5 Out of 5

9. Best Cat Carrier Basket

Emily Pets Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket Bag


  • Stylish Design

  • Multipurpose Uses

  • Affordable 

10. Best Metal Carrier

PET ZONE INDIA Cat Double Door Folding Metal Cage


  • Excellent Durability 

  • Top and Front Loading

  • Foldable 

3 Out of 5

11. Best Cat Carrier Backpack

Qpets® Breathable Design Cat Carrier Backpack


  • Tredy Design

  • 180° Sightseeing

  • Foldable Upper Window

4 Out of 5

How to Carry a Cat?

a man walking with a cat in his backpack

This desire of the cat’s parents gives rise to a new problem— How to carry a cat? 

Carrying your friend in your hands though seems easy, but it’s not! Especially, if your cat is shy, timid, and reserved. You might think it’s normal to walk with her on the streets or wait in a vet’s clinic but it’s normal only for you and not for your cat. 

Pet cats get scared by listening to the horns of vehicles, by seeing dogs or other large animals on the streets, and even by strangers in clinics. This fear may result in accidents. Like— your cat may jump out of your hands anytime. She could bite you; hurt herself or other people. 

So the best practice is to buy her a safe and comfortable carrier. Where she can sit in and go anywhere with you, even abroad. 

Cats feel secure in carriers. And you can save her and others from a lot of possible injuries just by having a carrier. 

What is a Cat Carrier?

A cat carrier bag or cage can be used to travel along with your cat by walking, in a car, bicycle or on an aeroplane. It can be in the form of a soft travel bag, backpack, trolley or hard cage. Nowadays, a variety of cat carriers are available in the market both online and offline which are suitable for different purposes.

How to Choose a Cat Carrier: Buying Guide

This inforgraphic shows how to choose a cat carrier

What to consider when choosing a cat carrier?  The answer is simple. Ask yourself, what do you want your cat’s carrier to be like? Let me put it another way, what should be the features that you want to see in your cat’s bag?

I’m sure by now you’ve already thought about some features in your mind such as:

Its Size

Of course, you should consider the size. After all, you don’t want to stuff your chump in the bag. Instead, you want the bag to be large so that your cat can sit and turn around in it comfortably. The general rule is that a cat carrier’s size must be 1.5 times larger than the size of your cat. 

What’s next? 


I want you to think about the material as the next factor. For material, different people have different kinds of choices based on the nature of their cat and the distance and duration of the journey. 

For example, if your friend is a peaceful, well-mannered, and gentlemanly kind of cat then going with soft material is not a bad option.

Also, such cat carriers are best for shorter trips like going to a clinic, bringing groceries, or going to her favourite place— the pet shop.

On the other hand, hard bags are more suitable for the bad-boy kinds of cats; who never miss the opportunity to test their claws and teeth. For such cats, soft materials don’t do the work as they can easily tear them off into fibres.

So I recommend you to go for plastic or metal carriers if your cat is naughty or you are going on a long journey with her. 

The Doors

The next important feature is the doors. It becomes very difficult to put your cat in the carrier from the front door. Especially, when the carrier is new and she never had such an experience in her life. Often, if you try to push your cat forcefully she gets scared. 

The solution is to look for a carrier that allows you to open the carrier from the top and put your cat in it.

Secondly, you must also give training to your cat to get used to the carrier. More on this will be covered in another section. 


The more holes in the carrier the better it is for your cat. Cats carriers with poor ventilation and with nominal holes are not only uncomfortable for your cat but also scare her a lot.

And, she would never like to go into the bag again. This is one of the major reasons that I don’t recommend using cardboard boxes as cat carriers.

The best cat carrier is one that has a sufficient number of holes to provide fresh air to your cat. And, help you to keep her calm along the journey. 

Till now we have got the right size. We’ve got the right material. We’ve got the right number of doors and we have got you a box with proper ventilation. Now the next feature is the most crucial for those who want to fly with their cats. Any guesses? 

Yes, I’m talking about…

…The Wheels

Nobody wants to drag the cat basket at the airport and look weird in the eyes of onlookers. Neither wants to pick the cat on the back and invite back pain.

So the best option is to buy a cat carrier with wheels. Wheels will definitely be a lifesaver for you during trips. You can put your cat in the bag and roll the carrier in any direction you want.  

However, if you don’t want to board an aeroplane but just need a cat carrier that can keep your cat safe in the cat then… 

Look for a Cat Carrier with Seat Belt Loops

Cat carriers with seat belt loops allow you to buckle the cat basket carrier in the loops to prevent it from falling from the seat. Secondly, buckles will also reduce the sliding right-left motion of the carriers on turns keeping your cat calm and safe. 

The Price

The last important factor that can affect your buying decision is the price. Cat carriers are not too expensive. If you belong to an average Indian family, you can easily afford them. In my opinion, instead of caring about the budget, give preference to the features. 

Here, I’m not saying to order the most expensive cat carrier available on Amazon. What I mean is first look for features and then pick the brand that gives you maximum features at the most reasonable price.

1. Best Overall: Vceoa Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier for Cats

Vceoa Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier for Cats

What Did We Like

If you are looking for something which is highly rated by the cats’ parents on Amazon then I suggest you consider Veceo Soft-sided Carrier for Pets. 

Veceo Soft-sided Carrier has replaced last year’s number one Emily Pets Cat Carrier. 

The brand has made this product as per the guidelines of most airlines, but they also advise you to talk to the particular airline by which you are travelling to know the exact requirements of the carrier. And, Its size is such that it can easily fit under the seat of an aeroplane.

Its anti-scratch mesh is breathable which would allow your cat to see the outside world as well as stay comfortable. Moreover, the removable base is firm and cosy to keep your cat warm during the entire journey. Since it’s removable, it is easy to take it out and wash it and then reinsert it and keep the carrier hygienic. 

In addition, the straps of this carrier are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your height. Another advantage of going with this carrier is it can be used as a car carrier too. 

On top of that the majority of consumers who have bought this carrier are extremely happy with its overall quality and performance. 

What We Didn’t Like

The only valid drawback of this carrier is that it is more expensive than most of its competitors.

Pros Cons 
Anti-Scratch Breathable Mesh Expensive 
Removable Base
Fits the Under the Seat of Most Airlines 
Adjustable Straps 
Soft and Cosy 
Can Be Used as an Airline Carrier

Why Should You Buy This Product 

If you are looking for a highly-rated carrier and do not have budget issues.

What Makes This Product Different?

Its exceptional quality and positive customer reviews.

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#2. Best Carrier with Wheels: Emily Pets Pet Rolling Carrier with Wheel

Emily Pets Pet Rolling Carrier with Wheel

What Did We Like

Emily Pets Pet Rolling carrier with Wheel stands proudly on our list as the best cat carrier with wheels. This BACKPACK-CUM-STROLLER is loaded with everything that needs to make air travel easy for you with your cat. 

The airline-approved carrier is made of HIGH-QUALITY OXFORD FABRIC giving you incredible durability so you benefit from it in the long run. Plus, it has enough space for your cat to sit comfortably in the bag. The EXTRA PADDED BASE provides added comfort and cosiness to your little princess.

What I like the most about the carrier is its VERSATILITY. It can be used as a stroller, a tote carrier, a car seat carrier, and a backpack. This means that you can move along with it comfortably by switching between the different modes. No matter whether you are travelling in a car, on a plane, on a scooter, or on your feet. 

Remove the WHEELED BOTTOM and slide it in under the seat in an aeroplane. Buckle the loops in the seat belt of the car and make it ready for the back seat. Wear the ANATOMICALLY SHAPED SHOULDER STRAPS and you and your tom are ready for trekking. 

Worried about your cat jumping out of the bag?  Not anymore. The latch inside the bag can hook the cat collar to restrict her from jumping out of the bag. 

But what about the ventilation? Good question, smartypants! Well, this carrier has a MESHED TOP AND SIDES to support the free movement of air. Furthermore, the two doors(front and side door) help you load your cat easily in the bag. 

Since the carrier is made of SOFT FABRIC and has a REMOVABLE WHEELBASE these features make it easy to store and clean.

What We Didn’t Like

I just found two drawbacks in the cat carrier. First is its high cost and the second is it has very few reviews. Technically, the cost is not a drawback when comparing its price with the value the bag is offering. 

Airline ApprovedExpensive
Great VersatilityFew Reviews
Awesome Ventilation
Great Safety 

Why Should You Buy This Product 

If you are looking for a carrier with high-quality fabric, then Emily Pets Pet Rolling Carrier with Wheel is for your cat. 

What Makes This Product Different?

The high-quality fabric of this carrier makes it unique from other carriers.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated: 

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Super TailsCheck Price

#3. Best Hard Carrier: Amazon Basics Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Amazon Basics Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

What Did We Like

Amazon Basics Two-Door Top Loading Kennel is the best Hard Cat carrier in India. The product provides a GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY with almost all desirable features except the wheels and seat belt loops. 

Since it’s a top-loading cat crate you won’t face any problems in loading your cat. Being a decently SPACIOUS carrier it allows enough room for your cat to sit, lie and turn around in the box. Watch your cat sleeping care-free inside the carrier from the forged front door. 

The material of the kennel may seem flimsy but it’s not. Customers have reported that they faced no problem in carrying their cats in the kennel. Although they were afraid of their cat falling from the carrier initially. 

The look of the product is really good and the VENTILATION IS EXCELLENT. Thanks to the ventilated walls which are there to provide your cutie with enough fresh air from the outside and take care of her privacy at the same time. 

You would also love the fact that it is SUPER-EASY TO ASSEMBLE. Plus, you can dismantle it completely. So you face no hassle in cleaning it saves both your time and energy. 

Now, you know…as it does not have wheels…it has to be carried by hanging in hand. So don’t expect to take it on the aeroplane. Simply, because you can’t do that. Also, it does not have loops to tie your car’s seat belt. Though this is not a major drawback.

Overall, it’s a great product on a budget with some of the most desirable features.

Liked it? Click on the button below to buy.

Large SizeNo Wheels
Easy to Assemble No Seat belt Loops 
Excellent Airflow
Top and Front-loading
Easy to Carry
Sturdy Bottom

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are looking for a hard cat carrier that is easy to assemble, AmazonBasics Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel would be a great option.

What Makes This Product Different?

The carrier is quite easy to assemble and this feature makes it unique and different.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated: 

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#4. Best Soft Cat Carrier: Petlicious & More Store Portable Foldable Carrier

Petlicious & More Store Portable Foldable Carrier

What Did We Like

This carrier is made of DURABLE and STURDY material to withstand those wild attacks. And protect your love from injuries at the same time. 

As far as comfort is concerned, the bag performs up to the mark. It has enough space for small cats. However, large cats may find it difficult to adjust in the bag. 

Worthless to say— it has excellent ventilation thanks to its MESHED PANELS that allow freshness and refresher to your cat.  Another advantage of meshed walls is your cat can peep and see the world outside.

The beautiful work on the carrier makes it look attractive and charming. Also, it has a portable design with a flexible zipper that makes this bag pet friendly.

Moreover, it is Lightweight and pretty EASY TO CARRY. When not in use, you can fold it in a blink of an eye and keep it away.

What We Didn’t Like

The bag does have some drawbacks. These are— it seems expensive, does not have wheels, and is smaller for large breeds.

Easy to Carry No wheels 
SturdyNot Suitable for Large Cats
Excellent Ventilation 
Attractive Design 

What Makes This Product Different?

This carrier is super soft and provides extraordinary comfort to cats.

Why Should You Buy This Product? 

If you are in search of a carrier that is soft and comfy at a reasonable price then you can go with Petlicious & More Store Portable Foldable Carrier.

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#5. Best Large Cat Carrier: Kraptick Large Pet Travel Carrier

Kraptick Large Pet Travel Carrier

What Did We Like

Want to buy a carrier that can accommodate your medium or large-sized cat? Then, Kraptick Large Pet Travel Carrier is the cat carrier for you. 

One of the conclusive features of this carrier is its LARGE SIZE and comfortable material. Making it suitable to use for medium or large breeds of cats in the long run. 

The user-friendly zipper makes it SAFE and there is no danger of your cat getting hurt herself.

As the crate offers you SUPER QUICK FOLDABILITY it is very easy to store with minimum space. Unlike the hard carriers that give you no choice but to give them space in your home.


The breathable mesh ensures the unrestricted movement of air. Plus, the REMOVABLE hard plate provides maximum stability so your pet can stand easily.

Furthermore, the carrier is waterproof and easy to clean as well. Also, it’s approved to be used on most airlines.  

What We Didn’t Like

The downsides are— the wires which are holding the bag upright are not pretty sturdy. And it does not have wheels and loops to fasten the seatbelt.

 All in all, it is a pretty good choice if you are looking for a large and soft cat carrier. 

Comfortable MaterialLacks Wheels and Seat Belt Loops
FoldableFlimsy Wires
Approved by Most Domestic Airlines 
Large Size 
Breathable Material 

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are hunting for a carrier that is large enough to accommodate your medium-sized cat, you can go with Kraptick Large Pet Travel Carrier.

What Makes This Product Different?

What makes this product different is that this carrier has enough space to accommodate medium-sized cats.

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#6. Best Cheap Carrier: KIKA Pet Carrier

This image shows KIKA Pet Carrier

What Did We Like

Looking for something under 1000 bucks? Try this beautiful Bag from the KIKA store. 

The bag is made for those pet parents who frequently go out in the neighbourhood for a quicky-tweaky shopping trip or on airlines. Just put your cat in and you are ready to go. 

Simplicity, BUDGET-FRIENDLINESS, and ease are its biggest plus points that make it unavoidable from buying.

And you can see that VENTILATION will never be an issue with this meshed bag as your cats will be out of the bag even when the zipper is closed. Secondly, it allows your furball to see the scenery of the world around her.

What We Didn’t Like

You might be wondering about the durability.

Well, the material of this bag is good but to be honest, don’t expect the sturdiness and durability of hard carriers from it. But, you will definitely find it pretty handy in the short run.

Plus, the netting used in constructing the carrier seems so rough that it can cause skin abrasions on the cat’s nose.

What Makes This Product Different?

The carrier is pretty affordable than other carriers and this makes it unique from other carriers. 

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are in search of a carrier under 1000 bucks, KIKA Pet Carrier will serve the purpose well. 

Pros Cons
BeautifulLacks Durability
ComfortableRough Netting 
Good Ventilation
Keeps Both Hands Free
AmazonCheck Price
FlipkartCheck Price

#7. Best Cat carrier for Plane: MASKEYON TSA Airline Approved Large Pet Travel Carrier

MASKEYON TSA Airline Approved Large Pet Travel Carrier

What Did We Like

Maskeyon Airline Approved Cat Carrier is the most versatile cat carrier among all the junkies out there. As it comes with several unique features that you can’t find in its cheaper counterparts.

The carrier truly deserves the tag of the best airline pet carrier. As IT IS MADE AS PER THE GUIDELINES OF TSA AND IATA.

Place it over the travelling bag and it is ready for strolling at the terminal. Hang it on the shoulder to quickly board the flight. Slide it under the aeroplane seat. Open all the zippers and your cat(cats) have enough room to stretch out their muscles. 

Travelling in a car? Hook the belt in the seat and drive wherever you want. 

You can also place a portable litter box and a feeding bowl. There’ll still be enough room for some toys.

It comes with a SOFT PADDED BASE to ensure the comfort of your cat. Moreover, the pad is removable which makes it easy to wash.

Its EXCELLENT VENTILATION and DURABLE MATERIAL add some more stars to its overall performance.

What WE Didn’t Like

Nothing on the planet is flaw-proof so is the case with Maskeyon. It is definitely expensive and a huge one-time investment. Another flaw is its sides fold inwards when you lift it. 

All in all, it’s an incredible product that costs a fortune.

Easily WashableVery Expensive
Airline ApprovedDeformation of the Shape on Lifting
Multipurpose Uses
High-Quality Material
Excellent Ventilation
Very Spacious and Comfortable

What Makes This Product Different? 

Besides being airline approved, this carrier is machine washable too and this feature makes it different from other carriers.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you are searching for the best airline-approved carrier, MASKEYON Airline Approved Carrier won’t disappoint you.

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8. Best Cat Carrier for Cars: Pet Gear Cat Carrier 

Pet Gear Cat Carrier 

What Did We Like

Pet Gear’s Cat carriers and cats are made for each other. As you know, cats are not disciplined like dogs who can enjoy the ride by sitting at their place. 

Instead, they usually try to escape from the carrier in cars or get terrified so you need something that can cover them completely. Especially, if your cat is scaredy. 

Full marks to its designer for designing a carrier keeping in mind the differences between cats and dogs. 

As this carrier is convertible you can fold its canopy if your cat is a good girl. Otherwise, you can close it completely. Don’t worry about the air. This cat carrier has enough holes for proper ventilation so your kitty wouldn’t face any problems in breathing. 

The next crucial feature is that you can easily attach it to the seat belt of your car without making any adjustments to its design. Also, the metal frame provides it great strength. 

You can open smoothly load and unload your cat in it by folding its canopy. Moreover, when you are not travelling keep its canopy open and put a mattress in it and your furball’s new bed is ready to use. 

Moreover, you can also use it as a regular basket carrier when you want in the neighbourhood with your cat. 

What We Didn’t Like

What’s not good about this carrier is obviously its huge price. Yes, it’s very expensive so you may find it out of your reach. And unfortunately, you can’t use it as an airline carrier either. 

Pros Cons
Easily Attached to the Seat BeltVery Expensive 
No Room for Cats to EscapeCan’t be used as an Airline Carrier
Super Ventilation 
Sturdy Built
Can be Used as a Regular Carrier
Simple and Beautiful Design 

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you frequently go on long drives with your feline pawtner. 

What Makes This Product Different?

It’s functional design, sturdiness and looks.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated: 

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#9. Best Cat Carrier Basket: Emily Pets Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket Bag

Emily Pets Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket Bag

What Did WE Like 

Nothing can be nicer than a bicycle ride with your cat; sitting in a basket; at the front. Riding along with the ups and downs of the track. And, watching her hair waving like grass by the air blowing inside out her coat.

Well, I ain’t describing a movie scene here. The thing is, you can actually live these moments. Thanks to Emily Pets Store for making a bicycle basket to provide you with the opportunity to live your fantasy.

Enough about that. 

Let’s now talk about the features. Its stylish design gives an aesthetic retro look to your bike.  

Plus, the basket has enough space for a medium-sized cat. Unfortunately, you can’t take large cats with you.  

While the basket material provides HIGH DURABILITY, the open area at the top takes care of the ventilation. 

Don’t even think that your cat can do any damage to the basket; it’s beyond her capacity.

Moreover, being removable, the cover helps you to load and unload your cat in a snap.

Apart from using it for cats, you can use it for keeping your books, flowers, bottles, and a lot of other stuff. 

What We Didn’t Like

Now let’s throw some light on some downsides. As it is understood by seeing the image you can’t use it in cars or as an airline carrier. And, it seems expensive at its price.

Pros Cons
Durable Expensive 
Good VentilationNot an airline carrier
Stylish Design 
Multipurpose Uses 
Cat is easy to load and unload 

What Makes This Product Different?

This basket carrier has multipurpose uses which makes it unique and different.

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for the best cat carrier basket having multipurpose uses, Emily Pets Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket Bag won’t disappoint you.

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#10. Best Metal Cat Carrier: PET ZONE INDIA Cat Double Door Folding Metal Cage

PET ZONE INDIA Cat Double Door Folding Metal Cage

What Did We Like

The best thing you can expect from metal cat carriers is their STURDINESS and DURABILITY. In fact, this is the very reason why cat parents want to bring home a carrier once and for all.

When it comes to Pet Zone Foldable metal boxes continue the same legacy of metal pet carriers. Buy it once and forget it for years.

Needless to say that it is DURABLE and works in the looooong run as you can see that it is made 100% OF IRON. 

The same goes for ventilation. Naturally, there’s no barrier in the way of air.

Its DOUBLE-DOOR feature(front and top-loading) lets you load and unload your princess easily. 

The REMOVABLE TRAY AT THE BASE can be easily taken out by sliding which makes cleaning the cage a lot easier.

Have a large cat? No issues whatsoever as this cage has ENOUGH SPACE TO ACCOMMODATE LARGE CATS without any difficulty.

What We Didn’t Like

I do want to mention that the cage is heavy like a rock due to its iron construction. And, as you can see, you can’t even imagine using it as an airline carrier.

Easily FoldableHeavy
Sturdy ad DurableNoisy
Great VentilationLacks Wheels
Large Size
Two-door entry

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you are hunting for a metal carrier offering maximum sturdiness and durability, you can go with PET ZONE INDIA Cat Double Door Folding Metal Cage.

What Makes This Product Different?

The uniqueness of this carrier is that it offers maximum sturdiness and durability to work in the longer run. 

AmazonCheck Price
Unavailable Elsewhere

#11. Best Cat Carrier Backpack: Qpets® Breathable Design Cat Carrier Backpack

Qpets® Breathable Design Cat Carrier Backpack

What Did We Like

Our last recommendation for this post is Qpets Breathable Cat Carrier Backpack. 

Backpacks look trendy, making it really easy to carry a cat while keeping both hands free at the same time. No matter whether you are going for a regular stroll in the neighbourhood or going on hiking with your cats, a backpack can make the task of carrying a cat easy and fun. 

QPets Backpack has a pretty unique design which catches immediate attention as well as being more cat friendly than cheap capsule-type backpacks which are small and have smaller windows. 

As its upper window is foldable your cat can put her head out and enjoy 180° Sightseeing. The second advantage of having such a window is that there is no barrier for air to get in the backpack.

The firm Base given at the bottom ensures that your fluffy can stand or sit comfortably. 

We also liked its side entrance that allows cats to get in the carrier smoothly. 

What We Didn’t Like

There are only two major downsides of this product— it lacks sturdiness and is a little expensive.

Pros Cons
LargeA Little Expensive
Better Ventilation than other backpacksLacks Sturdiness
180° Sightseeing 
Foldable Upper Window
Firm Base
Large Entrance
Easy to Carry

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you need a trendy and comfortable cat carrier for daily use.

What Makes This Product Different?

Its fashionable design, awesome ventilation and large size.

AmazonCheck Price
Unavailable Elsewhere

Do I Need a Carrier for My Cat?

Yes, you need a cat carrier for your cat. Having a cat carrier is the most wonderful and safest way to carry your cat. Cat carriers become even more important when you want to transport your cat between two cities or countries. 

Cats feel secure in carriers. And you can save her and others from a lot of possible injuries just by having a carrier. 

Cats’ parents have reported several accidents due to not having a cat carrier while they were travelling or visiting vet clinics. Some people have also reported that their cat got scared and jumped out of their arms and never came back again. 

So the best thing is to buy yourself a cat carrier to avoid any kind of undesirable situation.

Types of Cat Carriers 

Cat owners have a variety of choices of cat carriers to choose from. While choosing a cat crate make sure to consider the length, height, and weight of your cat. And, as I have mentioned above, you also need to consider her nature, distance, and duration. 

Primarily, there are the following kinds of cat carriers available in the market: 

Soft Cat Carriers 

Amazon Basics Large Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Transport Carrier Bag

Soft cat carriers are the most affordable and easy to store. They are generally made of polyester or PVC which makes them collapsible and foldable. Some carriers also have wheels attached to their base. Also, these carriers lack strength.


24x7 eMall Creative Transparent Pet Backpack

So your kitty wants to accompany you on your hiking trip. Well, you can’t deny her demands so manufacturers have made cat backpacks for your cat. These are also soft and look amazingly stylish and add the cuteness of your cat to the next level sitting in there. You can easily put your cat in them and carry her on the trip.

The downside of these backpacks is you may get back pain due to constantly carrying your cat on the back. Also, these are only good for small to medium-sized cats but not for large cat breeds. They also have the worst comfort.

Plastic Carriers

AmazonBasics Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Plastic cat carriers are the most common and among the most loved cat carriers. Some of them are as affordable as cat carriers and provide a lot better strength than them. 

The problem with these carriers is most of them do not have wheels which makes them difficult to move along.

Metal Carriers

PET ZONE INDIA Cat Double Door Folding Metal Cage

These are the strongest and the heaviest kind of cat carriers. As they are made of metal they provide you with maximum durability so you just need to buy them once and forget for years.

These cat carriers provide maximum ventilation and an opportunity for your cat to see the beautiful world around her. They also have the same drawback as plastic carriers, i.e. they don’t have wheels which makes them difficult to carry. 

Rolling Suitcase Type Cat Carriers

Emily Pets Pet Airline Carrier

These are the most versatile type of cat carriers made specifically for frequent travellers. The biggest USP of these cat carriers are the smooth wheels attached to them that make them move along with you effortlessly.

Rolling cat carriers can also be used as strollers and you can take your cat in them for strolling or jogging. But to get them you have to shed more money as compared to other cat carriers.

Average Prices of Cat Carriers

In this section, you will find the average price of different types of cat carriers:

Average Prices of the Soft Cat Carriers 

Different ProductsPrices in INR
Kika Pet Carrier919
Petlicious & More Store Portable Foldable Cat Carrier1499
Pet Empire Cat Carrier950
24×7 eMall Portable Cat Carrier1499
QualiTure Pet Cat Carrier1329

Average Price= Sum of All Products/ Number of  Products

                      = 919+1499+950+1499+1329/5

                      = 1239

So, the average price of a soft carrier is 1239. Hence, we can conclude that if you are getting a decent quality in more or less INR 1300 for a soft cat carrier then it’s a good deal.

Average Price of a Plastic Cat Carrier(Hard Carrier)

Different ProductsPrices in INR
AmazonBasics 1399
Trixie Capri1800
PSK Pet Carrier1699
Savic Zephos2000
Tikora International Pet Carrier1499

Average Price= Sum of All Products/ Number of  Products

                      = 1399+1800+1699+2000+1499/5

                      = 1679

So, the average price of a hard carrier is 1679. Hence,  if you are getting a decent quality product for about INR 1600 for a hard cat carrier then it’s a good deal.

Average Price of a Metal Cat Carrier

Different ProductsAverage Price of a Plastic Cat Carrier
Jainsons Pet Metal Cage2525 (30″)
Dog Lover Metal Cage2599 (30″)
RvPaws Dog Cage2599 (30″)
Dog & Cat Metal Cage2499 (30″) 
PSK PetSmart Metal Cage2499 (30″)

Average Price= Sum of All Products/ Number of  Products

                      = 2525+2599+2599+2499+2499/5 

                      = 2544.2

Clearly, the average price of a metal carrier 30 inches is INR 2544.2. So, for a 30″ metal INR 2500 is the best price.

Hard Carrier or Soft Carriers Which is Best? 

There is no one-word answer. Both hard and soft carriers have some pros and cons. So it depends on your usage and preferences what exactly you want.

If you want a carrier for casual strolling and short trips and if your cat does not try to tear it then shift carriers will be best for you. They are foldable and easy to store. They also provide great ventilation. 

However, these carriers are not for cats that are too naughty. Soft carriers can not withstand those sharp claws and pointed teeth for long. Therefore they aren’t good for the long run.

Nonetheless, if you want to go further and durability is your main concern then hard carriers made of plastic or metal are worth considering. They are very durable, robust, and easy to clean. You can load your cat from the front or top as the top-loading feature comes in most of the hard carriers now.  

Remember! If you want to board a plane then you must look for a carrier with wheels otherwise you’ll regret your decision of taking your cat with you. Also, hard carriers are costlier than their softer counterparts.

How to Train My Cat to Sit in a Cat Carrier?

This video shows how to train a cat to love her carrier

Although there are many advantages of using a cat carrier in the starting you may have to experience a tough time sitting your cat in the carrier.

Naturally, you want to train your cat to sit in the carrier so that you can get rid of the content “meow” sound that she makes throughout the trip. So will you train your cat to sit in the crate? 

Let’s face it! Training your cat is simple, all you need is some patience and the right process to get her familiar with the cat basket. Do this step-by-step procedure: 

  1. Keep the carrier near her house or tree or eating place this way she will get familiar with the carrier. 
  1. Keep the door of the carrier open and put her food bowl or toys in the carrier so that she can be habitual of sitting in the cat basket.
  1. Close the door quietly when your feline friend gets in the box. Open the door after some time and increase the duration slowly. 
  1. Starting taking her with you while she is in the box to bring the groceries and vegetables. 
  1. After, a few days you’ll see that the carrier won’t be a strange place for your cat and she will think of it as her second house. 

What are the Alternatives to Cat Carriers (NOT RECOMMENDED)? 

First of all, using anything else than a proper cat carrier is not recommended. Because these are the best and the most comfortable options to go out with your cat, But, if you insist you can use the following items as a short-term alternative to cat carriers: 

1. Cat Harness

The second-best alternative after cat arrears is the cat harness. The best advantage of a cat harness over a cat carrier is you don’t have to tire your arms or back as you do in cat carriers. Simply put the cat in the harness and attach the leash and you are ready to go. 

But note that cats don’t like change and she would take time to get herself accustomed to a harness. Apart from that, the harness cannot save your cat from being scared by vehicles and other animals. And, most importantly you can’t fly with your cat even if she is in a harness.

2. A Sports Bag 

If you have taken an oath that you will not invest in a cat carrier no matter how strongly you need it. And, you do not have a harness. You don’t want to invest in that either. I wonder why you invested in buying the cat. Don’t say that it wasn’t an investment but a gift. LOL. 

Okay my miser at daddy, I got you. Don’t worry you can still go out with your cat by using your sports bag. So take a sports bag and make some adjustments to it to make it a fit for your cat.

Give special attention to the ventilation. You can make some extra holes in the bag. Insert a blanket or a cushion to make it comfortable. 

3. Cardboard Boxes 

Now if you don’t own a sports bag as well then your next target is to find a cardboard box and make it a cat carrier. They do not provide durability and much safety but you can use them in times of emergency.

Like sports bags, you need to make an appropriate number of holes in the cardboard box to allow the movement of air in and out of the box.

4. Laundry Baskets

In my opinion laundry baskets are even better than cardboard boxes because of their superb ventilation. To use them as a cat carrier take two baskets and join them using a wire. Place a blanket in it and tie a belt to it for holding. Congratulations, your DIY cat carrier is ready to use.

5. School Bags and Old Purses

Some people use large school bags and old purses by making some modifications to them. You can also use the same. Just take care of the ventilation and comfort of your furry friend. 

Travelling With Your Cat Via Airline

pessengers at an airport

Can I travel with my cat via the airline?

Yes, you can travel with your cat by air.  There are many airlines both private and the public that allow you to travel with your pets. However, there are certain guidelines that you need to adhere to. 

Airlines measure the dimensions and weight of your cat carriers. And they also want the pet carriers to be of appropriate size so that they can provide comfort to your cat but they should be too big that it would make other passengers uncomfortable. 

Then some features in cat carriers can make your journey with a cat a lot easier such as wheels, a decent number of pockets, zipper, or velcro.

Guidelines for Traveling with a pet on Domestic Flights in India by Air India

Here I have listed the guidelines of Air India for travelling with a pet on domestic flights in a simplified language.

  • You cannot carry more than 2 pets.
  • Pets must be kept in a soft and ventilated kennel.
  • The size of the carriers must not exceed 18” x 18” 12” inches. Carriers above this size have to be transported in cargo. 
  • The maximum weight allowed along with the pet is 5kg.
  • Your Pet must be 8 weeks old or above.
  • Pregnant pets are not allowed.
  • If you are going with the cat then you’ll have to be seated in the last row of booked cabin class.
  • The container should have a label pasted on it displaying the pet’s name.
  • Pet carriers should be based on a moisture-absorbing mat. 
  • The Pet dogs won’t be allowed to sit in passenger seats.
  • Carriage of pets will be included in extra baggage charges and will not be covered under free baggage e. Also, any additional content that consists of a pet’s food or belongings will be charged accordingly. 

To read the full guidelines go through the Air India website.

Can I  Book a Seat for My  Cat on an Airplane?

No, you cannot book a seat for your cat on an aeroplane but you can make the reservation. Your name on the ticket and the name of the owner of the cat labelled on the carriage must match.

You have to pay extra cash if the weight of the carriage exceeds 5kg and the carriage will b transported through cargo on extra baggage charges. Smaller pet carriers, however, are allowed in the cabin but with the permission of the flying captain.

When Should You Stop Feeding Your Cat Before Flying?

There are chances of getting your cat motion sickness on flights. To avoid the situation you should not feed her for at least 12 hours before the trip, according to the VCA Hospital website. You can give the water though. 

If you are travelling within a country, by road and your trip duration would be as long as 6 hours or more make sure to keep cat litter with you. 

Cat Carriers FAQs

Q1. Should I put a blanket in a cat carrier?

Yes, you can put a blanket both in and on the carriers. When you put the blanket in it will provide some extra cushioning for your cat. Putting a blanket or towel on the will help your cat to feel safe, secure, and hidden. This way, she will remain calm and relaxed and wait like a good girl for her turn in the vet clinic.

Q2. How long can a cat be in a carrier?

It depends on the duration of your trip. How long a cat will remain in the carrier depends on how far you are going. Normally, cats can stay in the carrier without any problem for six to 8 hours but longer journeys can trouble your cat. Nevertheless, if you can’t leave your cat alone at home or you don’t have anyone to take care of her in your absence, you have no choice but to keep her in a carrier for longer hours.

Q3. Can I put two cats in one carrier?

Yes, of course! You can place two cats in one carrier if the carrier is big enough to accommodate both. When both of them will accompany each other they would e less likely to get sacred. They will also keep each other engaged during th journey.

Q4. Are cat backpacks cruel?

No cat backpacks are not cruel as long as they are of appropriate size and have proper ventilation. But make sure to choose a backpack at least 1.5 times larger than your cat’s dimension otherwise she won’t be comfortable in it.


Are you still with me? I hope you are. So, my dearest friend. Finally, we have arrived at the end of this marathon article. I have tried my best, of the best, of the best to answer all of your queries regarding the Top 11 Best Cat Carriers in India in 2023.

It is the longest article on this tiny website so far. I hope that you have found this article useful and that now you have a clear name in the mind of the cat crate that you want to gift your love to. 

You know that I always go deep into the topic to cover it from 360 degrees and try to dig out the most authentic information for you. And, this article is no exception.

However, I’m human and I do commit mistakes. So if you find anything wrong, unbelievable, or misinterpreted please reach out to me I’ll definitely look into the concern and get back to you ASAP. With that said, I’m taking leave now. 

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