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289 Boy Cat Names for Every Colour-With Meanings

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Say, welcome to the new boy in the family and don’t bother about his name. Because here we have assembled 289 Boy Cat Names for you along with their meanings. 

Choose among the popular, smart, good and powerful boy cat names. Or if you are someone who’s looking for a playful, funny or unique name for your little fur-ball then this is the place where you should be. 

Lastly, if you are a movieholic and want to name your cat after a movie character then go straight to the section Boy Cat Names from Movies. Also, we have collected some really attractive names based on the colour of your cat. 

Here we go…

Boy Cat Names With Meanings 

  1. Augie: it’s a Latin name which means “great” or “magnificent”. 
  1. Augustine: A gender-neutral name that means magnificent and great derived from Augustus. 
  1. Augustus: This name is of Latin origin, meaning “magnificent or great”. 
  1. Creeper: The one who moves slowly. If you are a dad/mom of a lazy cat but you still love him then call him “Creeper”.  
  1. Cook:  This is an old English surname that refers to anyone who belongs to a family of cooks or meat sellers. 
  1. Dexter: This name originated in English and means “Fortunate” or “dyer”. 
  1. Doughnut: A sweet pastry/cake stuffed with cream at the centre.
  1. Drax: This name has its roots in English. It means “a thinker”. 
  1. Harry: The ruler of the home.
  1. Hustle: Strive.
  1. Fizz: Here it refers to the vocalisation of talkative cats. 
  1. Grover: Groves is an Old English name which means the one who lives near the groves of trees.
  1. Joy: Happiness or the one who stays happy.
  1. Jules: This name originated in French and means “youthful”.
  1. Jupiter: It’s the largest planet in the solar system.
  1. Maxwell: Maxwell is a Scottish name. It means “a great stream”.
  1. Minecraft: This is the name of a famous sandbox video game brand. Its literal meaning is “my craft” or “crafted by me”.  
  1. Neo: Neo has its roots in Greek. It means “new”. 
  1. Oliver: It means ” an olive tree”.
  1. Otter: Otter is a river mammal that eats fish and looks very similar to a mongoose. So, if you want to name your boy the name of other animals then you may go with “Otter”. 
  1. Prints: This name is suitable for tabby and bi-colour cats. 
  1. Pumpkin: A large yellow fruit is eaten as a vegetable. 
  1. Quartz: A transparent or translucent hard rock used to make accurate clocks and watches.
  1. Rebel: The one who goes against the set standards, culture or authority.
  1. Rikki: Rikki is a name of German, and Norse origin which means forever, alone and hard ruler.
  1. Rocco: Adopted from the German name “Hrok”, it means to rest or repose.
  1. Simpson: It’s a regional family name from England and Scotland, meaning “the son/daughter of Simme” 
  1. Squeezy: Someone who squeezes. It’s a fun name for cats. 
  1. Taco: A popular food. 
  1. Tiggy: Tiggy is a pet-adapted name for a tiger. 
  1. Walfie: It’s a cute-sounding name with no clear meaning. 
  1. Wolf: A wild animal known for its fierce nature and strength.
  1. Willow: It’s a tree.

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Famous Boy Cat Names

Boy Cat Names Inforgraphic
This infographic shows the famous boy cat names.

Most Popular Boy Cat Names 

  1. Bob: Bright or Fame.
  1. Charlie: Freeman.
  1. George: Farmer and Canyon.
  1. Ginger: A Medicinal Root.
  1. Gizmo: Playful.
  1. Jack: God is Gracious.
  1. Leo: Lion.
  1. Marbles: A beautiful metamorphic rock.
  1. Matt: Nickname for Matthew, meaning a “Gift of God”.
  1. Max: Nickname for Macmillan.
  1. Milo: Merciful.
  1. Murphy: Warrior of the sea.
  1. Orange: A colour or a fruit.
  1. Oscar: Dear or loving friend.
  1. Pebbles: Small and soft rocks or stones.
  1. Rocky: Composed of or similar to the rock.
  1. Snowy: Like snow.
  1. Smudge: Mark 
  1. Simba: Lion
  1. Tom: A male cat.
  1. Tiger: The largest cat.
  1. Tigger: Tiger.

Boy Cat Names Unique

  1. Abeer: It’s a name of Arabic origin which means fragrance, perfume or aroma.
  1. Anchovy: A kind of fish.
  1. Carrillo: This is a nickname in Spanish for someone with peculiar cheeks.
  1. Clumsy: Ungraceful or chaotic. This can be an affectionate name for your spoiled tom.
  1. Dummler: A noisy person. 
  1. Earl: This name is of British origin, meaning “someone with high social status or position”.
  1. Impervious: It means unaffected. So, if your little boy doesn’t give a damn what you are saying to him then you may name him Impervious.
  1. Kai: This name has different meanings such as a shell, warrior, keeper of the keys, and sea. 
  1. Kenshiro: The man with seven scars. It’s a name of a warrior in the Japanese fiction “Fist of the North Star”. 
  1. Kekoa: It’s a Hawaiian name which means “the warrior” and “brave one”. 
  1. KipCat: KipCat is a cute-sounding affectionate name with no meaning.
  1. Locum: This name refers to a person who temporarily fulfils the duties of another person also known as a deputy.
  1. Lorenzo: It means “Laurel crown”.
  1. Mimosa: A flower. 
  1. Rhinestone: Artificial diamond.
  1. Scruffy: It’s an affectionate pet name, meaning “shaggy”. 
  1. Scribble: The one who scribbles objects such as walls, couches or chairs.
  1. Torajiro: It’s a name of Japanese origin which means ” tiger”.
  1. Waldo: A powerful ruler.
  1. Xanthium: A flowering plant with a head of a small greenish flower with hooked bristles.

Playful Boy Cat Names

This is a header image for Playful boy cat names showing two cartoons of kitten playing together
  1. Bouncy: Springy
  1. Buzz: A name for a vocal cat who keeps buzzing like a bee.
  1. Citrus: Tangy or sour. This name denotes the naughty nature of your cat.
  1. Drone: This is a name for male honey bees. It also means to make a continuous buzz.
  1. Fervour: Zeal or passion.
  1. Flashy: Here it refers to the one who is as quick as a flash of light. 
  1. Fizzy: Bubbly.
  1. Frisky: It means lovely and playful.
  1. Fury: Violent or furious.
  1. Glint: A short flash of light.
  1. Joyous: Joyful, happy or cheerful.
  1. Murmur: The one who makes a murmuring sound.
  1. Perky: Cheerful.
  1. Playful: Lively, active, agile. 
  1. Sparky: Energetic, enthusiastic.
  1. Spur: Spark 
  1. Urge: craving, want or desire.  
  1. Vivacious: Active or alert.
  1. Zeal: Fervour, gusto, passion, zest and some other meanings.
  1. Ziggy: Active, quick, and zesty.
  1. Zippy: Spirited, playful, active.

Funny Boy Cat Names

This is a header image for Funny boy cat names showing a vector graphic of grey cat smiling and playing with a wool roll
  1. Alfie: Inspired by Elf. Its other meanings are counsel and wise.
  1. Bingsu: It’s an abbreviation for a Korean ice cream called “Patbingsu”.
  1. Diablo: It means devil in Spanish.
  1. Horatio: This name is of Italian origin and means “timekeeper”.
  1. Mowgli: Mowgli is the popular lead character from The Jungle Book children’s story.
  1. Mr Boots: This name is suitable for male or boy cats that have socks or boots-like patterns on their legs
  1. Noodle: This name is suitable for cats with curly hair. It’s a world-famous food used in a variety of Asian dishes. 
  1. Pawsley: It’s an affectionate name which is inspired by the paws of pets. However, it doesn’t have a clear meaning.
  1. Pintoo: It’s an affectionate name from Hindi with no meaning.
  1. Odie: The Famous character from the Garfield comic movie. It has different meanings depending upon the contents some of them are Woad hill, off the valley or wealthy.
  1. Otto: It’s a German name which means “wealth”. So if you see your cat as your wealth then this cute name suits him perfectly.
  1. Pinocchio: A Walt Disney character who was a wooden puppet.
  1. Ramiccio: To be defined.
  1. Roe: This name has three meanings— river, deer and red. 
  1. Ryoko: Royoko is a name of Japanese origin. It means a child, cool or good.
  1. Scribble: Here it refers to the habit of cats scratching or scribbling walls or furniture.
  1. Skitter: The one who moves in a hurry. Choose this name if your cat is always in a hurry for no reason.
  1. Sox: This name signifies the socky pattern on the legs of cats.
  1. Spunky: It means courageous, brave and determined.
  1. Zuzu: If you remember Zuzu were the White characters with egg-shaped heads and ballooned bodies that appeared in commercials for Vodafone telecom company.

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Smart Boy Cat Names 

  1. Albert: It means someone who is noble or bright-minded.
  1. Akamai: Smart in Hawaiian
  1. Apollo: It means a destroyer in Greek.
  1. Callidus: This name means clever in Latin.
  1. Chatur: It’s a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning clever.
  1. Conrad: It has two meanings— bold and counsel.
  1. Danish: Danish is a name of Arabic origin which means intelligent and wise.
  1. Exynos: Intelligent or smart in Greek.
  1. Ethan: Strong or firm.
  1. Hugo: Hugo has its roots in German. It means “mind”.
  1. Kashikoi: Japanese name for someone smart.
  1. Ralph: It means a wolf or counsel.
  1. Raymond: Like Hugo, Raymond is a name of German origin too. It means famous protector, counselling protector, and wise protector.
  1. Ranger: It means a “forest guardian”.
  1. Ronald: It’s a Scandinavian name, meaning counsel and rule.
  1. Slim: It means smart in Dutch.
  1. Vivek: This is a Hindi name which means intelligence or someone who is intelligent.
  1. Zeky: It’s an Australian name which is used to refer to someone who is “intelligent and clever”.
  1. Zaheen: This name originated in Arabic. It means “intelligent and smart”. 
  1. Zaki: Zaki is also an Arabic name and means “smart”.

Powerful  Boy Cat Names  

  1. Blaster: The one who shatters, destroys or demolishes something. 
  1. Dagger: A sharp knife used as a weapon.
  1. Daredevil: Someone who likes to do dangerous things. What can be a better name for your daredevil cat than this one?
  1. Disaster: Here, it refers to the destructive nature of your tom.
  1. Duke: It means a nobleman.
  1. Explosion: Blast. This name denotes the explosive behaviour of your cat.
  1. Hulk: A superhero with an enormous body and super strong physique.
  1. Hunter: The one who hunts.
  1. Iron: A strong and hard metal.
  1. Jaguar: The third largest wild cat found naturally in the Amazon rainforests.
  1. Knight: A knight was a warrior or soldier of high rank that used to ride on a horse.
  1. Panther: A melanistic Jaguar or leopard that appears almost black.
  1. Spark: A flash of light.
  1. Storm/Stormy: Storm is valiant wind while stormy is an affectionate form of a storm.
  1. Stunner: Astoundingly beautiful or attractive person.
  1. Thor: A Superhero with a magical hammer.
  1. Thunder: The loud noise of clouds due to the transfer of charges. 
  1. Tiger: A strong and the largest wild cat.
  1. Titan: The one who has great strength or intellect.
  1. Typhoon: Very strong and violent winds accompanied by heavy rainfall.
  1. Warrior: Soldier.
  1. Viking: A warrior clan of the past.

Boy Cat Names From Movies

Boy Cat Names from Movies. This image shows a theatre screen
  1. Balboa: Inspired by Rocky Balboa from the Rocky series.
  1. Gandalf: From the Lord of the Ring.
  1. Gollum: From the Lord of the Rings.
  1. Harry: Inspired by the Harry Potter series.
  1. Jack: From Titanic 
  1. Jack Sparrow: From the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  1. James: Inspired by James Bond
  1. Joker: From Batman 
  1. Marty: Inspired by Marty McFly from the movie Back to the Future
  1. Maximus: If your cat is a fierce warrior then what can be a better name than Maximus from the movie “Gladiator”.
  1. Neo: From Matrix
  1. Rick: Inspired by Rick Dalton from the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  1. Terminator: From the Terminator.
  1. Tyler: Inspired by Tyler Durden from Fight Club played by Brad Pitt.
  1. Vito: From the Godfather.
  1. Wolverine: From X-men
  1. Yoda: From the Lord of the RIng.

Boy Cat Names Black 

  1. Bagheera: He was a black Panther from the children’s storybook “The Jungle Book”.
  1. Blake: Dark, bright, shining, and pale.
  1. Bran: A raven
  1. Carbon: A black non-metal mineral.
  1. Charcoal: The substance obtained after burning wood.
  1. Coal: A black non-metallic mineral.
  1. Cobra: A black venomous snake.
  1. Crow: A black bird with an irritating voice.
  1. Inky: Extremely dark or like ink.
  1. McFurry: The master of fur.
  1. Moon: The natural satellite of the earth. Here, it refers to the non-luminosity of the moon.
  1. Onyx: A dark black gemstone.
  1. Panther: A panther is a dark or black jaguar or leopard.
  1. Phantom: Spirit
  1. Tornado: Violent winds with circular motion.
  1. Typhoon: Tornado.
  1. Shaddy: Dark
  1. Smoky: Like, smoke.
  1. Soot: It’s a black powder which is obtained after burning something.
  1. Walrus: A large aquatic organism with long teeth that appears like a seal.

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Boy Cat Names White 

  1. Bantam: A long-haired white goat breed.
  1. Cloud: A mass of small droplets of water which floats in the sky.
  1. Cottonball: Anything that appears like a ball of cotton.
  1. Foam: A mixture of gas in water.
  1. Frosty: Like frost.
  1. Gleam: A flash of light.
  1. Hau: It’s a Hawaiian name for snow.
  1. Helder: Clear or bright.
  1. Marble: A white rock generally white in colour used in construction.
  1. Nebula: A large bright area in the sky of dust or smoke.
  1. Neva: It means “Snow” in Spanish.
  1. Nuvem: It means cloud.
  1. Polaris: A bright start.
  1. Siberian: Anything or anyone from Siberia, an extremely cold region in Russia.
  1. Snowy: Anything which looks like snow.
  1. Yun: It means a cloud in Chinese.
  1. Mr White: An affectionate name to signify the white colour of cats.
  1. Xing: A white goat breed of the Himalayan region.

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Boy Cat Names Black & White/Grey and White

  1. Dalmatian: A luxurious dog breed with a black and white polka dot pattern.
  1. Iruka: It means a Dolphin in Japanese.
  1. Lux: Brightness, radiance and shine.
  1. Marbled: Like, marble.
  1. Orca: A black and white aquatic mammal of the whale family.
  1. Olaf: It is a black-and-white character from the animated movie frozen.
  1. Osprey: A black and white breed of Hawk.
  1. Panda: A panda is a large black and white bear.
  1. Pingu: Taken from the cartoon “Pingu”, who was a black and white penguin.
  1. Polka: A pattern that has a white base and black dots all over it.
  1. Seagull:  A black & white bird.
  1. Shimauma: It’s a Japanese name for Zebra.
  1. Skunk: A black and white animal similar to a badger.
  1. Takshido: It’s a Japanese word for Tuxedo pattern.
  1. Tux: Tux is the shortened form of a Tuxedo. One of the popular names for tuxedo cats.
  1. Zebby:  It means an affectionate variant of the name Zebra.

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Boy Cat Names Orange 

  1. Amber: It’s a reddish-brown gemstone.
  1. Apple: Here, it refers to the colour of the apple.
  1. Butterscotch: A flavour of food.
  1. Cheesy: Full of cheese or resembling cheese in appearance.
  1. Cheeto: A popular snack made of cheese.
  1. Fire: Here, it refers to the orange colour of fire like orange cats.
  1. Foxy: Like a fox.
  1. Ginger: A buddy root used as an ingredient of food as well as a medicine and has a light brown colour. It is also an affectionate name for the orange tabby cat.
  1. Nutmeg: Nutmeg is a spice which has an orange colour.
  1. Orange: A juicy citrus fruit.
  1. Pumpkin: A yellow or orange fruit that is eaten as a vegetable.
  1. Roana: This name means reddish-brown in Spanish.
  1. Rufus: The one who has red hair.
  1. Russel: It also means someone who has red hair in Old English.
  1. Rustic: Like rust.
  1. Saffron: A dark orange powdered flower used to give colour and flavour to food.
  1. Sunny: Bright and like the sun.
  1. Tan: Reddish-brown colour.
  1. Topaz: A precious stone of yellow colour.
  1. Zaafran: It’s an original name for “Saffron” originated in Urdu.
  1. Zorro: Fox

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Boy Cat Names Grey 

  1. Argent: It means Silver in French.
  1. Ash: The residue left after burning wood has a grey colour.
  1. Cloud: Here it refers to the grey cloud.
  1. Grey: If your cat is grey you can call him “Grey” also.
  1. Dolphy: A pet-adapted variant of dolphin.
  1. Drizzle: Light rainfall that appears grey from a distance.
  1. Dusty: Anything that looks similar to dust.
  1. Grayson: This anime means the son of a grey-haired man. 
  1. Gris: Grey in Spanish
  1. Koala: Inspired by Koala bear
  1. Mackerel: A fish which has a grey colour.
  1. Mercury: A silvery metal.
  1. Nickel: Another metal that has a grey colour.
  1. Platinum: A precious metal that has silvery-grey colour.
  1. Rhino: A large mammal with a horn on its face and dark grey colour.
  1. Silver: A precious and shiny metal.
  1. Smog: Pollution of air that appears grey
  1. Wolfy: Like, wolf.

Boy Cat Names for Brown Cats

Header image for brown cat names for boys showing a vector graphic of a brown cat
  1. Brownie: A dark brown cake.
  1. Caramel: A concentrated sugar syrup that looks brown in colour.
  1. Choco: Shortened form of chocolate.
  1. Cider: A non-alcoholic drink made of apples that has a light brown or dark brown colour.
  1. Coco: Abbreviation for coconut.
  1. Cocoa: These are the beans which the chocolate is made from.
  1. Cola: A flavour of soft drinks. 
  1. Cookie: Biscuits.
  1. Honey: A substance obtained from bee hives used as an ingredient in food as well as eaten raw.
  1. Lion: A large wild cat of light brown colour.
  1. Muffin: Brown and rounded cupcakes.
  1. Mr Brown: An affectionate name for brown male cats.
  1. Musky: Like musk.
  1. Nutella: A dark, viscous and chocolaty bread spread.
  1. Nuts: Dry fruits with hard shells.
  1. Puma: Also known as a mountain lion. It is smaller than a lion but similar in colour.
  1. Rock: Here, it refers to the brown colour of many rocks.
  1. Sandy: Anything that looks similar to sand.
  1. Tan: Reddish-brown colour.
  1. Wood: Hard substance obtained from trees.
  1. Walnut: A brown nut.


That’s it! Now you have a huge collection of boy cat names to choose from, not only this time but also in the future. You may bookmark this web page so that you can directly reach here whenever you have to name a male cat or give suggestions to others. If you liked these 289 Boy Cat Names then do share them on your social circles. If you want to give suggestions then reach out to us in the comment or via our official mail.