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Arabic Cat Names- Muslim Names for Cats

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Looking for Arabic Cat Names for your new cat or kitten? Indeed, Muslim Cat Names reflect the rich tapestry of this ancient language and give us a glimpse of the ancient culture. 

Arabic names for cats are ideal for honouring your cat’s regal nature, ooze elegance, grace, and a hint of intrigue, just like the Arabic culture itself.

In our database, we have a treasure trove of names inspired by nature, celestial bodies, historical figures and modern Western cat names that are now popular among cat parents in Arabia. 

Each name suggested here, has its unique charm, and story, and highlights a different aspect of a cat’s personality. 

So, in this read, I’m gonna introduce you to a diverse array of Arabic names for cats, carefully curated to suit various traits, appearances, and temperaments. I have also a funny interpretation of some of the names suggested here.

Arabic Cat Names for Male

An orange and white male cat wearing an arabian Shemagh
An orange and white male cat wearing an Arabian shemagh
  1. Abeer: It means scent or fragrance in Arabic.
  1. Absi: It means ‘myrtle’ which is a kind of shrub that produces aromatic white flowers. 
  1. Adawi: Friendly, Companion.
  1. Almairi: The name “Almairi” doesn’t have a specific meaning in English as it is an Arabic name. It is often used as a surname to indicate family origin or affiliation.
  1. Antar: This cat is courageous and never feels scared of anything. 
  1. Aqib:  It means eagle. The name for a cat who pounces on his toy like an eagle. 
  1. Aqil: This cat is Intelligent and wise and understands her dad’s every command.
  1. Asad: It’s an Arabic word for Lion.
  1. Asal: Best suited for Ginger cats this name means honey.
  1. Auryo: It’s an Arabic variant of the English word  ‘Oreo’ which is a famous chocolate biscuit.
  1. Az: It’s a short and attractive Arabic name that means determination and power.
  1. Azer: This name is suggested for large cat breeds with strong personalities and little stubbornness as it means a mountain.
  1. Badr: It means Full Moon. 
  1. Bahr: Think of the aqua blue eyes of your cat name him ‘Bahr’. It means Sea or ocean.
  1. Bahir: If your cat has a glossy coat that attracts everyone’s attention then go for ‘Bahir’, meaning dazzling and brilliant.
  1. Banju: Adapted from the English word ‘Banjo; which is a musical instrument.
  1. Batuta: An ancient explorer from Arabia.
  1. Bisu: Well this name has different meanings in different languages. In Arabic, it means a bright star.
  1. Beke: A cute name with no clear meaning.
  1. Fahd: It’s a great name for spotted cat breeds which look like miniature wild cats. It means cheetah and leopard.
  1. Faran: This cat is a wanderer and traveller. He loves walking on a leash with his dad/mom.
  1. Fa’iq: It means Fabulous. This name is suggested for cats with luxurious coats.
  1. Fa’iz: This name means victorious. He’s the guardian of the house. 
  1. Fawz: Arabic word for ‘victory’. 
  1. Feego: Derived from the English name ‘Figo’, meaning fig fruit.
  1. Ghadi: Destiny
  1. Geme: Arabic version of the name ‘Jimmy’ which is itself a nickname for James.
  1. Haml: Arabic word for Lamb. This name refers to the soft fur of long-haired cats.
  1. Hammad: It’s a pure Arabic name used to refer to someone who praises God.
  1. Hariq: Think of giving this name to orange or tan cats. It means blaze. 
  1. Hashem: This is a perfect name for spoiled cats. It means the Crusher or Destroyer.
  1. Hilal:  The Crescent Moon.
  1. Hindi: Means Indian in Arabic. 
  1. Hisham: The generous one. 
  1. Jadeed: It means new and fresh. This name is suitable for cats who make you feel as if you have just taken a breath of fresh air every time you see them.
  1. Jameel: He’s a beautiful and handsome cat who has a large fan following on Instagram. 
  1. Juju: Derived from the affectionate name ‘JoJo’ that doesn’t have meaning.
  1. Jazeera: It means a Peninsula or an island.
  1. Jubail: A large city in the Arabian peninsula.
  1. Khan: He’s a cat who always makes you realise that he’s the real owner of the house and not you. This name means a leader and ruler.
  1. Liyon or Leon: Arabic version of the word Lion.
  1. Luz: Almond. This Arabic name would be suitable for cats with brown, creme or fawn coats. 
  1. Manaam: It means a dream.
  1. Miro: A great choice to name a cat who has a calm personality. It means sweet and pleasant.
  1. Meke: Arabic variant of ‘Micky’. 
  1. Mulham: This name never lets you do any task alone. He’s always ready to help you in your work with her tiny paws. This name means helpful.
  1. Murees: Derived from the Latin name ‘Morris’ It means a person with dark skin.
  1. Nawar: Means radiant and luminous.
  1. Najm: A Star. A name for cats whose eyes twinkle like a star. 
  1. Namir: This name means a ‘Tiger’. He’s a brave, extroverted and aggressive cat.
  1. Nayef: The one who belongs to a Nobel ancestry.
  1. Olifer: Arabic word for the name ‘Oliver’, meaning olive tree.
  1. Ossi: It means a Leaping Warrior. This cat loves to play with its owner with interactive toys.
  1. Radi: Means satisfied and content.
  1. Rashid: Arabic name for anyone who is ‘Rightly Guided and Wise’.
  1. Rayyaan: Meaning brilliant. This cat fascinates everyone with his intelligence.
  1. Rehan:  Basil.
  1. Riyaz or Riyadh: Gardens. It’s a name for a cat who mostly spends her time in the cat garden. 
  1. Rumman: It’s a beautiful name for cats with tan or ruddy coats. It means ‘Pomegranate’. 
  1. Sabeeh: Morning.
  1. Sadeeq: Arabic word for friend. 
  1. Sahir: This name means charming and enchanting. He’s a cat with unique fur and an extraordinarily beautiful coat. 
  1. Salmi: Someone who is endearing and beautiful.
  1. Salghaster: Arabic variant of the English name ‘Sylvester’, meaning ‘from the forest’. 
  1. Semba: This cat is an Arabic Lion King as this name is adopted from the character ‘Simba’ of the movie ‘The Lion King’. 
  1. Shahat: It’s a funny name that means ‘beggar’. Give this name to a cat who begs for food 24 x 7.
  1. Shallal: Here, it refers to the agility of cats because it means a waterfall.
  1. Shibl:  A cub of a lion. 
  1. Shams: Arabic word for the sun.
  1. Shihaab: This name is suggested for white cats. It means a shooting star.
  1. Shuja: Someone who is brave.
  1. Swaqar: Another word for falcon.
  1. Tariq: The Morning Star(Venus), Night Visitor.
  1. Toony: This name is derived from the English name ‘Tony’.
  1. Zabi: It means an antelope. 
  1. Zaitoon: Means olive in Arabic. 
  1. Zahl: Saturn. This name is for cats who love wearing cat collars that are analogously related to the ring around Saturn.
  1. Zahran: It means blooming or blossoming
  1. Zanjabil: Ginger, clearly this name is suggested for ginger cats. 

Arabic Cat Names for Females

An orange and white kitten wearing a white  Arabic shemagh
An orange and white kitten wearing a white Arabic shemagh
  1. Aash: Ash, this name is suitable for grey, smoke and chinchilla cats. 
  1. Aadiya:  Arabic variant of visiting or returning.
  1. Ahood: Loyal, a name for a cat who has a dog-like personality.
  1. Alqama: It is a kind of sword. This name signifies the aggressiveness and courage of your kitty. 
  1. Amaira: A very beautiful girl.
  1. Ameera: It means a princess. 
  1. Amouna: This name means loyal, helpful and trustworthy. Just like your furry friend who is your loyal companion.
  1. Anaya: Careful or beautiful.
  1. Anoud: It means a Brave girl. Give this name to your brave cat.
  1. Areej: Means scent or fragrance.
  1. Ashlee: Arabic variant of the  Ashley that means a meadow of Ash trees.
  1. Badriyya: It’s a feminine version of the male Arabic name ‘Badr’, meaning the full Moon.
  1. Bahira: Another feminine form of the male name ‘Bahir’, meaning dazzling and brilliant.
  1. Banafsaj: Violet.
  1. Bandeet: Derived from the English name ‘Bandit’, meaning a robber. 
  1. Barq: A name for a cat who is a four-legged powerhouse. This name means lightning.
  1. Bisma: The one who praises, the caregiver and is obedient.
  1. Charmila: A cat who is attractive and Enchanting. 
  1. Dima: She’s an aggressive cat whose voice is like thunder or lightning.
  1. Faten: Tempting, fascinating and attractive. 
  1. Fariha: This cat always remains happy.
  1. Ghadeel: A name for the who is unstoppable. It means Stream, Brook.
  1. Ghayma or Ghaymah: Give this name to white, black or grey cats it means a cloud.
  1. Hanaine: Happiness or the one who stays happy.
  1. Haloo: Sweet. 
  1. Hulm: Dream.
  1. Husna: She is a beautiful cat who mesmerises everyone with her beauty. 
  1. Ishraq: Suggested for orange female cats. It means sunshine.
  1. Ibtisam:  It means a Smile. This name is for a cat that has a pleasant and calm personality.
  1. Ilma: Intelligent, educated and wise.
  1. Jameela: For a cat who is beautiful, elegant and charming. 
  1. Jawhar: Jewel or Essence. She’s a jewel of your home.
  1. Jaysi: This name is derived from the name “Jessi” which itself is the shortened form of Jessica.
  1. Karmila: It means a garden. 
  1. Kasber: Casper.
  1. Lam’aan: Luminosity.
  1. Layan: Prosperous life.
  1. Lumna: This name means brilliant light.
  1. Lubna: A girl who has milky white colour. Clearly, this name is for white cats. 
  1. Layla: Arabic word for night. 
  1. Leen: A soft and gentle girl.
  1. Leza: Arabic form of Leeza that means joy or God’s promise.
  1. Lina: Light and beautiful girl.
  1. Luluah: Feminine form of ‘Lulu’ meaning a ‘Pearl’.
  1. Maha: This is a pretty popular name in Arabia for a girl with beautiful eyes.
  1. Masa/Masah: Diamond. 
  1. Mashakisa: She’s a mischievous cat.
  1. Mishaal: It’s an Arabic word for a torch or beacon. 
  1. Mishu: This name is a nickname for Mishaal.
  1. Moona: Arabic variant of ‘Mona’. 
  1. Naayab: Precious.
  1. Nabila: A noblewoman. Here, it means a noble cat.
  1. Namal:  Suggested for small breeds of cats. It means an ant.
  1. Nameera: Illuminating, bright or sparkling.
  1. Nargis: Daffodil 
  1. Nawara: For a cat with a radiant, Luminous, and glossy coat.
  1. Nayla: Achiever, Attainer.
  1. Noora/Noori: Shining, radiant, sparkling and some other meanings.
  1. Nuha: An Intelligent girl.
  1. Numaya: Visible, clear or famous. 
  1. Oud: A woody fragrance or a tree whose bark is used to produce that fragrance.
  1. Rahma: A kind girl.
  1. Rayam: It means wind.
  1. Ru’ya: Arabic for a dream.
  1. Reem: A name for a naughty, entertaining and adventurous cat. It means a gazelle.
  1. Safwa: Elite girl.
  1. Shaheen: It’s a pretty popular name for humans too. It’s the Arabic name for Peregrine Falcon.
  1. Sila: It’s a cute-sounding name with no clear meaning in Arabic.
  1. Sukra: Joyful and happy.
  1. Uswah: Role model or example.
  1. Warda: Arabic word for rose.
  1. Yara: This name means a butterfly in Arabic. 

Top 11 Arabic Cat Names

Here’s the list of the Top 11 Arabic Names for cats. Note that this list is based on my personal choice and not on any survey.

A list of 11 Arabic Names for Cats Infographic
A List of 11 Arabic Names for Cats Infographic

This was all about Arabic Cat Names for now. But I promise that I’ll update the blog post very soon and include some more cute cat names in Arabic. Meanwhile, you may continue exploring this site. Here. you’ll find a collection of cat names based on different languages. I hope that you liked this blog post. Don’t forget to share this post with your gang of cat lovers and follow us on other social media accounts given below to get updates about our latest content. 

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