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461 Cat Names(With Meanings) 2022-Male, Female, Most Popular -Zippy Pet

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Have you ever asked your pals on Reddit, Facebook or Twitter to suggest you some cat names?

If yes then you are well aware that the majority of your connections just ignore the post. So, you get a very short list of names in your hand. What is more disheartening is that even among those names, a few of them are really good; and the least of them have good meanings too. So, most of the time your efforts end up without a success. Huh! Problem. 

Well, don’t worry at all!  I fully understand your problem that your little buddy still doesn’t have a name and you want to give her/him a beautiful name that suits her personality ASAP. 

And that’s why today I came up with a list of 461 Cat Names (along with their meanings) so you can have plenty of choices to consider. And then finally choose the one or two that you liked the most. 

But before you proceed, make sure that you have a pen and paper in your hand or a notepad opened on the laptop or cellphone so that you can make a shortlist of all those names that you liked while reading and then reconsider them in the next sitting.

Alright, let’s jump right to the list.

Top 180 Female/Girls Cat Names

this image is used as a heading for cat names for female cats


  1. Allie: noble, stone harmony
  1. Alma: the exact origin is unknown. It means fostering, kind, refreshing and beautiful.
  1. Amber:  an orange gemstone.
  1. Ana: a Spanish name, meaning “favoured grace. This name is a variation of the

            Hebrew name ‘Anne’ or ‘Hanna’.

  1. Angela: the female version of ‘Angel
  1. Angelica: Anglicised version of the Latin name ‘Angelicus’ which means an angel.
  1. Angelina: another version for the feminine version of angel
  1. Aura: means women in Arabic
  1. Ashley: a family name derived from two words of old English æsc (ash)  lēah (forest glade), meaning from the ash tree field(forest).
  1. Aspen: it is derived from the old English word ‘aespe’ or ‘aepse’, which means shaking a polar tree.


  1. Bubble: it means a ball of air or gas floating in the liquid or air. A super cute name for chubby cats.
  1. Beatrix: traveller or voyager
  1. Blue: a colour 

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  1. Cali: a beautiful and lovely girl.
  1. Caramel: sticky and viscous boiled sugar used as a flavouring agent. 
  1. Cheeku: 
  1. Clara: a name in the Latin language which means famous, clear and bright. A perfect name to name a white cat.
  1. Charming: someone who is attractive and influential.
  1. Charisma: the quality to fascinate or influence people (aka charm).
  1. Chloe: A great name to name a kitten as this name is used to refer to young shoots of foliage that grow in springs.
  1. Cinnamon: an orangish-brown spice known for its medicinal properties and unique fragrance. This is one of the most famous names to name an orange cat.
  1. Çilek: means strawberries in Turkish.
  1. Cumin: a spice
  1. Cyra: this name has multiple origins(English, Greek, Persian) and multiple meanings. The sun, throne and born in the light are some commonly known meanings.


  1. Deborah: a Hebrew name which means a bee.
  1. Desert: a large area filled with sand; usually has low rainfall and sparse vegetation. The name will be best to name orange cats.
  1. Dinky: the name is of Punjabi origin which means very cute.
  1. Dixie: it refers to a region in the US called Old South. The name has its roots in England and France.
  1. Diva: it means a powerful woman, beloved and has some other meanings too.
  1. Davina: a girl name of Hebrew or Scottish origin, meaning beloved.
  1. Dora: a Greek name that means a gift or ‘God’s gift’.
  1. Dork: it’s a cute name for badass cats. Generally, it refers to a weird person.
  1. Duchess: feminine version of a duke. It refers to a girl or woman who holds the rank of a duke or to the wife or widow of a duke. 


  1. Ebony: a type of hardwood or hardwood tree whose wood is so dark that it almost looks black. This is one of the famous female black cat names.
  1. Echo: repeating the sound. A great name to give your talkative feline friend.
  1. Eden: the place of pleasure.
  1. Eloise: the Anglicised version of the French name  Éloïse, meaning healthy or wide.
  1. Elena: a Greek name which means a ‘shining light’. 
  1. Elora: a name of Greek origin which means ‘a sun ray’.
  1. Emerald: a beautiful gemstone which has a green colour. 


  1. Fairy: a good character mythical creature with wings and magical powers.
  1. Farmina: achiever, attractive, peacemaker
  1. Flora: vegetation growing in a particular area.
  1. Fiona: the Latin version of the Gaelic word ‘Fionn’ which means fair.
  1. Foxy: like a fox in appearance. One of my personal recommendations for naming a long-haired cat.
  1. Frost: a thin layer of ice that deposits on surfaces during winter.


  1. Gem: a diminutive form of gemstone
  1. Ginger: a medical root used as a spice and flavouring agent. Ginger is the most 

popular name to name an orange cat.

  1. Gold: a yellow coloured precious metal.
  1. Grace: beauty, elegance.
  1. Gracie: angel or protector.
  1. Gülşen: a Turkish name originally from Persia. It means a garden. In Urdu, it is written as ‘Gulshan’.
  1. Gazelle: a kind of antelope.


  1. Haily: a unisex name which originally is a surname from England. It refers to those from hay fields.
  1. Hannah: grace 
  1. Hornet: a yellow insect similar to a bee that has a powerful sting.
  1. Heidi: a diminutive for ‘Adelheid’, meaning a noble by birth or nobility.
  1. Heather: a name of Scottish origin which means shrubs that grow in rocky areas with white or pink flowers.
  1. Henna: a natural dye which leaves red or orange colour.
  1. Hubble: plie or heap. Another good name for chubby cats(but you must try to bring down her weight under the supervision of a registered veterinarian.
  1. Hayma: An Arabic name, meaning recurring love. It has completely different meanings in other languages.


  1. Ira: a Sanskrit name which means ‘the earth’. It has different meanings in some other languages. 
  1. Iram: a name of Arabic origin. It means ‘heaven’.
  1. Iris: it has multiple meanings such as a flower, a bird, a rainbow and a small region inside the eye.
  1. Isha: means night in Arabic.
  1. Ishara: an Arabic name, that means a sign, identity or instruction.
  1. Ishu: it is a unisex name of Indian origin, meaning beautiful.
  1. Isle: a small island.
  1. Isthmus: a narrow piece of land that is surrounded by water and joins two large pieces of land.
  1. Ivory: the white tusks of an elephant or pale white.


  1. Jane: a name of English origin which stands for the phrase ‘God is gracious.
  1. Jennifer: it means fair and smooth. The name originated in Welsh.
  1. Jenny: a diminutive for Jennifer.
  1. Juno: a name of Latin origin, meaning ‘queen of heaven’.
  1. Jolly: happy
  1. July: the seventh month of the year. A great one to name the kitten who was born in July.


  1. Kanishka: it’s an Indian name which means made of gold.
  1. Kim: a diminutive for ‘Kimberly’. This name is of English origin which means ‘Cyneburg’s field. However, in Korean, it means ‘gold’.
  1. Kindle: to make anything start to burn
  1. Kite: a predatory bird.
  1. Kitkat: a famous brand of chocolate.


  1. Lamia: in Arabic, it means shining or radiant.
  1. Laurel: an evergreen aromatic tree whose leaves(bay leaves) are used as a spice or flavouring agent.
  1. Layla: a name of Arabic origin, meaning ‘night’.
  1. Laser: extremely powerful light tha can be used as a tool. An excellent name for energetic cats.
  1. Leah: means delicate in Hebrew.
  1. Lora: the modern version of the Latin name ‘Laurel’.
  1. Life: the quality or state of being alive or not dead.
  1. Lokum: a Turkish delight(confectionery)\
  2. Iora
  1. Lumi: Finnish word for snow
  1. Luna: a name of Latin origin which means ‘the moon’.
  1. Lustre: shine or radiance


  1. Maeve: intoxicating.
  1. Marble: an attractive metamorphic rock used as a building material. I would love to give this name to white or classic tabby cats. 
  1. Maureen: a Gaelic name, meaning ‘star of the sea’. 
  1. Meeko: an Irish name that means wise, strength and great.
  1. Mia: the name of Egyptian origin. It means mine or beloved.
  1. Mica: a crystalline shiny mineral. This name is suitable for all cats that have beautiful shiny coats.
  1. Mishka: an Indian name which means light.
  1. Mocha: a kind of high-quality coffee. A great one to name cats that have brown coats. 
  1. Molly: a star of the sea.
  1. Moonlight: reflected light from the moon.
  1. Morgaine: a classic name for girls, which means a bright sea dweller or great brightness.
  1. Mouser: mouse catcher. So, if your naughty baby catches a lot of mice then you may name mouser.
  1. Munchy: the one who eats in small bites and makes noises while eating. Give this name to cats or kittens who are fussy eaters.


  1. Nala: a famous cartoon character from the movie ‘The Lion King’.
  1. Naina: a name of Indian origin that means eyes or the girl with beautiful eyes.
  1. Névé: means bright or shiny in Irish 
  1. Nilima: an Indian name that means ‘blueness’ it refers to the dawn or blue colour of the sky.
  1. Nimbus: a mythological luminous cloud
  1. Nola: the girl with white shoulders.
  1. Nourie: it’s Arabic which means a girl with a beautiful face or with the light of wisdom.
  1. Noreen: another version of the name Nourie.


  1. Ori: it is a Hebrew name which means ‘my light’.
  1. Orange: a colour and a fruit.
  1. Onyx: an orange gemstone.


  1. Peach: a pale yellow pulpy fruit.
  1. Plum: a soft, pulpy and round fruit with red or yellow skin and a stone in the middle.
  1. Peppa: the lead character of the famous cartoon ‘Peppa Pig’.
  1. Poppy: it is a Latin name which means a red flower.
  1. Pounce: a means to grab o catch the prey in a swoop.
  1. Pristine: pure
  1. Purity: free from contamination.


  1. Quartz: a crystalline hard and transparent or translucent rock used to make accurate watches.
  1. Quincie: is a name of French origin which means ‘the estate of the fifth son’.
  1. Quinn: wise and intelligent.


  1. Ray: a line of light
  1. Rachel: it’s a Hebrew name, meaning ‘ewe’.
  1. Raima: an Indian/Hindi name which means pleasing.
  1. Reem: means deer in Arabic.
  1. Relish: to enjoy something.
  1. Renault: a name of Latin or French origin, meaning ‘the ruler’s advisor.
  1. Risa: a beautiful Spanish name which means the one whose laughter is like a song.
  1. Rosa: the Italian word for ‘rose’.


  1. Sapphire: a  blue gemstone.
  1. Sesame: seeds of a tropical plant which are used as an ingredient in cooking and well as o extract oil.
  1. Simone: a name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God had heard’.
  1. Snowdrop: a drop of snow.
  1. Snowflake: a tiny piece of frozen water that falls with other similar particles as snow.
  1. Snow White: physical appearance like snow. The name is famous because it was the main character of a children’s story titled ‘Snow White’ written by the Brothers Grimm.
  1. Sue: it means lily in Hebrew.
  1. Summer:  the hottest season of the year.
  1. Suraiyya: the name of Arabic origin which has multiple meanings such as polite, creation as well as the name of a constellation. 
  1. Sushi: a Japanese name, which means raw fish.


  1. Tale: a fictional story.
  1. Tasha: an Arabic means that means will or desire.
  1. Terra: means the earth in Latin.
  1. Tia: a Spanish and Portuguese name meaning ‘aunt’.
  1. Toy: something that can be played with.
  1. Twix: a caramel chocolate bar.


  1. Ulva: a name of German origin that means a wolf.
  1. Umaima: an Arabic name, meaning, little mother.
  1. Unique: one of a kind.
  1. Urvi: it is an Indian name for girls that means the earth and river.
  1. Ursule: little she-bear in Scandinavian. 


  1. Victoria: a Latin name that means victory.
  1. Vidya: it is an Indian name which means education.
  1. Viola: purple in Latin
  1. Violet: purple
  1. Veronica: a name of Latin origin, meaning true image.


  1. Wendy: friend
  1. Whitney: a white island
  1. Willow: a tree
  1. Wilma: from German, meaning ‘resolute protection.
  1. Winnie: this name originated in  Welsh. It means fair, white, hope, happiness and pure.


  1. Xandra: the defender of mankind.
  1. Xena: it means a guest or stranger
  1. Xenia: a welcomed guest in Greek


  1. Yadira: a beautiful Arabic name, meaning worthy and suitable.
  1. Yana: stands for ‘God is Gracious’ in Hebrew.
  1. Yasmin: an Arabic name which changed to jasmine in English.
  1. Yasti: Slim
  1. Yezdi: it is an Arabic name which means successful and affluence.


  1. Zara: it’s an Arabic name, meaning radiance.
  1. Zion: a name of Hebrew origin which means the highest point.
  1. Zelenski: a Slavic name, meaning green.
  1. Zoey: means life in Greek.
  1. Zola: a girl name of Latin origin which means a lump of earth or mound.
  1. Zuri: means beautiful in Swahili.

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Top 161 Males/Boys Cat Names

this image is used as a heading for cat names for male cats


  1. Alex: a diminutive for Alexander who was a great king from Macedonia.
  1. Arden: this name is of Latin origin and means ‘the great forest’. 
  1. Arlo: an Old English name that means a fortified hill.
  1. Awesome: fantastic


  1. Barbarossa: it means Brave or Fierce in French
  1. Bagheera: a black panther from a famous children’s classic storybook called ‘The Jungle Book’ written by Rudyard Kipling. 
  1. Bailey: a debt collector
  1. Bear: a large omnivore which has a chubby body, large head and very long and dense coat. This would suit a long-haired male cat.
  1. Beau: a French name which means beloved, beautiful and someone who is admirable.
  1. Bob: an English name, meaning bright or fame.
  1. Bond: Here it refers to James Bond.
  1. Bourbon: A surname of the royal family(dynasty) of France.
  1. Bruce: the willow land or the forest where the willow trees grow.
  1. Brutus: it means dull or stupid. It’s a great name for your badass spoiled kitten.
  1. Bunny: rabbit. 
  1. Buster: strong and tough guy
  1. Buzz: here it refers to the one who makes quick and constant noises. It’s one of my favourites for talkative cats. 


  1. Caesar: a Roman emperor Julius Caesar
  1. Casper: a treasurer.
  1. Ceres: a dwarf planet (like Pluto).
  1. Champ: diminutive for the champion.
  1. Chester: an Old English name meaning, ‘the camp of soldiers’.
  1. Conqueror: the one who conquers choose this name if your handsome conquers the heart of whoever sees him.
  1. Cosmo: the world or universe.
  1. Cujo: Anglicised version of the West African name ‘Kudjo’ which means the one who was born on Monday.
  1. Cyclone: extremely violent wind that moves in a circle often accompanied by heavy rainfall. A perfect name for your mischievous tom. 


  1. Daffy: means beloved in Hebrew
  1. Dagger: a knife that is used as a weapon.
  1. Dahlia: a beautiful flower that looks similar to a marigold.
  1. Dandelion: a bright yellow flower. Give this name to orange cats.
  1. Dan: the diminutive for Daniel, which means beautiful
  1. Delta: a triangular landmass that a river forms before it enters the sea.
  1. Diamond: a shiny and precious substance used in making jewellery. Also, it is the hardest and the most precious substance on the earth known till now.
  1. Dobby: the name of an elf n the movie Harry Potter.
  1. Discoverer: the one who discovers something. This name is suitable for inquisitive cats.
  1. Dix: diminutive for Dixon which means a strong leader.
  1. Duncan: the anglicised version of the Scottish and Irish name Donnchadh, meaning chieftain and the brown-haired man.
  1. Dusty: anything which looks like dust in appearance.
  1. Dude: a man
  1. Duke: a name of English origin which was a title of nobility. Its other meaning is ‘the leader’.


  1. Earl: it’s a boys’ name of North American origin which means a warrior.
  1. Edgar: it is a name of Middle English that means fortunate and powerful. Also, it is the name of a king in the past.
  1. Elf: a mythological dwarf creature which is similar to humans in appearance but has longer ears and nose. 
  1. Elmer: the name is of German origin it has multiple meanings such as famous, weapon, and noble. 
  1. Envoy: ambassador.
  1. Enzo: a possible variant of Heinz, meaning powerful ruler or ruler of the house.
  2. Ethan: strong, firm and safe.
  3. Eugene: French form of the name Eugenius in Latin and Greek from Eugenios. It means well-born or noble.


  1. Fawn: a pale yellow or brown colour. A cute and simple name for cream cats.
  1. Flint: a nickname for someone who is strong physically.
  1. Foam: a soft rubber-like material that is used for cushioning in seats.
  1. Fog: white cloud formed near the surface of the earth during winter.
  1. Fredi: it means a peaceful ruler. Also, used as a diminutive for Frederick.
  1. Freak: a person who is passionate about something.
  1. Frisco: a free-man.
  1. Fritz: another diminutive for Fredrick. Its meaning is the same as Fredi’s (peaceful 


  1. Füer: this name is derived from the German name ‘Feuer’, meaning fire.


  1. Giant: huge.
  1. Goblin: a tiny creature who tricks others. Give this name to your badass tom.
  1. Goodman: it’s clear from the name itself that it means a man who has a good character.
  1. Goofy: it’s the name of a dog in a cartoon.


  1. Hailey: an English surname which means a  person who lives in a hayfield.
  1. Handsome: attractive and good looking.
  1. Harry: diminutive for the German name’ ‘Heimerich’, meaning a powerful ruler. 
  1. Herbert: a name of German origin that means illustrious warrior.
  1. Herald: it means ‘the one who proclaims’ as well as an army commander.
  1. Hobbit: a fictional creature similar to humans but has smaller height and hairy feet.
  1. Hoopoe: a beautiful bird.
  1. Hunter: the one who hunts.


  1. Ice: frozen water.
  1. Iceman: a man skilled in moving on ice or who stays calm under pressure.
  1. Island: a small piece of land surrounded by water from all sides.


  1. Jasper: possibly of Persian origin, it means a treasurer.
  1. Jaguar: a larger wild cat found in the Amazon rainforest of South America.
  1. Jerry: here, it refers to ‘Jerry’ the mouse in ‘The Tom & Jerry Show’ cartoon.
  1. Jupiter: is the fifth and the largest planet in the solar system.
  1. Josh: here it refers to ‘Josh’ in Hindi which means ‘full of energy.
  1. Jaxon: an evergreen name, meaning ‘son of Jack/John’.


  1. Kevin: handsome.
  1. Killer: another badass name for a cat. Here, it refers to the extremely fascinating appearance.
  1. Kook: it is a surname of Welsh origin used for a person with red hair or a rosy complexion.
  1. Knight: a title of honour given high-ranked soldier who can use the tile Sir/Dame in front of his name.


  1. Lark: a playful songbird.
  1. Leo: Lion in Greek.
  1. Lemon: a tropical yellow citrus fruity used to give sour flavour to foods and drinks.
  1. Lemonade: a mocktail made primarily of lemon and sugar.
  1. Liam: a diminutive form of the Irish name Uilliam that means ‘a willed warrior’ or ‘a protector’
  1. Lobster: a large sailfish with eight legs that look similar to a crab.


  1. Mac: it is an Irish name that means ‘son of’ so it is placed before the name person’s father. In modern times, it is also used as a nickname.
  1. Macho: referred to someone who uses his strength and courage in an aggressive way.
  1. Majestic: royal and dignified.
  1. Mario: a name of Latin origin which means a hammer.
  1. Merlin: it is a name o Welsh origin that means a sea fortress.
  1. Meteor: small pieces of rock in space; on entering the earth’s atmosphere the meteor makes a bright line of light.
  1. Mickey: here refers to ‘Micky Mouse’ one of the most famous Walt Disney characters.
  1. Ming: a dynasty in China.
  1. Mowgli: the lead character of a children’s storybook  ‘The Jungle Book’ who was raised by a pack of wolves.
  1. Murphy: a sea warrior.


  1. Neko: means a cat in Japanese
  1. Neo: New or gift in Latin.
  1. Noir: the French word for black.
  1. Nugget: small pieces of valuable metals or food.
  1. Nolan: famous, noble and champion.
  1. Noddy: a fictional character of a children’s storybook and cartoon by Enid Blyton.


  1. Odie: a unisex name that means ‘wealthy’ or ‘of the valley’. It is a variant of the word ‘Otis’ and ‘Odell’.
  1. Oggy: the name of a famous cartoon character from ‘Oddy and the cockroaches’.
  1. Olaf: name of Norse origin which means relic or ancient heritage.
  1. Olive: a pale green or black fruit used to extract oil and as a food ingredient.
  1. Onyx: a black gemstone.
  1. Orange: a juicy, sweet and citrus fruit with thick skin and divided into sections from the inside.
  1. Oreo: the famous three-layered cookie with two layers of chocolate biscuits at extremes and cream as the middle layer.
  1. Oz: a Hebrew name, meaning strength.


  1. Panda: a very funny black and white bear found in China that is known for its comical acts.
  1. Pedro: stone or rock in Latin
  1. Platinum: a precious metal looks silvery in colour but is more expensive than both silver and white gold.
  1. Pluto: a dwarf planet, which was considered the ninth planet of the solar system before 2006.
  1. Pie: a pastry consisting of fruits or meat.
  1. Pinocchio:
  1. Polaris: the North Star
  1. Pug: a cute breed of dog. Name your cat pug and you will have a cat and a dog. LOL

  1. Ralph: famous  wolf 
  1. Raven: a medium-sized blackbird with an unpleasant voice.
  1. Roar: a deep and loud sound made by large cats.
  1. Romeo: a Roaman citizen or pilgrim to roam. 
  1. Rufus: means ‘red’ in Latin.
  1. Rupert: a name of German origin which means ‘fame bright’.


  1. Samurai: a Japanese soldier in feudal Japan.
  1. Simba: the name of a lion who was a fictional character in Walt Disney’s franchise named ‘The Lion King’.
  1. Simon: adopted from Greek, this name means someone with a flat nose. So, it’s a perfect name for a Persian or Himalayan Tom.
  1. Sky: the space that we can see from the earth consisting of the sun, the moon, planets and stars.
  1. Smarty: very attractive and handsome.
  1. Smoothy: a thick and creamy drink made of yoghurt, fruits and sugar.
  1. Smudge: dart and sooty in appearance. This name is suitable for grey, silver and chinchilla cats. 
  1. Snowman: a man who lives in snow. 
  1. Snowwolf: Arctic wolf
  1. Snowball: a ball.of snow
  1. Spencer: Another evergreen name for boys, meaning administrator or steward.
  1. Sputnik: world’s first spaceship launched by U.S.S.R
  1. Spunk: it means ‘sponge’ in Latin and ‘spark’ in Scottish.
  1. Spy: a person who tries to find or uncover secret information. If your bad boy is one who keeps exploring the kitchen and other places, name him this one.
  1. Squeaky: the one who squeaks. A cute and pretty famous name for cats who communicate in a low voice.
  1. Stevie: the crown


  1. Tatertot: a fried snack made of potatoes.
  1. Thunder: strong, violent and destructive winds accompanied by lightning, thunder and rain. This name suits the messy cat who troubles you all day.
  1. Tiger: the largest member of the cat family. One of the most popular names for pets.
  1. Titan: means a ‘defender’ in Greek.
  1. Troy: an  English first name possibly derived from the Irish name Troightheach which means ‘a foot soldier’. It was also the name of the lead character of Ameican wa epic ‘Troy’ released in 2004.
  1. Tucker: a German and English occupational surname.
  1. Tux: it is a diminutive for tuxedo which is a famous party wear dress for men also known as a ‘dinner suit or dinner jacket’.
  1. Tweedle: it means to sing or whistle in modulation. If your furry friend meows like this then give him this name.

  1. Voyager: the who goes on voyages.
  1. Victor: the one who achieves victory.


  1. Waffle: an occupational name from Dutch(Holland), meaning a pastry cook.
  1. Whisper: to speak in a low voice.
  1. Wilbur: willful and bright.
  1. Winky: the one who blinks one eye.
  1. Winston: an Old  English name which is still in trend. It means a joyful stone.


  1. Zain: a unisex Arabic name that means beauty and grace.
  1. Zorro: a fictional hero of a novel written by Johnston McCulley in 1919. Its dictionary meaning is‘ sly fox’.
  1. Zuko: the origin of this name is unknown but it means ‘glory’.

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Some Popular Cat Names in the United Kingdom(UK)

This inforgraphic shows the some popular cat names in the United Kingdom

Some Popular Cat Names in Germany

  1. Felix: happy, lucky, fortunate.
  1. Minka: strong, determined
  1. Moritz: someone who has dark skin.
  1. Charly: Free-man.
  1. Tiger: (tee-gher)- tiger pronounced as tee-gher in Germany.
  1. Max: a diminutive for Maxwell or Macmillan.
  1. Susi: a kind of raw fish.
  1. Lisa: God’s promise or devotion to God.
  1. Blacky: someone or something that has black(dark) colour or complexion.
  1. Muschi: a rice cake.

Some Popular Cat Names in the United States of America(USA)

This inforgraphic shows the some popular cat names in the United States

Some Popular Cat Names in Canada 

  1. Minou: kitten in French and heaven in Persian.
  1. Grisou: a gas found in coal mines.
  1. Ti-Mine: TBD
  1. Félix: fortunate, lucky, happy etc.
  1. Caramel: brown or light brown melted sugar.
  1. Mimi: beloved
  1. Pacha: from a Latin word ‘Pax’, meaning peace.
  1. Charlotte: petite or ‘free-man’.
  1. Minette: it’s a girl’s name that means a faithful defender.
  1. Chanel: canal

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Unique Cat Names for Girls

  1. Jinx: unclear meaning.
  1. Mesmerize: when used as a name it refers to someone who holds your attention completely.
  1. Noel: born on Christmas
  1. Olympias: the mother of Alexander.
  1. Paloma: dove.
  1. Pristine: pure without any contamination.
  1. Purity: the state of something being pure.
  1. Reilly: courageous 
  1. Ripple: it refers to the small movements on the surface of the water.
  1. Serenity: peaceful
  1. Trudy: a name of German origin which means ‘spear of strength’.

Unique Cat Names for Boys

  1. Cobalt: a silver-white hard and lustrous element.
  1. Ding-dong: resembling the chime of the bell. A funny name to give your talkative kitten.
  1. Dumbo: fool or unintellgient person. Another funny name for dumb cats.
  1. Iceman: a man who is skilled in travelling on ice or someone who stays under pressure.
  1. Marvis: a friend of the sea
  1. Mica: a shiny mineral used to make shampoos, tiles, electrical insulators, plywood and other decorative items. This name suits the cats that have shiny coats.
  1. Quey: a young cow before she gets pregnant.
  1. Shadow: a dark shape forms on the surface when something scones between the light and the surface.
  1. Spooky: refers to someone nervous, skittish and unpredictably excitable(yes, it seems that it’s a customised name for cats. LOL)
  1. Subzero: temperature below zero. Here, it refers to a fictional character in a movie and video game mortal combat who has the ability to control the ice in all forms.
  1. Tigger: a stuffed tiger of the children’s storybook called ‘The House at Pooh Corner’ published in 1928.
  1. Woody: made of or look similar to wood. Or something that smells like wood. 
  1. White: a colour.
  1. Wool: a kind of fibre made from the hair of goats, sheep, camels, yak or other animals. This is a nice name for cats that have long and soft coats.
  1. Zulu: means heaven in Africa.

Generated Cat Names for Female Cats 

  1. Ada 
  1. Buffy 
  1. Caliby(calico+tabby)
  1. Calitor(calico+tortie)
  1. CatSqueak
  1. Catsluv
  1. Catalina (think of Angelina)
  1. CatTune 
  1. Dumpling
  1. Halo
  1. JoJo
  1. Keanu
  1. Meow-meow
  1. Momo
  1. Ninno
  1. Nono
  1. Pixie
  1. Poo
  1. Puffy
  1. PurrCury (think of mercury)
  1. Prinzi
  1. RoseGold
  1. Sei
  1. TinyPaw
  1. Toto
  1. Wiesel
  1. Xei
  1. Zebbi
  1. Ziti

Generated Cat Names for Boys/Males

  1. Badonk
  1. Catarello
  1. CatSome
  1. CatSparrow (think of Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of Caribbean)
  1. Catzart 
  1. CreamyCat
  1. DiCatteo 
  1. FeatherFur
  1. Gizmo
  1. HarryPawter (think of Harry Potter)
  1. KingTom (think of King Kong) 
  1. MeowGun
  1. Moonbeam
  1. Morky
  1. Pawsitive 
  1. Pawsome
  1. PokéTom (Pokemon)
  1. PurrCat
  1. Roblox
  1. TangyTab
  1. Voodoo
  1. Yolo

Did You Make the Shortlist? 

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