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Cat Names That Start With R- 90 Creative Ideas-2023

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In this post, I’ll walk you through my top picks for Cat Names That Start With “R”. These names include everything from classic choices like “Rufus” and “Riley” to more unique and modern options like “Raven” and “Rocket.” 

This list features a mix of male and female names, so there’s something for every kitty. Moreover, you’ll find the names based on colour and personality type. 

In addition to that, I’ve included a brief description and origin for most of the names so that you can perfectly imagine how the name would sound to your feline friend.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to explore the list of 90 cute and creative cat names that start with “R”. 

Cat Names That Start With R– for Girls

  1. Rain: A form of precipitation. This name is for a cat who brings a shower of happiness to your life.
  1. Raine: Thai name has its roots in French and means ‘queen’. 
  1. Ramona: It’s a name of Spanish origin which means wise and protector. 
  1. Roana: A name of Spanish origin which means reddish-brown.
  1. Renault: a name of Latin or French origin, meaning ‘the ruler’s advisor. No matter whether you are doing official work or household chores she’ll always be beside you to pass her expert comments. 
  1. Rachel: It’s a Hebrew name, meaning ‘ewe’. If you have an extra fluffy cat which seems no less than a sheep then name her ‘Rachel’. 
  1. Rayna: This name has multiple meanings like counsel, pure, queen and holy. A name for that mysterious cat who shows you different shades of her personality in a span of a few seconds. 
  1. Rhea: This name is of Greek origin and means Flowing. This name is for those lively felines who are the synonym for elegance and energy. 
  1. Rebekah/Rebecca: It’s a name of Hebrew origin which has several meanings including but not limited to a moderator, hearty and strong combatant. The name truly defines the fierce predators hidden behind those cute faces. LOL
  1. Rashmi: A cool desi name from India. Rashmi means “a ray of light”.
  1. Ray: This cat breaks the darkness of sorrow by entering into her owner’s life. 
  1. Rayla: A name that has two origins Hebrew and German. It means guardian. This name deserves a cat who is a pet as well as a guardian of her hooman at the same time. 
  1. Red: Orange female cats are extremely rare. However, if you have one; don’t hesitate to name her ‘red’.
  1. Reed: Well, literally it means the red colour. In culture, this name is used to refer to a person with red hair. In the cat’s dictionary, this name is for all those beautiful cats that have solid red, bicolour, calico or tortoiseshell coats.  
  1. River: As you know a river is a flowing water body. So, this name is suggested for the cat who captures hearts with her timeless beauty, energy, agility or enthusiasm.
  1. Rose: One of the prettiest flowers. This name is for the prettiest among the pretty cats out there.
  1. Rosa: This is the Italian version of ‘rose’. A cat who is always gracefully dressed up to impress the guests with her elegance.
  1. Rosie: Another variant of rose that comes from Latin. 
  1. Rosalina: This is a Spanish variant of “rose”. You’ll always find this Spanish beauty taking her siesta after the mid-day meal.
  1.  Roselyn: A cat who loves wearing elegant rose-patterned collars and floral tiaras made of flowers. She’s the belle of the house. 
  1.  Riddle: A naughty cat who’s always planning to prank you with psychological tricks that almost force you to love her.  
  1. Roselle: This is another variant of rose from Latin. 
  1. Reese: It’s a Welsh name that symbolises energy, enthusiasm and ardour. The unstoppable cat who is always up to something.
  1. Regalia: A name for majestic felines with a regal presence. This cat demands the guard of honour whenever she enters the room.
  1. Relish: To enjoy something or the state of enjoyment. A cat who doesn’t give a damn about your presence because she enjoys her own company.
  1.  Regina: A name of Latin origin meaning ‘queen’.  This cat is overloaded with cuteness and never allows you to get mad at her no matter how big her mischief is. 
  1. Resham: It’s a name of Indian origin. It means silk. Recommend for long-haired cats who are experts in melting the heart at first sight.
  1. Remi: It means a remedy or cure. A cat who is a remedy for boredom. 
  1. Rhonda: This spoiled cat is the queen of sass and she’s proud of it. Whether it’s hissing, a flick of the tail, or intimidating constant staring she knows all the tricks to dominate you. 
  1. Renata: Originated in Latin this name means reborn. I recommend this name if she is an adopted cat who is enjoying her new life and new home.
  1. Robin: This name is for a small-breed cat who is real dynamite.  Don’t underestimate her by their small size. Whether it’s about climbing over a cat tree, perching at the highest point of the house or launching an attack on the intruder she’s always ready to accept the challenges.
  1. Rikki: Forever and alone are its two meanings. It’s suggested for the cat who prefers to stay alone and never compromise on their privacy. 
  1.  Riley: It means courageous and valiant. She’s a real warrior cat who is never afraid of anyone inside or outside the house. 
  1.  Rita: Rita has two origins- Spanish and Greek. It means ‘pearl’. She’s a demanding cat who is best known for her fascinating beauty and attitude. 
  1.  Roxy: This name originated in Persian and has multiple meanings such as the dawn, bright, and star. She’s the queen of the catwalk.
  1.  Roxanne: This name also means dawn. She’s among those insomniac cats who wake you up at 3 am to play with her.
  1.  Rolex: A luxury watch company. This kind of cat immediately reminds you to feed her if you are 30 seconds late.
  1.  Riverine: Literally, it means a small stream. It’s a dog-like cat with a love of water. She is always ready to swim with you and jog on the beach on a leash. 
  1. Rondeletia: It’s a beautiful flower native to Tropical America. This name signifies the heartwarming beauty of the cat. 
  1. Roopansi: The name of Sanskrit origin which means pretty or beautiful. 
  1. Ruby: A red gemstone. This name is recommended for orange female cats. 
  1. Raima: Another name from India meaning pleasing. This name is for a supermodel cat. 
  1. Reem: It means a deer in Arabic. This cat is enthusiastic, beautiful, agile and cute.
  1. Risa: This name has its roots in Spanish, meaning ‘the one whose laughter is like a song’. 
  1. Rufus:  It’s a Latin name which means red or red-haired. Suggested for orange, van and calico coats.
  1. Ripple:  Small movements on the surface of the water. This cat is always busy and moving just like the ripples in a lake.
  1. RoseGold: An alloy of gold, copper and silver. This name is suitable for cream cats.
  1. Rhythm: A cat with a natural sense of rhythm. This feline will dance to the beat of his own drum and is always ready to get down with some catnip.
An infographic showing the list of 11 cat names that start with R
An infographic showing the list of 11 cat names that start with R

Cat Names That Start With R– for Boys

  1. Ranger: The true adventurous cat is in love with the great outdoors. Whether it’s strolling with you in the neighbourhood or going on a trek he’s always ready to become your bodyguard. 
  1. Rascal: Someone who troubles others. He’s an expert in creating a mess and loves bullying other pets. The only time when he misses troubling others is when he’s sleeping.
  1. Roy: This is an Indian surname that means ‘king’. So, this cat will overthrow you from your position to lead the household. 
  1. Rocket: A vehicle that carries a satellite into space. This little self-launching missile is completely capable of launching himself faster than a rocket when he hears the sound of his food bowl or after a toy.
  1. Rebel: He’s a sassy cat who refuses to be tamed or follow orders. Know that no bribes or treats are allowed here. He’s always planning his next adventure no matter how much trouble that brings you. 
  1. Red: A colour. As the name suggests, it’s perfect to name a ginger cat. 
  1. Reagan: This name means legal, royal and little ruler. This name is suggested for those little felines who are the real boss of the house. 
  1. Ryo: It’s a Japanese name which has multiple meanings such as cool, excellent, excel and refreshing. No amount of anger or yelling from you can provoke him. 
  1. Rio:  This name originated in Spanish and means a river. It is recommended for the swaggy cat who flows like a river and never settles.
  1. Rex:  It originated in Latin and means a king. A cat with an air of royalty. This cat has a royal presence and a slight act of disrespect from you deserves a punishment, which ranges from scratching to biting depending on the severity of the offence. Don’t even think about touching his tummy or be ready to face the consequences. 
  1. Reyansh: Originated in Sanskrit, this name means a ray of light.
  1. Rhett: Originated in Latin, this name means advisor or to speak. He loves to chatter and is always watchful to you to save you from sins. 
  1. Rico: A name of Mexican origin meaning a brave ruler.  He knows exactly how to run the home and save it from intruders. Just follow his orders if you want peace in the home.
  1. Rigby:  It’s a name of English origin, meaning ‘rulers valley’. This cat loves to play, eat and lead a royal life.
  1. Ronald: It’s a Scandinavian name, meaning counsel and rule. Whether it’s a flick of the tail, side eyes view or a disapproving meow, Ronald always has something to advise you. 
  1. Ronaldo: A sporty cat who has just one goal in his life and that is to play. Whether it’s a cat wand, a ball, a laser beam or puzzles, all forms of toys are accepted here as long as you can afford them.
  1. Robbie:  A shortened form of Robert which means shining, bright and famed. This kitty has a love for sun rays and can lounge all day in the small patch of sunlight formed by the sunbeam coming from the ventilator.
  1. Rick: It’s a nickname for Richard and Fredrick, meaning a brave ruler or peaceful ruler.  A cat who is always ready for the battles irrespective of the size of the opponent.
  1. Rhino: A large wild and aggressive herbivore with tough skin and horn or horns. This name is recommended for a cat that has a large size and a tough exterior but a calm personality.
  1. Rock: Hard and solid material that forms a part of the earth’s surface. This is a hardy cat with killer looks and an intimidating personality. A great name for large long-haired cats like Maine coon, Norwegian forest or Savannah cat.
  1. Rocky: This cat has features like rock and is a damn fan of Silvester Stallone. No matter whether you are strolling in the neighbourhood or walking on a beach Rocky is a force to be reckoned with. Just don’t strangers come closer to the killer paws.  
  1. Romeo: A cat who is famous in the neighbourhood for his affectionate and cute personality. Whether it’s a cat, dog, hooman or bird everybody has the right to receive his shower of love.
  1. Russell: Its literal meaning is something that has red colour. Clearly, this name is for cats that have red/orange colour in their coats.
  1. Ronan: This name comes from Irish. Its literal meaning is ‘little seal’. This name would suit chonky grey cats with grey coats. 
  1. Rustic: The one that belongs to the countryside. It’s a name for a raw cat who is far away from the sophistication of the cat world. 
  1. Ralph: This name is for that raw pet who is still a fierce predator and who refused to be tamed. It means a wolf.
  1. Raven: A bird similar to a crow but larger in size. Give this name to that mysterious black cat who is hard to see in the dark until he opens his eyes and tells the world about his presence. 
  1. Roar: A deep and loud sound made by a lion. This cat is the true king of the house and you have to respect that. 
  1. Raj: This name originated in Hindi and means ‘to rule’. A name for a dominating cat who is the master of the house. 
  1. Rupert: This name originated in German and means ‘fame bright’. He’s the show-stopper of every event and none of your expensive dresses can beat the beauty of his coat.
  1. Ronin: It is a Japanese name which means a wandering samurai with no master. This cat has a lone-wolf attitude. Don’t even think of wasting your time by giving him orders because none would be going to be heard.
  1. Rikki: This name has two origins— German and Norse. It has three meanings: forever, alone and hard ruler.
  1. Rocco: This name is derived from a  German name “Hrok” meaning rest or repose.
  1. Ramiccio: It’s a pretty popular pet name on Reddit which doesn’t have a clear meaning. Give this name to a mysterious cat.
  1. Roe: This name has three meanings— river, deer and red. He’s full of energy and enthusiasm. He’s the key player of the game. 
  1. Ryoko: A Japanese name which means a child, cool or good. He’s the most innocent cat of the pride. 
  1. Raymond: This name originated in German. It’s an excellent name for a clingy cat that shows extra care and possessiveness towards you as it means a protector or wise protector.
  1. Rocco: This is a bad boy of the cats’ colony image. This cat is the father of many kittens in the colony. LOL. 
  1. Ren: A Japanese name which means lotus. Give this name to a cat who is always around or in the bathtub or basin. 
  1. Roblox: One of the most loved and appreciated names on Reddit. Roblox is a pet name that doesn’t have a meaning. 
  1. Rohit: It’s an Indian name, meaning red colour. Your ginger room would love this name.  
  1. Ranvir/ Ranbir: It’s an Indian name for strong cats. This cat is a brave warrior.

I hope that by coming this far now you have a bunch of cat names in your mind to give a second thought. 

Naming a cat is a crucial decision (after all you’re gonna call your cutie by this word for the rest of her/his life) and can be a lot of fun. 

Remember that, you want to select a name that is love and feel proud of not only by you but also by your cat. If you want to contribute to this blog and suggest some more names then you can tell me by commenting in the section below or directly sending me a mail. Please share this article on social media to help other pet parents name their pets. 

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