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Hello, I am the man behind this website and a cat lover just like you. I love everything about cats and want to make this blog a go-to place whenever you have to seek well-researched and authentic information about cats. I have been studying researching, and learning about cats for almost two years and constantly striving to create helpful and authentic resources that will help you make your cats’ lives happier, healthier and safer. Whatever I post on this website or our youtube channel comes to you after multiple checks and verifications. 

Amir Ali, Founder and Author


Kashaf is the co-founder and fellow writer at Zippy Pet. She is a research scholar as well as a content writer. Her love for cats, over 5 experience as a freelance writer and academic qualifications enable her to conduct thorough research on the topic and bring trusted information to you. 

  • Co-Founder and Fellow Writer

We are not veterinarians so we don’t touch topics related to health and diseases. If in case your, cat is suffering from a disease (though we never wish that) then kindly seek the advice of a registered veterinarian.