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Cat Seat Belt- BuyForever Friends Car Seat Belt for Cats

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Forever Friends Car Seat Belt for Cats


  • Size - One Size Fits All

  • Colour- Black

  • Brand- Forever Friends

  •   Rope Length- 55.8-81.2 cm

  •   Material- Nylon, Industrial Steel

  • Made in- India 

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Product Description

Forever Friends nylon seat car seat belt for cats for travelling with a length adjuster and universal applicable seat belt clip that can be attached to any car and is made of highly durable industrial steel.

What We Like

If you are a dad or an adventurous cat who never lets you go alone in the car, this is the product that you have been waiting for.

You see, the biggest challenge of travelling with a pet is keeping them sitting at their place. And if they don’t, then there’s a huge risk of accidents due to distractions while driving. And this can be fatal! 

Unfortunately, cars don’t come with a pet seat belt. Then how would you keep your cat sitting at her place? The answer is by using a cat seat belt. 

In my research, I found that most cheap car seat belts for pets have terrible quality. On the other hand, brands that are offering quality products are overpricing their products. The Eureka moment came when I came across Forever Friends Cat Car Seat Belt. 

This product gives you premium quality at an affordable price. It’s a set of 2 high-quality cat car seat belts for under 1000 rupees. So can get the best of both worlds. The brand has used thick nylon which is not vulnerable to chewing by cats. Moreover, you can wash it too. 

Its seat clip is such that it can fit firmly in most of car seats. A good thing is it’s made of industrial steel which makes it highly durable and unbreakable. The other end of the beat has a hook and swivel that can be attached to a harness, vest or collar so you can use it as a regular leash as well.

What We Don’t Like 

There are only two deal breakers in this product. First, it’s only a belt so if you are looking for a complete harness and leash set then this product is not for you. Secondly, it may seem overpriced to some cat parents. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent QualityNo Collar
Universal ClipThe price is a bit high
Can be Used as a Regular Leash
Pack of 2

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