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500 Girl Cat Names(2022)- With Meanings-  Zippy Pet

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500 Girl Cat Names with meanings. Yes, I deliver what I promise. People often face a hard time finding a cute name for their new feline friends which has a good meaning too. 

The problem with general names blog posts is that they have pretty few choices to choose from. 

Worry not! We had felt your nerves. So we have handpicked the most popular and attractive 500 names for cats along with their meanings. Now you just have to go through the below-mentioned lists and sort the best ones that touch you. 

Here we go…

What Are Some Most Popular Names for Girl Cats?

Well, there has been no authentic research carried out so far about our most popular female cat names. But from my personal experience, I can say that Alife, Daisy, Luna, Luna, Jasper, Mitten, Molly, Poppy, Millie and Bella are the girl cat names that I listen to most often.

Best Female Cat Names in 2022

This infographic  shows a list of famous female cat names

Girl Cat Names from A to Z

If you are looking to choose a name for your cat which start with a particular alphabet then our database has a huge collection of cute names that start with different letters. Go directly to the section which displays the names starting with a particular alphabet to choose one for your feline friend.

cute white cat cartoon with blue eyes and a neck ribbon.

Starting with A 

  1. Adeline: Adeline is a name of French origin which means a noble. It has various other variants such as Adelin, Adelina, Adalyn, Adalynn, Adelyn, Adalene, Adeleine and more.
  1. Ahana: The name is of Indian origin and means strong-willed, strong, inner light and inner happiness.
  1. Alice: From.Alice in Wonderland.
  1. Allie: This name has different meanings depending upon the context that includes noble, stone, harmony, and handsome.
  1. Alma: The meaning of Alma is fostering, kind, refreshing and beautiful and like its meanings, it has multiple origins such as Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew.
  1. Amaira: This is a name of Arabic origin which means a princess or leader. It’s a female variant of the male Arabic name “‘Amir’ which means leader.
  1. Amanda: Amanda is a name of Latin origin which has a beautiful meaning of “Worthy of Love” this suits perfectly your cat who has been born with the right of being loved.
  1. Amber:  A beautiful orangish-red gemstone. This name is suitable for Female cats who have orange or tan coats.
  1. Ameera: Like Amaira, Ameera is also a feminised form of the male Arabic name “Ameer” which means a ruler.
  1. Amelia: It’s a name of Arabic, Spanish and Latin origin which is derived from the word ‘Amal’, meaning work. So, The name signifies industriousness instead of labour.
  1. Amy: Do you love your cat? If yes, then you may go with this short and sweet name which means ‘beloved’.
  1. Ana: a Spanish name, meaning “favoured grace”. This name is a variation of the Hebrew name ‘Anne’ or ‘Hanna’. 
  1. Anamika: It’s a name of Sanskrit origin which means a woman who has no name.
  1. Angela: It’s a feminine form of the word “Angel”.
  1. Angelica: Comes from the male Latin name ‘Angelicus’ which means an angel.
  1. Angelina: It’s a popular synonym of the name Angelia which means an angel.
  1. Ashley: It means the girl who is from the ash tree field(forest).
  1. Aspen: A shaking poplar tree. So, if your cat shakes a lot and performs Salsa all day then you choose this name.
  1. Audrey: It’s a name of English origin, meaning “noble strength”.
  1. Aura: The name is of Arabic and Latin origin. In Latin, it means “glowing light” while in Arabic it means a woman. 
  1. Ava: The one who is lively or like a bird. A great name to give to your birdy cat.
  1. Azura: Azura is primarily a word of Spanish origin; it means “Sky-Blue” colour. If you want to give a Spanish name to your blue-eyed white cat then this is the name for her.

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Starting with B

  1. Beatrix: The name is of Latin origin which means a traveller or voyager.
  1. Bala: It is an Indian name which means a young girl.
  1. Becca: This name means “ a servant of God”.
  1. Belen: It’s a shortened form of “Bethlehem” which is a Hebrew name meaning a city of bread.
  1. Bella: This name has Italian, Latin, French, Greek and Portuguese origins. It means beautiful in French. Also, it’s a short form for the name Anabella and Isabella.
  1. Bellarosa: Bellarosa is a beautiful Italian name that means “a beautiful rose”.
  1. Bennet: It means “blessed” in Latin.
  1. Bentley: This name is of British origin which means a meadow of grass.
  1. Betty: The name Betty is a shortened form of Elizabeth which means the “Oath of God”.
  1. Beverly: It means the one who is a “dweller near the beaver stream” so it can be used to name both male and female cats.
  1. Binni: Derived from the Latin name “Bonus”, Binni means good.
  1. Blake: This name is suitable for black as well as white cats as it means black, dark, pale or bright since it is derived from Old English ‘blac’ which means both black and white.
  1. Blanca: The girl who is fair and pure. It is derived from the French word Blanc which means white. 
  1. Blessing: A “Divine Gift” or a “Gift of God”. Surely, every time you see your cat she appears to you as a blessing.
  1. Blossom: Its literal meaning is a flower. However, it is used as a verb which means to thrive, flourish, and develop.
  1. Blue: a colour 
  1. Bubble: it means a ball of air or gas floating in the liquid or air. A super cute name for chubby cats.
  1. Brie: Marshland
  2. Britney: This name originated in English and means from Great Britain. 
  1. Brooklyn: A city in the United States of America.
  1. Bru: It’s a short form of the name “Bruno”, meaning the one with dark or brown hair or skin. 

Girl Cat Names Starting with C

  1. Cadbury: A famous chocolate brand. Give this name to your chocolate or dark brown cats.
  1. Calla: A group of flowering plants.
  1. Cali: A Latin name that has several meanings such as beautiful, lovely, fairest, and cup.
  1. Caramel: It’s a sticky and viscous boiled sugar syrup or flavouring agent in sweet dishes. 
  1. Casper: Treasurer.
  1. Cheeku: It’s a popular fruit in the Indian subcontinent.
  1. Chameli: Jasmine
  1. Charming: someone who is attractive and influential.
  1. Charisma: the quality to fascinate or influence people (aka charm).
  1. Chloe: A great name to name a kitten as this name is used to refer to young shoots of foliage that grow in springs.
  1. Chocopie: A pastry coated with chocolate. 
  1. Cinderella: The lead character of the children’s Cinderella.
  1. Cinnamon: an orangish-brown spice known for its medicinal properties and unique fragrance. This is one of the most famous names for an orange cat.
  1. Çilek: means strawberries in Turkish.
  1. Clara is a Latin name that means famous, clear and bright. A perfect name to name a white cat.
  1. Coco:  Shortened form for coconut. The name is suitable for solid white cats and white & brown or white & orange bicolour cats.
  1. Coffee: It’s a popular name for cats with brown or dark brown coats. Coffee is a world-famous beverage. 
  1. Cumin: Seeds which are used as a spice.
  1. Crystal: The literal meaning of Crystal is a clear mineral that forms a regular solid shape on solidification. However, colloquially it’s used to refer to anything precious and clear(Like your precious cat). 
  1. Cynthia: This name is of Greek origin and used to refer to a person who is “From Mount Kynthos”. 
  1. Cyra: This name has different meanings. These are the sun, throne and born in the light. 

Starting with D

  1. Daffodil: Daffodils are beautiful flowers white or yellow flowers.
  1. Daisy: A beautiful flower that can have different colours.
  1. Dakota: Dakota is a unisex name of American origin which means a friend or alley.
  1. Daksha: It’s the feminine form of the male name of Sanskrit origin “Daksh” which means skilled, able, competent and well-versed.
  1. Damini: Another Indian name that can be given to cats it means “lightning”.
  1. Deborah: The name Deborah originated in Hebrew. It means a bee.
  1. Demi: Small or half.
  1. Desert: a large area filled with sand; usually has low rainfall and sparse vegetation. The name will be best to name orange cats.
  1. Desire: Want, aspiration, willingness, dream and some other meanings.
  1. Destiny: Fortune or fate.
  1. Dima: It’s an Arabic name which means rain or downpour.
  1. Dinky: The name originated in a regional language of India and Pakistan ‘Punjabi’, meaning very cute.
  1. Dixie: A region in the US known as Old South. 
  1. Diva: A powerful and glamorous woman.
  1. Davina: Beloved.
  1. Doll: When used for a girl, it refers to a girl who looks as cute as a doll.
  1. Donna: The name of Italian origin, meaning a lady or woman.
  1. Dora: It’s a name of Greek name which means a gift or the gift of God.
  1. Dork: If you want to give your cat a Badass cat name then Dork is a good option it is a unisex name which means a wired person.
  1. Duchess: Female for a duke.
  1. Duniya: This is a name of Arabic origin which means the earth or the world.
  1. Dyna: It has two meanings— spear and ruler. The most popular girl with this name was Princess Dyna of England.

Starting with E

  1. Ebony: Black or Dark brown wood of the Ebony tree found in the equatorial rainforests. 
  1. Echo: This name is suitable for vocal cats. It means a repetitive sound.
  1. Eden: The Paradise, the Heaven or the place of pleasure.
  1. Ekta: It’s a  name of Indian origin which means unity.
  1. Elena: a Greek name which means a “shining light”.
  1. Elenor: Elanor sounds classical and pleasing. It means “God is my light”.
  1. Ellen: This name is suitable for orange and white cats. It means “a sunray or sunlight”.
  1. Ellie: Alley is a cute name suitable for white cats, meaning “light”.
  1. Eline: This name is derived from the Hebrew name “Eliana”. It means noble kind. Some other meanings of the same name are beautiful, shining, and bright.
  1. Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a Hebrew name which stands for the phrase God is my oath.
  1. Elmhurst: It’s a surname or family name that belongs to Yorkshire and is used to refer to a person who belongs to “the-elm-wood-hill”.
  1. Emma: It means “whole” or “universal”
  1. Empress: A woman ruler. Indeed, your fluffy is the ruler of your little kingdom that you call home.
  1. Eloise: It’s derived from the French name  “Éloïse”, meaning healthy or wide.
  1. Elora: Like Ellen, Elora is also a Greek name and has the same meaning, ‘a sun ray’.
  1. Emerald: A beautiful green gemstone.
  1. Enchante: It’s a French name which means delighted, overjoyed, bewitched and some other meanings. 
  1. Esmeralda: It’s the Spanish and Portuguese variant of “emerald” which is a green gemstone.
  1. Eva: This name originated in Hebrew. It means life or living one.
  1. Evangeline: Good news.
  1. Eveline: The word has different meanings so it can be used for cats with different characteristics and personalities. Its common meanings are life, little bird and strength.

Starting with F 

  1. Fabia: A Latin word that means “a bean grower”.
  1. Fabiana: Fabiana means a bean grower too. It’s another version of Fabia.
  1. Fae: As an adjective it means confident. However often it is also used as an abstract noun and can mean trust or belief.
  1. Fairy: It’s a mythical good character with wings and magical powers, especially found in children’s stories.
  1. Faith: Belief or creed.
  1. Fancy: It’s an informal English word meaning to be attracted to someone or used for something catchy and attractive. Want, desire, and craving are some synonyms of Fancy. 
  1. Fascina: Fascinating, attractive and beautiful.
  1. Fehmida: Fehmida is an Arabic name which means wise and intelligent. Femeda and Femida are other spellings of the same name commonly used in European languages.
  1. Felice: Merry, happy, pleased or joyful.
  1. Fiesta: It means a festival.
  1. Finch: A very cute and small bird. This name is suitable for small cat breeds.
  1. Fiora: It’s a girl’s name of Latin origin which means a little flower.
  1. Flame: It has a lot of meanings depending on the context in which it is used. The popular meanings of this name are blaze, passion, and burning. It signifies the orange coat as well as the zealous personality of cats.
  1. Flamingo: A Pinkish-white sea bird.
  1. Flora: Vegetation.
  1. Fiona: It’s a name of Gaelic origin and derived from the word ‘Fionn’ which means fair.
  1. Foxy: A great name to signify the long hair of your cat. It means like a fox.
  1. Freshia: Optimistic, outgoing, expressive and inspiring.
  1. Frost: This name is suitable for White cats. It means a thin layer of ice that forms on the surfaces in winter.
A graphic image of a cute orange and white cat with a heart on its paw.

Starting with G

  1. Galaxy: A system of stars. If your cat has a shiny coat then this name perfectly reflects her radiance.
  1. Gardenia: A flower.
  1. Garima: Garima is an Indian name which means dignity, honour, pride and esteem.
  1. Gazelle: A sub-specie of antelope.
  1. Gem: Short form for a gemstone. 
  1. Genevieve: It’s a name of French origin which means “a woman of the race”.
  1. Georgia: It’s a Greek name which means “agriculture”. It’s also the name of a country in Europe.
  1. Ghazala: This means a female gazelle in Arabic.
  1. Gia: It’s an Italian word which is a diminutive of the Hebrew name “Giana” which means “God is gracious”.
  1. Giana: God Is Gracious.
  1. Gina: It means “Queen” in Greek. 
  1. Ginger: It’s a medicinal root of a herb. Here, it refers to the orange coat of cats.
  1. Gissele: It means Pledge.
  1. Glenice: Valley.
  1. Glory: Fame or honour.
  1. Gold: A precious yellow metal.
  1. Grace: beauty, elegance, and charm.
  1. Gracie: This name means an angel or protector.
  1. Grumpy: Ill-tempered, surly, irritable.
  1. Gülşen: The name of Turkish origin which means a garden.
  1. Gusto: Enthusiastic, vigorous and energetic. 

Starting with H 

  1. Habiba: Beloved
  1. Haily: This name is of English origin. It means “the one who is from the hey field”.
  1. Hana: This name has multiple origins and multiple meanings as well. It means the grace of God in Hebrew, the moon in Albanian, happiness in Arabic, a flower in Japanese, one in Korean and hope in Kurdish.
  1. Hansi: It’s an Indian name which means laughter.
  1. Hannah: Grace or fame.
  1. Hermoine: Well borne or stone. This name originated in Greek but became popular after the Harry Potter series. The name is of one of the three main characters of Harry Potter and Harry’s female friend Hermoine played by Emma Watson.
  1. Hayma: It means recurring love in Arabic.
  1. Hazel: A tree. As a name, it signifies light-brown eyes. So, if your cat has light brown eyes you may pick this name for her.
  1. Hazelnut: A nut that is obtained from a hazel tree.
  1. Hackberry: A sweet berry that looks similar to cherries.
  1. Helen: It refers to something bright and illuminated.
  1. Heidi: A shortened form of ‘Adelheid’ which means “a noble by birth or nobility”.
  1. Heather: A shrub grows in the rocky area of Scotland.
  1. Henna: A natural dye which leaves red or orange after it is washed off. So this name is suitable for cats with orange or red coats.
  1. Henley: It’s a unisex name which means High Meadow.
  1. Honesty: Truthfulness and Sincerity.
  1. Honey: A sweet viscous liquid that is obtained from a bee hive. When used for people it refers to their charm and cuteness or means beloved.
  1. Honeydew: A flower
  1. Hope: The desired event or outcome that you want to come true in the future.
  1. Hornet: A yellow insect. You may think of giving this name to your extrovert orange cat.
  1. Hyacinth: Beautiful flowers with different colours such as white, pink, yellow, apricot, bold red and more.

Starting with I

  1. Iana: Iana is a name of Hebrew origin which has two meaning these are— God is Gracious and God is Forgiving.
  1. Iberis: Small white flowers that bloom in a bunch.
  1. Ibis: It’s a long-legged bird that may have different colours. 
  1. Ila: It means the “one who is from the island”.
  1. Ilana: This name originated in Hebrew, meaninig a tree.
  1. Ichchha: Ichchha is an Indian or Hindi name for girls, meaning desire or want. 
  1. Imogen: The name of Celtic origin which means a maiden girl.
  1. Ipomoea: It’s another name for the flower Morning glory. 
  1. Isabella: The name has both Italian and Spanish origin and means “The God is My Oath” in both languages.
  1. Ira: a Sanskrit name which means ‘the earth’. It has different meanings in some other languages. 
  1. Iram: It means ‘heaven’ in Arabic.
  1. Iris: This name has different meanings like a flower, a bird, a rainbow and a small region inside the eye.
  1. Isha: Means night. It’s an Arabic word.
  1. Ishara: Sign, identity, instruction or demonstration.
  1. Ishu: It means beautiful in Hindi.
  1. Isle: island.
  1. Ivory: A substance obtained from the tusks of an elephant which is either white or pale white.
  1. Ixia: Ixia is a very attractive flower (Aka African corn lilies) that can have colours.
  1. Ixora: This is another flower which is also known as Jungle Flame.

Starting with J

  1. Jacqueline: It’s a name of French origin which means a supplanter.
  1. Jade: A precious stone.
  1. Jagruti: Jagruti is a name of Indian origin, meaning “awakening” or “revolution”. 
  1. Jasmine: A white flower with a pleasing fragrance.
  1. Jasper: This name originated in Persian and means “a treasurer”. 
  1. Jane: Jane means “God Is Gracious”.
  1. Jenice: Jenice is similar to Jane, the name originated in Hebrew and means “God Is Gracious”. 
  1. Jenna: It means a white shadow or wave.
  1. Jennifer: This name is of Welsh origin meaning fair and smooth. Highly recommended for white cats with soft and fluffy coats.
  1. Jenny: It’s a nickname for Jennifer which means smooth and fair.
  1. Jesse: This name is derived from the Hebrew name “Yeshai”, meaning “God’s gift”.
  1. Jessica: Jessica is another name which is derived from a slightly different Hebrew name “Yiskah” which means rich or God beholds. 
  1. Jigyasa: It’s a Hindi name which means curiosity.
  1. Jisha: Jisha is a name of Hindi origin. Its popular meaning on the internet is “the person who has the highest feeling for living”. However, being a native Hindi speaker I can confidently say that it has no meaning, it’s just a pleasing sound. 
  1. Joseline: Josely is a name of German origin and it is used to refer to a person who belongs to the Gauth or Little Goth tribe.
  1. Jovianne: God Is Gracious. Its origin is both in Greek and French. Another meaning of this name is happy. 
  1. Juno: Originated in Latin origin the name means “the queen of heaven”.
  1. Jolly: Happy, merry or joyful.
  1. July: A month.

Starting with K 

  1. Kamelia: A flower
  1. Kamana: Even though she’s a cat she has her desires in the short-termed. So, you may call her Kamana which is an Indian name, meaning desire, hope, want or aspiration.
  1. Karmina: It’s another spelling for the name Carmina. This name refers to the person belonging to the Carmel mountains in Palestine. Two other meanings of this name are garden or orchard.
  1. Kanishka: Made of gold. If you see your cat as the gold of your life then you may give this name to her.
  1. Karolina: Like Karmina, Karolina is a form of ‘Carolina’. It means freeman, freewoman or freeholder.
  1. Kate: Pure. 
  1. Kara: Dear or beloved.
  1. Kaya: It’s a name of Hindi origin which means skin.
  1. Kaynat: Kaynat is a Muslim Girl’s name, meaning the universe. 
  1. Kelly: This name has three origins- Irish, Scottish and British. It means a “warrior girl” or “bright-headed”.
  1. Keiko: It’s a Japanese name which means a happy or blessed child.
  1. Kelcie: It’s an Irish name which means brave.
  1. Keisha: In Hebrew, the name means the bark of a Cassia tree, like Cinnamon.
  1. Kendall: Royal valley.
  1. Kendra: This name is of English origin and means “knowledge”.
  1. Kira: Kira is a name of multiple origins and means black, a beam of light and a female ruler.
  1. Kim: It means ‘Cyneburg’s field ‘in English. On the other hand, in Korean, it means ‘gold’.
  1. Kindle: To initiate burning.
  1. Kite: A large predatory bird.
  1. Kitkat: It’s a cute name for brown or chocolate-coloured cats. It’s the name of popular chocolate from Nestlé.
  1. Kuhu: The sound of a cuckoo. If you want to give an affectionate name to your vocal cat then go with Kuhu.

Starting with L

  1. Lacey: It’s originally a French surname used for someone who is from the place called “Lacey”.
  1. Lalsa: Lalsa is a name of Sanskrit origin which means desire, want and ambition.
  1. Lamia: Something which is shining or radiant. It’s an Arabic name.
  1. Lara: This name is of French, Russian and Greek origin. It means a citadel and cheerful. Another meaning is protection. 
  1. Laser: A powerful form of light.
  1. Laurel: A tree.
  1. Lavender: It’s an aromatic flower.  
  1. Layla: It means “night” in Arabic. 
  1. Leah: The name of Hebrew origin, meaning delicate.
  1. Life: the quality or state of being alive or not dead.
  1. Linda: In Spanish, the name means pretty while in German it refers to anything tender. 
  1. Lomani: Beloved or loved one.
  1. Lora: A diminutive name for the Laurel tree. 
  1. Lokum: It’s a Turkish confectionery.
  1. Lumi: It means snow in Finnish.
  1. Lumia: Snow
  1. Luna: Luna is a name of Latin origin which means the moon. It’s a pretty popular name in the pet world. 
  1. Lustre: shine, brightness or radiance. 
A graphic of a beige and light beige cat smiling

Starting with M 

  1. Maahi: It’s a unisex name of Hindi origin, meaning “beloved”. It’s a shortened version of the word “Maahiya”. 
  1. Madeline: It’s a Greek name which means from the city of Magdala.
  1. Maeve: Maeve is an Old Irish name which means “the one who is intoxicating” or “she who rules”. 
  1. Maggie: It’s a name of Greek origin which means a pearl. 
  1. Maha: The name is of Arabic origin and means a girl with beautiful eyes. 
  1. Marigold: A beautiful yellow flower commonly used in making garlands. 
  1. Marina: Derived from the male Latin name “Marinus” meaning “the one who is from the sea”
  1. Mercy: It is a fascinating name with exceptional meaning. It means “the act of Forgiveness and kindness on somebody”.
  1. Morning Glory: It’s a flower.
  1. Myrna: Peaceful, beloved and high-spirited.
  1. Marble: A rock used in construction usually comes in white and has other colours too.  
  1. Maureen: Maureen is a word of Gaelic origin, meaning “the star of the sea”.
  1. Meeko: It’s an Irish name which has three meanings these are— wise, strong and great.
  1. Mia: It means beloved in Egyptian.
  1. Mica: A shiny mineral. This name is suitable if you want to signify the radiance of the coat of your cat.
  1. Mishka: It’s a name of Indian origin which means light.
  1. Mocha:  High-quality coffee. 
  1. Molly: This name stands for “the star of the sea”.
  1. Moonlight: Light comes from the moon.
  1. Morgaine: It’s a classic name which has two meanings.  These are the bright sea dwellers and great brightness.
  1. Munchy: A wonderful name for cats who are fussy eaters. It is used to refer to someone who eats in small bites making noises.
  1. Musky: It’s a feminised form of the male name “Musk” which is a fragrance obtained from a male deer. 

Starting with N

  1. Nala: The mother of Simba in ‘The Lion King’.
  1. Naina: A name of Hindi origin, meaning eyes. So it’s a popular name for girls with beautiful eyes. 
  1. Nahal: Nahal is a word of Arabic origin which means spring, source of knowledge and a small plant.
  1. Namal: It’s another Arabic name that means an ant.
  1. Nancy: This is a name of Hebrew and French origin which means grace.
  1. Naomi: In Hebrew, this name means beauty, pleasant. On the other hand, In Japanese, it means both straightforward and beautiful.
  1. Neelima: It’s a Hindi word that refers to the blueness of the sky. It is often used to name a girl with blue eyes. So, it’s a cool name for white cats with blue eyes.
  1. Nene: This name means ” God is gracious”. 
  1. Névé: This name means shiny, bright or radiant in Irish.
  1. Nia: It’s a short and sweet name with multiple origins and meanings. The most common meanings of this name are lustrous, energetic, snappy, goal and purpose. Some of these meanings are suitable for cats too.
  1. Nicole: It stands for the phrases “ people of victory” and “victory for the people”. Either way, it means the same.
  1. Nile: The longest river in the world in Africa.
  1. Nikki: Nikki is a nickname for Nicole. So, obviously, it means the same, “victory of the people”.
  1. Nimbus: Luminous cloud (especially in mythology).
  1. Nola: the girl with white shoulders.
  1. Nora: Nora is an English form of the Arabic “Noora” that means brightened, with a beautiful face or illuminated.
  1. Nourie: The meaning of Nourie is the same as “Noura” which is brightened, with a beautiful face or illuminated. This name is suitable for white female cats. Noorie is a different spelling for the same name.
  1. Noreen: Noreen is yet another version of the name Nourie, Noura, or Noorie.
  1. Nova: As the name suggests it means new.
  1. Nyah: Lustrous, brilliant and resolved.

Starting with O

  1. Oakley: This name means “a meadow of the Oak tree”.
  1. Oaklyn: It refers to the phrase “ a beautiful oak
  1. Ocean: A large water body. Give this name to your cat if you want to signify the blueness of her eyes.
  1. Ochre: The name ochre is specifically suitable for cats with cream or light brown coats as it means “pale yellow colour”.
  1. Octavia: Eight.
  1. Odelia: Primarily it has two meanings, these are “the one who praises God” and “wealthy”.
  1. Odette: It means wealthy.
  1. Oheo: A state in the United States of America.
  1. Olivia: It’s a feminine form of the name “Olive” which is a tree.
  1. Omisha: Omisha is the Bengali version of the Sanskrit name “Amisha” which means beautiful, truthful, honest, guileless, without deceit and some other meanings.
  1. Oki: It means ocean centred.
  1. Oorja: It’s a cute-sounding Hindi name which means energy or strength.
  1. Ophelia: It’s a name of Greek origin which means aid or benefit.
  1. Ora: It’s a Latin name for girls that means “prayer”.
  1. Orchid: Orchid is a beautiful flower.
  1. Ori: This name means ‘my light’. It has its roots in Hebrew.
  1. Oriana: Oriana means sunlight, dawn or early morning.
  1. Orange: It’s a colour as well as a fruit. One of the most famous names for orange cats.
  1. Onyx: A gemstone.

Starting with P

  1. Pansy: It is a plant with flowers that have fascinating velvety petals.
  1. Peach: A pulpy fruit of pale yellow colour.
  1. Peggy: A nickname for “Pearl”. In Greek, it means “the child of light”.
  1. Pelican: Pelican is a water bird characterised by its long beak and large throat pouch.
  1. Penance: It means repentance.
  1. Pengin: It’s a Japanese word for “Penguin”.
  1. Penguin: Extremely cute flightless bird found exclusively below the equator.
  1. Peony: It’s a Latin word that means “healing”.
  1. Petunia: A flower.
  1. Pia: This name has different meanings such as pious, reverent and beloved.
  1. Pinnacle: The highest point of a mountain(aka peak) or anything tangible or intangible.
  1. Pirana: Give this name to your kitten who bites you like a piranha.LOL. Piranha is a fish with typical large and sharp teeth.
  1. Primrose: The first rose.
  1. Princess: The daughter of a ruler/monarch.
  1. Princessa: It’s a Spanish form of the name “Princess”.
  1. Plum: Plus is a soft, pulpy and round fruit with a stone.
  1. Peppa: A famous cartoon character from the cartoon “Peppa Pig”.
  1. Poppy: A beautiful red flower.
  1. Pounce: To grab anything especially the prey in a scoop. So, if your little lioness pounces all day on everything then you would love to give this name to her.
  1. Pristine: It means something pure and uncontaminated. It reflects the purity of character.
  1. Purity: Uncontaminated or unpolluted.

Starting with Q

  1. Qaza: The word “Qaza” originated in Arabic it means destiny, fate, or the will of God. Another meaning is “the rule of God”.
  1. Qetsiyah: It is derived from the word “cassia” which is bark-like cinnamon. Another spelling for this name is ‘Keisha’ as you have read above.
  1. Qandeel: This is another name of Arabic origin and it means “beautiful”.
  1. Queen: The woman ruler or the wife of a monarch.
  1. Queenie: It’s a pet-adapted name for “Queen”.
  1. Quince: It’s a fruit similar to apples.
  1. Quincy: This name means “the fifth”. 
  1. Quartz: It’s a crystalline used in male watches.
  1. Quinn: This name means wise and intelligent. It is also the anglicised version of the Irish work Ó Cuinn which means the descendant of Conn.

Starting with R

  1. Rain: A form of precipitation. Here it refers to the shower of happiness that your cat has brought to your life.
  1. Rashmi: Rashmi is a name of Hindi origin meaning “a ray of light”.
  1. Rayla: This name has its roots in both Hebrew and German it means wise guardian.
  1. Ray: A single line of light that is coming from the source.
  1. Rosalina: This is a Spanish variant of “rose”. 
  1. Regalia: Regalia means the emblem of royalty and class.
  1. Relish: To enjoy something or the state of enjoyment.
  1. Resham: It means Silk in Hindi. The name is suitable for long-haired cats that have silky coats.
  1. Rhea: Flowing, this name signifies timeless elegance and energy. So, if you want to highlight the agility of your naughty feline friend then going for this name is a good idea.
  1. River: A flowing water body. Like Rhea, the name river refers to someone’s timeless beauty, energy, agility or enthusiasm.
  1. Riverine: Related to a river.
  1. Rondeletia: Extremely beautiful flowers that grow in a bunch of Tropical American trees of the Rubiaceae family.
  1. Roopansi: This is a Sanskrit name which means beautiful, fascinating and pretty.
  1. Rosie: It’s an affectionate name of Latin origin inspired by a rose.
  1. Ruby: A precious red gemstone. Indeed, your fluffy is more precious than the red stone.
  1. Raima: The name originated in India and means pleasing.
  1. Reem: It’s an Arabic name which means deer. This name signifies the enthusiasm and beauty of your cat.
  1. Renault: It means the advisor of a ruler.
  1. Risa: This name is of Spanish origin and is used to refer to someone whose laughter is like a song. You guessed it right! Give this name to your talkative cat.
  1. Rosa: Means ‘rose’ in Italian.
  1. Rufus:  It’s a unisex Latin name meaning red or red-haired. 
graphic of a grey and white cat

Starting with S

  1. Saanjh: This name originated in Sanskrit, meaning evening. 
  1. Sapphire: a  blue gemstone.
  1. Sabrina: It’s a name of Indian origin which means “Legendary Princess”.
  1. Sammy: Sammy is a diminutive form of “Samantha” (for girls) and “Samuel” (for boys). It means “God has heard”.
  1. Sandhya: Evening in Hindi and Sanskrit.
  1. Sandy: The first meaning of Sandy is a defender of man. The second is similar in appearance to sand.
  1. Sasha: This name originated in Eastern or Southern European countries. It means the defender or helper of mankind.
  1. Scarlette: Red.
  1. Selena: Selena is a Greek name which means the moon.
  1. Serenity: To be in peace and calmness.
  1. Sesame: These are seeds which are used as an ingredient in cooking and well as to extract oil.
  1. Simone: Simone is the feminised version of the male Hebrew name “Simon”, meaning ‘God had heard.
  1. Skye: It’s a Scottish name that means “an island of clouds”. This name symbolises the winged nature and enthusiasm of cats.
  1. Solace: Doesn’t your kitty make you feel better whenever you see her? (Okay not always LOL). But you can still give her this name; it means anything that makes you feel better.
  1. Spring: A season which is known for the blooming of flowers. 
  1. Snowdrop: As the name suggests, a Snowdrop is a drop of snow. Moreover, it’s the name of a flower too.
  1. Snowflake: Tiny particle of snow.
  1. Snow White: This name is metaphorically used to compare anything with the white colour of snow.
  1. Stella: This name is of Latin origin, meaning a celestial star.
  1. Sue: Lily.
  1. Summer:  A season. When it comes to cats, this name refers to their orange coats which signify the orange sunlight.
  1. Suraiyya: Polite, constellation or summit.
  1. Sushi: Means fish in Japanese.

Starting with T

  1. Tagete: A flower that occurs in white, yellow, golden, orange and maroon colours.
  1. Tale: A story based on fiction.
  1. Tamanna: Desire, want, wish or aspiration.
  1. Tangerine: An orange-like juicy fruit.
  1. Tammy: Tammy has its roots in Britain. It means a palm tree
  1. Tasha: This name originated in Arabic it means will wish and desire. 
  1. Tesla: It’s a unit of the magnetic field. However, nowadays, it is the name of an EV car company. 
  1. Thunbergia: A beautiful flower (commonly) dual tone. 
  1. Terra: This name originated in Latin. It means the earth.
  1. Tia: Tia has its roots in Spanish and Portuguese meaning ‘aunt’.
  1. Tiana: Princess
  1. Tithonia: A yellow flower like a sunflower.
  1. Titli: Butterfly in Hindi.
  1. Tomato: A red or orange fruit which is used as a vegetable. This name signals the tangy personality of our beloved furballs.
  1. Tory: Victory.
  1. Toy: An object to play with or do entertainment. 
  1. Truth: Fact.
  1. Tulip: A cup-shaped brightly coloured flower.
  1. Tux: ” Tux” is the diminutive form of the name “Tuxedo” which is a kind of suit that originated in the United States but now it’s worn across the world.  So it’s the name of a pattern of cats’ coats that looks like a tuxedo suit. 
  1. Twix: a chocolate bar filled with caramel.

Starting with U 

  1. Uber: The supreme quality or standard of anything.
  1. Ulva: It’s a badass cat name for female cats, meaning “a wolf”.
  1. Umaima: It means a little mother in Arabic.
  1. Unity: This name signifies peace and harmony. Give this name to your peaceful kitty.
  1. Unique: Unprecedented, one-of-a-kind.
  1. Urith: It means brightness in Hebrew.
  1. Urmi: It’s an Indian name which means wave.
  1. Urvi: The earth or a river. It’s an Indian name.
  1. Ursule: This name is of  Scandinavian origin and means a little she-bear.

Starting with V

  1. Veena: A musical instrument. 
  1. Vinca: A beautiful flower that occurs in purple, pink, white, and dark purple colours.
  1. Vela: Means shore or coast in Latin and Sanskrit.
  1. Velvet: A soft thick cloth.
  1. Verbena: A flower.
  1. Veronica: Bringer of victory. 
  1. Vinca: Vinca is also a flower that occurs in vibrant colours.
  1. Victoria: It means victory in Latin.
  1. Vidya: Means education in Hindi.
  1. Viola: Latin term for purple. 
  1. Violet: Purple
  1. Veronica: True image.

Starting with W

  1. Wendy: Thin name means a friend.
  1. Wind: Moving air.
  1. Whitney: Whitney stands for the compound word white island.
  1. Willow: Willow is a tree. 
  1. Wilma: It’s a name of  German origin which means “resolute protection”.
  1. Winnie: It has different meanings these are— fair, white, hopeful, happy and purity.

Starting with X

  1. Xandra: The meaning of “Xendra” is the defender of mankind.
  1. Xena: Guest or stranger.
  1. Xenia: It’s similar in meaning to Xena. It means “a welcomed guest” in Greek.
  2. Xylo: wood.

Starting with Y 

  1. Yadira: This name has its roots in the Arabic name. It means worthy or suitable.
  1. Yana: It’s a Hebrew name, meaning, “God is Gracious“.
  1. Yasmin: The original form of the English word “Jasmine” originated in Arabic.
  1. Yasti: It means someone slim.
  1. Yellow: A colour.
  1. Yezdi: Successful and affluent.

Starting with Z 

  1. Zara: Bright or radiant in Arabic.
  1. Zeal: Activeness, energy, and enthusiasm.
  1. Zion: It means the highest point, summit or peak of something. 
  1. Zelenski: This is a name of Slavic origin which means “green”.
  1. Zoey: Life.
  1. Zola: A lump of earth or mound.
  1. Zuri: It is a Swahili name which means beautiful. 

Famous Names

  1. Luna 
  1. Daisy
  1. Angel
  1. Shadow
  1. Coco
  1. Cleo
  1. Nala
  1. Kitty
  1. Lily 
  1. Lucie
  1. Zoe
  1. Molly
  1. Stella
  1. Misty
  1. Pearl
  1. Princess
  1. Maggie
  1. Minnie
  1. Bailey
  1. Lola
  1. Lucie
  1. Gracie
  1. Ethna 
  1. Stella
  1. Amber

Unique Names

If you don’t want to give a common name. Instead, you are searching for some unique and catchy then you may choose a name from the following list.

  1. Auspicious: The one who can have a is likely to be successful in the future.
  1. Akyiz:
  1. Çilek
  1. Elmhurst:
  1. Duniya
  1. Fresh:
  1. Ibis:
  1. Solace:
  1. With:
  1. Yadira: 

Feisty Names

Here is the list of 13 feisty names for your killer cat.

  1. Anika
  1. Chanal
  1. Kite
  1. Lasagna
  1. Lightning
  1. Linx
  1. Love
  1. Maya
  1. Matilda
  1. Magnolia
  1. Phoenix
  1. Puma
  1. Spark

Tough Names

Some cat parents like to give their cats that signify their tough personalities. If you are one of them then you may choose a name for your cat from the 12 tough names given below.

  1. Axe
  1. Bullet
  1. Barq
  1. Blaze
  1. Canon
  1. Fury 
  1. Jwala 
  1. Magma
  1. Phoebe
  1. Razor
  1. Sabre
  1. Stormy

What Would You Call Your Princess Now? 

Do you know you have just read 6000+ words(if you haven’t skipped any section of the post)? Bravo! 

In this read, I have tried my best to equip you with as many name ideas as I can to help you choose the most suitable name for your new kitten. 

I expect that while reading these 500 Girl Cat Names you have already made the shortlist of all the names that you want to look at for the second time. If you didn’t, then you should do it now. Wanna highlight an issue or mistake then you may mail me directly. Boop the share button to help us reach more cat parents like you. 

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