How Old Is My Cat?

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All right cats’ Moms and Dads. ‘How Old is My Cat in Human Years?’ If this is the question that arises in your mind then let me tell you, you aren’t the only one! Almost every cat parent had thought about it at some point in their lives. So if you have adopted your cat … Read more

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Written by Kashaf Fatima| January 18, 2022 One of the most frequently asked questions by cat owners is, ‘Why Do Cats Hate Water?”. Well, not all cats hate water. However, yes, most of the cats do hate water. There are several reasons involved that make a cat despise the water. Some cats simply don’t like … Read more

Downsides and Benefits of Having Cats as Pets- The Ultimate Guide- Zippy Pet

Downsides of Benefits of Having Cats as Pets

Written By- Amir Ali| Posted on November 20, 2021 About 370 million cats are thriving on the planet. Although dogs are the most popular pet in the world, cats surpass them in the European Union by almost 10 million.  Undoubtedly, cats are amongst the most loved pets around the globe due to their unique personalities, … Read more