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8 Best Cat Collars in India 2023-Reviews

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Choosing the best cat collars, leashes and harnesses from a myriad of products available on Amazon and other online stores is easier said than done. And it becomes even more bewildering when you don’t know the differences among them. 

The words cat collar, leash and harness may be used interchangeably for each other but all three of them serve different purposes. Cat collars are primarily used for embellishing cats. Collars with bells are used to alert small creatures about the arrival of cats which can become prey to cats if not alarmed in time. 

Breakaway collars, or quick-release collars, are designed to open under force. So, if your cat stuck her collar in an obstacle or something, the collar will release against the force keeping her safe.

On the other hand, collars paired with leashes are used to keep cats safe during romantic walks. So, leashes let you walk, trek or train your cat without any fear of her getting lost, hurt or running away. 

However, for naughty, large and strong cats having a collar is just not enough. They are masters in escaping from them. Then what to do? 

Well, that’s where the harnesses come in. Harnesses are easier to wear, they do not pull the throat and do not provide room to cats for escaping. This makes them the safest alternative.

This may sound overwhelming to you. But don’t worry. I’ve already done all the hard work and research for you. So, in this read, you’re gonna find out the Best Cat Collars, Harnesses and Leashes for Cats in India in 2023.

How to Choose a Cat Collar- Buying Guide

a black and white cat wearing a cat collar sitting in a pathway in a garden

When you shop for anything, it’s better to have a clear list of features in your mind rather than exploring random products. Buying guides help you to learn about the features that you should consider while buying a product. So, here is the list of 7 points that you should consider for comparing different cat collars, leashes and harnesses.

1. Choose Among a Collar, Leash or Harness

The process starts with focusing on the question, ‘What exactly do you need?’ 

Whether you just want to adorn your cat with a collar or need a leash to walk with her, or you want to provide her with the safest accessories with a harness? 

Your answer will decide the kind of product that you should look for. This will save you a lot of time which may be wasted otherwise.

2. Consider the Size of Your Cat

The next step is to consider the size of your cat. No matter which product you need, all of them come in different sizes such as small, medium and large. For kittens extra small and small sizes are fit. For medium-sized adult cats ‘M’ size fits the best. And for large breeds ‘L’ size is the best option.

3. Material 

Next, you need to focus on the material. Primarily, cat collars come in four materials: rubber, nylon, suede and genuine leather. 

Rubber collars are the cheapest. Nylon collars are the most common; they are lightweight and washable too. But they are not as durable as suede and genuine leather collars. 

Suede collars offer you more durability than nylon collars but they are a little higher in price. 

Genuine leather collars are the most durable and the most expensive as well. 

4. Breakaway Buckle 

As explained in the previous section, having a breakaway buckle is significant as far as cat collars are concerned. They save your cat’s neck from choking by opening up and releasing your cat against the force, if she stuck her collar in something. But not all cat collars come with a breakaway buckle. So, make sure the product you are choosing must have a breakaway buckle. 

5. Bell and Bow

People want to buy a collar with a bell and a bow because a cat looks too cute in them. But there’s one more goal of choosing a collar with a bell and that is to save the lives of tiny creatures which are prey for your cat. When the bell rings, these tiny creatures get alert that someone is coming to them before your cat pounces on them. 

6. Is it Washable?

Washable collars stay neat. When a collar gets dirty you can simply wash it by hand or in a machine it revives its glow. It also kills the germs which are accumulated on the collars’ surface. 

7. Focus on Your Budget

The last point is to consider your budget. High-priced collars are durable and are more likely to last longer. Cheaply made collars are available at really affordable prices but a cat destroys them in a day or two. So, it’s crucial to decide how much you want to invest in these accessories and then select a product from that price category.

1. Best Overall: Qpets® Cat Harness with Cat Leash for Walking


QPets Cat Harness and Leash is undoubtedly the best cat harness and leash that you can buy in India online in 2023 so far. It was also Amazon’s best-seller in cat collars and harnesses at the time of writing this blog post. The hardness of this product is like a vest (which is recommended by renowned cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy). This kind of harness fits snugly on the chest of cats as well as keeps them comfortable. 

The product is made of high-quality breathable and durable material and has reflective taping, a breakable buckle and a bell. 

It’s only available for medium-sized cats and its price is higher than its competition which can be a deal breaker. 

Read the detailed review of QPets Cat Harness and Leash.

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2. Best Cat Belt With Bell: HASTHIP Adjustable Bell Buckle Velvet Neck Strap for Cats

HASTHIP Adjustable Bell Buckle Velvet Neck Strap for Cats


The best cat collar with the bell is HASHTHIP adjustable cat collar. It’s a made-in-China generic product that is sold by an Indian enterprise called HASHTHIP under private branding. The collar is made of soft red velvet that looks classy and is washable too. It comes with a bell, sliding bow, and an adjuster at the back to adjust the length according to the circumference of the neck of your cat. However, this collar might be loose for kittens under 3 weeks of age. 

Here’s a detailed review of the HASHTHIP cat collar.

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3. Best Cat Collar Under 100 Rupees: Fabater Rhinestone Elastic Suede Microfiber Cat Collar

Fabater Rhinestone Elastic Suede Microfiber Cat Collar


The best cat collar under 100 rupees in India is Fabater Rhinestone Design Suede Cat Collar. This collar is made of suede leather and has a studded rhinestones design with a crown and an adjuster at the back. Its material is soft and durable but lacks a bell and is not suitable to take your cat on a walk. 

Click on this link to read the detailed review of Fabater Cat Collar.

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Unavailable on other e-stores

4. Best Cat Collar With Name: Kraftidy Cat Collar Belt with Personalised Cat Name and Bell

Kraftidy Cat Collar Belt with Personalised Cat Name and Bell 


Krafdity Cat collar is our best pic for cat collars with a name tag. The collar features a bell and a customisable name tag at the centre that looks good and would be helpful in case you accidentally lose your cat. It is made lightweight and washable and has a breakaway buckle to release your cat easily if the collar gets stuck to something. Also, the reflective strip shines with a considerable brightness to make cats visible at night. The oversized name tag is one of the drawbacks of the Krafdity cat collar. 

You may read the detailed review of Krafdity Cat Collar here.

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Unavailable on other e-stores

5. Best Cat Leash: Foodie Puppies Strong Comfortable Nylon Training Leash for Cats

Foodie Puppies Strong Comfortable Nylon Training Leash for Cats

What We Like

If you already have a cat vest or collar and you just want to purchase a leash or cat belt separately then Foodie Puppies Cat Leash is the best option available for you on Amazon. 

The leash comes with a cast iron hook that is easily linked to any cat collar or harness. You can use this cat leash for walking as well as for training your feline friend. 

It’s 16 inches (40.64cm) long and its diameter is 9mm wide. So it is suitable for cats of all sizes. As the rope is made of soft nylon it is comfortable to hold and provides a stronghold at the same time. 

Since the leash is made of synthetic material it can be washed easily whenever gets dirty. So, you can expect to use it in the long run as far as using it for cats is concerned. 

When it comes to price, it’s cheaper than most leashes and belts of the same quality.

What We Don’t Like 

The only problem is that it’s just a leash and you have to buy a cat collar or harness separately whereas some of the brand’s competitors are providing both harness and leash at more or less the same price. Lastly, if you need a leash for a dog then go for another product because a dog can easily break with its teeth. 

Pros Cons
Superb QualityNo Collar or Harness
StrongNot for Dogs
Comfortable to Hold
Allergen Free 

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you already have a collar and harness and you need a high-quality leash.

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6. Best Cat Collar and Leash Combo: Buraq Collar and Leash Set for Cats 

Buraq Collar and Leash Set for Cats

What We Like

First of all, it’s a combo of cat collar and harness at the price of a single cat collar. So it would save you some money in the short run. Plus, it can be used in various activities such as walking, trekking and training.

It is advisable to go for lightweight cat collars since they don’t make cats uncomfortable. Being made of nylon it becomes lightweight and allows you to wash it whenever required. So you can wash and reuse it multiple times.

The Quick Snap Buckle is given to release the cat immediately in adverse situations but we haven’t yet tested its actual performance.

Like most cat collars, this product comes with a bell to make the training sessions interesting and save the small animals’ lives from your ferocious feline.

And if you want to use either the leash or collar separately you can easily remove it and pair it with a different collar or leash 

What We Don’t Like 

The worst thing about this product is that it can’t be used for kittens under 4 months old. I’m not happy with the quality since the material is pretty thin and flimsy but when we see the quality against the price it seems satisfying.

Pros & Cons

Lightweight The Quality Needs to be Improved
Affordable Not for Kittens
Collar + Leash
Quick Snap Buckle
With Bell

Who Should Buy This Product?

Those who are looking for an affordable collar and leash combo with average quality. 

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7. Cat Seat Belt: Forever Friends Car Seat Belt for Cats

Forever Friends Car Seat Belt for Cats


My best pick for travelling with your cat in a car is Forever Friends car seat belt. The product offers you the best balance between the price and the quality so that you can be satisfied with your purchase. This cat seat belt is made of high-quality nylon that makes it usable in the long run. Its universal clip can be attached in a snap to any car seat. Moreover, this belt can be used as a cat leash as well. 

Here’s the detailed review of Forever Friends Cat Seat Belt for Cars.

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8. Best Cat Collar for Persian Cat: OZ International Real Sheep Leather Cat

OZ Internal  Real Sheep Leather Cat


Oz International offers a premium quality genuine Sheep Leather cat collar with bell and bow to improve the looks of beautiful Persian cats. It is made of durable material to last in the long run. The collar is crafted by the hands of experienced artisans who know their craft. It also comes with a breakaway elastic for safety and can be attached to a leash for walking and training sessions. But it is expensive and does not include a harness and leash. 

Don’t forget to read the detailed review of the Oz International Leather Cat Collar.

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Unavailable on other e-stores

Should a Cat Wear a Collar? 

a brown and white bicolour cat wearing a collar with  a name tag

Well, this is a debatable question among cat parents and behaviourists. And the world is divided on this.

The American Humane Organization advocates a collar even if it remains indoors because if she goes against her habit and gets out then by seeing a collar on her neck anyone can understand that she’s a pet cat and not stray. Also, it’s better to have a name tag and your number mentioned on the tag so that anyone can contact you if she gets lost. 

But they do advise cat parents to take necessary precautions such as checking collars every week when a kitten is in the growing stage and using a collar that has a breakaway buckle.

The Cats Protection UK, on the other hand, discourages people from putting a collar on a cat’s neck. They insist that cats are free-roaming animals by nature and they should be allowed to roam. They also point out the dangers associated with putting a collar on a cat’s neck such as injuries like strangulation, deep skin lacerations and jaw damage. They also fear that the collar may get stuck out to something. 

In my opinion, it’s better to put a collar on your cat’s neck if you can’t afford microchipping or if this service is not available in your area. However, you must get the collar of the perfect size and with a breakaway buckle.

Should You Walk Your Cat on a Leash? 

The short answer is ‘Yes’. You should walk your cat leash if she likes it. Walking on a leash has many advantages for indoor cats. By going outdoors they get an opportunity to explore and interact with the world outside. It enriches their experience and helps them achieve instinctual pleasure.

However, never force her to do so just because you want it. Many cat parents want to walk their cats on a leash because they have seen others doing the same. And the sad part is they force their cats to go outside with them even if she’s scared of traffic, dogs and anything outside. This is not recommended at all. And, this would do more harm than good. It can also give your cat a nervous trauma. So, don’t impose your choices on her. 

Jackson Galaxy has a wonderful video on this topic that you must watch to understand the issue more clearly. 

This video answers to the question, “Should You Walk Your Cat on a Leash?”

Which is the best cat collar in India?

As recommended in this post, the QPets cat harness leash is the best cat vest and leash that you can buy in India. It is made of durable and comfortable material, has all the important features that one looks for in a cat harness and leash and it is available at an affordable price.

What type of collars are safe?

A cat vest that is made of non-allergic material that fits snugly on the body of the cat and does not allow her to escape is the best. But make sure it’s not too tight otherwise your cat might get uncomfortable wearing it. You can do it by checking if the vest has the space to insert two fingers after your cat wears it.

So, this was about the Best Cat Collars in India in 2023. Make sure to follow the buying guide explained in this post to choose the best cat collar, harness or leash as per your needs. In short, QPets Cat Harness and Leash is the best product available on Amazon at the time of writing this post. But you can also go for Oz International Genuine Leather Collar if you don’t need a leash and harness. And, if you travel in a cat with your cat frequently then go for Forever Friends Cat Car Seat Belt. I hope that this post has helped you. If so, then do share it now to help other cat parents in buying the right product for their cats.

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