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Cat Names That Start With “L”- 2023- With Meanings 

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Whether it’s Laamia, Lalsa or Lulu; you’ll get some unique names here that nobody out there is talking about. Hey, welcome to Zippy Pet. This is the twelfth post of our series Cat Names in Alphabetical Order. And, today you are gonna read 80 quirkiest Cat Names That Start With “L” for your naughty tom and beautiful cat. 

This list is not prepared by just copying and pasting the names from different websites( you don’t like that, neither do I). So, I did all the hard work in researching the names that are actually suggested by real cat parents. Many of these names are already liked and picked up by cats’ moms and dads for their loving cats. 

In addition, why restrict ourselves to English when there are so many beautiful languages spoken throughout the world? And that’s why I included the names from Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Sanskrit and more. So, that you can have a variety of choices to choose from. 

Also, don’t forget to enjoy watching the video given below to entertain yourself while this boring task of finding a cat name. 

Cat Names That Start With “L”- for Girls

  1. Lacey: A French family name for someone who is from the region called Lacey.
  1. Lalsa: It’s a Sanskrit name which means desire, want, aspiration and ambition.
  1. Laamia: This name comes right from the land of Arabia. It means shining or radiant. 
  1. Lara: This name has three origins viz; French, Russian and Greek. Its primary meanings are a citadel, cheerful and protection. 
  1. Laser: A powerful beam of light. Give this name to your tigress if you wanna signify her strength.
  1. Laurel: It’s a classic name that originally is a tree’s name.
  1. Lavender: If you are looking for a name highlighting the beauty and calmness of your pretty paw, consider this name. It’s the name of an aromatic flower.  
  1. Laila: Add some uniqueness to your cat’s name by choosing a name from a foreign language. One such name is ‘Layla’ which is an Arabic name for the ‘princess of the night. 
  1. Leah: This name originated in Hebrew. It means delicate.
  1. Life: As you know it means the state of being alive. This name signifies your love for your baby.
  1. Linda: In Spanish, it means pretty while in German its meaning is tender. 
  1. Lomani: This name has its roots in French and it means beloved or loved one.
  1. Lora: It’s a diminutive form of Laurel, a tree.
  1. Lokum: It’s a delicious confectionery of Turikye.
  1. Lumi: This is a name of Finnish origin, meaning snow. Consider giving this name to white, cream and chinchilla cats.
  1. Lumia: It’s another variant of Lumi, which means snow.
  1. Luna: One of the most popular cat names in the world ‘Luna’ is of Latin origin and it means the moon. 
  1. Lustre: This name refers to the beauty of cats it has multiple meanings such as shine, brightness or radiance. 
  1. Leandra: It’s a feminine form of ‘Leander’. Leander is a Latin name, meaning ‘Lion man’. 
  1. Lie(pronounced as Lay): It’s a Hawaiian name. It has two meanings child and flower.
  1. Lula: It means a ‘famous warrior. The name originated in English. So, this is another name that refers to the strength of cats.
  1. Lemonade: A mocktail made of water, lime/lemon, mint and sugar. This name highlights the tangy personality of naughty cats and kittens.
  1. Lantana: Originally the name is of a tropical flower of orange and purple blossoms.
  1. Lasagna: If you are a kinda foodie person and want to name your furry friend after food then you may name your cat ‘Lasagna’ and guess what? Every time you call your cat it would bring water into your mouth. LOL
  1. Letizia: Means joy. It’s a Latin name.
  1. Linguine: This name literally means ‘little tongues’. Basically, it’s a type of Pasta.
  1. Lamia: This name is of Arabic origin and means ‘shining’ or ‘radian
  1. Lorena: Another form of a ‘laurel’.
  1. Lilia: It means lily in Spanish.
  1. Lorenza: Spanish version of the name ‘Laurel’, meaning laurel tree.
  1. Luciana: This name is suitable for white cats or cats with radiant coats. It means ‘light’ in Italian.
  1. Lexa: Originated in Greek, this name means the ‘defender of mankind’.
  1. Leena: This name has multiple meanings. Some of the prominent ones are light, a young palm tree. It also means a delicate, tender and beautiful girl.
  1. Lamborghini: Nowadays it’s the world-famous brand of luxury sports cars. However, initially, it was an Italian surname.
  1. Luthien: This name means ‘daughter of flowers’.
Most Popular Cat Names Starting with 'L' Infographic
Cat Names Starting with ‘L’ Infographic

Cat Names That Start With “L”- for Boys

  1. Lustre: Radiance or shine.
  1. Leo:  It means a lion in Greek.
  1. Leopard: A wild cat.
  1. Lemon: A topical yellow citrus fruit that gives a tangy flavour to foods and drinks.
  1. Lemonade: A mocktail made primarily of lemon, sugar and mint.
  1. Liam: Shortened form of Uilliam , meaning ‘a willed warrior’ or ‘a protector’
  1. Lobster: A large sailfish with eight legs. 
  1. Leonardo: This name has multiple origins such as Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. It means ‘As Strong As a Lion’.
  1. Leonel: It’s a strong name for male cats which signifies their bravery and strength. It translates to a ‘little lion’.
  1. Lisandro: It means a liberator in Greek. 
  1. Lorenzo: The name originated in Latin and means a laurel crown. 
  1. Lau: It’s a German name that translates into the phrase ‘one who comes from the lion’. 
  1. Liger: A crossbreed between a lion and a tiger. 
  1. Laban: Buttermilk. This name refers to the quirky personality of a cat. 
  1. Lux: The quality of being bright, radiant and shiny. This name refers to the radiance of the costs of cats. 
  1. Lion: Give this name to your cat if you see a hidden lion in it. 
  1. Lilac- A gender-neutral name, meaning a white flower. 
  1. Lark: It is a songbird.
  1. Lincoln: It’s an American name which means a lake, pond or pool colony. 
  1. Lorentius: Originated in Latin, this name is ‘bright one’ or ‘shining one’.
  1. Lofer: Slang for idle or lazy people. This name is suggested for super lazy cats who don’t want to get up from the floor. LOL.
  1. Laszlo: This name is derived from Hungarian, meaning a ‘glorious ruler’.
  1. Lotus: It’s a beautiful aquatic flower. I recommend this name if you want a name that refers to the charm and beauty of your cat. 
  1. Lupin: It’s a  plant.
  1. Lucky: The one who has good luck.
  1.  Lavoisier: It was the name of a French scientist. However, its literal meaning has yet to be discovered. 
  1. Livingston: Having its roots in English, Livingston means ‘dear friend’s place’.
  1. LazyPaw: It’s a created pet name that signifies the cuteness of pets. 
  1. Lulu: This name originated in Arabic and means pearl.
  1. Lykke (pronounced as lu-Kah): This name means Happiness and joy.
  1. Luke: This name comes from Greek and means ‘light-giving’. 
  1. Lewis: It’s literal meaning in ‘renowned warrior’. This name signifies courage and strength.  
  1. Luffy: It’s a funny name for cats inspired by the character Monkey D Luffy from the anime called One Piece.
  1. Little: This name is suggested for small breeds and munchkin cats. It means small, short or tiny. 
  1. Legend: This name has multiple meanings such as an extraordinary person, a master, and an old story.
  1. Lebanese: The one who is from Lebanon.

Amazing! You’ve just proved how much you love your cat. Reading, 1200+ words in one sitting attentively is not easy. But you did that for your cat. I expect that you have noted down all those names that touched you. Now the time is to rethink all those names and pick the one that beats your heart the most. Why not help other cat parents by sharing this article on your social media so that more and more parents who are looking for names for their cats can find this resource? Also, don’t hesitate to suggest more names for me. I’ll include them in the list in the next update. Thanks for reading. 

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