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409 Indian Cat Names- With Meanings 2022

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Indian Cat Names have two things most special about them. Guess what? 

First of all, they sound pretty unique that the listener can recognise them at the very moment he/she hears them. Secondly, they are linked to the roots of Indian culture and generally have beautiful meanings. 

Hindi names for cats have become pretty popular these days and cat parents even in western countries are attracted to them. This is evident from thousands of searches that are being done on Google every month by people who are searching for cat names in Indian languages.

So, in this blog post, I’m gonna tell you 409 Indian cat names along with their meanings so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to find cat names in Hindi again.

Let’s dive in…

Best Modern Indian Names for Cats

Infographic on Indian Cat Names
This infographic shows modern Indian names for cats

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Indian(Hindi) Cat Names Boy

Indian cat names for boys header image

Let’s first begin by looking at the Indian or Hindi cat names for boys or male cats. Also, I’ll give you some suggestions if the name suits the particular kind of cat. And. these names will be in alphabetical order. So, if you are interested in naming your male cat with a name that starts with a particular alphabet then you have it right here.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘A’

  1. Aarav: This name has been derived from Sanskrit; it means a peaceful person.
  1. Aryan: Noble, warrior or a person belonging to an Indo-Iranian Aryan clan.
  1. Apoorva: Unprecedented, unique, one-of-a-kind. I am sure your kitty definitely has some unique qualities or characteristics so this name perfectly fits his personality.
  1. Amitabh: A man with an elegant and majestic personality. Here, you can say a cat with a majestic personality.LOL.
  1. Aakash: Sky
  1. Ayush: Long-lived, vigour. It’s not only a name it’s also your desire. Of course, you want your cat to have a long and healthy life.
  1. Ayushaman: The meaning of Ayushman is almost the same as Ayus. It means someone who has been blessed with a long life.
  1. Ankit: The chosen, intelligent and conquered or conqueror.
  1. Arpan: This name has primarily two meanings. These are Charity and sacrifice.
  1. Arnab: Ocean or sea. If you have a mighty cat like Minecoon or a Norwegian forest cat, Arnab would be a good choice.
  1. Adarsh: Principles, values. Yes, these things are hard to find in spoiled cats but who cares? We still love them. 
  1. Aditya: Aditya is a ‘Tatsam Shabd’(the word of Sanskrit origin) it means the Sun.
  1. Aman: It means Peace. This is a pretty popular name among Indian boys. Its sound is short and sweet and the meaning of the name is excellent too.
  1. Advik: Unique, one-of-a-kind, unprecedented.
  1. Aadi: It’s a shortened version of the Sanskrit name ‘Aditya’, meaning the sun.
  1. Abhishek: Purification and proclamation or both. In Ancient India, a new king used to take a shower to purify himself, before sitting on the throne and this ceremony was known as ‘Rajya-Abhishek’ 
  1. Abhi: Diminutive version of ‘Abhishek’.
  1. Arijit: Conquerer, or the one who conquers the demons. 
  1. Akhil: Full, complete, entire. 
  1. Ajay: Undefeatable or that cannot be won over.
  1. Amrit: The name of Sanskrit origin which means Nectar. In Indian mythology, Amrit is that nectar which can turn the drinker immortal.
  1. Atithi: Guest. If you see your cat as a guest sent by God to your home then you may call him Atithi.
  1. Ashv: Horse. This name is suitable for zippy cats.
  1. Arnay: Forest or a large area with dense vegetation. It signifies greenery, fertility, abundance, and density of character.
  1. Aabhar: Gratitude. Express your gratitude to your cat by naming him Aabhar.
  1. Arun: Uranus
  1. Aks: Shadow. This name is especially suitable to name Black or Grey male cats.

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Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘B’

  1. Bahubali: Strong, powerful. This anime is suitable for robust and muscular male cats.
  1. Baazigar: Magician, juggler, trickster, bluff master and some meanings depending on the context.
  1. Badal: This name means a cloud and it is suitable to name black, white, grey and chinchilla cats.
  1. Bol: audible words, words, voice.
  1. Ballu: The name of an Indian comic character. Also, the name of the bear in another children’s story book ‘The Jungle Book.
  1. Billa: This name means a Tom cat in Hindi.
  1. Babbar Sher: Lion. It’s a great name to signify the majestic power of your cat.
  1. Bhuru: The one who has creme colour. Give this name to cream, light brown or bicolour cats having orange and white or cream and white coats.
  1. Balwan: Very powerful and strong.
  1. Basant: It means Spring season.
  1. Beej: This name is suitable for small cats. It means a seed. 
  1. Bijoy: It’s a Bengali version of the Hindi name ‘Vijay’, meaning victory.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘C’

  1. Chaitanya: This name means creature, living being, or soul.
  1. Chetan: This name has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Chaitanya’.
  1. Chahal: Wonderful, spectacular, good, awesome and some other meanings.
  1. Chahak: Chirp or some who makes a chirping sound. So if your cat is talkative and chirps a lot then go with Chahak.
  1. Chulbul: Naughty, active, agile, energetic and has some other meanings.
  1. Chhotu: Small, tiny, dwarf, younger.
  1. Chatur: Intelligent, cunning and smart. 
  1. Cheeku: the name of sweet fleshy fruit with two seeds and brown skin. This name symbolises the cuteness and sweetness of personality.
  1. Chaman: Garden and nursery.
  1. Champak: A name of a children’s storybook that was pretty popular among Indian kids of the 90s.
  1. Chandan: Sandalwood.
  1. Chandra: It is a Sanskrit word for the Moon.
  1. Chandrma: This name is another synonym for the Moon.
  1. Chakor: Partridge. Give this name to brown cats that have tabby patterns like a partridge.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘D’

  1. Daksh: Skillful, capable, efficient, able, or the one who has the required skills and expertise to do a particular task.
  1. Dabang: Courageous, unscared, brave, the one who does not bow down against power.
  1. Darshan: Sight, expedition, visit, pilgrimage and philosophy. The meaning of the name depends on the context.
  1. Darsh: This is a diminutive version of Darshan.
  1. Dhruv: Pole
  1. Deepak: A lamp lit with oil or ghee. Thai anime signifies hope, struggle, and perseverance.
  1. Deep: It’s a  shortened version of ‘Deepak’. Another name for Deep in Hindi is ‘Diya’ which is a feminine name.
  1. Darpan: Mirror.
  1. Dalbeer: This name is derived from Punjabi. It means a soldier.
  1. Dildar: Beloved, or someone who is close to the heart. 
  1. Dilkash: Mesmerising, fascinating, charming and more. This name signifies the astonishing beauty of your cat. 

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Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘G’

  1. Geet: It means a Song.   
  1. Gagan: Means sky. This name is suitable for male cats with blue eyes.
  1. Grishm: It is a Sanskrit word for summer. Give this name to cats with orange/red coats.
  1. Gautam: The remover of darkness. 
  1. Gambhir: Serious, reserved and sincere. You may give this name to introverted cats or to cats that are disciplined and well-behaved. 
  1. Gulab: Rose. 
  1. Gulshan: Garden.
  1. Golu: It’s a Slang word in Hindi which is used to refer to a person with a chubby body. 
  1. Giri: This means a moutain. You may give this name to a cat who is as strong as a mountain. 
  1. Gappu: Another slang word for a chubby person. 
  1. Guneet: Excellent and meritorious. So, if your cat is intelligent and a quick learner then you may call her Guneet. 
  1. Guru: Master, teacher, trainer, expert, and professional.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘H’

  1. Hemant: Winter. This name is suitable for long-haired white cats. 
  1. Hritik: Form the heart.
  1. Heera: Diamond. Another name is very popular in India. Especially for naming pets.
  1. Hridhan: The one who has a great heart.
  1. Harsh:  Happy, successful, and prosperous.
  1. Hit: Favour or perspective.
  1. Hitesh: Well wisher.
  1. Hardik: It also means ‘From the heart’. 
  1. Hoshiyar: This name is suitable for intelligent cats as it means smart, intelligent and intellectual. 
  1. Him: This name means ice, snow or a snow mountain. 
  1. Himalaya: The tallest mountain range in the world found that extends from Afghanistan to North East India and passes through China, Nepal and Bhutan. 

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘J’

  1. Jal: Water. An excellent name for blue-eyed cats. 
  1. Jai: Victory.
  1. Jag: This name means the world.
  1. Jagat: It’s a synonym of the ‘Jag’, meaning the world. 
  1. Jalaj: The name Jalaj originated in Sanskrit and then entered into Hindi. It means ‘Lotus’. 
  1. Josh: Enthusiasm, excitement and energy. The name is suitable for cats having all of these qualities. 

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘K’

  1. Kamal: This name is of Hindi origin and means lotus. 
  1. Kanak: Gold. This name is suitable for orange/red cats.
  1. Kripan: Sword
  1. Kalu: It’s an affectionate name for black pets.
  1. Kabootar: Pigeon.
  1. Kaal: Times
  1. Kendra: Centre 
  1. Kailash: The name of a Snow mountain in the Himalayas. 
  1. Keeth: Forest or woods.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘L’

  1. Lakshya: Goal, aim, objective.
  1. Lokmanya: It’s a beautiful name that has been derived from Sanskrit, meaning respected and honoured by the people. 
  1. Lal: This name has primarily two meanings— Red and beloved son.
  1. Loh: Means iron. This name is suitable for strong cats. 
  1. Leh: A cold desert region in North India.
  1. Laskhit: Determined, set goal. 
  1. Lekh: Article or essay.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘M’

  1. Mayank: Moon. A good Indian name for white cats. 
  1. Manpreet: Beloved, Loved one, lovable, likeable. 
  1. Mohit: Spectacular, outstanding, amazing. This name signifies the outstanding appearance of your cat. 
  1. Mrig: It means deer in Sanskrit. This name is suitable for naughty and active cats.
  1. Manveer: Braveheart, courageous and bold. 
  1. Mayur: It’s a Sanskrit name for Peacock. 

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘N’

  1. Neel: It means indigo. This name signifies the blue eyes of your cat. 
  1. Nayan: It means eyes. Another cute name for a cat with beautiful eyes. 
  1. Netr: This is a synonym for Nayan and Nain and has the same meaning(eyes). 
  1. Nabh: Sky. You may give this name to your blue-eyed cat. 
  1. Nidan: Solution, treatment or remedy. Yes, he is the remedy for your boredom. 
  1. Naveen: New, advanced, modern and some other meanings.
  1. Navyug: New era, modern times. 
  1. Naval: New 
  1. Narsimha: Male lion. This name signifies the strength of your mighty cat.
  1. Nipun: The one who has skills and expertise. 

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘P’

  1. Puneet: Pure, clean and pious.
  1. Prem: Love, affection, and belongingness. Since you want to shower tonnes of love on your cat, so you may name him Prem.
  1. Prakash: Light. This name signifies the radiant and bright coat of your cat. 
  1. Pawan: Slow-blowing wind. 
  1. Pranay: Beloved
  1. Paawan: Pure, sacred and clean.
  1. Pratyush: This name has two major meanings— happiness and early morning. 
  1. Pushp: Flower. 
  1. Pavitr: It’s a synonym for Paawan which means pure, clean and sacred.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘R’

  1. Rohit: Of red colour. So, this name is suggested for red/orange cats. 
  1. Raj: To rule. Here, it refers to the person who rules, that is a king or a ruler. 
  1. Reyansh: A ray of light.
  1. Ranvir: Hindi version of the Sanskrit name ‘Ranbir’, meaning a brave warrior.
  1. Ranbir: This is a Sanskrit name which means a brave warrior.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘S’

  1. Suraj: The sun, is suitable for orange cats.
  1. Shukr: Venus
  1. Sindhu: Indus, a large river that originates in the Himalayas and flows in Kashmir and across Pakistan.: 
  1. Siddhanth: Principles.
  1. Samay: Time
  1. Swarn: Gold, this name signified the orange or golden coat of your cat. 
  1. Sahil: Sea coast.
  1. Swapn: A dream. 
  1. Sangeet: Music. 
  1. Sabal: Able, capable, skilful, and competent. This name can be given to strong and muscular cats. 
  1. Sandal: Sandalwood. A wonderful name for brown and orange cats. 
  1. Swar: Voice. Give this name to your cat if he talks a lot.
  1. Sagar: Sea or ocean. It refers to the blue eyes of your cat. 
  1. Sonu: An affectionate Indian name that means golden and beloved.
  1. Saaya: This name means ‘shade’. It’s suitable to name cats with black or grey coats.
  1. Sarthak: Meaningful.
  1. Samarth: Capable
  1. Sanskar: Values, manners and ethics. A good name for calm and sweet cats.

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘T’

  1. Tejas: The one who is strong, courageous, powerful, enthusiastic and sharp.
  1. Taap: Warmth 
  1. Taal: Lake. Here, it refers to the blue eyes of cats. 
  1. Tanmay: Devoted, rapt, calm, engrossed, absorbed. 
  1. Tarun: Young
  1. Toofan: A popular pet name in India. It means a thunderstorm.
  1. Tota: Parrot. This name is suitable for talkative cats. 

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘U’

  1. Ujjwal: Lightened, illuminated, radiant, bright and other meanings. A wonderful name for cats with bright coats. 
  1. Uday: Means dawn. Here it refers to the light that spreads in the sky at dawn. This name signifies the golden or light brown colour of your cat. 
  1. Udit: Handsome and good-looking just like your cat. 
  1. Upkar: Favour
  1. Uphar: Gift
  1. Udbhav: Good-looking, handsome, grand and beautiful.
  1. Upvan: Garden
  1. Uddhar: Gratitude

Indian Names for Male Cats Starting with ‘V’

  1. Vidvan: Scholar, intelligent and expert.
  1. Vijay: Victory or the one who achieves victory.
  1. Vikas: Development
  1. Varun: Neptune
  1. Vaibhav: Greatness or someone who has attained greatness and fame in his field.
  1. Vishal: Huge, very large.
  1. Vivek: Intelligence and smartness. 
  1. Vismay: Astonishment, amazement. If you want to admire the beauty of your cat then you may call him Vismay.
  1. Veer: Brave and courageous.
  1. Virat: Grand, huge, extraordinary.
  1. Vyom: Universe

Indian Names for Cats Starting with ‘W’

  1. Yash: Fame, popularity, glamour.
  1. Yuva: Youth

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Indian(Hindi) Cat Names for Girls 

Indian cat names for girls header image

After having read the Indian cat names for male cats, now let’s look at what I have for you in the female category. Below are Indian Cat names for girls. 

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘A’

  1. Arushi: Morning, the red sky during sunrise. 
  1. Ayushi: It’s a feminised form of Ayush which means long living. 
  1. Akriti: It means an image. 
  1. Aastha: Belief, creed.
  1. Ahinsa: Non-violence. It’s suitable for calm and shy cats.
  1. Ashvini: Mare(female horse). 
  1. Aabha: Respect and honour. Express your feelings for your cat by naming her Aabha.
  1. Abhinetri: This name is perfect for a cat who is a drama queen as it means actress.
  1. Avni: This name is originally from Sanskrit and means the Earth or land.
  1. Abhilasha: It’s a cute-sounding name which means a desire. 
  1. Ankita: Ankita is a feminised version of Ankit which means the chosen one.
  1. Apeksha: Expectation, hope, estimation. 
  1. Anamika: The one who has no name. 

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘B’

  1. Bhoomi: This name means land.
  1. Basanti: Belonging to or that comes in the Spring season. Also, it was the name of the mare in Classic Indian Blockbuster ‘Sholay’.
  1. Bhumika: Role.
  1. Bhavna: Emotion or feeling. If your cat shows deep emotions then think of naming her Bhavna. 
  1. Barkha: Rain
  1. Bulbul: It’s a nice name for cats that are too vocal. It means nightingale. 
  1. Bala: A young girl. If you give this name to your cat then she will always be called young throughout her life. 
  1. Bhavya: Grand

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘C’

  1. Chanchal: A great name for naughty cats. It means a naughty girl. 
  1. Chameli: Jasmine
  1. Chandrika: It’s a feminine version of the male Sanskrit name ‘Chandr’, meaning the moon.
  1. Champa:  A flower found in India.
  1. Chetna: Consciousness.
  1. Chandni: Moonlight

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘D’

  1. Damak: It’s a classic Indian name for cats with shiny coats; it means radiance and sheen.
  1. Damini: Lightning. A great name to signify the boldness and glamour of your cat.
  1. Deepali: Line of Lamps.
  1. Divya: Divine
  1. Dilpreet: It’s a Punjabi name which means beloved or someone who is near to the heart. You may choose this name to express your love for your cat.
  1. Deepika: Feminine version of the male name ‘Deepak’, meaning a lamp which is lit by oil or wax. 
  1. Diya: Diya is a synonym for Deepika. It means a lamp too.
  1. Daksha: Capable, well-versed, able and competent. 
  1. Dharti: Land
  1. Daya: Mercy or forgiveness.
  1. Dakshina: Another classical Indian name meaning charity.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘E’

  1. Ekta: Unity 
  2. Ekanta: Feminised form of the male name ‘Ekant’ which means loneliness.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘G’

  1. Gitika: Song
  1. Ganga: A large river in India that flows across the northern plains.
  1. Gauri: Fair or white. This name is suitable for white cats.
  1. Genda: Give this name to cats that have orange or tan coats.
  1. Garima: Dignity or honour.
  1. Gehna: This is a Hindi word that means jewellery. This name is suitable for beautiful cats.
  1. Gautami: Feminised form of the male name “Gautam’, which means enlightened. So, Gautami means an enlightened girl.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘H’

  1. Hirni: What can be better than ‘Hirni’ to name a naughty and active cat? It means a doe(female deer).
  1. Hema: A beautiful girl. So, you can tell the world that your cat is beautiful by naming her Hema.
  1. Himanshi: Its dictionary meaning is ice but it also means fortunate.
  1. Hansa: It means a Female swan. The name is suitable for white female cats.
  1. Haseena: Very beautiful, good-looking, elegant, fascinating, and pretty.
  1. Harshita: Happy, well-natured, and joyful.
  1. Harsha: Happiness or a girl who stays happy, joyful and enthusiastic.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘I’

  1. Isha: Desire
  1. Ira: This name has two meanings voice and the Earth.
  1. Indri: Sense 

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘J’

  1. Jamuna: A large river that flows from China to India to Bangladesh. In India, it is called the Brahmaputra while in Bangladesh people call it Jamuna.
  1. Jyoti: It means flame and eyesight. It’s a short and sweet name for orange female cats.
  1. Jyotsna: You may think that its meaning is the same as Jyoti but you are wrong. It means moonlight.
  1. Jeena: To live
  1. Jeevika: Living or occupation
  1. Jasmeet: Famous, celebrity. Just like your kitty who is no less than a celebrity on Social media. LOL.
  1. Janeman: Beloved or loving.
  1. Jwala: Blaze
  1. Jyot: This is a shortened form of Jyoti which means flame.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘K’

  1. Kusum: It means a flower so it perfectly suits your cat who is as beautiful as a lower maybe even more. 
  1. Kanak: The name has been derived from Sanskrit and means Gold.
  1. Kavya: Poetry.
  1. Kavita: Poem.
  1. Kajal: Kajal is a black mixture of soot and ghee which is used by girls to decorate their eyes. Just like mascara. This name is suitable for Black cats. 
  1. Koyal: Cuckoo. This is an excellent name for black cats who are vocal too.
  1. Kesar: It means saffron, You may choose this name for your orange cat if you have one.
  1. Kanchan: This is a Sanskrit name for gold.
  1. Kiran: A ray of light.
  1. Kripad: This means a sword in Sanskrit.
  1. Kashish: Attraction or used for anything that attracts the other.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘L’

  1. Lajja: Piety, shyness. So, this name is suitable for shy cats.
  1. Lipika: Script
  1. Lalima: The redness that spreads in the sky at the time o sunrise.
  1. Lipi: Script

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘M’

  1. Megha: Cloud. Suitable for grey and black cats this is an evergreen Indian name for girls.
  1. Moni: This name is a shortened version of Monika which means advisor or lawyer. The other meaning is solitaire. In Greek this name means unique.
  1. Mayuri: It’s a feminine form of the Sanskrit word Mayur, meaning a peacock.
  1. Mamta: Motherhood.
  1. Mauj: There can be different meanings of Mauj depending on the context. It means wave and fun.
  1. Meenakshi: Fish-eyed or the girl who has eyes like a fish. It’s a Sanskrit word which is made of two words ‘meen’  means fish and ‘akshi’ means eyes. 
  1. Morni: A really cute name for lively cats which means a Female peacock. 
  1. Manya: Respectable. 
  1. Manyata: Tradition. 
  1. Mahi: In Hindi, it means a ‘lover’ a lot of websites or blogs run by non-native Hindi speakers have given different meanings of Mahi such as a river, great earth and others but native speakers use this name only when they refer to a lover. 

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘N’

  1. Naina: If your cat has beautiful eyes and you want to name her after them then Naina is a really good option. It means eyes. 
  1. Neelima: It’s a feminine version of the male name ‘Neel’ which means indigo. 
  1. Neerja: Neerja is also a feminised form of Neeraj. This name means lotus. 
  1. Neha:  Lover or dew drop. 
  1. Neelam: It’s a gemstone of blue colour. This name is suggested for blue-eyed cats.
  1. Nisha: Night. You may choose this Indian name for your black female cat. 
  1. Nayika: Actress

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘P’

  1. Priya: Dear, lovable, sweetheart.
  1. Prerna: This name has a beautiful meaning. It means inspiration.
  1. Pratyusha: Dwan or early morning. 
  1. Pavitra: Pure, clean and sacred. 
  1. Prakriti: Nature
  1. Pragati: Progress and development.
  1. Poonam: The night of the full moon.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘P’

  1. Roshni: A beautiful name to name cats with bright coats which means light.
  1. Ruchi: Hobby, interest, likes, taste.
  1. Reet: Tradition, custom or culture.
  1. Riya: Graceful, singer and dancer. So if your cat dances and sings a lot then you may name her Riya. LOL.
  1. Rajni: This name means night. You may give this name to a black or grey cat.
  1. Ragini: It means melody or tune. This name can be given to vocal cats.
  1. Rashmi: It means a ray o light.
  1. Raksha: Protection, guarding and prevention.
  1. Ratri: Night

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘N’

  1. Sona: It means gold. 
  1. Sonam: The name has different meanings such as beautiful, graceful, auspicious, and golden.
  1. Suraksha: Protection, prevention, and guard.
  1. Saanjh: It’s a very cute and unique Indian name for girls and one of my favourites. It sounds great and has a good meaning too. It means evening.
  1. Saumya: Soft, deilciatem fragile. It’s a great name for long-haired cats that look like soft balls of cotton.
  1. Sneha: Means love and affection. Also, it is used to refer to a girl who shows love and affection to others.
  1. Sandhya: Just like ‘Sanjh’ the name ‘Sanshya’ also touches your heart and its meaning is the same, evening.
  1. Sajni: It means beloved.
  1. Sakshi: Witness.
  1. Sakhi: Female friend of a girl.
  1. Smriti: Memory

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘T’

  1. Tamanna: What else you can desire if your cat’s name is already Tamanna? Because it means a desire itself.
  1. Trisha: It means desire, wants, or dreams.
  1. Tanya: Princess of fairies and family oriented.
  1. Tanvi: Beautiful and delicate.
  1. Tapasya: Penance
  1. Tejasvi: A girl who is majestic, bold, glamorous, outspoken and brave,
  1. Tara: This name means a star. 

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘U’

  1. Ujala: Presence of light.
  1. Udita: It’s a feminine version of the male Hindi name ‘Udit’, meaning good-looking and beautiful.
  1. Unnati: Progress or development.
  1. Urmi: This name is of Sanskrit origin it means an ‘ocean’.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘V’

  1. Vineeta: It has multiple meanings such as hunger, obedience, knowledge, unassuming, simple, modest and some other meanings.
  1. Veena: It’s a string-based musical instrument. Especially, used in Indian classical music.
  1. Vijaya: This name is a feminine version of the male Indian name ‘Vijay’ which means victory.
  1. Vasudha: It means the earth.
  1. Vani: Voice.

Indian Names for Female Cats Starting with ‘Y’

  1. Yamini: Thai name means a Starry Night.
  1. Yatra: Journey, expedition, voyage, and pilgrimage.
  1. Yuvti: A young girl.
  1. Yamuna: An important river in North India.
  1. Yashika: The girl who has attained fame and popularity.

Indian Cat Names Malayalam

Sunset view of a boat in lake in Kerala

If you belong to a Non-Hindi speaking Indian state and want to name your cat in your regional language then don’t worry here I have assembled cat names in other regional languages of India too. Let’s first start with Malyalam.

Malayalam Cat Names for Boys

1. Ahil: Prince

2. Abhidharm: Highest dharma(religion) or the person of the highest religion.

3. Abjit: The one who conquers water

4. Amlankusum: A flower that never fades

5. Katuva: Tiger

6. Pūcca: Cat

7. Dhiran: Brave

8. Sinham: Lion

9. Pantar: Panthar

10. Tejas: Majestic, bold, and glamorous.

Malayalam Cat Names For Girls

1. Abhilasha: Desire, ambition, wish.

2. Aindrila: Female star.

3. Rashmika: A ray of light.

4. Priyasari: Lovable or fascinating.

5. Katukakarmaya: curious

6. Sneham: It means love in Malayalam.

7. Minnal: Lightning

8. Manoharam: beautiful

9. Mayakunna: Mesmerising

Indian Cat Names Tamil

Image of a boat at the sea coast in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a beautiful Indian state. And, the same thing applies to its language. Tamil names are pretty sweet and have a classical touch. So, let’s see 10 Cta Names for boys and girls cats each in Tamil.

Tamil Cat Names for Boys 

1. Aninda: Dear, beloved, lover.

2. Arundeep: Red lamp. This name is suitable for orange or tan cats.

3. Haksh: Eyes. Give this name to your large-eyed cat.

4. Isai: It means masculinity in Tamil.

5. Pakshin: Bird. If you are a parent of a restless cat then this is a great name to highlight her agility. 

6. Vairam: Diamond

7. Kurumpu: Naughty

8. Pūnai: Cat

9. Palinkū: Marble

10. Mēkam: Cloud

Tamil Cat Names for Girls

1. Ahilya: Sacred, virgin and maiden

2. Akashleena: A star

3. Vapra: Creeper. So, if you have a female kitten that loves to creep on you when you’re busy with chores; then this is a great name for her.

4. Tāhpōtil: Daffodil

5. Kaliko: Calico

6. Taksito: Tuxedo

7. Pani: Snow

8. Makarani: Empress

9. Naittinkil: Nightingale 

10. Vrushti: Rain

Indian Cat Names Marathi

This is the image of CST station in Bombay Maharashtra India

Below is the list of Marathi cat names for male and female cats with meanings. I hope you like them.

Marathi Cat Names for Boys

1. Akansh: Desire. Whole, entire, and complete.

2. Darsheel: The one who looks sober and good.

3. Jasraj: This name means ‘King of Fame’.

4. Mihir: The sun.

5. Sundar: Lovely

6. Ojas: Vigour, vitality, strong.

7. Dhurā: Smoke

8. Shoor: Brave

9. Gomeda: Onyx

10. Pranil: Love

Marathi Cat Names for Girls

1. Savli: The girl who has a wheatish or brown complexion.

2. Vaghini: Tigress 

3. Megha: Cloud. 

4. Sandhya: Evening.

5. Kapus: Cotton

6. Hans: Goose

7. Chimni: Sparrow

8. Mulagi: Girl.

9. Niharika: Fog, Dew.

10. Partha: Unique, one of a kind.

Indian Names for Twin Cats

Ok. Got it! You have twin cats and you are searching for such Indian names for them that complement each other. So, here is the list of Indian Cat Names for Twin Cats.

  1. Ganga-Yamuna: Ganga is one of the three largest rivers that flow through India and Yamuna is its tributary. These two names are suitable for twin female kittens or cats.
  1. Andhi-Toofan: LOL: Aandhi means a storm anToofan means a thunderstorm. Also, Aandhi belongs to the feminine gender while Tooan is a masculine word in Hindi. So, If you have a pair of twin cats, one is a boy and the other is a girl and both of them are too messy and naughty then you may name them Anndhi-Toofan.
  1. Heera-Moti: These two are very precious names. Why so? Well, Heera means diamond and Moti means pearl so they are precious. Moreover, they are the all-time favourite evergreen names for pets in India.
  1. Himanshu-Himanshi: Both of these names mean the same ‘Cool Moonlight’. Himanshu is the root word and Himanshin is its feminine form.
  1. Advik-Advika: These names mean unique, extraordinary, and one-of-a-kind. Advik is for boys while Advika is used to name girls.
  1. Sona-Chandi: This is my next pair of precious names. Yes, you guessed it right! These are the names of precious metals. Sona means gold and Chandi means silver. 
  1. Dhoop-Chhaon: These names are suitable for two cats who have contrasting coats like one is black and the other is white so you may name them as Dhoop-Chhaon. The means oF Dhoop is sunshine while Chhaon means shade. You can also give this name to cats who have contrasting personalities. The cat who is calm and reserved can be called Chhaon. On the other hand, the extrovert cat can be named as Dhoop.
  1. Dil-Jigar: Dil stands for the heart and Jigar stands for the liver. However, the real meanings of these pairs of words are different from the dictionary meanings. Both of these names are used to refer to a beloved person.
  1. Subha-Sham: Like, Dhoo-Chhaon, Subh-Sham also have contrasting meanings and can be used to name cats with contrasting coats and personalities. Subha means morning. Sham, on the other hand, means evening.
  1. Chand-Suraj: This pair of names is suitable for twin male cats. In Hindi, Chand means the moon and Sooraj means the sun.
  1. Aakash-Vani: Basically, Aakash and Vani are two different words that are part of a compound word  ‘AAkashvani’ which has a completely different meaning. ‘Aakash’ means the sky while ‘Vani’ means voice and ‘Aakashvani’ means oracle.
  1. Pawan-Poorva: The last pair of names or Twin cat is Pawan-Poorva. Both o these names mean ‘slow-blowing wind’. But Pawan is a masculine name while Poorva is used to name girls.

Indian Cat Names Inspired by Animals

  1. Sher: Lion 
  1. Shera: Lion 
  1. Bagh: Tiger 
  1. Koyal: Cuckoo
  1. Tota: Parrot
  1. Hirni: Doe
  1. Cheeta: Cheetah
  1. Cheetal: Buck
  1. Mor: Peacock
  1. Cheel: Kite
  1. Baaz: Eagle
  1. Bhalu: Bear

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