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Urdu (Pakistani) Cat Names 2023- With Meanings

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Choose among Urdu (Pakistani) Cat Names this time. The good thing is, here I will not only give you the mere list of names but also interpret them with my weird mind to customise them for cats. 

The best thing about Urdu names is their unique sweetness and a glimpse of Muslim culture. 

Technically most of these names are the Indian variant of Arabic and Persian names that have been modified, changed and absorbed the scent of the Desi language over the centuries. 

You may wonder whether giving an Urdu name to a cat is a good idea. Well, yes it is! Believe it or not, if you see from a cat lover’s eyes you can clearly see the analogy between cats and any name in the world; of any language spoken or understood in any corner of the world. The credit goes to your silly habit of linking everything with those paws and whiskers. 

Jokes apart, let’s not beat the bush and first have a look at Urdu Cat Names for Boys.

Urdu Cat Names For Boys

A very cute brown tabyy kitten touching his face from the paw

Each of these names signifies a unique personality trait or physical characteristic of cats. So, let’s go down the list and see what’s cooking in there.

Abeer: Fragrance or scent. This cat has a strong sense of smell. He can find out what you bought for him when you are 1 km away from home. 

Ahfaz: Guard or guardian. He stays awake throughout the night guarding the universe against witches and demons.

Ahmar: Red or reddish. Give this name to chocolate, tan or orange cats.

Ahsan: Excellent, kind, charitable. He’s a sweet boy who loves cuddling and stretching in your lap.

Adil: Just, fair, impartial. The cat who never tries to take away the share of his housemates. 

Aijaz: Blessing, favour, grace. Pick this, if you think that your cat is no less than a blessing. 

Anwar: Bright, radiant, shining. Suggested for cats with shiny, soft and luxuriant coats.

Areeb: Wise, intelligent, clever. This cat surprises everyone with his intelligence. 

Arslan: Lion, brave, courageous. A cat who is always ready for the fight and never gets scared of the opponent. 

 Asim: Protector, guardian, defender. He’s an ultimate defender and protects his mom/dad with imaginary dragons. 

Aslam: Peaceful, safe, secure. A calm and peaceful cat who can establish world peace. 

Azeem: Great, mighty, grand. This name is best suited for large breeds like Savannah, Maine Coon, Birman, Norwegian Forest Cat and the like. 

Azlan: Lion, brave and valiant.

Baadshah: Emperor, king, ruler. This cat is the undisputed ruler of the cat world.

Babar: Lion, brave, powerful. He’s the real owner of the territory (that you call home) and you are just a member of his pride.

Barbar: Wild, savage, uncivilised. A spoiled cat who can get aggressive anytime and give you punishment in the form of scratches. 

Badmash: Troublemaker, rascal, mischief-maker. As the name suggests this name is for naughty cats. 

Bahadur: Brave, courageous, valiant.

Danish: Knowledgeable, wise, learned. He is a good boy and loves to learn new tricks. 

Deedar: Vision, sight, glimpse.

Dilbar: Lover, sweetheart, beloved.

Dilkash: Beautiful, charming, captivating. This boy is so handsome that one cannot stop himself from giving him compliments. 

Dildar: Affectionate, loving, kind-hearted. A very loving and affectionate boy who makes his owner feel special all the time. 

Dilshad: Happy, cheerful, joyful. He’s a very friendly, confident and talkative cat who likes to meet new people, cats and other animals. 

Fahad: There can be different meanings of Fahad such as lynx, panther or leopard.

Faheem: Intelligent, wise, knowledgeable.

Faiz: Victorious, successful, accomplished. This cat is born to be a winner of every game.

Fa’iz: Abundance, grace, excellence.

Faizan: Beneficence, generosity, grace. A handsome and attractive boy who deserves to be treated as a prince. 

Falah: Success, prosperity, salvation.

Farhan: Happy, joyful, glad. A joyful, funny and mischievous cat who always tries to get attention by doing weird things. 

Faraz: Elevation, height, high ranking. A cat who thinks that he is a noble and demands to be treated like one. 

Faroogh: Illumination, brightness, splendour. Suggested for cats with shiny coats especially solid white, black or brown.

Faujdar: Commander, leader, chief. He’s the leader of the cat gang in creating chaos and in the war with another gang. 

Fitoor: Passion, obsession, madness. A mystic cat who stays busy doing nonsense throughout the day.

Fazal: Grace, favour, a blessing.

Ghalib: Excellent, conqueror, dominant. As the name suggests this cat dominates the other pets and no one has the courage to rebel against him.

Ghazi: Warrior, victor, hero. He’s the avenger of the cat world. 

Ghizal: Gazelle, graceful, elegant. This cat is known for his magical hypnotic eyes. 

Gulfaam: Bearer of flowers, flower-loving. This cat loves spending his day in the garden. 

Gumnam: Unknown, anonymous, unidentified. He’s a cat whom you have adopted from the street so he doesn’t have a name. 

Habeeb: Beloved, dear, cherished. He’s the love of his owner. 

Hammad: He’s praiseworthy, thankful, and appreciates everything that you have done for him. 

Hamdan: Praised, praised by many.

Haseen: He’s a handsome, beautiful and attractive cat.

Hasnain: Two beautiful eyes, charming, mesmerising eyes which are enough to hypnotise anyone. 

Haris: Guardian, protector, watchman.

Hatim: This cat is generous, helpful and benevolent.

Hilal: Crescent moon, new moon. This name is suggested for cats with white coats. 

Humdard: A cat who is your companion, friend and sympathiser. 

Humsafar: Travel companion, life partner. 

Ifteqar: He’s the honour, dignity and pride of his owner. 

Ilm: A Knowledgeable, learned and wise cat who loves learning new games. 

Immu: Affectionate name for someone named Imran (meaning “prosperity” or “prosperous”).

Imran: Prosperity, flourishing, long-lived.

Inzamam: Steadfast, determined, resolute. You can’t stop him from sleeping at your place on the bed. 

Israr: The one who insists on providing him with all the luxuries of life. 

Javed: Eternal, immortal, everlasting.

Jabir: Comforter, consoler, restorer. He’s an extroverted cat with a lot of attitude. 

Jugnoo: Firefly, glowworm, light. Suitable for cats with shiny and talkative eyes. 

Kafi: A cat whose power is sufficient and enough to face two or sometimes three opponents at the same time. 

Kafil: He’s the guardian and the ultimate protector of the house. 

Kamran: Successful and prosperous.

Khalil: This cat is the best friend of his mom and dad. 

Khan: Leader, ruler, nobleman.

Khurram: The cat who always stays happy no matter what the damn situation he is in. 

Khursheed: Sun, sunlight, radiance.

Laeeq: Worthy, deserving, suitable.

Latif: Gentle, kind, refined all the meanings of this name complement cats’ beauty and personalities.

Mazhar: Manifestation, embodiment, representation. He’s a born rebel and never accepts anything less than what he intends. 

Mehboob: Beloved, dear, loved one.

Monis: One who is friendly, helpful and companionable.

Mizaan: A cat who exudes a balanced personality. He’s neither too lazy nor too destructive; neither an extrovert nor an introvert; neither too rude nor clingy. 

Mufeed: Having this cat is beneficial, useful and advantageous for his owner(if he’s not, you still have to believe in peace LOL). 

Mohatram: This cat sees himself as a respectful, honoured, esteemed individual who should be respected with gratitude. 

Munawwar: Illuminated, enlightened, radiant.

Musab: Strong, steadfast and patient. This cat has all the qualities to become the president of the United States.

Mushtaq: Longing, yearning, desirous.

Nabeel: This cat strongly believes that he is a noble and an honourable member of the royal family of Britain. 

Nadeem: Companion, friend, confidant.

Nadim: He’s a great entertainer, his presence is pleasant and he keeps you engage cheerfully in his acts. 

Naeem: Blessing, blissful, fortunate.

Naseen: A cat who is friendly, affable and sociable.

Nasir: Helper, supporter, defender.

Nawab: Title of nobility, ruler, prince.

Oman: A secure, safe and peaceful place. 

Osaf: He’s a cat that belongs to another world. He’s pious, righteous and virtuous.

Osama: Lion-like, strong, powerful. No more words are needed to explain this name. 

Parvez: Victorious, successful, triumphant.

Parwaz: Flight, soaring, ascent.

Qalam: Pen, writing instrument. This cat has an exceptional love for learning.

Qamar: A name for white, chinchilla and cream cats it means the Moon.

Qarar: Rest, stability, settlement. This cat likes to spend the majority of his day rolling on the floor or chilling at the window. 

Qatar: Carrier, conveyor, transporter. It’s also the name of a country in the Middle East. 

Quaiser: Emperor, king, ruler.

Qurban: Sacrifice or offering.

Raees: This cat is the chief of his gang, leader of the house and noble of the neighbourhood.

Raja: He is a true King.

Rafey: Elevating, raising, exalting.

Rafique: A cat who is not just a companion but also a friend and ally of his owner. 

Rashid: Guided, righteous, well-guided.

Rehbar: Guide, mentor, leader. He loves to lead you when you walk with him. 

Ruhan: Spiritual, mystical, ethereal.

Rushd: Guidance, guidance towards the right path.

Sabeeh: Beautiful, morning, handsome, charming.

Saif: This cat is the sword of his owner. No one can even imagine coming closer to you when he is with you. 

Sahil: Shore, coast, beach.

Sa’im: Fasting, abstinent, observant of fasting. He is a very patient boy who never troubles you even when he is hungry. 

Sahir: Wakeful, alert, vigilant.

Safdar: This cat is brave, courageous and bold.

Saleem: He is a peaceful cat who doesn’t believe in mischief. 

Salman: Safe, secure, peaceful.

Sarwar: A cat who is eminent, noble and honourable.

Sarwat: Wealth, prosperity, abundance.

Shaheen: Falcon, royal, noble. This name is best suited for chinchillas and grey and white cats.

Shahid: Witness, observer, martyr.

Shahwar: Brave, valiant and heroic cat who deserves to be cast as Simba in the sequel of ‘The Lion King’. 

Shariq: Radiant, bright, shining.

Tabeeb: This cat dreams to become the best physician in the world so he spends his time healing the body of his mom/dad by non-stop licking and caring that he/she takes his/her medicines on time. 

Tanim: Sociable, friendly, affable.

Talib: He is the true seeker and student of knowledge. He likes to watch the discovery channel and learn about the weird world every day. 

Tariq: Morning star, night visitor, one who knocks at the door.

Tufail: Beneficial, useful, advantageous.

Wajahat: A cat who wants to be treated with dignity.

Wamiq: Loving, affectionate and passionate cat who tries to keep himself around his mom/dad as much as possible. 

Wazeer: Minister, advisor, counsellor.

Waqar: Respect, dignity, honour.

Waseem: Handsome, graceful, elegant.

Zafar: This cat is born to achieve victory, triumph and success.

Zain: He is an extremely beautiful, handsome, attractive cat with long, soft and radiant fur.

Zameer: Conscience, inner voice, sense of right and wrong.

Zeeshan: He leads his life with dignity, decorum and self-respect.

 Ziyad: Abundance, increase, surplus.

Urdu Cat Names for Girls 

A beautiful calico cat lying on the pavemen
A beautiful calico cat lying on the pavement

If you have a baby girl and not a boy then the names below will perfectly highlight the elegance, grace and quirkiness of feline fashion models. Go through the list and pick the one which seems the most relevant to your furball and deserves her. 

Aafiya: Health, well-being, soundness.

Aarasih: Luxury.

Alfiya: She’s a beautiful, lovely and charming girl who thinks she’s a model.

Alfisha: This cat stays joyful, happy and delighted.

Alina: A kitty who has a noble persona and delicate body.

Aliza: Joyful, pleasant, delightful.

Almas: Diamond, or any precious gemstone, You may give this name to any cat with beautiful eyes.

Amaira: The princess of the home and a noble lady.

Amber: Sky, jewel, gemstone. This name refers to the orange coat or golden eyes of cats. 

Ameera: This is another version of ‘Amaira’. It means a princess, noblewoman or leader.

Amreen: Sky, greenery, prosperity. Choose this name for cats with green eyes. 

Ana: It’s a badass name that means ‘ego’. This cat is beautiful so she’s egoistic about it.

Anam: A cat who is a blessing to her owner.

Areesha: Sunbeam, heavenly, angelic. This is best for cats who have gleamy coats.

Areeba: Wise, intelligent, sensible.

Asiya: The cat who is caring and compassionate.

Batool: She’s pure, immaculate, and virtuous.

Begum: It means the lady, noblewoman and queen. This car is the queen of the house.

Bismah: The one who is smiling, joyful, and cheerful.

Bushra: Good news, glad tidings, happiness. She’s a blessing of God to you. 

Daaniya: A cat who prefers staying close and near to her mom/dad all the time.

Daisha: Alive, full of life, lively.

Dilruba: She’s enchanting, captivating and a real heart-stealer.

Dua: Prayer, supplication, invocation.

Duniya: World, earthly life, existence.

Erum: Paradise, heaven, beautiful garden.

Eshaal: She remains excited about everything. 

Fahmida: She’s an Intelligent and understanding kitty.

Faiza: Victorious, successful, winner.

Falaq: Dawn, daybreak, sunrise. Give this name to white or orange female cats.

Farhana: Happy, joyful, glad.

Farheen: Joyous, happy, delightful.

Fariha: She’s a happy and joyful cat who is glad for everything that you are providing her. 

Fiza: Breeze, air, atmosphere.

Farzeen: This cat is wise and knowledgeable and knows everything within her domain. 

Gazal: For cats, who are a  living poem.

Ghazala: Gazelle, graceful, elegant. Best suited to cats with mesmerising eyes.

Haadiya: She’s your guide outdoors and the leader indoors.

Haala: Aureole, halo, circle. 

Haidya: Well-guided, rightly guided.

Hamna: A cat who makes your feel blessed, happy and fortunate for having her. 

Haiza: She’s a noble girl, who demands to consider her honourable and demands royal services.

Hayat: Life, existence, vitality.

Huma: Bird that brings fortune, phoenix. 

Humsafar: Travel companion, life partner.

Heena: Henna, a reddish-brown dye. Suggested for rare female orange or dark brown cats.

Ibrat: Lesson, moral, our example. This cat is an example of how to be a good girl for every pet in the neighbourhood.

Iffat: She’s a living example of chastity, modesty and purity.

Ilma: Knowledge, wisdom, learning.

Inaya: Concerned, careful and solicitous.

Insha: Writing, composition, creation.

Iram: This name has two primary meanings— garden, and pleasure.

Ishrat: The one who is delighted and joyous. 

Kafila: Caravan, group of travellers. She’s the leader of her cat caravan. 

Kashaf: Revealer, discoverer, uncoverer, inception.

Mahira: She’s a skilled artist; expert in making biscuits and loves tearing up the couch’s leather proficiently. 

Malhoon: Cursed, unfortunate, ill-fated.

Mehreen: Lovable, kind-hearted, compassionate.

Memuna: Having this cat will give you a feeling of being blessed and fortunate. 

Munawwar: The cat with a beautiful radiant fur.

Nadiya: Caller, announcer, messenger. She is your translator and repeats each word spoken by you.

Namra: A cat with a soft coat and gentle personality.

Naeema: Blessing, bliss, favour.

Nahid: Venus, planet Venus, radiant.

Nausheen: Sweet, pleasant, charming.

Nigar: This cat is beautiful, elegant and graceful.

Nilofer: Lotus, water lily, beautiful flower. It’s an excellent name for blue-eyed cats.

Noor/Noori: Light, brightness, radiance.

Rafat: Elevation, loftiness, sublimity.

Rahat: Her presence gives you comfort, ease and relief and you forget about your problems when she is with you. 

Riasha: Wealth, prosperity, abundance.

Raziya: Contented, pleased, satisfied.

Rumana: The one who is romantic, passionate and emotional.

Roohi: Soulful, spiritual and ethereal.

Saaleha: A girl who is pious, righteous, and virtuous.

Saba: Breeze, morning air, freshness. She refreshes your mood with her acts and affection when you are tired of working constantly. 

Sabeeha: Beautiful, pretty, attractive.

Sada: Echo, sound, voice. She is a vocal and talkative cat. 

Salma: Safe, peaceful, secure.

Sameera: Companion, entertainer, conversationalist.

Sana: A radiant, brilliant and resplendent coat.

Sanober: Pine tree, cedar, fragrant wood. Recommended for brown cats.

Sayma: Swift, fleet, fast. She is an energetic and playful kitty. 

Seher: Dawn, early morning, daybreak. She’s the new dawn in the life of her owners. 

Shiza: This name means a fragrance, perfume or scent. 

Tabassum: This cat brings smiles, laughter and cheerfulness to her human life. 

Tahmina: A cat who is precious and valuable. Owning her is expensive.

Taliba: Seeker of knowledge, student.

Tanzeem: Organization, arrangement, system.

Tasha: She is a beautiful young maiden woman.

Wadira: Radiant, brilliant, shining.

Waseema: The cat who is beautiful, graceful and fascinating.

Zafira: She is victorious and triumphant. She loves accepting challenges and emerging as a victor.

Zaira: Rose, flower, blooming.

Zamarrud: Emerald, precious stone, gem. Recommended especially for cats with emerald eyes.

Zameera: Companion, friend, associate.

Zareen: Golden, precious, valuable. An excellent name for the fawn, light brown and orange cats.

Zoha: Morning light, brightness, illumination.

Zuha: Forenoon, late morning, daytime.

Zoya: Alive, full of life, vibrant.

Cat Names After Other Animals 

A wolf in the water
A wolf in the water

Azgar: Python 

Babbar Sher: Lion

Barah Singha: Antelope 

Bhediya: Wolf

Cheetah: Cheetah 

Gilehri: Squirrel 

Hiran/Hirni: Deer/Doe

Reech: Bear

Tendua: Leopard 

Urdu Cat Names After Birds

An Extremely Beautiful White Pigeon Flying
An Extremely Beautiful White Pigeon Flying

Baaz: Eagle

Bulbul: Nightingale 

Cheel: Kite 

Fakhta: Dove 

Kabootar: Pigeon 

Koel: Cuckoo 

Maynah: Lark

Shaheen: Falcon

Urdu Cat Names After Flowers 

Binafsha: Sweet Violet

Chameli: Jasmin

Gainda: Marigold

Gulbahar: Daisy

Gulab: Rose

Nargis: Daffodil 

A List of 11 Urdu  Names for Cats  Infographic
A List of 11 Urdu Names for Cats Infographic

Finally, we have reached the end of this post. But our journey is not over yet. You constantly need to learn new things about cats to make their lives happier, safer and enjoyable. I hope that today’s article has helped you in finding a name for your new feline companion. Let other cat parents reach us by sharing this article with your friends and families. If you wish to reach out to us, you can mail me directly or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll get back to you at the earliest. I’m putting some relevant links below to see names for cats in other languages too. 

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