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Cat Names That Start With Q- With Meanings- 2023

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Hello beautiful souls! This is the seventeenth article of our series ‘cat names in alphabetical order’. And, today I’m suggesting cat names that start with Q for female and male cats. 

 So if you’re looking for a unique name for your furry friend, why not consider a name like Qandeel, Queenie or Quinn? 

Or you may try to imagine your handsome male coming towards you when you call him by saying Quaxo, Quaint or Quaaq. 

In this read, I’ll share my top picks for cat names that start with Q, from classic to creative. 

Whether you’re looking for a name that’s funny, cute, or just plain cool, I’ve got you covered.

So, sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee in your hand and get ready to discover the purrfect name for your feline friend. 

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Cat Name That Starts With P for Girls.

  1. Quartz: A hard crystalline rock used to make digital watches. 
  1. Quincie: This name has its origin in French and it means the ‘estate of the fifth son’.
  1. Quinn: It means wise and intelligent.
  1. Qaza: This is an Arabic name, meaning destiny, fate, or the will of God or “the rule of God”.
  1. Qetsiyah: Derived from the word “cassia” which is bark-like cinnamon and it symbolises a freedom-loving individual.
  1. Qandeel: A name of Arabic origin, meaning “beautiful”.
  1. Queen: The wife of a King. 
  1. Queenie: It’s a pet name derived from Queen. 
  1. Quince: A fruit.
  1. Quincy: A name from Roman which means “the fifth”. 
  1. Quinoa: Starchy seeds are eaten as food, especially for breakfast. 
  1. Quack-quack: This name is for vocal cats. It is written to symbolise the sound of a duck.
  1. Quicksilver: Mercury 
  1. Quicksand: In simple words, it means deep sand that sinks when we walk on it. Here, this name refers to the softness of the fur of cats. 
  1. Quid: It’s slang for the British pound.
  1. Quia: It’s a girl’s name but unfortunately its meaning is not known to me so far.
  1. Quigley: This name is suitable for long-haired cats it means the one with messy hair. 
  1. Quilted: A two-layered cloth filled with wool or cotton used to keep the body warm while sleeping. Here, it symbolises the fluffiness of cats’ coats. 
  1. Quix: The exact meaning of this name is unknown. However, some say that it means clear.
  1. Queensland: A state in the United States of America.
  1. Quirin: A strong name for female cats from German. It means a spear.
An Infographic showing the list of 11 Cat Names Starting with Q
An Infographic showing the list of 11 Cat Names Starting with Q

Cat Names That Start With Q for Boys.

  1. Quax: A pet name for male pets with no meaning.
  1. Quaxo: Sound of a frog. So it’s a name for those talkative felines who constantly disturb you with their melodious voices. LOL.
  1. Quatro: It means four. You can give this name to your four-legged friend. 
  1. Quail: A small bird which is bred to obtain its eggs and meat.
  1. Quade: This name is of Latin origin. It means ‘son of Uaid’. Another meaning is a leader.
  1. Quaid: This is another spelling for ‘Quade’.
  1. Quagga: A name from the Khosian language which means a zebra.
  1. Quagmire: An area of soft land with lots of mud. This name symbolises the darkness or smokiness of the coat so it is suggested for grey cats. 
  1. Quahog: A kind of shellfish. 
  1. Quaint: Something or someone which is different and unusual.
  1. Quantum: The smallest possible separate unit of a physical quantity. Clearly, this name is recommended for small breeds.
  1. Quaoar: A dwarf planet. 
  1. Quaq: Suggested for chubby cats, this name means frozen meat.
  1. Quax: This name means a male goose. 
  1. Quavo: The true meaning of this name is unknown. Some popular meanings are desire and destiny.
  1. Quear: It’s a shortened form of the German name ‘Quirin’, which means a spear.
  1. Quek: It’s an English surname and another spelling for ‘quick’. It means lively and/or nimble.
  1. Quenching: To catfish of ally the desire, want or thirst.
  1. Quentin: A name from Latin which means the ‘fifth’. If your new cat is actually your fifth then you may name him Quentin which sounds extremely cute. 
  1. Quevedo: It’s a Spanish surname which translates to ‘one who hails from Quevada’. 
  1. Quevos: This name comes from Spanish too. It means ‘caves’. 
  1. Quez: This name has primarily three meanings these are self-possessed, mature and responsible.
  1. Qila: It’s a name from Urdu which means a ‘fortress’

This brings you to the end of this short post. I hope that today you have found some unique cat names that you’ve heard before. Now, it’s time for me to leave so that I can write the next post of this series that’s going to be on the next letter of the alphabet i.e. R. If you want to me include some more names in the post then kindly do let me know your ideas in the comments. And as I always say, don’t forget to share this blog post on your social groups so that I can get to other cat parents like you. Thanks for reading!

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