Urdu (Pakistani) Cat Names 2023- With Meanings

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Choose among Urdu (Pakistani) Cat Names this time. The good thing is, here I will not only give you the mere list of names but also interpret them with my weird mind to customise them for cats.  The best thing about Urdu names is their unique sweetness and a glimpse of Muslim culture.  Technically most … Read more

Arabic Cat Names- Muslim Names for Cats

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Looking for Arabic Cat Names for your new cat or kitten? Indeed, Muslim Cat Names reflect the rich tapestry of this ancient language and give us a glimpse of the ancient culture.  Arabic names for cats are ideal for honouring your cat’s regal nature, ooze elegance, grace, and a hint of intrigue, just like the … Read more

409 Indian Cat Names- With Meanings 2022

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Indian Cat Names have two things most special about them. Guess what?  First of all, they sound pretty unique that the listener can recognise them at the very moment he/she hears them. Secondly, they are linked to the roots of Indian culture and generally have beautiful meanings.  Hindi names for cats have become pretty popular … Read more

178 Spanish Cat Names with Meanings

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Looking for Nombres picantes para gatos españoles (spicy Spanish Cat Names)? Undoubtedly, the Spanish language has its unique identity and style. Spanish names always carry classic touch and give the feeling listener as if he’s still living in the Roman Empire. The best thing about these names is they practically sound as they are written. … Read more