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196 White Cat Names (With Meanings)- Boy Girl Unisex and Movies Name

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Welcome caring cat mom/dad. Glad that you’re here once again. I promise that once again I’ll make your reading experience fun. 

And, you’ll leave from here with a shortlist of cat names that are just perfect to reflect one aspect of your tiny white kitten’s personality or another.

If you are not here for the first time you know very well that I don’t merely list down the random cat names, instead, I handpick the names that fit the coat and personality. Moreover, there’s no need to waste time in googling the meanings as here you are gonna find the names and meanings of both.

I fully understand the fact that all of us have different tastes and we look for different things while naming our fur babies.

So, in this post, you’ll get the list of cat names for both girls and boys. If you are looking for a name that is uncommon then I have a list of unique cat names for you. 

On the other hand, good cat names will give you a list of the names that are most loved by cat parents. 

But, if you are a movieholic and want to name your fur-ball after a movie character then go directly to Cat Names from Movies and find the right name for your feline friend. 

Let’s get started.

21 White Cat Names Girl(Female)

AthenaBright or white in Latin
BiancaMeans white in Italian
Calla A bell-shaped white flower
CloudyResembling a cloud
CocoShort form for Coconut
CottonA fibrous white flower used to make cloth
CrystalHere, it refers whiteness or clarity of something
DoraShort form for Dorothy which means ‘the gift of God’
DoveA small bird
FrostA thin layer of ice that forms near the ground in winter
FrostyResembling frost
HibiscusA white flower 
JasmineA small white flower with a pleasant fragrance
Jo JoAn affectionate name that has no meaning
LilyA floating flower of various colours including white
LunaIt means the Moon in Latin
TroubleA great name to give naughty white cats

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18 White Cat Names Boy(Male)

This is an image for white cat names boys
ApexThe highest point of anything
AsproThe Greek word for ‘white’
BantamA white goat found in the Himalayas
BlancMeans ‘white’ in French
Clara Means  bright in Latin
CottonballSomething like a ball of cotton
DustyLike dust. Give this name to a cat which has s chinchilla coat
FlickerTwinkle. It’s a wonderful name for white extrovert male cats
FluffyCovered by a soft fur
GleamSoft light for a short time
HailFrozen drops of rainwater
HellIt means  bright in German
QuartzA gemstone
SeagullA white bird that lives near the
SiberianA man from Siberia
SmokeyHere, it refers to a cat who has smoky fur
YOLOTo be defined
YunThe Chinese word for cloud

31 Unique White Cat Names(Girl) 

This is an image for unique white cat names
Bianca: Italian for White
ButtermilkA sour white drink made of milk
EzraA Hebrew name means help or aid. It also means strength in Arabic
FloraHere, it refers to a flower
GlowShine. The perfect name for your fluffy white Persian or Turkish Angora cat
ILUAbbreviations for ‘I Love You’. This is an extremely cute name for your cutie pie
KarenAnother name that is attributed to Arabic but you would never find this name in Arabic literature. The commonly accepted meaning is pure but I didn’t find any authentic source to support this meaning too.
LabanMeans ‘white in Hebrew
LoredanaThe Latin word for ‘Laurel’ means victory.
MistyLike mist
NebbiaIt means ‘mist’ in Italian
NebelMeans ‘fog’ in German
NimbusA luminous cloud or vapour
OpalA white gemstone
PalomaMeans dove in Latin
PearlA small, white round object used to make jewellery and made inside the shell of a shellfish.
PuffyAnything that looks very soft and swollen
SnowThin, small and frozen drops of rain
SnowieAnything that resembles snow
SunnyHere it refers to the brightness of the sun 
StellaMeans a celestial. star in Latin and Italian
TofuA soft white substance like paneer(cottage cheese) made from soybean.
VanillaHere it refers to the white vanilla ice-cream
WitMeans ‘white’ in Dutch
WinterA season of cold weather. Here, it refers to the whiteness that winter brings with it due to snowfall 
WolfDon’t think about the meaning just give this name to your long-haired white cat who does not look less fierce than a wolf 
YukiIt’s a Japanese word for ‘snow’

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22 Unique White Cat Names Boys

AlpSoldier or a brave hero in Turkish
BostonA city in the United States of America
BeignetA bump or lump. This name is suitable for chubby cats.
CheeseA pale white or yellow substance made of milk. A cute name for naming off-white, or chinchilla cats
CheetosA mind of snack made of cheese
CloudHere, it refers to the whiteness of a white cloud
FoamAnother cute name for your fluffy white cats that look like foam
Hau: The Hawaiian word for snow
Helder: Helder: bright in Dutch
IvoryA white  substance obtained from the tusks of an elephant
JujuAn affectionate name with no clear meaning
MagicHere it refers to the magical beauty of white cats
MarbleA metamorphic rock used for construction whose most common colour is white, some other colours are also found though.
NebulaThe bright area that appears far away in the night sky is made by clouds,  gas  or a mass of dust 
NevaThe Latin word for snow
NuvemPortuguese for cloud
PolarSomeone who belongs to a place which is close to the  poles of the earth
Plutoa frozen dwarf planet 
WhiteAnything white
XueChinese for ‘snow’

White Cat With Blue Eyes Names

This infographic shows names for white cats with blue eyes

23 Good White Cat Names for Girls

AlaskaA region in America. The dictionary meaning of the word is ‘the great land’
AllieNoble, fair, harmonious and more
AllegraAn Italian name meaning joyful or happy
AshleyForest glade or ash tree meadow
AsterMeans a star or flower in Greek
AuraSoft breeze
BellaThis name means beautiful in French
Blossoma mass of flowers
CashewA place white dry fruit
ClaraBright or white in Latin
Cream pieA yummy name for your beautiful furball
DaisyA white flower
DuchessThe feminine version of Duke.
DewTiny water drops that form on the surfaces in winter
DiamondA precious transparent gemstone.
GardeniaA white flower.
KeanuA name of Hawaiian origin which means ‘cool breeze’
MiaowThe feminine version of Duke
NolaIrish name which means fair shoulder
PurryThe one who makes the ‘purr’ sound
ShineSheen, lustre or brightness
ZannahA place of white dry fruit

16 Good White Cat Names (Boys) 

BlancaItalian word for white and pure
CasperAramaic name that means ‘a treasurer’
Dave Beloved
GizmoLively and playful
MoonThe bright object appears at night and revolves around the earth
MoonbeamThe beam of light coming from the Moon.
PuffSomething that looks swollen and soft 
QueballWhite balls used in pool games such as billiards and snooker
SnowSoft, tiny pieces of water or raindrops that fall in winter
SnowyResembling snow
SnowballHere it refers to the appearance of long-haired white cats that looks similar to snowballs

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14 White Cat Names Unisex

This is a header image for unisex white cat names
AidenA name of Gaelic origin, meaning ‘little fire’
AspenA name of a place in Colorado 
BeauA name of French origin which means beautiful 
BennyMeans blessed in Latin
BooAn affectionate name with no clear meaning
BrookA small stream
BrooklynA city in Germany
CloudA mass of gas that often carried water within it
FinneganAIrishsh surname that means ‘the son of fair-haired’.
Kai  This name has various origins and meanings in different cultures! In German, this name means “warrior.” In Hebrew, it means “holiness of the land of Israel.” In Hawaiian, it means ‘ocean or sea’.
NuruIt means light in Swahili
SkylarkA small bird
SloanA warrior

10 White Cat Names from Movies

AliceFrom Alice in Wonderland
BubblesFrom the Powerpuff Girls
Chine White/ Chien Na WieFrom Arrow
DaenerysFrom the Games of Thrones
DavidFrom the lost boys
ElsaFrom frozenGandalf
GandalfFrom the Lord of the Ring
MalfoyFrom Harry Potter
Mr White From Men in Black
Stahma: From Defiance

13 White Cat Names Indian (Girls)

AabhaShine, glare
EtaBright, luminous
KashmiraA girl that belongs to Kashmir 
Koh-i-NoorThe largest diamond in the world
Kumudini: Lily
MahiraTalented and skilled
MishkaA ray of light in Arabic
OshaShining or bright

16 White Cat Names Indian(Boys)

AryanThe one who belongs to the Aryan race
AvirajBright like the sun
DhruvPole star
FuzailAn Arabic name which means Grace, excellence, reward and has a few other meanings
Falah: Success
FenilA flower
RayyanLuxuriant or plentiful
SathvikVirtuous and clam
TejasGlorious, lustre, brilliance

12 White Cat Names Cute

AslanA Turkish name meaning ‘a lion’
BogA Greek word that means. ‘Good News
EvangelionA Greek word that means. ‘Good News’
FloofAn animal that has thick dense fur
MercuryThe smallest and the closet planet to the sun
MomoA stuffed Chinese food made by steaming which generally has a pale white colour
NeekoA Greek word that  translates into ‘victory of peopleple’
PeskyTroublesome. It’s an extremely cute name for your troublesome feline friend
Vapour or VThe gaseousThe gaseous state of water
XaviThis name is of Basque origin and means ‘the new house’.
XuWith Chinese origin, this name means “brilliant rising sun.”

What Do You Think? 

Finally, you are here. Congratulations on successfully reading the entire list of White Cat Names. I hope that you have already shortlisted the names of your white beauty. Here, I tried to list down all the major types of cat names that people want to name their cats after. But this is not the end. I will keep this list updated and add some more names as a regular practice. I also hope that this article has helped you in choosing the best name for your beautiful white kitten. Please share this blog post in your social media groups to help us reach other cat parents like you. 

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