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Cute Cat Names for the Coolest Cats- Zippy Pet

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Posted on August 12, 2022

Every cat has the ‘right’ to receive a ‘cute’ name and I support this with the raised paw and the loudest meow. Your sweetie deserves a name that just pop-ups the aww-feeling as soon as it’s heard. 

No matter if you have a boy or a girl kitten, here you’ll find the cutest and the most popular cat names for both (along with their meanings). So you don’t have to waste another hour on Google to search for the meanings.

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Today’s post is also special because it takes care of the taste of every cat parent. It includes cute cat names based on animals and foods. If you still miss your childhood and want to see the little you in your then go for the names inspired by Disney (and other cartoons), superheroes, and movies. Or if you want to give your cat a name that is cute as well as sounds unique then try Indian or Arabic cat names. Don’t worry you’ll also get the list of Goofy cat names if you want to try something funny and loving. 

Cute Cat Names for Boys

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  1. Alfie: it has multiple meanings such as elf, wise and counsel.
  1. Augustine: it is a Latin name which means to increase. Another meaning is venerable.
  1. Bill: Affectionate version of ‘William’, meaning ‘determined’ or resolute protector. 
  1. Bilbo: A kind of sword used in ancient times which was known for its elasticity.
  1. Banjo: A string musical instrument 
  1. Ceres: A dwarf planet (think of Pluto)
  1. Cloud: a mass of gas suspended in the atmosphere often filled with tiny water droplets.
  1. Charlie: a name of German origin, meaning freeman
  1. Cricket: an insect that makes a loud noise, especially at night. 
  1. Delta: A triangular landform that a river makes at the mouth of a sea.
  1. Eddie: to move in a round, whirling or rotary motion
  1. Ginger: one of the most popular names of cats in the world for orange cats. It means a herb as well as an orange tabby pattern.
  1. Glade: which means an open space surrounded by woods. 
  1. Gulliver: a character from the novel ‘Gulliver Travels’.
  1. Hurricane: strong and destructive winds moving in a circular.
  1. Max: abbreviation for MacMillan.
  1. Mario: A masculine version of Mary. In Latin, the word means ‘hammer’. Here, it refers to the world-famous character from the ‘Super Mario’ video game. Give this name to your bouncy tom who bounces like Mario all day. LOL.
  1. Meowstro: An affectionate cat version of the word ‘maestro’ which means ‘a master’.
  1. Milo: In German, this name means ‘soft-hearted’ and ‘merciful while in Latin it stands for a soldier.
  1. Moon: A heavenly body(satellite0 that revolves around the earth and is known for its aesthetic. 
  1. Nick: it’s a shortened version of the namen‘Nicolas’, meaning ‘victory of the people.
  1. Oscar: it’s an Irish name meaning ‘deer-loving-one’ or ‘deer-friend’
  1. Ozzy: An alternate name for ‘Oscar’ and ‘Oswald’. Ozzy also means the power of God.
  1. Percy: A man or woman who serves in an army.
  1. Poco: A little.
  1. Pluto: A dwarf planet.
  1. Sam: short form for Samuel, meaning ‘told by God’
  1. Spencer: provisioner or provider. Basically, it’s an English surname.
  1. Spats: A short cloth with hooks or buttons to cover the ankle excluding the shoe.
  1. Spartan: The one who belongs to Sparta( a small state in ancient Greece).
  1. Storm: A violent wind accompanied by rainfall. 
  1. Skylark: A small bird found in Eurasia and North Africa.
  1. Spout: A thermal spring.
  1. Tigger: the name was given to a stuffed tiger toy in a popular children’s story book ‘The House at Pooh Corner’ published in 1928.
  1. Torque: A rotatory force. 
  1. Thar: A desert region that is shared between India and Pakistan. 
  1. Uranus: a planet.
  1. Ziggy: means Victorious Protecto in German.

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Cute Cat Names for Girls

  1. Autumn: A season that comes before winter
  1. Beignet: suitable for chubby cats, it means a bump
  1. Breeze: A light rain.
  1. Brook: A small stream. 
  1. Coco: a shortened and affectionate version of coconut.
  1. Chloe: It’s a Greek name which means blooming or fertility.
  1. Creek: a tributary of a river
  1. Dodo: A duck-like flightless extinct bird.
  1. Emma:  English version of the German word ‘Ermen’ meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.
  1. Eris: Another dwarf planet.
  1. Jasper: bearer of treasure. Also a name of a gemstone.
  1. Jojo: A shortened version of the female names Joanna and Joanne both.
  1. Juju: It’s a cute-sounding name without a meaning 
  1. Kendra: knowledge
  1. Keisha: cinnamon
  1. Kitty: an affectionate name for female cats.
  1. Kindle: To cause burning.
  1. Lala: means Tulip in Bulgarian
  1. Luna: moon
  1. Lucy: feminine version of the masculine name ‘Lucas’ meaning as of light. Also used for someone with a light complexion.
  1. Magic: to refer to the magical beauty of your gorgeous cat
  1. Marble: beautiful rock, primarily white used in construction.
  1. Melody: main tune of a song.
  1. Millie: it’s a Latin name meaning Strength in Work’ or ‘Gentle Strength’.
  1. Missy: a bee.
  1. Misty: anything that looks similar to mist.
  1. Molly: a Freshwater Fish:
  1. Nona: a cute name to show affection. 
  1. Neva: means snow in Latin.
  1. Nile: the longest river in the world that is located in Africa.
  1. Ocean: A very large body of water.
  1. Octavia: anyone who was born in the eighth month. 
  1. Rillet: A small river.
  1. Smokey:  can be used for any pet who has a smoke patterned coat.
  1. Soso: an affection to a girl with no meaning.
  1. Torrey: the girl who is a winner or conqueror.
  1. Xue (pronounced as Sho-ey): Chinese word for snow.

Cute Arabian Cat Names 

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For Boys

Abeer: Arabic word for scent.

Azer:  it means a mountain.

Baibar: stands for the one who is brave.

Fahd- means cheetah.

Hariq- blaze, give this name to your orange or ginger cat.

Hilal- means crescent Moon in Arabic.

Fawz- it means victory.

Fa’iq-  outstanding or fabulous.

Fa’iz- the one who is successful or victorious.

Jazeera- means peninsula in Arabic. 

Manaam- the Arabic word for dream. 

Mulham- a helpful person.

Nayef- a Nobel man.

Namir- Tiger in Arabic.

Rumman- it means  pomegranate

Rehan- basil plant.

Ray’aan- brilliant

Sabeeh- means morning

Sahir- a charming person.

Shuja- it stands for brave.

Shihaab- a shooting star

Zabi- an antelope

Zaitoon- olive

For Girls

  1. Amaira- a girl who is very beautiful.
  1. Ahood- a loyal person.
  1. Alqama- a kind of sword.
  1. Ameera- it means a princess.
  1. Anaya/Enaya- one who is caring and/or beautiful.
  1. Anoud- brave girl.
  1. Barq- it means lightning in Arabic.
  1. Dima- another word for lightning or thunder.
  1. Faten- tempting and attractive.
  1. Hanaine- happiness, or the one who stays happy.
  1. Hulm- it means a dream.
  1. Ibtisam-  a beautiful name, meaning smile.
  1. Leen- a girl who has a soft and gentle personality.
  1. Lina- it means light. another meaning is a beautiful girl.
  1. Maha- this word is used to refer to a girl who has beautiful eyes.
  1. Nabila- a noblewoman or girl.
  1. Namal- means ant.
  1. Nameera- it means illuminating. When giving this name to a girl we are referring to her quality of illuminating the lives of others.
  1. Noori- shining or sparkling.
  1. Nuha- intelligence ornan intelligent girl.
  1. Numaya- visible, striking, appearance and some other meanings.
  1. Oud- an enticing strong woody fragrance.
  1. Rahma-  someone who is kind.
  1. Ru’ya- it’s an Arabic word for dream.
  1. Reem- gazelle. People love to give these names to a girl who has eyes like a gazelle.
  1. Safwa- elite or classy.
  1. Uswah- when we use the word for humans we refer to a girl who sets an example for others or leads them. 
  1. Warda- it means a rose in Arabic.
  1. Yara- means butterfly

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Cute Cat Names Inspired by Cute Animals 

  1. Chevrotain: also known as mouse deer. It is an extremely cute animal and the smallest hoofed mammal in the world.
  1. Fennec: a small breed of fox that belongs to North Africa.  
  1. Gecko:  a small carnivore lizard.
  1. Gerenuk: AKA giraffe gazelle looks like a combination of giraffe and gazelle that gives it a very cute appearance.
  1. Margay: very beautiful small wild cat looks similar to a clouded leopard 
  1. Mink: a dark-coloured semi-aquatic carnivore closely related to the weasel.
  1. Platypus: semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to Australia.
  2. Pika: a mountain-dwelling cute little rabbit. It looks like a rabbit with mouse ears.
  1. Quetzal: Astoundingly beautiful bird with a long tail and vibrant colours. 
  1. Quokka: a macropod about the size of domestic cats who is a nocturnal herbivore. 
  1. Raccoon: a fox-like greyish-brown American mammal with a black mask around the eyes and a ring on its tail.
  1. Weasel: a reddish-brown, small mammal with an elongated body and short legs.
  1. Tit: a family of small passerine birds which occur mainly in the Northern Hemisphere and Africa. Most were formerly classified in the genus Parus.

Cute Cat Names from Disney & Cartoons

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  1. Aladdin: from Aladdin.
  1. Alice: from Alice in Wonderland.
  1. Bagheera: from the Jungle Book.
  1. Bob: from Bob the Builder.
  1. Bugs: from Bugs Bunny.
  1. Cinderella: from Cinderella.
  1. Elsa: from Frozen.
  1. Esmeralda: from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  1. Goofy: from Goofy.
  1. Jake: from Jake the dog.
  1. Jerry: from the Tom and Jerry Show.
  1. Micky: from Mickey Mouse.
  1. Minnie: from Mickey Mouse.
  1. Mowgli: from the Jungle Book.
  1. Peppa: from Peppa Pig.
  1. Pikachu: from Pokémon.
  1. Popeye: from Popeye the sailor man.
  1. Tom: from the Tom and Jerry Show.
  1. Pluto: from Mickey Mouse.
  1. Simba: from the Lion King.
  1. Snoopy: from Peanut.
  1. Tweety: Looney Tunes

Cute Cat Names from Movies

  1. Avatar: from Avatar
  1. Bella: from Twilight.
  1. Belle: from Beauty and the Beast.
  1. Django: from Django.
  1. Rose: from Titanic.
  1. Grey: from fifty Shades of Grey.
  1. Jack: from Titanic and the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  1. Marley: from Marley and Me
  1. Nala: from the Lion King.
  1. Pie: from the life Pie
  1. Red: from The Shawshank Redemption
  1. Rocky: from the Rocky series
  1. Stuart: from Stuart Little.
  1. Toto: from the Wizard of Oz
  1. Tyler: from Fight Club

Cute Cat Names Inspired by Food

  1. Rhubarb: fresh edible stalks of a plant. 
  1. Clementine: a juicy and delicious fruit similar to orange.
  1. Hazelnut: a dry fruit that comes from hazel trees. 
  1. Chickpea: a yellow-brown seed eaten as a pulse and snack.
  1. Taco: a delicious, historic and world-famous dish of Mexico.
  1. Salsa: a spicy tomato sauce of Mexico. 
  1. Muffin: a type of cake made in cups.
  1. Waffle: a flat cake with a square pattern at the top eaten with sweet sauce 
  1. Kiwi: a juicy, green and pulpy fruit with a rough brown outer cover.
  1. Pistachio: small green and tasty nut.
  1. Pretzel: crispy biscuit in the shape of a knot.
  1. Lychee: a sweet, pulpy and juicy fruit with a stone.
  1. Nutmeg: an orangish brown spice.

Cute Cat Names Indian

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For Boys

  1. Aarav- a peaceful person.
  1. Advik- the one who is unique. 
  1. Adwitya- remarkable or unique. 
  1. Arnav- Hindi word for sea
  1. Ayush- it stands for the compound word ‘long-lived’.
  1. Darsh– means vision.
  1. Hredhan- the one who is generous. 
  1. Ivaan- it means the sun.
  1. Kavyansh- someone who was born with poetry.
  1. Mrig- Sanskrit word for deer.
  1. Neel- means treasure in Hindi.
  1. Reyansh- a ray of light.
  1. Sarvin- victor.
  1. Saumay- someone or something soft.
  1. Shail- the one who is determined.
  1. Vidvan- means a scholar.
  1. Vyagr- anyone who is excited or extrovert.
  1. Vyom- it means the sky.

For Girls

  1. Aabha- image or reflection of someone.
  1. Ahana- elegant and graceful.
  1. Ditsa- the one who desires to give charity and do good for others. 
  1. Erisha- it means speech. 
  1. Hrithika- a girl who is kindhearted.
  1. Jyotsna- it’s a very cute-sounding Indian name, meaning ‘moonlight’.
  1. Kanika- derived from another Sanskrit word ‘Kashisk’or ‘Kanishka’ meaning gold.
  1. Lipsa- desire, desirable or the one who desires. 
  1. Mahi- means the earth.
  1. Meh- it means rain.
  1. Mihika- this word means dew drops. 
  1. Myra- means sweetness.
  1. Roopsi- a girl who is astoundingly beautiful and fascinating.
  1. Saachi- the truth or the one who always speaks the truth.
  1. Saanjh- Sanskrit word for evening. 
  1. Talika- Sanskrit word for nightingale.
  1. Tami- means night
  1. Tiya- parrot.
  1. Vaani- speech or voice.
  1. Yamini- means night. 

Goofy Cat Names

  1. Bamboozle
  1. Charlie(inspired by Charlie Chaplin) 
  1. crazy
  1. Franz
  1. Giggle
  1. Jugnoo
  1. Junky
  1. Karate
  1. Katkin
  1. Loaf
  1. Moo
  1. Mop
  1. Motorboat ( to refer to her loud purring sound) 
  1. Nugget
  1. Ping Pong
  1. Pippin
  1. Poppy
  1. Pixi or Pixie
  1. Pygmy
  1. Wiz

Cute Cat Names Inspired by Superheroes

  1. Aquaman
  1. Batty (affectionate version of Batman) 
  1. Black Widow
  1. Dr Strange
  1. Hulk
  1. Phantom
  1. Thor
  1. Spidy (a cute version of Spiderman)
  1. Superman
  1. Wonder Woman
  1. Wolverine

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So, that’s all about the cute cat names. I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to share this post in your social circles to help cat parents like you in selecting a cute name for their cats. If you still have not found what have you looking for then the following articles talk in length about the cat names based on a particular colour or breed.