Funny Cat Names- With Meanings 

This image shows a domestic shoethaired cat making a funny face

Are you on the hunt to find funny cat names? Well, people adopt different approaches to naming their cats. Some try to give unique names to their feline friends while others want to stick to the colour. So if their cat is white they prefer a name suitable for white cats, if it is an … Read more

Unique Cat Names 2023- With Meanings

Unique Cat Names featured Image for the blog post

Searching for a unique name for your cat seems pretty easy at first. But when you are actually on the hunt actually; you discover that most people out there are just telling the general cat names which lack the “unique” element in them. Don’t worry! We hear you and we are with you in your … Read more

Cute Cat Names for the Coolest Cats- Zippy Pet

Posted on August 12, 2022 Every cat has the ‘right’ to receive a ‘cute’ name and I support this with the raised paw and the loudest meow. Your sweetie deserves a name that just pop-ups the aww-feeling as soon as it’s heard.  No matter if you have a boy or a girl kitten, here you’ll … Read more