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178 Spanish Cat Names with Meanings

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Looking for Nombres picantes para gatos españoles (spicy Spanish Cat Names)? Undoubtedly, the Spanish language has its unique identity and style. Spanish names always carry classic touch and give the feeling listener as if he’s still living in the Roman Empire.

The best thing about these names is they practically sound as they are written. No silents, no neutral vowels, no open vowels, no nasal vowels. Easier life! 

And, if you are here then you definitely admire the Spanish language and now you want to give your new kitten a Spanish name. 

So, in this read, you are going to find out 150 Cat Names in Spanish along with their meanings. Let’s dive in…

Spanish Cat Names in Video

Best Cat Names in Spanish

This infographic shows the lsit of Spanish cat names for boys  and girls
Spanish Cat Names Infographic

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Spanish Cat Names for Boys

Spanish cat names for male cats header image
Spanish cat names for male cats

1. Abilio: Used for someone who is able or expert in his profession or skill.

2. Alejandro: ‘Defender of Mankind’. Give this anime to your warrior cat who is on earth to save the planet from aliens. LOL

3. Alonso: This name has both Spanish and German origins. It means a noble or someone who is ready for battle. Another spelling for the same name is ‘Alonzo’.

4. Amado: This name has been derived from the Latin name ‘Amatus’, meaning beloved of God or God’s love.

5. Anselmo: It means ‘welcome’. So if you have a confident and friendly cat who is always ready to welcome guests and strangers with gratitude then nothing can be better than naming him ‘Anselmo’.

6. Ariel: This is primarily of Hebrew origin yet famous in Spanish too. It means the lion of God.

7. Augustin: Derived from the Latin name ‘Augustine’ the name means ‘to increase.

8. Aurelio: Primarily of Italian origin this name is pretty famous in Spanish too. It means Golden.

9. Calet: Someone who is strong and powerful. The name is suitable for large cat breeds with muscular bodies such as Maine coon, Birman, Siberian, Norwegian and Savanna cats.

10. Carlos: It means a ‘Free man’ or valiant. It’s a great name for your cat who loves what he wants to do, climbs to wherever he wants to and scratches whatever he likes without caring about your reaction.

11. Diego: Most probably derived from ‘Santiago’ it means supplanter.

12. Elian: Derived probably from either of the two Hebrew names “Eliyahu” or “Elijah which means ‘God is my Lord”.

13. Emanuel: Longer version of ‘Manuel’ 

14. Emiliano: The name has two meanings these are Eager or rival.

15. Emilio: A shortened version of “Emiliano’ which has the meaning.

16. Fernando: the name has multiple beautiful meanings such as courageous, adventurer, and conqueror. Yes, I know your cat has all of these qualities so go with it.

17. Fabias: bean grower.

18. Francisco: Freeman. If you didn’t like the name ‘Carlos’ suggested above then you might think about ‘Francisco’ as both names have the same meaning and describe the bravery of your cat.

19. Gael: Abbreviated version of the English name ‘Abigail’, meaning joyful and happy.

20. Hugo: The name is primarily of German origin which means mind. Its English version is ‘Hugh’ while in Italian it is spelt as ‘Ugo’. The name ‘Hugo’ was adopted by a famous German company ‘Hugo Boss’ that deals in men’s fashion.

21. Ignacio: The name stands for the phrase ‘Born Out of Fire’. This name originated from the Latin word ‘Ignus’ which means fire. 

22. Jango: Someone who is strong and/or amazing just like your spectacular tom.

23. Joaquin: This name has been derived from the German word ‘Joachim’. It means “established by God.”

24. Leonardo: The name has three origins; these are Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. It translates to the phrase ‘As Strong As a Lion’.

25. Lionel: A great name to reflect the bravery and strength of your cat. It means a ‘little lion’.

26. Lisandro: The name originated in Greek. It means a liberator.

27. Lorenzo: the name is of Latin origin, meaning laurel crown. 

28. Manuel: The name translates to the phrase God with us.

29. Mateo: Meaning Gift of God. You must have heard or read the English version of Mateo, ‘Mathew’.

30. Matias: Another spelling for ‘Mateo’ and the meaning is the same.

31. Rafael: This name stands for the phrase ‘God has healed. So, if the arrival of your cat in the family has healed your life then he deserves this name.

32. Osvaldo: God rule or God’s rule.

33. Ragnar: Ragnar Lothbrok was a Viking hero and a King. The dictionary meaning of the name is the fort keeper. 

34. Rio: Basically it’s a gender-neutral name, meaning a river but nowadays mostly used to name boys.

35. Ruben: The name is a Spanish version of the Hebrew name ‘Reuben, who was the first son of Jacob. It means a son or beholds.

36. Sebastian: Another name that has been derived from Latin. In Latin, the name is spelt as Sebastianus, meaning venerable, esteemed and brilliant.

37. Teodor: Spanish variant of the Greek name ‘Theodor’ meaning ‘gift of the God’. 

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Spanish Cat Names for Girls

This is the header image for Spanish cat names for girls
Spanish cat names for girls

1. Alma: In Spanish and Italian it means ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’. However, that name has different meanings and pronunciations in other languages.

2. Adelina: It’s a Spanish and Italian version of Adeline, meaning a ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’. 

3. Adriana: The name of Latin origin which means a girl from the Hadria/Adria region.

4. Amalia: The name derived from the word ‘Amal’ which means work or activity in Arabic and German.

5. Beatriz: Spanish variant of the Latin name ‘Beatrix’, meaning bringer of joy.

6. Calista: The most beautiful. Like your cat who is the most beautiful cat in the world (for you). 

7. Elenor: This name is of Hebrew origin, meaning  ‘God is my light’. 

8. Esmeralda: It means emerald in Spanish and Portuguese.

9. Estella: A star. Indeed she’s the star of life.

9. Imelda: This name has multiple meanings such as a powerful warrior, powerful fighter and universal battle.

10. Eveline: The name is popular throughout Europe and has multiple meanings such as strength, source of light, little bird, and life. So, it is a wonderful name for your cat who has brought light to your life.

11. Fabiana: It means a bean grower or bean seller. The name is of Spanish, Italian and Latin origin.

12. Felipe: This is a Spanish version of the Greek name  ‘Philippos’, meaning the friend of horses.

13. Florencia: Flowering or blooming. An astonishing name for your beautiful furball.

14. Genoveva: It means ‘White Phantom’.

15. Ines: The name is of Spanish origin which means pure, holy, and chaste.

16. Itzel: It means a ‘rainbow lady’. The origin of the name is controversial; some belief it to have originated in Spain while others claim that it has a North American origin. 

17. Lilia: Spanish version of lily.

18. Lorena: This name has a slightly different spelling but the meaning is the same. It means laurel tree too.

19. Lorenza: Spanish version of the name ‘Laurel’, meaning laurel tree.

20. Luciana: The name is of Italian origin, meaning light. 

21. Margo: This name has been derived from the French name Margaret.

22. Margaret: It means pearl and child of light.

23. Marcelina: A young warrior.

24. Mireya: This is a super romantic and sweet-sounding Spanish name that means a miracle or admired. 

25. Paloma: An excellent name for your calm and sweet cat who never troubles you. This name means dove which symbolises peace.

26. Nilda: The one who is ready for battle.

27. Ofelia: It means someone who is helpful. Yes, I know that your kitty is just the opposite of it. LOL.

28. Piá: A shortened version of the name pious.

29. Princesa: As the name suggests it is the Spanish word for ‘princess’.

30. Rosalina: A romantic name for a girl which means a gentle horse.

31. Salome: It means peace.

32. Selena: Originally, this name is of Greek or Latin origin. It means the moon or light. 

33. Serafina: The name of Italian origin yet quite popular in Spanish too. It means ardent. 

34. Sirena: A sweet and simple name with a beautiful meaning. It means a mermaid in Spanish.

35. Ximena: Again this name is a Spanish version of the Hebrew name ‘Simeon’, meaning the one who hears.

36. Xiomara: This name means either ‘battle ready or ‘battle famous’. Technically it’s a feminised form of the male name Guiomar.

37. Yamileth: Beautiful.

38. Violeta: Spanish version of the name ‘violet’ means purple. You can give this name to a grey cat.

39. Zulema: The name has multiple origins such as Arabic, Hebrew, German and Spanish. In Hebrew, Spanish and German it means ‘peace’.

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Funny Spanish Cat Names

This is the header image fot Funny Spanish Cat Names
Funny Spanish Cat Names

1. Burrito: It means little donkey. This name perfectly suits your stupid kitten. LOL.

2. Chato: Someone with a flat nose. A tailored name for your cute peke-faced Persian cat.

3. Chica: A girl.

4. Churros: Inspired by a famous Spanish snack Churra sheep which are fried snacks and look like the horns of a breed of sheep called Churra sheep.

5. Guey (male)/Gueya(female): Slang for the dude.

6. Idiota: fool, idiot, stupid.

7. Lindo: Pretty.

8. Pablo: Spanish version of Paul.

9. Paco: It’s a Spanish nickname for Francisco.

10. Pollito: chick.

11. Vato: buddy, guy or friend.

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Spanish Cat Names Inspired Fruits

1. Almendra: Almond.

2. Cereza: Cherry.

3. Coco: Coconut.

4. Manzana: Apple.

5. Mora: Blackberry.

6. Naranja: Orange.

7. Nuez: Walnut.

8. Plátano: Banana.

9. Pistacho: Pistachio.

10. Salsa: A spicy sauce.

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Spanish Cat Names Inspired by Food

This is a header imamge for Spanish cat name inspireed by food
Spanish Name for Cats Based on Food

1. Albondigas: A Spanish-style meatball dipped in gravy.

2. Bacalao: A Spanish dish made of dried and salted cod fish.

3. Fideuá: Spanish seafood very paella.

4. Frijole: Kidney bean.

5. Gazpacho: Also known as an Andalusian Gazpacho. It is a cold soup made of blended vegetables.

6. Jalapeno: This is a Spanish name for small hot pepper. Give this name to your naughty kitten who is as hot as Jalapeno.

7. Mayonnaise: a pale yellow sauce made with eggs and oil. A great name for a white cat who is so sweet and cute that you want to eat her.

8. Migas: It’s a Spanish and Portuguese cuisine made of stale bread which was originally served to farm labourers and now has found its place even in hotels and restaurants.

9. Pimiento: sweet capsicum.

10. Pisto: It’s a Spanish vegetable stew.

11. Tortilla: It means omelette in Spanish.

Spanish Cat Names Inspired Animals

This is the header image for Spanish cat names inspired by animals
Spanish Cat Names Based on Animals

1. Águila: Eagle

2. Caballo: Horse

3. Cebra: Zebra

4. Cuco: Cuckoo

5. Delfín: Dolphin

6. Gato: Cat 

7. León: Lion

8. Lobo: Wolf

9. Loro: Parrot

10. Mariposa: Butterfly

11. Paloma: Pigeon

12. Pinguina: Penguin

13. Tigre: Tiger

14. Zorro: Fox

Spanish Cat Names Inspired by Flowers

This is the header image for cat names in Spanish inspired by flowers
Spanis Cat Names Inspired by Flowers

1. Aster: Aster

2. Anemona: Anemone

3. Flor: Flower

4. Girasol: Sunflower

5. Hibisco: Hibiscus

6. Hortensia: Hydrangea

7. Iris: Iris

8. Jazmine: Jasmine

9. Lirio: Lily

10. Loto: Lotus

11. Maravilla: Marigold

12. Margarita: Daisy

13. Narciso: Daffodil

14. Orquidea: Orchid

15. Rosa: Rose

16. Tulipan: Tulip

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Unique Spanish Cat  Names

1. Arturo: Someone who is noble and courageous. So, if you want your little baby to acquire these qualities you can definitely proceed with this name.

2. Belén: The house of bread.

3. Conchita: a shell. This name is suitable for white, chinchilla, grey and beige cats.

4. Ezal: Spiritual, the helper, walk, intuitive and has some other meanings in American English and Arabic.

5. Lidia: It’s a girl’s name, meaning a beautiful one.

6. Manchas: It has three meanings very similar to each other these are a patch, spot or stain. You can give this name to calico, bi-colour and tuxedo male cats.

7. Milagros: Miracle. Short. Simple. And attractive.

8. Morita: It means a little girl or a chick.

9. Nacho: This name is a shortened form of ‘Ignacio’ which means fiery.

10. Tabasco: Damp earth

11. Tapatio: Someone who belongs to the region Guadalajara (downtown in the Mexican city of Jalisco)

12. Zoé: Originated in Greek, this name means life.

Classic Spanish  Names for Cats

For Boys

 1. Alfanso: The name has Italian, German and Spanish origins and it means to read or noble. 

2. Anibal: The name has Greek or Spanish origin and means Graced by God.

3. Alvaro: Guardian

4. Bonifacio: Fortunate, lucky or auspicious.

5. Claudio: Lame or enclosure. The name is of either Spanish or Latin origin. 

6. Daniel: A biblical name that means God is my judge. 

7. Guadalupe: A quite popular Spanish name which has two meanings. First, a hidden river and second is the valley of wolves.

8. Hector: This name has multiple origins such as English, Spanish, Scottish and French. Similarly, it has multiple meanings like ‘to have, to restrain, to hold and to check. 

9. Lazaro: It means God is my helper.

10. Leandro: A man like a lion. It’s a perfect name for you little lion, isn’t it?

11. Nicolas: Victory of the people.

Tomas: the name is of Greek or Armanaic origin, meaning, ‘twin’.

12. Raúl: The Spanish name for the  ‘wolf counsel’. 

13. Rodolfo: This name has many meanings, some of them are glory, renown, honour, fame and more.

For Girls

1. Alicia: the girl who is kind, noble and exalted.

2. Alondra: Feminine version of ‘Alejandro’, meaning protector or the defender of mankind.

3. Azucena: A perfect Spanish name with classic touch for your graceful cat, meaning lily.

4. Berta: It means bright. Originally the name is of Czech origin yet it’s popular in Spanish too.

5. Blanca: Means white.

6. Carlota: The girl who is free. It is one of the most popular girls’ names in Spanish.

7. Delia: the girl who was born on the island of Delos.

8. Elodia: This name is of Spanish origin and means ‘foreign riches’.

9. Frida: A popular name in Scandinavian countries, Firda means peace. The other versions of the same name are Freida, Freda, and Freeda. 

10. Isabella: The Spanish as well as Italian variant of ‘Elizabeth’, meaning God is my oath.

11. Jimena: Femninstic version of the male Hebrew name Simon. It means a listener. So, if your furry friend listens to you like a good girl, give her this name.

12. Liria: This name has multiple meanings depending on the context. Some of them are delicate, independent, positive, determined and more.

13. Lucia: It means ‘light’. It’s a Spanish version of the Latin word ‘Lux’. The name is suitable for solid-coloured cats. Especially for white cats with luxuriant coats.

14. Margarita: It’s a name of Persian origin which means pearl.

15. Valentina: Suggested for cats with strong and muscular bodies. It means strong and healthy.

Have You Chosen the Name for Your Gato? 

That was all about the Spanish cat names. I hope that you liked some of the names suggested here. If you also have some cat names in Spanish in your mind then do share them with us and our readers. Thanks for reading.