Whiskas Cat Foods Reviews (Unbiased) 2022- Wet, Dry, Kitten Food and Tasty Mix

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The first name that pops up in mind when you think of cat food is ‘Whiskas’. The brand is a child company of Mars Petcare. The same company that makes ‘Pedigree’ food for dogs. Mars Petcare is itself a branch of Mars, a one hundred eleven-year-old family-owned American multinational confectionery.  Whiskas are among the top-selling … Read more

What to Feed the Stray Cats in India? 

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What to feed the stray cats in India? If this is the question that has brought you here, then let me tell you you are at the right place; at the right time! According to the  State of Homelessness Index India, there are around 91 lakh street/stray cats in India. The majority of them are … Read more

Is Chocolate Good for Cats?- All Questions Answered-Zippy Pet 

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Written by Amir Ali | January 29, 2022 Here I’m again. With my lappy. Thinking about how to begin today’s chocolaty conversation. I’ll try to keep this post short. Sweet. And informative. So the question is, “Is Chocolate Good for Cats?” The answer is- No! It’s not. Simple.  Why? I’ll tell you why with reasons … Read more