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Best Cat Beds in India 2022 (Updated): Top 10 Cat Beds Reviews

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Written by Amir Ali| July 26, 2021| Updated On February 9, 2022

Hey, It’s me ‘Amir’, 

Once again I’m with my laptop, with absolutely no idea how to begin writing; what I want to write about. You see, sometimes I also get writer’s block.

Not a big deal! Let’s press on. 

Well, you already are here in a quest for the perfect cat bed for your spoiled cat. So, let’s do our business. And talk about Cat Beds. Wait! Not just cat beds but the BEST CAT BEDS OF 2022. 

Cat beds are a wonderful product for two reasons. Firstly, they give a sense of PEACE, TRANQUILITY, SECURITY, AND COMFORT to your cat. And, secondly….they keep her off your bed and furniture(but only if you are fortunate enough). 

So, my dear smart pet parent, when you shop for a cat bed, make sure to choose a bed based on the needs of your cat. And not based on the needs of your neighbour’s cat. Not your friend’s cat. Not your vet’s cat. But your cat. 

Unfortunately, with so many products in the market where every manufacturer is claiming that their product is the most comfortable; the most durable; the most secure; and the most blah, blah, and blah. It’s really difficult to choose the products that really deserve to be in your home. 

Nevertheless, in this article you and I (together) will review the different cat beds and leave no side in the darkness.

We’ll see which really are the Best Cat Beds of 2022. Are you a ready partner?

I see you are. Let’s jump in.

Comment: If you are in a hurry, you may use the following table to select the best cat bed in a snap.

Quick Comparison Table

Best Cat Bed for Large Cats:

Mellifluous Reversible Super Soft Velvet Round Cat Bed

Rating 4.2 Out of 5




INR 999

Best Cat Bed for Older Cats:

Holly Pet Rectangle Plush Cat Bed Self-Warming Pet Bed

Rating 4.4 Out of 5




INR 6,778

Best Self-Warming Cat Bed:


Rating 4.2 Out of 5




INR 4,386

Best Cat Bed for Kittens:

Mellifluous Foldable Cat Hut

Rating 4.4 Out of 5

Small, Medium, Large



INR 1,099

Best Cat Bed for Winter:

Mellifluous Small Size Cat Cave Pet Bed

Rating 4.3 Out of 5




INR 987

Best Cat Bed for Outdoors:

KOZI PET Store Super Snoozer Cat Mattress Bed

Rating 4.2 Out of 5




INR 449

Best Cat Bed for Arthritis:

AmazonBasics Ergonomic Foam Pet Dog Bed

Rating 4.1 Out of 5

Small, Medium, Large



INR 1,899

Best Cat Bed for Summers:

Slatters be royal store Bed

Rating 4 Out of 5




INR 2,199

Best Comfortable Cat Bed:

Petslover Store Cat Bed

Rating 4.4 Out of 5




INR 999

Best Anti-anxiety Cat Bed

Western Home WH Calming Cat Bed

Rating 4.5 Out of 5

Medium, Large, Extra large



INR 9,084

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How to Choose a Cat Bed: Buying Guide 

An Inforgrapgic showing how to choose a cat bed

Choosing a cat bed is simple. You don’t need to be an expert to find the perfect bed for your feline friend. Just go through the below-mentioned points that I have written for you and you would be able to make a better choice.

I suggest you make a checklist of all these points to evaluate the different products. If you follow this buyers’ guide, the chances of you landing on the best cat bed will be very high. 

Ok. No more messing around. Let’s find out what to look for in a cat bed. 

1. Cat’s Behaviour

Is she a bully or shy? 

Does she like to lie or sleep alone or try to keep herself around her mates? 

Whether she hides in the blanket or a cardboard box or she sleeps freely in an open space without caring about the surroundings? 

All these questions will tell you a lot about your cat’s nature. So my friend, keep a close watch on your cat’s behaviour for some days before you shop for a cat bed.

Shy and nervous cats prefer to sleep in closed or cave beds while the more confident and carefree feline-like open beds more

2. Material 

The material of the cat bed can be the USP or a Deal Breaker just like other products. Choose a bed that is made of high-quality and durable material that can pay off the money spent(in terms of derived value) on the bed.

3. Size 

Listen! This is significantly important. You always want to choose the bed that has enough space for your cat to let her stretch, swirl, and even play with toys. FANCY-LOOKING SMALL BEDS MIGHT SEEM VERY ATTRACTIVE BUT WHEN IT COMES TO FUNCTIONALITY THEY FAIL.

Moreover, the large size beds become even more desirable when you are a daddy or momma of a large cat-like Mainecoon or Birman.

4. Warmth

The amount of heat trapped by the bed is also one of the deciding factors. Especially,  when you live in regions having cold climates. Generally, CATS LOVE THE WARMTH and they are addicted to sleeping in cosy places by curling their bodies. 

Nowadays, you also have an option to go for electric beds. It isn’t advisable though. Since I see it as an unnecessary expense. Because cats are furry animals and their body is made to trap sufficient amounts of heat even without an electric bed.

The flip side is, if you live in regions that are already very hot then you should go for a bed that is open and does not trap the excessive heat

5. Design 

Many cat parents give preference to the design of the bed. No doubt a beautiful bed with a matching colour scheme can take the look of your room to the next level.

But remember! Between the design and functionality always give preference to the functions because a beautiful bed worths nothing if your cat is not comfortable.

6. Customer Reviews

Although I have read hundreds of customer reviews and tried my best to bring authentic and unbiased information to you. 

I STILL WANT YOU TO READ THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON YOURSELF(of the products that you have shortlisted).

This way you’ll know how well the products are actually performing with the actual users.

7. Price

The last factor that influences the decision of most of the buyers (like me) is THE PRICE of the product. LOL

If I were at your place, I would have looked for a bed that has a set of decent features at an affordable price. I give you the same advice.

Top 10 Best Cat Beds on Online

1. Best Cat Bed for Large Cats: Best Overall: Mellifluous Reversible Super Soft Velvet Round Cat Bed

Best Cat Bed for Large Cats


ColourBrown Cream
Product Dimensions61 x 61 x 15 cm; 900 Grams

Mellifluous Reversible Cat Bed Review

Looking for an all-rounder cat that can provide a cosy and comfortable palace for your cat to sleep in and won’t cost you a fortune?


This REVERSIBLE cat bed is made with a SOFT AND DURABLE FABRIC that does not hurt your cat at all. Can withstand the constant scratching and gnawing of your cat. 

The soft cushioning and fluffy texture is inviting and ready to become the new playground of your fluffy friend. 

Worried about the size?


The bed provides enough WARMTH to your kitty in winter and since it’s your kitty wouldn’t have any issues in using the bed in summer.

The bed is made of WASHABLE FABRIC so it is very easy to clean. Plus, the dual-tone reversible pad can be used to extend the washing period. 

And the best thing is it’s very ECONOMICAL and a lot cheaper than its alternatives.

I found only two problems in the bed. The first is its weak base. And the second is its look is not as attractive as the other beds. 

However, the bed offers you some really amazing features at a highly affordable price. 

LargeWeak Base
Great CushioningSimple Look
Easily Washable
Raised Edges

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for an all-rounder cat bed that is not only cosy but also fits your cat perfectly well, go with Mellifluous Reversible Super Soft Velvet Round Cat Bed.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 999Check the Latest Price 
Price on UbuyUnavailable

2. Best Cat Bed for Older Cats: Holly Pet Rectangle Plush Cat Bed Self-Warming Pet Bed

Best Cat Bed for Older Cats


MaterialPlush, Fabric
Package Dimensions43.69 x 23.37 x 18.29 cm; 1.04 Kilograms

Holly Pet Cat Bed Review

By the time cats get older, they need a bed that is big. Not too high. Has decent cushioning but not too much that would make it difficult for them to get out.

Thanks to HOLLYPET RECTANGLE PLUSH SOFT BED that has got all those features. 

This LARGE BED has sufficient space for old cats. The NON-WOVEN CORDUROY  FABRIC and ELASTIC FOAM maintain a great balance of COMFORT, WARMTH, and DURABILITY. 

Moreover, the material of the bed makes it suitable to use in all seasons. 

The WONDERFUL DESIGN resembling a couch gives the cats a feel that they are sleeping on a sofa thus saving your furniture from those sharp claws and pointed teeth.  

The HASSLE-FREE WASHING makes the bed desirable for busy cat parents who rarely get time to wash the belongings of their pets.

The perfect cushioning makes the bed a great place to jump on for your sweetie. Irrespective of other cat beds it’s not over cushy which makes it difficult for the cat to escape out of them.

When it comes to the drawbacks, the bed has a different look than shown in the image. That’s cheap Hollypet!  Some other cons are it’s expensive and has very little cushioning in the middle.

Large Size Different from the Picture
Great CushioningLess Cushioning in the Middle
Nice Finish

Why Buy This Product?

If you own a cat that is older, Holly Pet Rectangle Plush Cat Bed Self-Warming Pet Bed will accommodate them well. 

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonTemporarily UnavailableCheck Now 
Price on UbuyINR 4,455Check the Latest Price

3. Best Self-Warming Cat Bed: SCENEREAL Plush Cat Bed

Best Self-Warming Cat Bed


Product Dimensions55.88 x 55.88 x 22.86 cm; 1.03 Kilograms

SCENEREAL Plush Cat Bed Review

Out of all the beds that I have researched and reviewed, I found the Scenereal Plush Cat Bed as the best self-warming cat bed. The reasons why I advocate to make a room for this bed in your home are its soft Plus fabric that is not just comfortable but extremely cosy making the beddy a perfect place for your friend to nest in winter. 

Its size is sufficient to lap even the larger breeds of domestic cats. Thus your tabby can sleep, stretch and or play with toys in it without any trouble. 

The SUPER-SOFT CUSHIONING along with the SOFT FABRIC base can make your cat fall in love with it. 

What I like the most about the bed are its RAISED SIDES that give your cat a sense of privacy. They also help you to calm her when she goes mad for no reason. LOL.

The DOTTED NON-SLIP BOTTOM prevents the bed from slipping. So, it can be an incredible playground for cats.

The downsides are that it is more expensive than most of the cat beds out there. Also, the bottom of the bed is not made of durable material so it can tear up over the long run. 

Overall the bed with so many stellar customer reviews and great features the bed deserves the tag of the best self-warming bed in India.

Appropriate SizeDifferent from the Picture
Soft FabricLess Cushioning in the Middle
Raised Sides for More PrivacyExpensive
Incredibly Warm
Dotted Anti-Slip Bottom

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a self-warming cat bed, SCENEREAL Plush Cat Bed is a great option to go with.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 4386Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyUnavailable

4. Best Cat Bed for Kittens: Mellifluous Foldable Cat Hut 

Best Cat Bed for Kittens


  • MATERIAL: Foam and Velvet
  • Brand: MelliFluous
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 44 cm, Width 41 cm, Height 45 cm.

Mellifluous Foldable Cat Hut Review

Your newly born/brought timid kitten needs a bed wherein she can feel secure and relaxed. But unfortunately, most of the beds that I found were open and too big for your little princess. Problem!

Then, I came across MELLIFLUOUS FOLDABLE HUT. Problem Resolved! 

This CUTE-LOOKING small foldable cat bed forced me to fall in love with it. You will love it too and so does your kitten.

This is a completely foldable hut that is TRAVEL-FRIENDLY. You can separate it into 3-pieces whenever you plan to wash. Importantly, it’s a very SECURE and PRIVATE HOME for your kitten. Where she can hide, sleep, play and rest. Place it at some height and let the show begin. 

The HIGH-DENSITY FOAM used for padding is soft enough to provide great comfort to your furball. Furthermore, the VELVET COVER gives the hut a pleasing and shiny look. 

What cat parents didn’t like about this hut is its lack of sturdiness and expensive price. Also, there is a risk of the hut toppling over if your tiny kitten is too naughty in her bed.

In my opinion, the Mellifluous Foldable Hut is the best kitten bed available on Amazon.

It comes in 3 pieces – Easy to DismantleBalancing Issues
Very Soft MaterialNot Sturdy 
Excellent for WinterSeems Expensive
Perfect for Anxious Kittens
Easy to Travel

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a bed specifically for a kitten, you can go with a Mellifluous Foldable Cat Hut.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 1099Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyNot Available

5. Best Cat Bed for Winter: Mellifluous Small Size Cat Cave Pet Bed

Best Cat Bed for Winter


MaterialVelvet, Fabric
Product Dimensions48 x 48 x 40 cm; 900 Grams

Mellifluous Small Size Cat Cave Pet Bed Review

I was not expecting too much from this bed. But when I read the reviews, I realised that I was wrong. 

Mellifluous Cat Cave Bed has proved itself as the Best Cat Bed for Winter. 

Most of the customers who bought this bed are extremely happy with its SUPERB QUALITY and found that their cat loves the bed too. 

The bed has SUFFICIENT SPACE for the cat and her toys. And, she can sleep and stretch her limbs comfortably in the bed. The ULTRA-SOFT VELVET and HIGH-QUALITY FOAM make the bed extremely soft, comfortable, and cosy. 

What makes the bed a great fit for winter is its MATERIAL and CAVED DESIGN. Moreover, it also gives a lot of privacy to cats making it an ideal place to sleep and relax. 

I personally loved the design of the bed and that it has almost hidden stitching that makes it look even better. 

After considering so many pros, now the time is to look at some cons.

The base of this bed is not made of a durable material from the inside as reported by most of the customers. So you may have to place an old blanket or clothes to protect it from tearing up.

Customers are also not happy with the fact that it looks different in reality than what is shown in the picture. 

To sum up, this is a good bed and provides value for money with some minor cons which are expected at its price.

ComfortableWeak Base
WarmPoor Durability  
Value for MoneyDifferent from the Image
Nice Cushioning 
Astonishing Design
Impressive Stitching

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a cat bed specifically for winters, Mellifluous Small Size Cat Cave Pet Bed will serve the purpose well.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 987Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyUnavailable

6. Best Cat Bed for Outdoors: KOZI PET Store Super Snoozer Cat Mattress Bed 

Best Cat Bed for Outdoors


Size: Small

Material: Polyester, Fabric


Colour: Black

Product Dimensions: 22.1 x 16 x 14.2 cm; 920 Grams

KOZI PET Store Super Snoozer Cat Mattress Bed Review

Kozi Pet Store Snoozer Cat Mattress is my pick for you if you frequently go outdoors with your cat.

The good quality durable UV-TREATED, Fade-Resistant polyester fabric makes the bed ideal for using outdoors where sometimes you have to place the bed on damp surfaces. 

Since it is a LARGE bed. Your cat won’t bother about the size even if she belongs to a large cat family. 

Some customers have mentioned that their dogs have torn the bed but that’s for dogs who have much stronger teeth and claws than cats. For cats, it’s DURABLE and of good quality at least at its price. 

Also, the bed is super easy to wash and clean and you can clean it up on the go without any difficulty. 

Now, what I didn’t like about the bed is that it’s not cosy. So, you can’t use it in winter.

Another problem with the bed is it isn’t the best product for daily indoor use especially for cats who like cotton and plush covers that give them warmth.

Lastly, cat parents are mad at the brand because the bed is not truly waterproof as promoted by the brand. 

In my opinion, at such a cheap price the bed deserves a try if you often go outdoors with your cat.

DurableNot Warm
Best for OutdoorsNot Waterproof  
Easy to WashNot for Daily Use
Right Size for All Cats
Easy to Carry

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a bed specifically for the outdoors, you can purchase KOZI PET Store Super Snoozer Cat Mattress Bed for your sweetie.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 449Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyUnavailable

7. Best Cat Bed for Arthritis: AmazonBasics Ergonomic Foam Pet Dog Bed

Best Cat Bed for Arthritis


Product Dimensions76.2 x 50.8 x 7.62 cm; 771.11 Grams
Target SpeciesDog

AmazonBasics Ergonomic Foam Pet Dog Bed Review

Amazon Basics Ergonomic bed is made with an ERGONOMIC FOAM INTERIOR which gives a balanced cushioning to REDUCE THE PRESSURE ON THE PRESSURE POINTS. 

The ideal softness of the bed (neither too soft like a sponge; not too hard like a rock) maintains a proper balance and alleviates the pressure points.

Though the product is intended to be used by dogs it can be used by cats as well if she is suffering from joint pain. But, if she is a shy cat and likes privacy then this is not the bed for her.

The upper surface of the bed is made SOFT and COMFORTABLE to sit on thanks to the plush fabric used in its construction. 

Nonetheless, it’s unjust to expect the cosiness of the dedicated cat beds from this one because it’s an open bed just like your mattress.

The DURABILITY of the material is great as far as your sweet little kitty is using it(not dogs). Plus, the bed is easy to clean and lightweight so you change its location according to the rotation of the sleeping spot of your cat.

I admit that the bed seems overpriced and is ideal to buy only when your cat has some sort of problems with bones, muscles, or joints.

Exceptional Quality Not Warm
Ergonomic DesignLacks Privacy
Very Easy to CleanExpensive
Sufficient Space

Why Buy This Product?

If your feline friend is suffering from arthritis, you can buy AmazonBasics Ergonomic Foam Pet Dog Bed for her.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 1899Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyINR 5722Check the Latest Price

8. Best Cat Bed for Summers: Slatters Be Royal Store Bed

Best Cat Bed for Summer


BrandSlatters be royal store
Fill MaterialVelvet

Slatters Be Royal Store Bed Review 

If you are looking for a cat bed that can be used in summers, Slatters be royal store Bed will serve the purpose for you. The bed is designed in a way that you can use it in all seasons. In winters, this bed will keep your pets warm while it will keep them comfortable in summer.

As the bed is made from a breathable material, your sweetie will feel relaxed and calmer in this bed.

As the bed is made from soft velvet, it will be gentle on your cat’s body. As a result, your cat will have a super comfy sleep. Furthermore, if your cat suffers from stiff joints, this bed will keep her relaxed.

What makes this bed non-toxic is its construction from pet-safe and harmless materials. Thus, it won’t cause any harm to your sensitive cat.

Slatters be royal store Bed will work for your cat in the long run due to the durability offered by this bed. Also, the bed is pretty easy to clean and wash.

Don’t worry about the bed’s size. It’s large enough to accommodate your furball easily.

Moreover, it’s exquisite and will match well with the home decor of your living room or any room you will place it in.

Well, the product has some flaws too. Firstly, the pillow that comes with the bed is of tiny size. Secondly, the base cloth of the bed is thin, due to which stitching can come apart quickly if the bed is not taken care of properly.

GentleSmall Pillow
DurableThin Base Cloth
Perfect Size 
Usable in all seasons 
Easy Cleanup 

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are searching for a cat bed specifically for summers, Slatters be royal store Bed will serve the purpose well.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 2199Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyINR 5,636Check the Latest Price

9. Best Comfortable Cat Bed: Petslover Store Cat Bed

Best Comfortable Cat Bed: Petslover Store Cat Bed


Fill MaterialFoam

Petslover Store Cat Bed Review 

Everyone wants a cosy and comfortable bed so you can have a peaceful sleep. Not only humans, but the same goes with cats too. They, too, want a comfy bed to sleep in.

So, I have found a fluffy bed for your feline friend so she can also sleep peacefully. Petslover Store Cat Bed is made from ultra-soft and super comfy fabric for your cat.

The non-skid bottom of the bed ensures that the bed remains intact in its position and doesn’t move around.

If you own a dog, you can also use this bed for your dog, as this can be used for both cats and dogs.

Additionally, the bed can be used in all weathers. This means that you don’t have to invest in a new cat bed every new season!

What I liked most about this product is it’s easy to carry. You can also put it in your car if your pet is going with you on vacation.

The bed’s cost is very affordable compared with the excellent quality bed and material used for the construction of this bed.

I believe this product has some downsides too. Firstly, the bottom support material of the bed appears very thin, due to which the bed can wear off quickly. Secondly, the bed has some smell which might irritate your pets.

Smart DesignBad Smell
Cosy and ComfortableNot Sturdy
Non-skid bottom 
Easy to Carry 

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are hunting for a bed that is fluffy enough to keep your pet comfortable all the time, you can gift her with Petslover Store Cat Bed. 

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 999Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyUnavailable

10. Best Anti-anxiety Cat Bed: Western Home WH Calming Cat Bed

Best Anti-anxiety Cat Bed: Western Home WH Calming Cat Bed


Fill MaterialCotton

Western Home WH Calming Cat Bed Review 

If you are the one whose cat is under stress and you want to keep her calm and relaxed, then buy her the Western Home WH Calming Cat Bed in the first place. This soft fluffy bed will keep her anxiety-free, leading her to get a sound and uninterrupted sleep.

Not only this, but the bed will also give her a soothing effect if she is suffering from any muscle or joint pain. Her pain would be relieved to a greater extent due to the fluffiness of the bed.

Additionally, the environmentally friendly material makes this bed non-toxic and thus safer for the cat.

In the circular soft bed, your sweetie will curl up peacefully. Thus, she will have a comfortable sleep in this bed.

Don’t worry about the bed’s size. Because the bed is available in several sizes, you can buy it according to your cat’s size.

Since the bottom of the bed is anti-slip, the bed will remain stable and stay in place, so your sweetie won’t be disturbed at all!

What’s more? You can easily machine wash the bed. Just make sure that you wash and dry the bed gently.

Let’s discuss some flaws of the bed too. Firstly, the bed’s pieces can come off, creating a mess that you might have to clean or vacuum again and again. Secondly, the bottom of the bed is not padded enough and has less cushioning than expected.

Soft and ComfyLess padded bottom
Easy washingNot durable enough
Suitable Size 
Environmentally friendly material 
Anti-slip Design 
Easy drying 

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are searching for a bed that can keep your pet stress free all the time, Western Home WH Calming Cat Bed is a great option for her.

Prices When The Post Was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 9084Check the Latest Price
Price on UbuyINR 4182Check the Latest Price

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What Kind of Beds Do Cats Prefer?

Cats are very CHOOSY CREATURES and have their personal preferences. However, there are some general qualities of the cat beds that the majority of the cats like. So, first of all, observe the behaviour of your cat. Whether she likes to hide while sleeping or sleeps openly anywhere? 

If your cat hides in the closet or blanket this is a sign that she prefers a closed and secure place to sleep. So, going for a closed bed or tunnel bed would be the best.

On the other hand, if she is Alpha and doesn’t bother about who the hell is seeing her sleeping then you can go with a nice and comfortable open bed. 

Know that cats are extremely sensitive to smell. So, if the new bed is smelly, then she might not use it on the go. 

Should you return the bed? 

No! You can use different tricks to make her like the bed. You will learn about these tricks in a different section of this article. Keep reading. 

Do Cats Prefer Round or Square Beds?

Mostly, cats prefer round beds compared to square beds since round beds kind of hug them while they are curled up during sleep.

Do Cats Prefer Closed or Open Beds?

Generally, confident cats prefer open beds. So, if you have a cat that you think is a confident one, you can buy her a bed with an open design. However, shy cats prefer closed beds. So, make purchases of beds for your shy cats wisely. With time, you can increase their confidence by adapting them to open beds gradually. But firstly, buy them the closed beds.

Do Cats Really Need Cat Beds?

Yes, your cat needs a cat bed. On average cats need about 12 to 16 hours of sleep which is more than humans. Old cats sleep even more(18 hours) than younger cats to conserve energy. A lack of sleep can be detrimental to your cat. By providing her with a bed you can help her get the proper sleep.

Cat beds help the cat feel secure, enjoy privacy, take a rest, and have a sound sleep. So while choosing a bed ensure that it should have these qualities. 

If you have a MULTICAT HOUSEHOLD then having a cat bed is even more important. Because shy or nervous cats need a place and belongings of their own to maintain a distance from the bullies. Cat beds can be one of the first accessories that you want to give to your nervous cat to relax her.

Why Do Cats Sleep with You in Bed?

Cats sleep in your bed for a variety of reasons. Either one or all of them can be the cause behind her (secretly entering into your bed) behaviour. Some of them are: 

1. She Sees You as Her Companion

You took great care of your cat and won her trust and heart. Now, getting in your bed is your reward for all the care that you took of her. So she silently comes into your bed and enjoys your company leaving her own bed.

2. She Feels Safer Sleeping With You Than Being Alone

This is the continuation of point 1. Since she trusts you, she feels more secure sleeping with you than being alone. As she wants to save herself from other cats and larger animals. So she comes into your bed to feel relaxed and safe.

3. To Get Warmth

Cats like warmth no matter where it comes from. Your body releases heat all the time. This release of heat from your body is insanely inviting to her to join you in the bed. Eventually, she leaps into your bed without bothering about what the aunty next door(who is peeping from the window) would say. LOL.

4. Your Bed is Her Territory

Cats naturally have an instinct to mark their territory. In the wild, they do this by spraying on the tree and stones, etc. Pet cats do this by rubbing their body and head against your bed to release pheromones which is their claim on the territory.

This may be the reason that she wants to withhold her right on the territory. And, she sleeps in your bed to do this.

5. Comfort 

The last possible cause is, simply your bed is more comfortable and spacious than hers. Large cats find it difficult to adjust to small beds so they prefer to sleep at other places that are more spacious. One of them might be your bed.

 How to Train Your Cat to Use Her Bed?

How to Train Your Cat to Use Her Bed?

So your kitty is not using her bed but you are determined to teach her some manners at any cost. After all, you have invested a reasonable amount of money to buy her the bed (that she doesn’t even look at) LOL.

Alrighty, my strict cat daddy/mommy, I’ll help you solve this problem too. Make sure to follow the below tips to train your cat to use her bed: 

Tips to Train Your Cat Use a Cat Bed

Tip 1: Choose the Right Bed

The first step is to choose the right bed based on the behaviour, age, and size of your cat. I have discussed this in detail in the buying guide above. 

Tip 2: Place the Bed in a Secluded Place

Next, I want you to place the bed in a secluded place. Cats like a calm and private atmosphere especially when they sleep. So provide them with what they need.

Most importantly, never place the cat bed in a high-traffic area of your home such as the living room, kitchen, or near the toilet. CATS NEVER LIKE TO BE DISTURBED WHILE SLEEPING NOR DO YOU EITHER!

Tip 3: Place the Bed at a Proper Height

Though cats are predators they can also be prey to large animals. And, cats know this pretty well. This is the very reason why cats like to perch at heights because they feel secure there. So place a bed at some height this will increase the probability of your cat using it. 

Tip 4: Place the Bed at a Place That Receives Sufficient Sunlight

Like the height, cats also like the warmth. So placing the cat bed in an area that receives a decent amount of sunlight will entice your cat to go to its bed and chill out.

Tip 5: Sprinkle Some Catnip in the Bed

Cats are die-hard fans of the smell of catnip. By sprinkling catnip, you will attract her to use her bed in the same way as the fire attracts insects to jump in. 

Do Calming Beds Work for Cats?

Yes, the anti-anxiety cat bed also known as the calming bed can help you to calm your cat. These beds provide a SENSE OF SECURITY to your cat thanks to their raised rim. A CAT FEELS SAFE AND SECURE SLEEPING IN THE ANTI-ANXIETY BEDS.

But keep in mind, these beds are not alternatives to medication. If you see that she is frequently showing such behaviour and it’s difficult to calm her, I suggest you must book an appointment with a vet.

How to Calm Down an Anxious Cat?

According to PDSA, UK, a veterinary charity organisation that runs a chain of vet hospitals across the country, you can calm down your anxious cat by the following steps: 

1. Give them their own space, a secluded place to rest and sleep.

2. Make sure to keep some litter trays inside or beside their sleeping place or bed.

3. Remove the things which can scare her.

4. Draw the curtains down

5. Never shout at her or punish her

6. Follow the routine

7. Introduce new food, litter box or litter gradually

Apart from the above guidelines, you should also make sure to keep your cat safe from the bully cats of the neighbourhood.

FAQs on Cat Beds

Q1. Are heated cat beds safe? 

Yes, heated cat beds are safe since they have a very low wattage thus there is no risk of your cat getting burnt. However, I don’t recommend them since cats don’t really need them. A normal cat bed with fur is enough to keep them warm.

Q2. What material is best for a cat bed?

Different parts of cat beds need different kinds of materials. Woollen and furry covers are best to keep the bed cosy and comfortable. While cotton or foam stuffing gives the bed cushy support. Nowadays, velvet is also in use as an outer covering that gives beds a plush shine, finishes and makes them easy to clean.

Q3. Is a cat bed worth it?

Of course, a cat bed acts as a great place to rest for your cat. Beds give your cat a feeling of security, privacy, and ownership. Some cats might not find a bed attractive enough or may avoid them to use straight out but gradually most of the cats start liking them with time and eventually get mad about them.

Q4. Why do cats not like cat beds?

There are various reasons why some cats don’t like beds or avoid using them. The most prominent among them are: 
1. Your cat doesn’t feel secure in the bed.

2. She doesn’t like the smell of the bed. You know, cats are really sensitive to smells and they hate the smell of new clothes or showrooms.

3. She might not be getting a feeling of privacy.

4. The bed is not comfortable for her.

5. The bed is too small to accommodate her.

6. She is more comfortable sleeping on the couch or your bed.

Q5. Should you put a catnip cat bed?

Catnip is a great plant to attract a cat and train her to use the bed. Cats are mad about catnip and they can’t resist its smell. This is the very reason why catnip is used in cat toys. So, the point here is, if your cat is not using the bed you can lure her by putting some catnip in her bed.

Q6. How long does catnip high last?

The effect of catnip can last as little as 10 minutes and can extend up to some hours. The duration of catnip high depends on the quality of the catnip and the response of an individual cat.

Q 7. What is the logic behind using catnip in cat beds and toys? 

Catnip is a medicinal herb of the mint family that is also known as ‘catmint’ and catswort’. The leaves of catnip contain ‘nepetalactone’ a plant oil. Cats love the smell of catnip leaves.
It was found in the research done by the United States National Library of Medicine that found in its research that catnip helps to generate a euphoric state in cats and it does not have any side effects. Because of all these reasons catnip is used in cat toys and beds.

Q8. Can you make a cardboard box be a permanent cat bed?

There is nothing like a ‘permanent cat bed”. Cats have an innate instinct to rotate their place of sleeping and rest. Cats do this to save themselves from the predators and as a hunting strategy so that their prey can’t guess their permanent location.

As far as a cardboard box bed is concerned you can make it more appealing to cats by sprinkling catnip, putting some toys, and placing the bed in a secluded place.

Q9. Is it necessary to buy a cat bed? 

No, it’s not necessary. Cats have all the features to survive in the wild and they can still do it in 2021. LOL. However, if you buy one it’ll be a great gift for your cat. It would give her security, privacy, a place for playing, and relaxing. It will also help you calm down your anxious cat.

Q10. How do I clean my cat bed? 

You can wash your cat’s covers if they are washable and removable. Some cat beds have a cover that does not support hand or machine wash. So in that case, you may use a damp cloth or baking soda to clean the bed of your cat.

So Which Bed Are You Bringing Home?

If you are a regular reader of this blog then perhaps you are aware that I rank products based on their features, the requirements of cats, and the majority of the reviews of the customers.

Here, in this post also, I have tried my best to let you know the Best Cat Bed in India that you can shop on Amazon. 

Each product recommended in this article addresses the different needs of a cat. And, I have tried to recommend the best product in each category so that you can make an easy and quick choice.

Did you like the article? Or have you found something that you want me to improve? Kindly, comment and let me know. I would love to hear your opinion.

With that said, I am taking leave now. Keep returning to the blog to read some more exciting articles down the line. 



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