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250+ Orange Cat Names- Cutest Names for Ginger Cats

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Orange cats are the unofficial kings and queens of the cat world. Ginger is one of the most commonly seen and easily recognisable cat patterns (yes dude it’s not a breed). Orange tabby cats (who are mostly males) can be seen in every part of the world. This magnificent pattern is found in the majority of cat breeds except for those who can only have ur point, van or solid pattern. Orange cats aka Marmalade cats are so special so they deserve a special name too. So in this post, we’ll see the approaches to find not just good but great Orange Cat Names for Male and Female Cats. 

This blog post is a part of my series of cat names based on colours. And in this comprehensive series, I’ve been suggesting cat names based on different colours and patterns of cats’ coats. Don’t forget to check that out from the menu.


In front of each listed name, you’ll also find a brief meaning to make sure that the name you are choosing fits one or the other quality or characteristic of your cat. 

Video showing Orange Cat Names

Note* Some of these names fit in more than one category so they may be repeated.

Choosing a Name for an Orange Cat

Wait! Don’t be in a rush and pick any name. Your handsome cat deserves more. Before choosing a name for a cat, there are a few things that should be considered first these are: 

The Gender

First thing first, of course, you can’t give a female name to a male or vice versa. Some are sure to select a name as per the gender of your cat or go with a unisex name to cover both boy and girl kittens.

The Life Stage 

Not always you are going to have a newborn kitten. A lot of good-hearted people out there prefer to adopt adult cats from shelters and outdoors. Some names that are specifically suitable for kittens may not sound good on adult and old cats. 

The Personality 

I can bet on this that cats have a myriad of personalities. There are so many personality traits that overlap each other in different cats. So, if you are someone who wants to highlight the most dominant trait of your cat then observe closely her/his personality and then pick a name for her. 

Striking Features 

Like, personality can have different physical characteristics and you can pick one characteristic and a name analogously related to that feature. 

Your Inclination 

Believe it or not, cat parents choose a name based on their inclination. Some are foodies so they pick names inspired by food, while others love animals and prefer to name their cat after another animal. Whatever your Inclination is, I get your cover.

Orange Cat Names Male 

Dark orange ginger cat sitting on a mattress and looking off the camera

Aftab: It’s a Persian name that means the Sun. 

Azlan: This is an Arabic name meaning a lion. Here, it refers to the orangish-brown colour of a lion’s coat.

Badger: A brown and black omnivore of the weasel family.

Bagel: A brown-coloured ringed shape bread.

Bamboozle: It’s a name for a badass orange cat meaning a cheat or fool. 

Barney: A strong name meaning brave, strong and hardy. 

Boogie: Spooky and scary. Give this name to an orange cat who is a living ghost. LOL

Butternut: A North American tree which is cultivated to obtain high-quality timber.

Cinchona: This is a tree grown in South America that breeds fragrant flowers and is cultivated for its bark. 

Copper: A tan colour metal used mostly for making wires and utensils. 

Copperfield: An area or mine from where copper ore is dug out. 

Ginger: It’s another name for an orange tabby cat.

GingerTom: A created cat name which is a combination of two names ‘Ginger’ (here, means orange) and ‘Tom’ (male cat) so this name is recommended for orange male cats. 

Jupiter: The most giant planet in the solar system which is orange and white.

Leo: This name means a lion in the Greek language. 

Leonel: This is an American variant of ‘Leo’. It means a young lion. 

Lionheart: The one who has a brave heart like a lion.

Mars: It is the fourth planet of the solar system and has copper-red colour. However, you may give this name to dark orange cats. 

Nemo: The name has two contracts meaning these are everyone and no one.

Orange: This is one of the favourite names for orange cats. It means amber colour or juicy tropical fruit.

Orangy: Resembling or having the qualities of orange. 

Paz: This is a shortened form of ‘Topaz’ which is a gemstone that occurs in orange colour too along with some other colours. 

Rufus: A name of Latin origin which means a person with red hair. 

Rupert: A variation of the German name meaning ‘bright’. This is an orange cat with a glossy coat. 

Rusty: Anything which is like rust. Here, the name refers to the orange coat that is analogically related to the colour of rust.

Tang: A food that is sweet and sour. This name signifies the tangy and naughty personality of cats. 

Thug: It’s a name of Indian origin, meaning a bluff master. This name is suggested for an orange cat that is a professional thug. LOL

Tigger: An affectionate variant tiger, which is used to name a stuffed toy tiger in a children’s storybook. 

Toby: It’s a gender-neutral name meaning ‘God is Good’.

Topaz: A  gemstone. 

Tortuga: It’s a  Spanish word for turtle or tortoise. 

Swag: The name refers to valuable goods which are obtained illegally. 

Waffles: A name for a talkative orange cat who keeps meowing for no reason. It means to write or read vaguely. 

Whammo: This word is used to express the sound of a forceful impact. He’s a cat who likes to play boxing matches with his owner all the time. 

Wuggie: A struggling man who wants to repay all his debts.

Zinger: It means someone with amusing and striking features. The name highlights the charm and attractiveness of orange cats. 

Orange Cat Names for Female 

A Orange and white bicolour tabby cat walking on the platform

Appy: A cute name for male cat which is a shortened form of apple. 

Atacama: A desert in the South American continent. 

Bee: An insect related to wasps and ants. The honey bee is the most famous species of bee.

Beige: A shade of light brown colour but you can give this name to a light orange cat too.

Bennie: It’s a unisex name of Latin origin with two meanings— blessed and Son of my right hand.

Blaze: A large, fierce and Destructive Fire. This name is suggested for badass female cats.

Carrie: Feminine version of the German name ‘Karl’ meaning ‘freeman’. 

Cornelia: Horn

Dandelion: A weed of the daisy family with bright yellow and orange flowers.

Felix: This name originated in Latin. It means happy or lucky.

Flame: A hot glowing ignited body of gas generated by burning something.

Hazel: This recommended for orange Cat hazel eyes.

Heat: The quality of having hotness. Here the name refers to the orange colour because it signifies hotness. 

Jwala: An Indian name that means blaze.

Lantana: This is a perennial flower found in America, Africa, the Pacific and India.

Lentil: Pulse

Leonela: It’s a French name which is a feminine variant of the male name ‘Leon’ meaning a lion. So, Leonela means a lioness.

Leonessa: It means a lioness in Italian.

Lie(pronounced as Lay): An Hawaiian name which means a child or flower. 

Marigold: A yellow flower usually used for making garlands and bouquets.

Mimosa: A delicate yellow flower similar to a fern found in Australia.

Mojave: It means an arid or deserted land with no vegetation. 

Namib: One of the deserts of Africa which is located to the south-west of the continent. 

Pansy: is a large hybrid garden flower found in different colour combinations

Poppy: A yellow perennial garden flower with dissected leaves and milky sap.

Sahara: A large desert in Africa. 

Sandalwood: Aromatic wood from sandal 


Shama: This name means fire in Arabic.

Sunsilk: This name does not have a meaning in itself. It’s the name of a hair care brand. 

Souci: It is a yellow or orange flower known as ‘Pot Marigold’. However, it looks more like a sunflower.

Thar: A desert in India and Pakistan.

Warmy: Anything that looks warm or hot. This name is for an orange cat who is the hot boy of the neighbourhood.

Zinnia: A beautiful dual colour flower of the sunflower family.

Orange Kitten Names

Two orange and white kittens

Bean: Kidney-shaped edible seeds of different fruits. This name signifies the smallness of kittens.

Larva: The first of an insect’s life cycle when it does not have wings and many important features of an adult.

Caterpillar: The larva of a moth, work or butterfly

Chee-chee: This is a cute and affectionate pet name that does not have a meaning. 

Chu-chu: Like Chee-Chee, Chu-Chu lacks the meaning too but still pet parents love this name.

Chick: A baby of chicken. 

Chirpy: One that chirps like a bird. Also used to name pets that are cheerful and lively.

Critter: Any living creature or animal. 

Animal: This name is for spoiled kittens who trouble their moms and dads the whole day. 

Debbie: It’s a nickname for ‘Deborah’ of Hebrew origin and means a ‘bee’. This name is suggested for restless kittens.

Kissy: Affectionate and sweetheart

Puss: It’s a short form for pussy cat.

Qiqi: An affectionate name for small pets with no meaning.

Squeaky: One that squeaks like a mouse. This name is suitable for vocal kittens.

Amber: An orange-coloured gemstone.

Blaze: A fierce fire.

Ginger: A medicinal stem used as a spice too. Orange Tabby cats’ coat pattern is analogously related to ginger so cats’ parents around the world call an orange tabby cat ‘ginger cat’.

Hazel: Brownish orange colour. 

Honey: A sweet, viscous and orange substance that honey bees make from the nectar of flowers.

Leo: Lion in Latin.

Leonel: Lion in Italian.

Tiger: The largest orange wild cat with a striped pattern. 

Mango: A tropical fruit with a big large stone in the middle. 

Marmalade: It is a sweet food made of bitter oranges.

Marigold: A bright yellow or orange flower.

Muffin: It’s a kind of cake made in cups.

Nutmeg: An orange-coloured and oval-shaped spice.

Orange: This is a very juicy, fleshy, sweet and sour tropical fruit covered with an orange peel.

Pumpkin: A large orange or yellow fruit eaten as a vegetable. It is also used to make sweet dishes.

Rusty: It’s a unisex name which means anything similar in appearance to rust. Here it refers to the orange coat of cats.

Sandy: Another unisex name meaning, like sand. The name is best suited for cats with light orange coats.

Saffron: This is a very expensive orange-coloured spice. 

Sunflower: A yellow or orange flower.

Unique Orange Cat Names

Alamo: A male name that means a Poplar tree.

Alan: It is the Hawaiian name for orange. You may give this name to an orange Tom.

Alani: A Hawaiian name for girls with different meanings such as an orange tree, fragrant, precious and more.

Aurelia: A Latin name that means golden.

Aviana: Birdlike

Beany: A Gaelic name for girls derived from Beaten meaning life.

Beetle: A kind of insect (here about the orange/red colour of the cat resembling a beetle). This is a unisex name. 

Booboo: This is an affectionate name with no meaning. 

Clancy: An Irish name which means red hair soldier.

CreamPuff: An affectionate name for male orange cats, which is a combination of two names ‘cream’ and ‘puff’. You may give this name to any cat with a fluffy coat. 

Dreamsicle: To be defined.

Gingerball: A name for a chubby ginger cat. 

Dune: Here it refers to the orange-coloured coat resembling a dune.

Frizzle: This name is suitable for orange cats with long and shaggy coats.

Frisco: It’s a French name for males that means a ‘freeman’. 

Fawna: A girl with beige or light brown 

hair. She is an orange cat with a longhair.

Gold: A shiny bright orangish-yellow metal. This name is suitable for both male and female orange cats.

Henna: A reddish-brown dye. This name is based on the orange or red coat of cats

Miaka: It is a perfect name for any pet with a bright orange or red coat

Myrna: It means beloved in Gaelic, high spirited in Irish, and sweet oil in Arabic.

Nugget: Small flakes of precision metals such as a lump of gold. 

Orangilina: It’s a unique name for an orange cat inspired by the name 


Orki: It’s an abbreviation for ‘orange kitty’.

Paprika: Deep red-coloured powdered spice. 

Queso: This name means cheese in Spanish. It is recommended for orange male cats.

Roxy: A name of Persian origin that means a star, dawn and bright. Also, it has some other meanings such as responsible, outgoing and young.

Ruffina: The origin of this name is not known. It means ‘red-haired’ person or animal.

Samara: Someone who is protected by God.

Shimmer: It’s a unisex name. meaning a gleaming light. Suitable to name a cat who is calm yet active.

Sunshine: Direct sunlight over a large area. This name is best suited for orange cats with shiny coats.

Summer: The hot season of the year. 

Sunehri: An Indian name meaning golden.

Sunlight: The light of the sun.

Sunshine: Sunlight that falls on a large area of open land with no breaks or blockage.

Valencia: This name comes from Latin and means healthy or strong.

Vincent: A boy name that means winning or conquering.

Cat Names for Light Orange Cats

A light orange colour Norwegian Forest Cat

Beach: A  sandy seashore.

Beige: Fawn or very light brown. The name is best suited for beige-coloured cats.

Cheeto: A cheesy snack(chips). For cats, the name refers to their cheesy-coloured cream or light orange coat.

Citrine: It’s a pale yellow, orange or brownish-orange gemstone.

Creamy: Anything that has colour, texture or tastes like cream. Here, it refers to the cream colour of cats.

Dusk: is the time after the sunset and just before the night

Dusty: Resembling dust. Best suited for dusty coat-coloured cats.

Muffin: a light brown or light orange cupcake.

Pyrite: This is a light orange gemstone.

Timber: Wood is used to make furniture and is used in construction. Best suited for light orange/cream cats.

Wafer: a thin and crispy chip, cracker or candy

Woody: Something that resembles or is made of wood. This name is suitable to name a light orange-coloured cat.

Based on Food and Beverages

Apricot: A round yellow peach-like fruit with a sweet and tart flavour.

Buttermilk: A tangy and creamy drink made of curd.

Butterscotch: An orangish-yellow sweet made of butter and sugar. 

Candy: A sweet made of sugar.

Caramel: A sweet made by melting sugar.

Cheesy: Any dish which is made of cheese.

Cheddar: A hard white, yellow or orange cheese. 

Cheesecake: A light orange or creamy cake made of cheese. 

Carrot: An edible root eaten as a vegetable that has orange or red colour.

Cherry: A small, red, sweet and sour stone fruit.

Chestnut: This is an edible fruit of deciduous trees.

Cinnamon:  An orangish-brown bark used as a spice.

Croissants: A crescent-shaped orange-coloured flaky buttery pastry. 

Falafel: It’s  a middle-eastern deep-fried ball made of chickpeas or beans

Fanta: A tangy and sweet orange soft drink.

Fattoush: A zesty Middle Eastern salad.

Fenugreek: Pepper-like yellow-coloured herb seeds.

Fudge: It’s a crumbly, soft and chewy sweet dish made of sugar, milk or cream. 

Ginger: A spice, flavouring agent and medicinal stem grown underground.

Gingerbread: It’s an orange or brown bread flavoured with ginger, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar.

Gingersnap: A ginger-flavoured thin cookie.

Gobi: It’s an Indian name for cauliflower. This name is suggested for chubby orange cats. 

Honey: A yellowish-brown edible sweet viscous fluid made by honey bees.

Jaffa: A thick-skinned variety of orange. 

Knafeh: A delicious sweet cheesecake from the Middle East.

Marmalade: It is a  Portuguese quince.

Mangosteen: A sweet and juicy tropical fruit with fleshy segments. 

Melon: This is a fruit of the guard family which is pale orange on the outside and rich orange pulp inside.

Lasagna: Sheets of pasta which are boiled and sandwiched with different layers of sauces, cheese, meat and veggies. 

Orange: A tropical fruit.

Pie: It is a baked dish made of fruits/meat and vegetables.

Pineapple: It’s a tropical juicy fruit with a spiny and hard outer cover.

PumpkinPie: As the name suggests, it is a pie made from pumpkin.

Risotto: An Italian dish cooked with cheese, rice and saffron.

Mace: This is a yellowish-brown dried and lacy spice derived from nutmeg.

Mustard: Seeds of the mustard plant that may have a black, brown, yellow or pale yellow colour.

Nacho: A delicious dish made of tortilla chips, cheese and a variety of toppings.

Noodle: A coiled food from China which is made of flour. 

Nutmeg: An orange spice. 

Peach: It’s a red and yellowish fleshy fruit with a stone.

Plum: This is a  fruit. 

Pumpkin: A nutritious, plump and orange fruit eaten as a vegetable.

Saffron: It’s a dark reddish-orange spice made from the stigmas of Crocus Sativus, (saffron crocus trees) trees. 

Steak: A famous food by splitting meat from the muscle fibre and then grilling it.

Taco: A dish made by Folded and rolled tortilla.

Toast: Any kind of baked and hard bread eaten with tea. 

Turmeric: A rich orange-coloured spice which is derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant which is a member of the ginger family.

Tangerine: A Citrus fruit from Morocco.

Toffee: A hard sweet that can be chewed or licked

Tomato: It’s a red or orange fruit which is eaten as a vegetable.

Twinky: It’s an orange cake filled with cream popular in the U.S.A.

Walnut: This is a large wrinkled dry fruit with a very hard outer coat.

Names for Orange Cats Inspired by Other Animals 

Bongo: An animal of the antelope family with a large body, striking orange fur, spiralled horns and white stripes on the coat.

Brambling: It is a small bird of the finch family with black, orange and white feathers.

Cheetah: A large and slender wild cat with orange coats and black spots.

Dik-dik: This guy is an extremely cute little animal of the antelope family with short horns and ticked brown fur.

Deer: A kind of antelope with a brown body and white body and black spots.

Doe: Female of a deer.

Dodo: It was a flightless bird (now extinct) with a stout body, heavily hooked bill, large head and stumpy wings.

Finch: It’s a small bird that looks adorable

Gazelle: A kind of antelope with long sabre-like horns and a brown, orange or dusty upper coat that appears glossy. 

Hoopoe: This is a spectacular colourful bird with a pale orange front, black and white stripes on its wings and a white lower body. Its distinctive feature is the crown on its head.

Jaguar: The third largest wild cat in the world after tiger and lion with orange cost and black rosettes. 

Kudu: There are two species of this antelope with a large body, very long and spiral horns, dark brown short fur and white stripes at the back.

Lion: The second largest and the first wild cat of orangish-brown colour. 

Leopard: The fourth-largest wild cat with a spotted coat. 

Mongoose:  a small carnivore found in Asia and Africa that has a long body, banded or grizzled coat of beige, brown or dark brown colour.

Ocelot: This is a beautiful medium-sized wild cat with an orange or yellow coat and spotted or striped pattern.

Oriole: A bright yellow and black plumage bird.

Oryx: it’s a large antelope native to Asia and Africa with black markings on the face and horns.

Phoebe: A small and cute bird native to America with grey-brown or black plumage.

Puma: Also, known as the mountain lion and cougar it is the fifth largest wild cat with a solid light brown coat.

Vixen: Female fox.

Tiger: The largest member of the cat family with a striking orange coat, black stripes and wonderful face markings. 

Wolfy: This name is inspired by a wolf. 

Orange Cat Names Based on Disney and Other Cartoon Characters

Adora: From (She-Ra) the twin sister of He-man.

Alice: From Alice in Wonderland.

Aurora: From the Sleeping Beauty.

Beast: From the Beauty and the Beast.

Belle: She was the lead character of Beauty and the Beast.

Captain John: From John Smith.

Caterpie: The green and yellow Pokémon in the cartoon Pokémon.

Cinderella: The lead character in the story with the same name.

Eevee: She was a Pokémon.

Esmeralda: A character from the novel and cartoon The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Hermione: From Harry Potter

Jerry: From Tom and Jerry.

Leia: A Princess in Star Wars.

Mera: One of the main characters of Aquaman.

Merida: She was the lead character of the children’s storybook Brave.

Mufasa: From The Lion King.

Nala: She was an important character in The Lion King.

Nick(Nick Wilde): From Zootopia.

Peter: From Peter Pan.

Pikachu: From Pokemon. 

Prince Charming: From Cinderella.

Rapunzel: from Tangled.

Tarzan: From Tarzan

Sandy Cheek: A character in Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Simba: The lead character of the Walt Disney movie  ‘The Lion King’. 

Wendy: A character from Wendy Testaburger of South Park.

Winnie: From Winnie the Pooh

A list of 11 Ginger Names for Cats  Infographic
ALlist of 11 Ginger Names for Cats Infographic

This concludes our list of orange cat names. I hope, this will be enough to let you find the best name for your new ginger cat based on your inclination about which we’ve talked above. If you still need more names then you may reach out to me directly on Instagram or via e-mail. And I’ll make sure to recommend you some more names. If you want to help other ginger cat parents out there in finding a name for their ginger kitten then you can share this blog in your social groups. Below are the links to other blog posts based on some other colours don’t forget to check that out too. 

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