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80 Cat Names That Start With H- With Meanings- 2023

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New cat, adult or kitten. Born, bought or adopted. Is just like a new family member who is going to spend a crucial part of her life with you. The one who’s going to build unforgettable memories that you’ll remember even when she won’t be with you. How can this be possible without a wonderful name that touches your heart?  Of course not! So I have brought to you the list of 80 Cat Names That Start With H for male and female cats. 

Know that this is the eighth post of our series of cat names in alphabetical order and I ain’t gonna stop pressing the keys until I reach Z.

In today’s read, you’re gonna find some unique and pretty cute names starting with H. What is even better is, along with English I’ve included the names of other languages too like Hawa, Hayabusa and Hansa which come from Arabic, Japanese and Hindi.

You can also watch the video below, If you are a lazy lad.LOL

Female Cat Names That Start With “H”

  1. Haily: A unisex name which originally is a surname from England. It refers to those from hay fields.
  1. Hannah: This name means “grace”. 
  1. Heidi: A diminutive for ‘Adelheid’, meaning a noble by birth or nobility.
  1. Heather: It’s a name of Scottish origin which means shrubs that grow in rocky areas with white or pink flowers.
  1. Henna: A natural dye which leaves red or orange in colour.
  1. Hayma: An Arabic name, meaning recurring love. It has completely different meanings in other languages.
  1. Habiba: It means  “Beloved”.
  1. Hana: This name has multiple origins and multiple meanings as well. It means the grace of God in Hebrew, the moon in Albanian, happiness in Arabic, a flower in Japanese, one in Korean and hope in Kurdish.
  1. Hansa: It’s an Indian name which means “swan”.
  1. Hermoine: Well borne or stone. This name originated in Greek but became popular after the Harry Potter series. 
  1. Hazel: A tree. As a name, it signifies light-brown eyes. So, if your cat has light brown eyes you may pick this name for her.
  1. Hackberry: A sweet berry that looks similar to cherries.
  1. Hubble: A pile or heap. Another good name for chubby cats(but you must try to bring down her weight under the supervision of a registered veterinarian.
  1. Helen: It refers to something bright and illuminated.
  1. Hedra: It’s a Cornish word that means “October”.
  1. Henley: It’s a unisex name which means “High Meadow”.
  1. Honey: A sweet viscous liquid that is obtained from a bee hive. When used for people it refers to their charm and cuteness or means beloved.
  1. Honeydew: A flower.
  1. Hope: The desired event or outcome that you want to come true in the future.
  1. Hyacinth: It’s a Beautiful flower with different colours such as white, pink, yellow, apricot, bold red and more. 
  1. Hymura: This name does not have any meaning yet it sounds attractive. 
  1. Hank: A perfectly suitable name for your female furballs as it means a coil of wool.
  1. Haseena: A name of Urdu origin. It means someone who is exceptionally beautiful and attractive.
  1. Honesty: The quality of being honest, truthful, frank, transparent and straightforward.
  1. Huib: It’s a German name that has multiple meanings such as big heart, shining spirit and big spirit.
  1. Hyun: This is a Korean name meaning wise and worthy.
  1. Huntress: The feminine form of a hunter.
  1. Hummingbird: A great name for small and vocal cat breeds. It is the smallest bird in the world and makes a humming sound when it flies.
  1. Hysteria: The state of being in uncontrollable emotions. If your tiny kitten often becomes uncontrollably excited then you may call her ‘Hysteria’.
  1. Hoshi: It’s a wonderful name for white cats. It means a star.
  1. Hawa: It’s an Urdu version of the Arabic word ‘هَوَا which means air, wind and atmosphere.
  1. Harleen: Its roots are in English and means ‘hare meadow’.
  1. Helen: It’s a classical as well as pretty popular name for girls, meaning a torch or light.
  1. Helena: Another form of Helen it means the same. 
  1. Hashtag: A great name for a 21st-century pet. It means any word or group of words followed by a hash “#” sign used to tag posts on social media. 
  1. Humdum: This is another classical name right from Persia it means ‘beloved’. 
  1. Hilda: It’s a Danish name, meaning a warrior or battle woman. It’s a strong pet name. 
  1. Hillary: A short and sweet name that means happy and cheerful. 
  1. Hyacinth: A plant with very beautiful colourful and fragrant flowers. 
  1. Hayabusa: Means a Peregrine falcon in Japanese. 
Most Popular Cat Names Starting with 'H' Infographic
An infographic showing the Most Popular Cat Names Starting with H

Male Cat Names That Start with H

  1. Handsome: attractive and good-looking.
  1. Harry: A diminutive for the German name’ ‘Heimerich’, meaning a powerful ruler. 
  1. Herbert: It’s a name of German origin that means “illustrious warrior”.
  1. Herald: It means ‘the one who proclaims’ as well as “an army commander”.
  1. Hobbit: This is a fictional creature similar to humans but has smaller heights and hairy feet.
  1. Hoopoe: A beautiful bird.
  1. Hunter: The one who hunts.
  1. Hustler: The one who Strives. So, if your Tom hustles the entire day to get more and more food then you may name him “Hustler”.
  1. Horatio: This name is of Italian origin and means “timekeeper”.
  1. Hulk: A superhero with an enormous body and super strong physique. This name is suitable for strong and large cats.
  1. Hunter: The one who hunts. A perfect name to highlight the raw nature of your feline friend.
  1. Hau: It’s a Hawaiian name for snow.
  1. Helder: Clear or bright.
  1. Hurricane: strong and destructive winds moving in a circular direction.
  1. Hariq- It’s a name of Arabic origin which means “blaze”. Give this name to your orange or ginger cat.
  1. Hilal- Means crescent Moon in Arabic.
  1. Hridhaan- It’s an Indian name, which means the one who is generous. 
  1. Hugo: The name is primarily of German origin which means mind. Its English version is ‘Hugh’ while in Italian it is spelt as ‘Ugo’.
  1. Hector: This name has multiple origins such as English, Spanish, Scottish and French. Similarly, it has multiple meanings like ‘to have, to restrain, to hold and to check. 
  1. Husky: A breed of dog which looks similar to a wolf. Don’t worry you can give this name to cats too.
  1. Hazelnut: a dry fruit that comes from hazel trees. 
  1. Haru: it stands for spring.
  1. Hibiki: Sound or echo.
  1. Hiroshi: Someone who is benevolent and generous.
  1. Hato: Pigeon in Japanese 
  1. Hazy: Cloudy, blurred or unclear.
  1. Haze: FIne dust or smoke.
  1. Hematite: An ore of iron which has a dark grey colour.
  1. Hoary: Getting greyed or whiten with age.
  1. Hippo: A large and fat wild animal.
  1. Hoes Aeg: Means Grey in Korean.
  1. Hunk: This name is suitable for large cat breeds such as Maine Coon, Savannah, and Norwegian Forest cats as it means a ‘large part of something’.  
  1. Hobo: A person who does not have a home. 
  1. Hobbes: It’s a name of Old English origin which means ‘bright fame’.
  1. Harpy: Again it’s a great name for large cat breeds. Harpy is one of the largest breeds of Eagles.
  1. Hoopoe: A bird.
  1. Hawkeye: The one who has sharp eyesight like a hawk.
  1. Hornet: A yellow insect similar to a bee that has a powerful sting.
  1. Hamilton: A large city of Canada.
  1. Hazelwood: As the name suggests, it means the wood of the hazel tree. This name is suggested for brown cats. 

Bravo! I’m sure now you are all set with a list of a few names Cat Names That Start  With H. I hope that your sweetie would immediately approve it. If you want to help me by suggesting some more names that start with H then my comment section is all yours. Use it and let me know the wonderful names that are in your head. I will include all of them in the main article in the next update. And, as I always say don’t forget to share this post on Facebook, Reddit, Discord or wherever you hang out online. Thanks for reading. 

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